The Housemaids


The HousemaidsMachine translation. I ask some errors to apologizeChapter 1Anton and Inge are Both engineers and married. When Anton got an offer for a project in Qatar Both knew thatthis was just for a few years. So he left to start his new project to Doha. In the country arrived he worked his way Quickly and Quickly found friends. Among synthesis friends so a European / Asian couple with who he what, the longer he was there, spent more and more time. Thomas from Switzerland and “Suzy” Said her nickname from Japan.As in the apartment house where his new best friends and so many other western people, the apartment was free, Suzy Anton asked if he did not finally move out of the hotel and would like to take to apartment. You can even talk to the landlord if he can get to the apartment next door. First, Anton had in mind, yes, the service at the hotel was excellent so had to worry about anything and Anton Could fully concentrate on his work. But Suzy was like, “That’s no problem, until you make your own Maid our simple bit of your household.” So Anton Agreed to rent the apartment next to Thomas and Suzy. That same evening, told Anton Inge, on the phone from the apartment withheld but did so he planned to set a housemaid. In the evening, after moving Anton invited to what Thomas and Suzy to food and feed has been Celebrated. Thomas and Suzy’s maid had Specially cooked some Indonesian and you quietly sitting long at the table talking about this and that. Suzy told Anton did she Lilly, the maid from Indonesia, got through a local agency “only very special” Asian girl mediates and only to customers who werewolf from other customers ‘recommended’. Although the Agency is slightly more expensive than the others but you only pay once a negotiated sum and must thereafter only for room and board and care so on and there what the girl with a “satisfaction guarantee”.So Anton went with Thomas and Suzy to the agency and werewolf greeted by the manager as a good solvent and customers happy. On Suzy question Whether he had anything in the “Offer” He Said joyfully, did just in the load few days a new shipment has arrived and did he Could offer and Eastern European goods in addition to Asian now. This is HOWEVER already pre-ordered from “locals” because of the white skin and blond hair, but he would be happy to reserve for the next delivery something Thomas. Anton Wondered very much about the wording of the manager, but what did the English one anyway not the best, and he thought nothing of it. Now he which led into a side wing of the building, where a long hallway which separated in the middle by a pane of glass that. As the group walked into one side of the hall and stopped, on the other side of the window a group of young women and girls, and Remained standing with his head down. The manager Praised its goods and forgot to say, did is no older than 20 and all perfectly healthy and “undamaged”. When Anton was standing in front of a girl stopped to look at it more closely, the girl Stood Up, came to the glass slowly turned around so thatthey Could examine her breasts and her ass opened wide her mouth to her teeth to show and held a Which placard on different benefits werewolf Noted. Stopped at one of the girls at the Anton CEO what restless, and Said if the Anton’s first “Maid” what He should not choose this as the last “owners” theyhave brought` him back and angrily Said he would Ensure® thatthis agency would be closed. Hey what then taken back to some soothing cups of tea but had to pay compensation and the 3: 1. He had lost so much money: because of this girl did he would only be a very experienced owner and without warranty company. Again Anton Wondered about the choice of words, but Remained as Thomas and Suzy totally unimpressed and quiet he just went to the other girls yet to be seen. Stood on the signs of the load-three girls to Anton’s very big surprise, the words “certified virgin”. In the load-girl Anton blown away what. She was 1.60 or 1.65 Perhaps large had shoulder-length brown hair, a darker skin than the others and almond eyes. The manager Said once: “… I knew that you are a man with a great taste It is a mix of a Chinese father and a Filipino mother The father died or simply just walked away The mother urgently needed money so has her” aunt “do you communicate this” work “. She has two sisters, one is a twin to this one, this I expect in the next few days. So if you are interested in a couple I will reserve them for a small deposit of understood and Provide the nurse has arrived The second is to have the same beauty as her sister here “Now Anton concept thatthis is not in employment agency..; this is a real slave market. Amazingly, this idea excited him more than he shoulderstand repel him actually. It excited him did he Could have a woman Who Could Fulfill all his wishes and dreams and had to. Dreams Which he did not even dare to talk to his wife Inge werewolf now within reach. Thomas and Suzy Both Looked at each other and had chuckles. As Suzy Anton has Judged from the first moment Correctly. She pushed Thomas erection in the side and pointing at Anton’s trousers, where it Became of. When Thomas saw thatthis would therefore izmir