The Lancaster Twins Pt. 10


Hello again, readers. The Lancaster Twins are back by popular demand. I hope you like this installment and I trust that you will let me know what you like and what you don’t like.


Bill’s improvement allowed Shana to return home a week later. In the intervening time, he and his daughter had made love every day. They had promised each other that they would never do it again after she left to return home. As she left, though, both of them, independently, doubted that they would keep that promise.

On the drive home, she had wrestled with herself over what, if anything, she would tell Tom. She knew that Tom never lied to her and never kept secrets from her, but there had been several things in her life that she hadn’t told him. She certainly had never told him about how, when she was a girl, she was so sexually attracted to her father. She hadn’t told him about the other time, a few months previously, that she had had sex with Bill. She just couldn’t bring herself to tell him and risk their good marriage.

It was apparent from the time that she walked in the door that Tom was eager for sex. She couldn’t remember ever turning him down when he wanted sex, except when she was on her period, and she was the aggressor at least half the time. Both of them had always loved sex with each other and they rarely went over a few days without it. As usual, Shana was ready for it. Fucking her father had been fantastic. It was extremely arousing because it was taboo – it was incest, and in her opinion that was the hottest of all forbidden turn-ons. She was extremely turned on by the fact that her own twins were now engaged in incest and, even though she knew it to be wrong, she could not convince herself to condemn it. But sex with her husband – that was an entirely different thing. She loved him more than life itself; besides that, he had the most gigantic cock she had ever seen and she absolutely loved being impaled on it.

As Shana went down on him that night, Tom whispered, “How is it, compared to Jackson’s?”

Shana immediately began to tremble and her heart raced. He knew. How? “What? What do you mean?” she stumbled.

“Were you not going to tell me that you gave oral to our son?” he asked calmly. He looked down and saw the expression of sheer terror in the dim light of the bedroom. “Were you not going to tell me that the twins are fucking?”

“Tom…,” she gasped. “Please, honey…I didn’t know how to tell you. I am so sorry, Honey. Please don’t be mad,” she cried as tears began to flow down her face.

Tom took her hand and pulled her up to lay on the pillow next to him. He looked into her eyes and brushed her hair away from her face. “I’m not mad at you, Shana. I may be a little hurt, but I will get over that. I’m just not sure where all this is headed…my mind is in overload.”

“I know I should not have done that. It was just…”

“No. Don’t explain. I’m not even talking about that. I just can’t handle the secrets. I hate dishonesty. You know that. That’s why that I’m going to tell you something right now that will shock you. Then you can tell me whatever you’ve kept from me…And it may hurt. It may hurt us both, but we’re not going to stop loving each other. Okay?”

Shana broke down into great, shuddering sobs. Tears poured down her cheeks and she clung to her husband as tightly as she ever had. He held her and stroked her skin and whispered in her ear that everything would be okay and that he would always love her, no matter what.

Finally, Shana got control of herself. She reached for her nightgown and draped it over her naked body. She lay back down and held Tom’s hand as she told him everything, including what she had done with her father. Tom was shocked at that revelation, but he swore to himself that nothing would destroy the love he had for this woman – not even dishonesty and infidelity.

When she finished, he told her everything that had happened while she was gone. He told her about Jennifer’s antics and how he had been so tempted to fuck her. He told her that Jennifer had told him that she was having sex with her brother. Then he told her that he had watched them, without them knowing, and had heard Jackson tell Jennifer what he had done with Shana.

“You watched them?” she asked, amazed.

Tom managed a grin. “I know you, Shana. I was wishing you were with me because I knew that would turn you on…even more than it turned me on!”

“Oh Baby, you know me so well! Can you ever forgive me? I’ve been unfaithful to you, Tom. I can’t believe it. I am so weak.”

“You’re already forgiven, Baby. And I know you’ve already forgiven me,” he told her as she nodded and snuggled up, kissing his throat. “Shana, I can’t live without you, Honey. You’re my life,” he told her as he looked in her eyes.

