The Innocent Youth Ch. 02


Part 2 – Aubrey

I woke a little after dawn from one of the deepest, most dreamless slumbers I’d ever had. I felt like I’d slept a thousand years. I felt completely refreshed— but disoriented. Then I remembered last night with pure disbelief.

What did I do? Thoughts of yesterday began flooding back into my head. The obscene flashes of memory. The things I’d said and begged for. The musky taste— of a man— still in my mouth. I cheated on Ian! Last night seemed like a dream, but a good, naughty dream. But it had happened, for sure. I let a silver fox of a man, Clive (What the hell was his last name? Did I not even know it???) completely use me in every way possible for his sexual gratification. He fucked me.

The image of his broad chest towering over me flashed into my head. The image of his thick, sexy penis flashed into my head too, sticking straight up and curving upward toward my face. He shoved the whole thing into my mouth.

I cupped my vagina. It was tender. And my ass! He put his unprotected thickness into my ass and stretched me open. I was really sore back there. I’d never felt it being sore like that before. It was a strange sensation, but only partially unpleasant.

I’d called him Daddy and begged him for more over and over and over again. What the hell had gotten into me? It was saw raw and uninhibited. But I’m not a cheater! I’m a good person! He called me a good girl last night. That primal desire stirred darkly in me again.

This could never happen again, not ever with anyone. I’d see Clive again though, we had a—

Suddenly it struck me: I’d have to see Clive again in just a few hours! We were meeting with the man who would (hopefully) be my new employer, Dave. Clive had pretty much gotten me a job at a PR firm so I wouldn’t have to work at the restaurant anymore and could really start my career. Now all I had to do was meet Dave, the communication’s director at that firm, for brunch. The huge problem was that Clive was going to be there too, the whole time, remembering what he’d done to me!

Whatever. He had pleasured me as much as I pleasured him. It would be our dirty secret. I had wanted it, for sure. I’d wanted it bad. That agonizing ache between my legs I’d endured before he finally put it into me…

I’m a really anxious girl but the way Clive made me feel was just completely incredible, confident and unrestrained. He’d made me feel fully alive and sexy and totally, completely desired. Then he made me feel safe as he tore down my inhibitions and dominated me. It was… was… so fucking erotic, is what it was. Honestly.

Uh oh, was I getting wet again? I really, truly loved Ian but Clive had a wolflike dominance. I had allowed myself that pleasure once: the pleasure of sexual surrender.

Just once. What Ian didn’t know would never hurt him. Ian had, after all, was the most wonderful boyfriend ever and the one who had taken my virginity. Last night was just one, little sex act with the only other penis I’d ever feel inside me, just to get it out of my system for good. A small infidelity never to be spoken of again.

I was rationalizing, I knew. I closed my eyes and remembered Clive licking me, remembered him working his warm, expert tongue up and down my folds. I was touching myself. I couldn’t help but remember feeling Clive’s tongue entering my ass and that sensation of firm, yet tender heat in—

Suddenly, my phone began ringing, jarring me back into reality and shocking the lust right out of me. Uh oh. It was Ian.

“Hey, Babe! How’s home?” I said as I answered, forcing as much fake cheeriness as I could into my voice. It felt slick between my thighs as I rose to a seated position.

“Hey Aub! I hope I didn’t wake you up. I just sorta missed you, wanted to say hi.”

“Aww, well I sorta missed you too.” I said with a forced chuckle. “All good over here, just worked and had some drinks with Alice again. Didn’t stay out too late yesterday. I worked a double and was totally pooped.” I felt so guilty, lying to him like that. He was a really, really sweet guy and probably the love of my life but this was just a one-time thing.

Ian filled me in on the hiking and kayaking he had done with his family and some puppy his cousins had gotten. He wasn’t coming back until Sunday, tomorrow, and had plans to see his old friends today. I told him about the weirdly casual Saturday brunch interview I was about to have for the communications job.

I had previously told him about the job, but I hadn’t mentioned anything about Clive. I pretty much knew Clive was a sort of dirty older man who was checking me out from the start, but I’d kinda liked it. I didn’t want Ian getting worried or worked up by telling him. I guess there was a reason for him to be worried after all. I guess in a way, I knew what would happen all along.

