The Ice Cream Parlor

Big Dick

I noticed him the moment he walked up to me. I pretend to be lost in my thoughts but, I was really looking at his eyes gaze over my body.

Nice day, huh. he says.

I shake my head yes unable to take my eyes off him. I have seen him before on campus with a lot of younger girls. At first I though he was just a student or a jock but I later found out that he was a professor of Sociology.

Is this seat taken? he asks, pointing at the seat next to me.

I reply, No

Would you like to dance?

I look at him puzzled at first, because the only music playing, is coming from a small boom box.

I shake my head no, and smile but, he forces me to my feet. The rhythm of the music has our bodies moving in ways that would have made you think we were making love. My hips sway slowly with the beat and I turn with my back facing him. I can feel his manhood began to harden as I press my body close to his. He pulls me closer to him and takes in the scent of my perfume. I turn to look at him, he has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He kisses me slowly and I can feel his hot tongue part my lips. I slowly wrap my arms around him and he pulls me in closer to him. He slowly licks down my neck and kisses my ear. Out of intense pleasure I through my head back and let out a soft moan. He slowly works his tongue over my neck, sending shivers bahis firmaları through out my body. I am snapped back into reality. I pull away.

We can’t…I can’t…you know. Look, I don’t even know you.

I want more but I am unsure what to do. He smiles. I feel more confident.

Come with me…I know just what you need. he commands.

I am reluctant at first, but soon agree.

I nod, ok. He kisses me to reassure me everything I had just felt. He takes me to an old fashioned ice cream parlor. I didn’t know they still existed. We sit side by side in a booth hidden in the back where no one could see us. He orders the biggest and most extravagant banana split on the menu. When it arrives it’s covered in whipped cream, with a big red cherry on top. He scoops a spoon full into my mouth forcing me to eat it. I can barely fit it into my mouth as he continues to shove more in.

Is it good?

I nod while trying to keep it in my mouth. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream dribble from my lips and down my chin. He licks it off and forces his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues twirl together with a cold mix of chocolate and vanilla. He lifts his hand and gives my breast a gentle squeeze causing my nipples to harden under my blouse. I don’t stop him because I want more.

He picks a cherry from top and pushes it between kaçak iddaa my lips with is tongue. He feeds me another scoop and we share a kiss. His hand drops to my knee. His touch send shivers through my spine. He slowly moves up my thigh. He is close enough to touch my soaked pussy. I move my legs further apart to encourage him to continue. Suddenly, he breaks the kiss and pulls his hand from my thigh. He picks up the banana and slides it slowly in and out of my mouth. I make love to it with my tongue. I can see the lust in his deep blue eyes. I drop my hand to his thigh in search of his hardness. He shoves the banana deep into my mouth and I continue to make love with my tongue and lips. He slips his hand over mine and places it on his throbbing cock. I rub him through his pants. I pull down his zipper and his massive cock sprang free. I wrap my fingers around his manhood and slowly began to stroke him. He takes another scoop into his mouth and we share a passionate kiss.

He scoops another spoonful into my mouth and I place his swollen knob into my mouth. The cool blend ice cream and cock in my mouth makes me wetter. I tickle the tip of is cock with my tongue and then take him deep into my mouth. I stroke him slowly while making love to his manhood with my tongue and lips. He lets out a slight moan. I want him more and more.

I shift kaçak bahis around hoping that he will help me. He leans over and puts his hand between my already spread legs. His fingers touch my damp panties. He slides two fingers inside of me and is surprised at my wetness. He slowly begins to rub in small circles. I moan in pleasure, with his swollen meat buried deep in my throat. I can feel him push deep inside of me. I am slowly grinding on his fingers. I feel the pressure building inside of me. I quicken my pace and drive in fingers deeper inside of me. I began to stroke him rapidly, bobbing and licking his hard shaft. I can feel his cock growing in my mouth. My own pleasure is closer and closer. I feel his fingers go deeper inside of me. He releases his hot creamy love seed into my throat just as a river of cum steams from my cunt. A second splash of his love seed hits the side of my face. I feel a second explosion rip through me and I gush all over his fingers.

He pulls his fingers from my steamy cunt. His fingers are dripping with my precious love nectar. He licks it off with his tongue savoring my sweet juices. I adjust my skit and panties. He scoops up his creamy seed from the side of my face and feeds it to me with his fingers. I slowly lick them clean not wanting to waste any of his love seed. We share another spoon full of ice cream and a passionate kiss.

I’ m Jim.

Nice to meet you Jim; I’m Denise. I have to go to the ladies room. I’ll be right back.

I am already in the stall when I hear the door close. I knew it was Jim.

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