“Make love to me, Tom. I need you so badly!” she gasped as she threw her nightgown off and spread her legs eagerly.

Tom got on his knees and fitted his cock into her opening. He was careful to rub bostancı escort bayan her natural lubrication inside her to make sure she was ready for him. She was flowing copiously, though, and even though it was always a tight fit, he was confident that there would be little discomfort involved.

“Oh Tom, I can’t wait. Give me that horse cock!” she moaned.

Tom pushed his flaring cock-head inside her, then pushed. She was still so tight, even after all these years! He wondered how he would have ever gotten his gargantuan member inside his daughter. He gazed down at his wife’s face – he loved her so much! He had adored her from the moment they met. She had her flaws, sure, as did he.

“Oh Tom, there’s nothing like it!” she cried. “Oh Baby, I love the feeling of you stretching me! Fuck me, Lover!”

“I love you, Shana. I don’t care what you do; I’ll always love you,” he whispered as he kissed her lips.

“Tom, Baby…oh fuck it’s so good,” she moaned. “I love you, Baby. I missed you so much!”

Tom couldn’t resist remarking. He smiled, “Yes, you missed me so badly that you fucked your Daddy…”

“Tom! Don’t bring that up while we’re…fuck yes! Like that, Baby!”

Tom thrust into her harder than usual. Even though he totally forgave her, he subconsciously wanted to re-establish his territory. This woman was HIS. She might have been used, temporarily, by another man, but she was his. She would always be his. He could see in her face that he was in total control of her. She was in total submission to him, trusting him to give her pleasure and to take care of her needs. This he would do, but at the same time he would let her know that she was his and he would get his own satisfaction from her body.

“Nothing is as good as this, Tom,” she panted. “I love how you fuck me. You know exactly what I need. Oh, Tom, it’s never been better than this!”

The image of his naked daughter flashed into his mind, briefly. He could have fucked her. She wanted it. He had no doubt that he could still have her. Even though this thought was highly arousing, his heart belonged to Shana. Given the choice between his ripe, beautiful, sexy young daughter and his wife, he would choose Shana every single time. She was aging, though still gorgeous and sexy, but that didn’t even matter. She could be fat and ugly, for all he cared. He loved her more than life itself. It was just a bonus that she was still hot as fire.

“Tom, Baby…I’m so close,” she groaned. He was teasing her, stopping at intervals, or changing the pace just enough to keep her from cumming. He knew her so well! He could play her body like a fine-tuned instrument. He would control when she had an orgasm – not her. He could detect when she was about to go over the edge. If he decided that she didn’t deserve an orgasm, she wouldn’t get one. He was in total control of her and she absolutely loved it!

“You want me to yell for Jackson to join us, Shana?” he teased.

Her eyes flashed with excitement. Tom saw it, and expected it. He thrust violently into her, re-establishing his dominance of her.

“Fuck! Tom, please? Please let me cum, Baby?” she begged.

“You didn’t answer my question, Shana,” he stated with a mischievous grin on his face. “Don’t you want us both at once?”

“You bastard!” she laughed. “Only if Jennifer can join us, too,” she said, slyly.

“I only have one dick, Baby,” he smiled.

“It’s fucking big enough for 4 or 5 ordinary men, you STUD!” she exclaimed.

He leaned over and licked her nipples, then reached down and flicked her clit with his thumb as he slowly stroked in and out of her. He locked his eyes on hers, knowing that she was about climax.

“Fuck! Oh, Tom, I am cummmmmmmming!” she yelled as her body squirmed beneath him, her legs opened as widely as possible. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened in a huge, gasping sob. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSSSS!”

Her orgasm was so violent that her pussy threatened to choke his thick cock. He had wanted to ride out her orgasm before emptying himself inside her, but he felt her warm, clasping pussy pinching his meatus so deliciously, that his own climax was triggered. He felt his warm load of semen rushing down his shaft and the head of his cock spasmed as he blasted massive geysers of his sperm into her luscious, welcoming body.