The room still smelled of sex. The illegal bahis bed looked like a crime scene. He’d made me squirt all over the sheets last night, like I’ve never done before. I came so hard with Clive’s big penis up my ass, over and over again. There was also a really unfortunate spot where I’d fallen asleep and his… stuff had seeped out of my rear. I opened the windows and pulled the sheets off the bed.

As I did, I noticed a halfway-folded post-it note flutter down to the ground. I picked it up and gasped out loud. “Meet me at the café tomorrow before your interview with Dave. Make sure you wear your plug.” It was signed “–Clive”.

I was wet. My heart was pounding. I stared at the metallic plug lying on the floor. I’d never worn the thing outside the apartment before. Why the hell was I even entertaining the idea of doing this?

Could I really get interviewed while having that bulbous toy lodged inside my ass? With Clive sitting right there the whole time, looking at me knowingly with those intense blue eyes? It was possible. It would be exciting, that’s for sure.

I found the sensation titillating when I cleaned all areas of myself in the shower. I placed a finger on my sphincter and pushed in. To my surprise, it dilated and swallowed the tip easily. To my delight, the sensation sent a jolt of pleasure through me. I was still sore there, but it was a good sore. I pulled my finger out and pushed two fingers into myself. Deeper, deeper.

I felt dirty there. He hadn’t even used a condom. I just let him put his fingers and his big dick inside there like he owned my body, no questions asked. It felt so wonderful when he touched me there. When he pushed into me…

I curled my fingers inside myself thinking about it, resulting in an anguished groan emanating from deep within my throat. My tight flesh felt hot, wrapped around my fingers and tight around my knuckles.

He had cum inside there. I still felt dirty, like he was still present somewhere inside my bowels or stomach. I want him to defile me like that again. To let him pleasure himself in the most forbidden depths of my body. To feel him stiffen and twitch and spurt deep inside me. I was rubbing myself with my eyes closed, knees about to buckle.

Dropping to my knees, I doubled over and brought myself to orgasm while the warm water flowed over my body, moaning and trembling as my mind went white with pleasure. Yes, I was going to be interviewing with the plug in my ass. And afterwards, Clive could have his way with me no matter what he asked for.

I’d just allow myself to be bad this weekend, while Ian was away. And then it’d be all out of my system forever. That’s what I told myself.

I finished showering and got dressed. I chose a cute, ruffled green top, snug dark jeans and a waist-length black blazer. I dried and curled my thick red hair, put on some lip-plumping lip gloss and applied a dash of rouge to my cheeks. To most, I wanted to look like a regular person going out for brunch. I also wanted my future boss to see that I was a professional woman who was comfortable in her own skin and in the presence of powerful men. But lastly—I’m so terrible—I also wanted Clive to be watching the curve of my ass underneath my tight jeans and be unable to stop thinking of my lips wrapped snugly around his big penis. Two could play at his game of seduction. I knew my freckles, big brown eyes, heart-shaped face and buxom curves made me look innocent and girlish and it drove a lot of men crazy. Well at least one man was going to be going completely insane today.

Finally and most importantly, picked up my butt plug with the heart-shaped base. I pulled my jeans down over my butt and carefully applied a pea-sized blob of lube directly to my pucker. I rubbed some lube on the metal plug, too. Not too much. Just enough. Gently, I pushed the cool metal bulb into my still-sore hole. I felt myself open, willingly accepting the smooth foreign object into my ass, then felt myself contract rapidly onto where it was narrower. I pulled up my jeans.

God, I’m so bad. I was following Clive’s instructions for me. Clive, whose last name I didn’t even know.

As I left my apartment I saw my neighbors, a sweet 30-something couple, and flushed deep red. They didn’t know anything, but I was already getting wet thinking of how naughty it was that my anus would be stimulated nonstop in public.

By the time I reached the café, I noticed two things. First, Clive was already there even though I was slightly early. Second, the constant stimulation in my ass had kept me in a permanent state of arousal. On the train, the vibration of the tracks gave me extra erotic stimulation. I noticed if I sat with my hips titled forward and my legs slightly open, my plug rubbed though my pants directly onto the hardness of the seat and shot vibrations right up into my anus. I couldn’t help illegal bahis siteleri myself—it just felt too fucking good. I was trying to keep a straight face but I my chest was heaving and every time the train stopped I’d rub my legs together or move them to get some stimulation on my clit but keeping silent was pure agony. I think two college guys on the opposite seats may have noticed what I was doing. By the time I reached Clive at the café, my panties were totally soaked. If this went on for long enough, the outside of my jeans would be too.