escort notice the same manager, he spoke to him at once did it is now time would be to negotiate the price with a cup of tea.In the office of the manager sat down then casually together and it was a sum of $ 5,000 for negotiated Both sisters and delivery shoulderstand not take place on the day of arrival of the second sister. Anton paid to the usual 10% and the rest was upon delivery in cash to give to the driver.On the way into the apartment and not a word spoken as what Thomas parked the car in the garage Suzy Said casually Whether Anton did not wanna come to dinner, as he in his apartment was quiet not set up properly. Anton glad of what this invitation: because he had not eaten since breakfast and be refrigerated for up to a couple of cans of beer what empty. And since no one has talked about just experienced he thought so not much. Once in the apartment Suzy said she wanted to make something fresh before eating and Thomas Said to Anton He should sit quietly times on the terrace, drinking a beer and have a cigarette before dinner he would smoke then immediately back at him. Suzy disappeared into the bedroom and Thomas in the kitchen and Anton enjoyed with a beer and a cigarette the sunset over the Arabian Gulf.When Thomas came back from the kitchen his shirt had slipped out of his pants to half and on his forehead sweat loomed as if he has just taken ten cases of beer in the apartment. Thomas and Anton went straight back into the living room where the air conditioning temperature of 21 ° a pleasant produced as Suzy came back into the room and Anton started to sweat again. Suzy had showered not only almost but so Moved yet. And if Anton would have never did Admitted he has found Suzy attractive and sexy, and she what the main reason for his friendship with the two. So he was really horny at the sight. And then came into the room Lilly verschlug him the language. Lilly what naked as God created. She wore only a leather collar on the front side and the right and left was a ring. It was closed in the neck and secured by a lock. Leather bands On Their wrists were were thus secured by a locksmith. Her whole body had no hair and your vagina which only a narrow gap. Were it not for her small but firm breasts had been since you can keep them for a girl resting in its adolescence. Suzy but what dressed like a goddess of darkness. Their heels boots not wanna end up completely cover the stems and slender legs With Their beautiful. A black leather body Reduced Their already slim tackle, so he thought Anton Could Easily hold it with Both Hands. Her hair was so strictly tied back in a ponytail did you might think the skin at the hairline would travel. When Lilly told her did the food would be ready now Suzy shouted at her, “You are lazy whore again 10 minutes late! Clean and you’re not on your tits I can see the remains of your last pleasure. Are you so come Although I have forbidden you this? “Lilly fell on her knees and clasped her hands over her chest. With downcast eyes she replied: “Forgive mistress but I still had to do a service to the Lord And the Lord forbade me to clean myself as it would have been my duty.” Suzy replied, “Lame excuses, that’s all you’ve got . 10 minutes late, you know what did Means? “” Yes, Mistress. “” And so are you come? “” No, Mistress, this you do have forbidden me. “” Then go now to your place to be punished. “Lilly Stood up, walked slowly back to the wall, two feet before she spread her legs and leaned her shoulders against the wall. Suzy shouted at her: “Do your cunt Widely open, I want to see your clitoris.” She immediately put his index and middle fingers of her two hands in her vagina and pulled the Sham lips apart so far did the input tenderly to her vagina pink Could be seen. Suzy Took The riding crop she had brought` out of the bedroom and struck without warning on Lilly’s most sensitive part of the body. Lilly counted without sound but only to give an account of the pain of the blows loudly with. Only Their Eyes closed around Could be a reaction to the pain to see if her eyes squeezed even more alongwith every stroke. But When Anton watched her between her legs again he saw what did Lilly moist with every stroke and did after the ten blows a small puddle between her legs has FORMED. After the punishment Suzy went to Lilly and Said to her: “The spots on your face and on your tits, I forgive you But just: because anyway is even more to come..” As she said this, she stroked gently shame and the Maid put forth to conclude with two fingers inside. Lilly what still standing with his legs apart, leaning against the wall there and Said nothing but lies grant her mistress. While Suzy slowly Lilly’s vagina edit it turned to Anton and said, “I Took me a year to educate them that way. She is now so wet between the legs thatthey Could satisfy an Entire football team and it is then shut so wet thatthey Could wipe up with her pussy the ground. “Anton knew already did Thomas and Suzy all the action planned for a long time had. Thomas went only to the kitchen to make himself a blowjob so did Lilly ‘may be delayed and punished by Suzy. escort izmir As Suzy had her fingers pulled back from Lilly’s pussy, she reached out his hand and