the Humiliation of Mysticemmy pt2


the Humiliation of Mysticemmy pt2Mysticemmy woke to the sound of her room door being opened by one of the house keeping staff who saw her running naked and dripping spunk through the hotel late last night. “Good morning Miss. My name is Jeni”“Morning” replied Mysticemmy. Realising she was still naked and her make up running down her face.“Did you have a good night last night Miss?” Jeni asked. “Yeah I think so. Oh my god you saw me last night!”“Yes miss we all did. I was asked to give you these” passing Mysticemmy two envelopes and then going about her business of changing the bed.“I’ll be back in a minute I’m off for a shower. Excuse me”Getting into the shower and soaping over she remembered being humiliated and fucked so hard. Reaching down she rubbed her pussy. Smiling she remembered having it stretched by a huge hard cock. Not hearing the bathroom door open Mysticemmy was startled as the shower door opened and Jeni slipped in and promptly kissed her deep and passionately pressing her small pert tits against her huge tits. Spinning Mysticemmy round, Jeni dropped to her knees and promptly started tonguing her ass as the hot water ran over their wet naked bodies. Suddenly Jeni stood up left the shower, towelled down and left, leaving Mysticemmy horny as hell and very frustrated!Getting dressed, Mysticemmy left her room to go for breakfast and taking the two envelopes with her. Sitting at the table she sat waiting for some one to say something as all those who saw her the night previous were sat looking and whispering. Mysticemmy couldn’t care as she was looking for the man who fucked her and humiliated her. Also Mysticemmy wanted her clothes back! Having eaten breakfast without incident she opened her mail. First envelope contained photo’s of her being fucked. In her mouth pussy and ass!! Smiling she put them back in the envelope and then opened the other one. Inside was a photo of a couple stood naked but she recognised them. One of the couples who travelled in with her, who were sat two tables canlı bahis away from her looking at her intently. Also inside the envelope was a note. It read as follows“Hello you dirty Slut! We saw you running naked and dripping spunk from those fucking huge tits! We want to fuck you! Both of us! If you are interested room 57 10:30pm!”Sat reading it, Mysticemmy thought to herself, do I want to be fucked again? Hell yeah I do she thought to herself. Leaving the table she walked past the couple who left her the note. He reached out and grabbed her arm. Looking straight at them both she stood expressionless staring back at them for a few seconds then she winked and with a very slight nod of her head he let her go but looking at the size of his hard cock straining at his jeans she knew she was in for another hole stretching night.Returning to her room and changing Mysticemmy went out to the hotel gym and worked out for a couple of hours then going back to her room, Showered and went back to bed having dreams of how she was going to be fucked later.Again she was woken to the reception reminding her that evening meal was in an hour and there was no dress code tonight. Great! Thought Mysticemmy. Jeans and sweater for me. Boring evening she thought so about 7pm she went back to her room and lay on her bed watching TV looking at the clock counting down till fucktime.Fucktime arrived, 10:30pm Mysticemmy was stood outside room 57 about to knock when it opened and standing there they were. Naked, him sporting a huge cock bigger than him who fucked her the night previous, her with big tits, a shaved pussy and when she turned around a butt plug with a horses tail. Kinky thought Mysticemmy, smiling to her. Entering the room He closed the door and introduced himself as JakeAnd she introduced her as Tanya. “Hi my name’s Mysticemmy” Stripping off she said“Right who’s fucking me first?!”Suddenly Tanya leapt at Mysticemmy pinning her to the bed and promptly started kissing her while she reached down to rub Mysticemmy’s bahis siteleri clit making her squeal with delight. Tanya kissing her way down Mysticemmy’s body to her huge tits, then licking and biting her nipples. Working down Mysticemmy opens her legs letting Tanya get a good view of her pussy before she starts licking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. A few minutes of this and Mysticemmy has squirted over Tanya’s face making Tanya’s pussy really wet. Jake then steps up behind Tanya and starts fucking her pussy hard and deep making Tanya squeal and moan into Mysticemmy’s pussy. Pulling out Jake walks around and shoves his huge cock into Mysticemmy’s mouth. Who was loving it, her pussy eaten by a gorgeous woman and a huge hard cock in her mouth. Sliding in Jake pushes his cock deeper and deeper into Mysticemmy’s mouth. Suddenly Tanya stopped and looked as Jake’s cock just kept sliding deeper into Mysticemmy’s mouth.“Slut you’re good! Even I can’t do that. Gagging Mysticemmy looks up at Jake her eyes pleading to stop but he just kept going deeper and deeper until his balls are touching her chin. Suddenly Jake grabs Mysticemmy’s throat and starts to grip feeling his cock in her throat then he thrusts all the time Mysticemmy gagging and starting to feel light headed. Pulling out of her mouth Jake returns to fucking Tanya’s pussy which is dripping! “69 me Whore” Tanya shouts so moving about Mysticemmy on the bottom licking Jake’s cock as it slides in and out of Tanya’s dripping pussy while working her butt plug all the time she is licking Mysticemmy’s pussy. “Swap” shouts Jake. Rolling over so Mysticemmy’s on top Jake rams his cock into her pussy so hard she moans a big orgasm her pussy squirting over Jakes cock and Tanya’s face. Tanya, licking and tonguing her pussy in-between Jake fucking it hard. After a few mins Jake’s cock Twitches and unloads a huge load of spunk deep into Mysticemmy’s pussy. Pulling out Jake walks around and pokes his cock into her mouth and Tanya licking Jake’s güvenilir bahis spunk out of Mysticemmy’s pussy. After cleaning Mysticemmy up, Tanya straps on a moulded copy of Jake’s cock and takes Mysticemmy from behind. Fucking her hard Tanya thrusts hard and deep while Jake slides his cock deep into Mysticemmy’s mouth resting his balls against her chin“Swallow my cock you fucking slut!” Jake growls. “Spit roasted slut! Do you like? Mysticemmy looking up at Jake and all she can do is blink.Now Tanya lubes up Mysticemmy’s for a length of strap on and slides it deep into her ass. Slowly she starts thrusting, all the time going deeper and deeper. Mysticemmy moaning loudly now Jake has removed his cock from her mouth. He now stands behind Tanya and pulls out her butt plug and replaces it with his hard cock now both girls have asses full of cock and moan loudly. Picking up pace Jake hammers his cock into Tanya’s ass harder and harder deeper and deeper making her scream and eventually beg him to stop. Looking at Mysticemmy He clicks his fingers and she rolls over, all the time Mysticemmy wanting him to ravage her ass like he did to Tanya although Mysticemmy’s ass is lubed up ready, entering her ass, Jake starts to pound her ass hard and deep making her moan and squeal as his thrusts became harder and deeper until his balls were slapping against her wet pussy lips. While this is going on, Tanya has a big double ended dildo in her pussy and ass playing as she watches. Finally Mysticemmy reaches a massive orgasm just as Jake fills her as with hot spunk. Exhausted he rolls off Mysticemmy and Tanya leaps in and slides one end of the doubleheader into Mysticemmy’s soaking wet pussy and starts to fuck her with it. Both girls moaning as they fuck until they cum over each other then Jake, wanking himself, lets loose another load of hot spunk over both girls faces. Kissing each other Mysticemmy is suddenly startled as the door opened and six strangers burst in clapping. Three women and 3 men, the women shouting “Slut” “Whore” and slapping her ass as she tries to stand. Again humiliated and now everyone spitting at her she grabs her clothes and runs back to her room. Opening the door she finds Jeni in her bed sleeping………………………………………………

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