As they lay in the afterglow of their wonderful, loving sex, Shana whispered, “You still lust for her, don’t you?”

Tom rolled over to look in her face. “I don’t blame you for being worried…”

“Tom!” she smiled. “I’m not worried. Think about what I did! I’m way worse than you. I was just asking…If we’re going to be perfectly honest – and I want us to be – I sure haven’t stopped noticing our sexy boy.”

“The real question is, ‘Are we going to ever do anything with them again’, right?”

Shana searched his eyes. A tiny shadow of a smile crossed her face.

“Shana, what are you thinking? Honey?”

She touched ümraniye escort his muscular chest and drew a finger from his throat to his navel. She shrugged. “I dunno.”

“You want to, don’t you? Shana!”

“Tom – it’s not that I want some ongoing thing. I don’t. But I know how I am. I know that I get these…urges…and I’m just wondering that if…if something unplanned were to happen…,” she stammered.

“Let me see if I’m understanding you. If you were to “backslide” again…or if I did…hypothetically…we don’t want to feel tempted to lie about it. Is that it? In other words, if something happens…we just tell each other and forgive and go on with life? Something like that?”

“Yes, but…and I hate to even say these words out loud…but once you have a taste for it, it’s going to be harder to never do it again. Right?” she asked.

“So are we giving each other permission to…? Shana, this is awful. It’s unthinkable. It’s horrible!”

She brought his hand to her lips and smiled. “Yes. Yes it is. It’s not permission, exactly, Tom. It’s like…acceptance. We accept each other’s weaknesses. I promise I’m not planning anything. I’m not! But I don’t want to ever go through this guilt and lying and wondering if you are going to stop loving me…” Bright tears shone in her eyes. “Tom, I can’t lose you. You are my life.”

Tom stroked his wife’s face. He knew in his heart that there was nothing she could do that he wouldn’t forgive. He loved her so much that he had wondered, at times, if he could live without her. “I’m not going to say that I don’t care what you do. And I don’t want you to say that about me. But, I like the idea that we just accept each other, no matter what happens.” He smiled mischievously. “You can fuck Jackson every day and I’ll still love you…but I want details!”

“You are the perfect man!” she smiled.

“And you’re the perfect woman,” he said as he kissed her and placed her hand on his fully-engorged manhood. He was ready to go again and he knew she was, as well.


Several days later, Jackson had gone to visit a friend and Shana had gone to work in her school room. It was the first time that Jennifer had been alone with her father since Jackson and Shana had come home from Bill’s ranch. Tom had asked Jennifer to help him get some cattle up, so that they could separate the young bulls for castration. He would have Jackson help him tomorrow, but right now all they had to do was get them in the corral. Jennifer loved farm work and was pretty strong, but she couldn’t match the strength of a man. Still, she enjoyed helped her father for a couple of hours that morning. By the time they finished, they both had mud and cow manure on their boots and clothes. As fastidious as Jennifer was, she was anxious to take a shower and get cleaned up.

Tom laughed at her when he saw her step in a “cow pile” and grimace. “Girl, you’re a good worker, and you would make a good farmer’s wife, but I don’t think you’ll ever get used to cow shit.”

Jennifer was a little surprised that her Dad said “shit” to her, because she knew he really disdained profanity. She smiled, “You got that right. I don’t like shit on me! How about I go take a shower and fix some lunch?”

Tom laughed. “Sure, go wash the shit off of you and make us some sandwiches. I still have to move some hay in the barn,” he told her. “By the way, Jen, don’t say that word…at least don’t make it a habit. Okay?”

“Okay,” she smiled. “I won’t say shit.” She turned and waded through mud and manure, heading toward the house. Even in her mud-covered jeans, Tom thought, she still was incredibly sexy. His cock stirred. He was quite sure that she would be willing to show him her naked body and even do…something more…if he just showed an interest. Now that he knew how willing she was, it was hard not to think of it.