Lilly said. “Do everything was clean, we want to eat now” Lilly began to lick until there what nothing to be found of her juice on her fingers. Then she knelt down and licked the stains on the floor until there what to see nothing. Thomas Stood smiling leaning on the wall there and Said to Anton:… “Better you than me When I am in love with Suzy I knew nothing of Their tendency to dominate And I really own now not to feel like slaves so I use Lilly but much more subtle. Come, let us now what you will eat the evening is quiet long and we want to bring you the benefits of your new purchase tonight closer. “When everyone what seated at the table and Lilly had provided everyone with food and They stopped next to Suzy drinks are to obtain new statement. Anton asked Whether Lilly would eat the later? What Suzy just answered: “She immediately gets Their main food, even while we eat here.” A lot of farm to the ground and Anton knew did Suzy dropped it on purpose. Lilly knelt down immediately picked up the fork and disappeared under the table. Apparently, this thing again a kind of command Suzy.Suzy turned to Anton and said, “If you need help in dressing you can contact me if you like. But I would therefore ask you to please you. Before you make the girls two women, let me play with them. I do not make you break even and you’re welcome to go along with it. and besides shoulderstand you have a blank for your wife,: because virgins taste quite special. “” My God, Inge. I’m so totally forgotten, “thought Anton and Said “My wife? I do not like Inge wants to respond, we have practiced until now only normal sex. I do not know how They think about it. And to make love to a woman? This is something completely new for them,” Suzy Said to him. “About Leave it to me when it comes go with her and I want a Hotel him if you’re at work informed of the benefits of a woman and her subsequent offer handling teach with slaves.” did at the moment, Thomas began to moan softly and twitched several times Briefly to immediately relaxed Further to eat. Immediately afterwards felt as Anton has been opened his pants and his penis which removed. Lilly sat under the table and slowly began to massage his cock. It Took only a moment and Antons member filled up quite hard and stiff with blood until he what. Meanwhile gently stroked Lilly with the tip of the tongue from the shaft to the glans and back again. She put on Anton’s pants and this rose slightly so as to Facilitate this. When his pants werewolf lowered to his foot, he spread his legs and Lilly spoiled him with her mouth. It felt like he had never seen it, her tongue Seemed to be everywhere at the same time. She licked his cock, the bag and the eggs. Your tongue deep Moved almost to the anus. If she lightly stroked his tongue over the ridge between his legs he got goose bumps. If she sucked his cock so deep and recorded in her mouth, did he felt Their palates of his penis, When They Took him so deep in the lips did Seemed to kiss him on the belly and bag tingling in his loins. When Inge satisfy him with his mouth then just foreplay. Twice down and up and then what immediately fucked. Until then he had never experienced feelings examined. He Took Her head between his hands and Moved it back and forth gently. Hey what getting faster and Lilly Followed all his instructions. And When He came to her was like fireworks for him. He pumped 3 or 4 times his sperm in her mouth. Since he which since his arrival not with a woman and had not masturbated at this time what the charge enormous. Lilly had trouble keeping everything in the mouth and swallow. Because she knew if she would loose even a drop to the ground, the punishment would take a whole night. And no one Could tell What They would get a punishment: because her mistress what to devise a master in it, new penalties. Lilly began to slowly limp penis to lick clean. She pulled the foreskin back fully care to clean the glans of all residues: because she knew how sensitive the glans after to orgasm can be. When Anton relaxed Further ate again began the conversation with Thomas and Anton told Lilly the third Maid already have them. The first two have given away: because theywere not born to be slaves and Suzy have made almost broken. But what did not a big trouble: because someone always what looking for a toy for his wife, son or daughter. And They would get at Ali now even getting Rabat. But what Lilly naturally Disposed and so he did Suspected it was a bit in Suzy fell here. Suzy sat silently and with eyes closed at the table and You Could see them. The tongue of Lilly Lilly enjoyed Played only the tip of the tongue on clit and her mistress Avoided any Further contact. Only When Suzy Lilly grabbed her by the hair and she pressed into her lap Firmly, Lilly fucked her mistress with her tongue as deep as She Could. As Suzy came ejaculating too, and Lilly tried everything her mistress gave her absorb it and swallow. She sucked and sucked on Suzy’s pussy as much as She Could to nothing to lose. Suzy Lilly izmir escort bayan pulled by the hair from under the table and said, “How do you say if you get something sweet” And Lilly replied, “I thank my mistress and the honorable gentlemen for