But that was just the start of it. He got a latte for me and a dry cappuccino for himself and when we had a seat he told me to put out my hand.

“You’ll need this for your interview,” he dropped something discretely into my hand. It was a curved pink hook, one end of which was heavy and bulbous, the other just had a small lump. I stopped breathing, already suspecting what it was.

“What is it?” I asked, but already anticipating what he would say.

He didn’t say anything, just took out his phone and the thing started vibrating in my hand. He tapped his phone and it stopped.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, my mouth open but curving into a smile. “But for the interview..?”

“Dave wants to be sure anyone he hires can work well under pressure or in the presence of significant… distractions,” He said with an evil smile. “I just want to make sure for my own sake that you can handle it. I have a reputation I need to maintain, you know Aubrey.” Clearly he’d prepared that explanation ahead of time and just wanted to see me squirm in public. I absolutely loved the thought of it—being at his mercy.

“Ok. Of course. Sure!” How the hell was I going to manage this? I was already soaked!

“Did you need to use the bathroom before we go, Aubrey?” He asked, smiling smugly again. I nodded. Swallowed nervously. Then went to the bathroom, clenching the pink thing in my hand.

I locked the door and dropped my pants. My underwear really was soaked—I had to peel the fabric down off of me me. It felt cold and gross but I hadn’t thought to bring a replacement. I rubbed the toy against my wetness and pushed it up into me. The bulbous part fit nicely inside me, reaching upwards toward my G-spot. The thinner, longer part looped around the outside up toward my belly button.

As I walked out, I saw Clive standing outside the café. Then he turned it on. I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt my hands and toes clench involuntarily and my jaw slackened as I gasped. I felt the vibration deep inside me for a second, then it stopped and my body relaxed.

“You ok, Ma’am?” one of the baristas asked me as he walked by with a broom.

“Ye… yeah. Yes! Definitely, just… I… I remembered something,” I fumbled as an excuse.

“Oh ok. You seemed a little dizzy for a second there,” the barista explained, walking away. I smiled, face flushed.

Clive was gazing at me through the glass, piercing me with his powerful eyes. He could’ve bent me over and fucked me right there if he wanted, I was so wet and turned on. He could’ve done anything he wanted to me. I eyed him greedily up and down as I hurried out to meet him.

He put his arm around me. “Ready for the interview, Kitten?” he asked. I said yes, meekly, loving that he was pulling me close as we walked. The boldness of it—anyone either of us knew could’ve seen us! He snuck his hand down along my body at a stoplight, feeling the curve of my hip, my ass. He squeezed it. I loved it, every bit of the naughtiness. “The restaurant’s just up at the corner there,” he said, pointing up ahead.

It was a crowded oyster bar that served food— pretty bourgeois, but pleasantly so. Dave wasn’t there yet, but by the time we’d asked for a table, I was soaked and dripping again and had to run to the bathroom to wipe up my sticky wetness. It wasn’t even pleasant. It was downright icky. The vibrator protruded from me like an insidious little alien and as I wiped myself, I bumped it, sending a chill through me.

Once I returned, we’d been seated at a small, tall circular table and Dave had arrived. He was a clean shaven guy with thick rimmed glasses and grey hair. He looked sharp, intelligent. Yet sitting next to Clive, it just made Clive seem bigger, stronger, and sexier. My heart jumped and mouth watered, thinking what the rest of the day held in store for me.

“This must be Aubrey. I’ve heard a lot about you” Dave stood up and shook my hand. I was glad he was dressed casually in jeans and a short-sleeve polo. “How are you liking the city? Clive tells me you just moved here.”

I started telling him about how I’d just moved here after college. He was easy to talk to and I got the sense that Clive had pretty much secured the job for me after a little while. I told Dave how it was exciting to be in such a big city and then I suddenly and involuntarily canlı bahis siteleri tensed and arched my back as a bolt of pleasure fired right up though my body and into my brain, scuttling my thoughts as a blast of pleasure erupted in my mind. Clive had turned on the vibrator. Still, somehow, I had managed to keep speaking as if nothing had happened. After a second, the sensation ceased.

Dave hadn’t noticed. He started telling me about the spots locals went to, the way the neighborhoods had changed over the decades and the venues he knew young people like myself liked to frequent. I couldn’t focus on a thing he was saying. Clive was giving me looks like a hungry wolf, letting his eyes move down to my chest, lingering there. I kept nodding and smiling at Dave as he spoke. I felt I was sweating but I wasn’t. He kept turning it on and off, just for a half second here and there. Clive was toying with me. He looked up from his phone and smiled at me.

But then as the waitress came over and asked us if we wanted drinks, Clive turned on the toy lodged inside me and left it on. It must have had a pulse setting and was vibrating on and off quickly as she spoke to us.

“And one for you ma’am?” the cute, plump waitress asked, looking directly at me.

“Uhmm, yes. Me too.” I exhaled awkwardly and nodded, having no idea I just asked for. I was hunched over, tense and breathing heavily from my mouth. I must look so out of it right now. I could feel it stimulating my anus, too—buzzing erotically deep in my ass. If Clive didn’t shut the fucking vibrator off right now, I was thinking, I’d probably cum right there, screaming and twitching in front of everyone. I looked to him desperately, pleading silently with my eyes right and as I was about to go off—

He shut it off. Beneath the table, he placed his hand on the middle my thigh and I knew he could feel my heat even from there. I swallowed and tried to slow my breathing.

I guess what I’d ordered was a Bloody Mary because three arrived for the table. It was strong. By the time Dave started asking me about my experience at the university’s department of marketing, I was feeling slightly buzzed since I was on an empty stomach. Clive kept turning the damn vibrator on and off for a second but the alcohol had relaxed me and it just felt really fucking good. I kept squeezing my thighs together but magically, I was answering all of Dave’s questions with confidence and charm. I was even joking and laughing with him.

Once the oysters arrived, the men had finished their drinks and ordered another round for all of us. I slurped the rest of mine down quickly and a second Bloody was soon in front of me. I felt amazing and sooooooo horny! I had my unconsciously put my hand on Clive’s thigh too and he kept touching and rubbing my lower back. It was so brazen of him! Dave might have seen, but Clive didn’t even care.

I don’t know, I felt pretty drunk. Toward the end of the meal, Clive put again turned the vibrator onto the pulse setting as he was telling a story to the two of us. “… and of course there was no GPS and this was somewhere on the outskirts of Detroit so the four of us had no fucking clue how to get…” he went on an on. He placed the phone on the table, near our empty glasses. I needed him to turn it off! He glanced at me with an evil smile. “We pulled up to this gas station. Probably the only thing open…” he continued on.

He wasn’t going to turn it off! Could I? I started rocking back and forth, my breathing quickening. I couldn’t unlock his phone! He was going to make me cum in front of everyone! I could feel my skin flushing red. I was moving back and forth on the seat involuntarily, like I was being fucked! Like I was a dog in heat, rubbing against a rock or a stick to get off!

I stared at the phone as Clive rambled on with his story. I looked at Dave in panic. He didn’t notice I was about to climax. Had anyone else? My breathing was heavy and I was biting my lip. Could I unlock the phone? I couldn’t just grab it. I can’t stop gyrating on the seat.

“Excuse me a sec!” I blurted out and leapt off my seat. I tried looking calm and moving slowly as I hopped to the bathroom but I just couldn’t do it. I was about to cum!

I barely made it. I started cumming right as I burst through the door—I burst into a stall and only managed to partially close the door before bracing myself against the stall and groaning like a wanton whore. I felt my eyes roll back and my knees weaken as wave after intense wave of relief washed over me. It was still pulsing deep inside me! I spun around and locked the door, dropping my pants quickly so I could pull the horrible thing out of my vagina but it was too late: another orgasm was unleashing itself with full force inside me from my cunt, stimulating my ass with vibrations too. I bucked and shook and yelped and whined as quietly as I could. I groaned, writhing helplessly as I finished cumming with my knees on the floor with my pants around my ankles. I stretched my panties and pulled the toy out of me as soon as the crippling pleasure subsided. The stupid pink thing was still vibrating.

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