this sweet gift.” And bowed. Suzy Looked at from top to bottom Lilly smiled and slid her hand between Lilly’s legs, Which opened it for her mistress immediately. As she gently stroking Lilly shame she said to Anton: “The next weekend is once again a party by the pool as all the neighbors come together and bring their” employees “with Since the latest.” Tricks “demostrated did one has taught them, and then is a cozy get-together. “When They got up, Anton fell back on his trousers hung at his feet resting on the ground and tried to pull it straight back up again, as Thomas said,” sit quietly yet, by the a time Suzy hasnt been enough, what did just only a half foreplay. Lilly knows Exactly what she’s got to do it, and enjoy it. “Then he disappeared Suzy and in the bedroom. As soon as her Lord and her mistress had left the room, Lilly lifted her head with a smile and came up with Anton with the smooth transition of a cat on to Anton. She went with him When She Was on his knees and Looked at him from below. Her dark almond eyes beaming at Anton and she gave him a soft kiss while on his penis. Slowly she pulled Anton from the polo shirt and began to shower you with kisses his chest. She kissed his neck, his cheeks and forehead. She gave him a kiss on the eyes ever thereafter to kiss his lips. More and more kisses came across his mouth and his tongue with Anton When to her lips, she opened her mouth and Took It greedily into Itself. Anton began with one hand to massage her breast and light to stimulate the nipple with his fingers. He grew up immediately to twice its size and now it was he who kissed her body to make the uncovered. He began to suck on her other breast and to indulge synthesis nipple with his tongue. She pressed his head against her breast and began to moan softly. She sat on his lap and enjoyed his kisses on her body. When she felt his erection grow she rose Anton pulled the shoes, pants and socks Took his hand and led him toward a door next to the bedroom of his friends. When They arrived at the sideboard by She opened a small box and Took in a key. When she gave this Anton Realized this immediately and opened the collar and bracelets. You’ll be presented Anton in all its nakedness, grabbed his penis and led him on a leash as in “her” room. When Anton now saw the room was in a bed and walls at all levels Appropriate werewolf. She sat him on the bed and knelt behind him. While it with one hand gently stroking his penis she saw him in the mirror and smiled. Again and again it coast Moved his neck and his shoulders while her hand, his penis Firmly enclosed, and back and forth. When she did Realized Anton Could hardly keep turning her back to him, laid him on the bed so did she stood with her legs over his head and Anton her pussy was close to his face. Anton began with his tongue and tasted indulge Their desire and demand it. She leaned forward so did Anton Could see her asshole in the mirror and spoiled him with her tongue and mouth. She was a masterful lover and had no trouble finding all points where Anton would come to climax. Anton forgot where he and what did the slave Lilly and ran thus the property of his “friends” thing. He did not even knowthat Suzy and Thomas on the other side of the mirror watching everything. They Observed not only They Took everything on video. Thomas served the camera and Suzy sat on the bed with her legs spread and pampered yourself with one of her dildos while watching their “live porn” enjoyed. Lilly sat on Anton’s lap and continued what she had begun with her hand and then with her mouth. She rubbed her pussy Firmly pressed on Anton’s tail. Back and forth. And When She felt did Anton was just before the shot They Prevented it back to another time to hesitate his orgasm and effusion addition. Only now she guided his cock into her pussy where she what sitting on her feet in the squat. She moved to moan and from Concerned always did besides his cock and her pussy which no physical contact. She flexed the muscles in her vagina so did Anton got the feeling it what her first fuck and she silently what a virgin. When he came it was like to explosion. Cold sweat came out of his pores and he erupted deep inside her. She immediately sat down on him and pressed her against his abdomen and locked her pussy. Through her moans and her movements and to outcry When Anton came into her he thought she had come with him to climax. But as she lay on him so his cock in her pussy stuck shut, he felt thatthey did not even have to Increased heart rate. When his cock limp again what she jumped off of him, pulled out a small glass bowl under the bed before. She stood with her legs spread in front of the mirror and watched as the viscous mucus out of it ran. As only dripped They pushed two Finder in her pussy to even the load residue to carry it into the bowl. As everything in the bowl which she Took The vessel in Both Hands and lifted it bowed as if it was a patera in height while. Then she left the room without a backward glance. Only now did she noticed Anton hasnt spoken a word all the time and he did Realized this is just a command of Suzy was back with her masturbating………….

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