After moving the hay in the barn, he made his way to the house and took his boots off on the porch. He got the hose and sprayed the mud and manure off the lower portions of his work pants before entering the house. When he got in the house, Jennifer had prepared some sandwiches, potato chips, and a large glass of iced tea.

Jennifer had taken a quick shower and now wore running shorts and a rather tight Atlanta Braves tee shirt. She didn’t see the point of wearing a bra. In fact, since everything was now out in the open, she had rarely worn a bra around the house. She had anticipated, and dreaded, a family meeting where they talked all this out and put rules in place that would keep any of this from happening again. She wondered if they might even go to some kind of family counseling, but she couldn’t imagine the embarrassment of such a thing. Her attitude was that everyone should just let the past be the past.

Tom sat at the table, across from Jennifer, eating his lunch. His eyes were drawn to her tight tee shirt and how it molded to her ripe young breasts. It was a navy blue shirt, but he could still barely see escort kartal the outline of her nipples. He wondered if she was wearing this purposely for him or if she just figured, after all that had happened, that modesty could take a back seat to comfort. Either way, he was enjoying the view as they chatted and ate their lunch. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he was gazing at her chest. She knew, after all, that he loved to look. Why pretend?

“Thanks for lunch, Jenny,” he smiled as he stood up. “I’m going to take a quick shower to get this stench off of me.”

“I like making lunch for you when it’s just us here,” she smiled. “I guess it kinda makes me fantasize of being married and making lunch for my husband. That’s kind of an outmoded thing now, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and that’s a shame. On a farm, at least, the man and the woman can’t do the same work. I like to think that your mother and I have always perfectly complemented each other, as far as our roles are concerned,” he told her.

“I think you have. I like the idea of being a housewife or a farm wife. I mean, I want to get an education, and have a career, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have traditional roles in my home.”

“You’re a smart girl, Jenny. Well, I’m gonna get that shower…”

The downstairs bathroom was inside the master bedroom. Tom didn’t bother shutting the door to the bedroom. There was really no need, he reflected. If his daughter happened to see him changing clothes, so what? She had seen everything he had- and much more.

Jennifer cleared the table and began washing the dishes. She could hear the shower running and the image of her naked father came into her mind. She wished that she could watch him shower, if nothing else. His body was so firm and muscular and, best of all, he was hung like a horse. The very thought of it sent lascivious shivers through her body.

When she finished the dishes and had put them away, she walked toward the living room, but glanced into her parents’ bedroom. She noticed that the bathroom door was closed. She stopped for a moment, thinking how much she would like to see behind that door when, to her shock, the door opened and her naked father walked out. He didn’t notice her and walked to his bed where he had his clean clothes laid out.

Jennifer could not keep her eyes off of him. She couldn’t move. Her father’s body was so manly, so muscular. No fat, anywhere. Just muscles. And that glorious cock was hanging down within inches of his knees. Her heart raced, her nipples hardened, and her pussy began to flow with her natural lubrications.

Then he noticed her. She was standing, as if mesmerized. “Sorry, Jenny. I should have closed the door. I wasn’t thinking…”

Jennifer walked toward him, robotically. She was magnetically drawn to him. He had no time to think as she walked toward him. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, she dropped to her knees and took his now-hardening cudgel into her hand.

“Jenny…,” he whispered.

She looked up at him as she held his cock in one hand and stroked it lovingly with the other. “Daddy, it’s so beautiful,” she gasped.

Tom tried to muster the willpower to stop her. He had experienced her hot little mouth on his cock before. He knew how good it felt and he knew how much she wanted to do it again. She adored him and she was now a sexually-experienced young woman. He had watched her in action with her twin brother. He was fairly certain that she wanted to experience, with him, what she frequently was getting from Jackson. Even though she was 18 he, Tom, was the adult here. It was his responsibility to take control of this situation. He knew that, if they anything, that his beloved wife would now sanction it, so he didn’t have to worry about guilt and lying. But still, this was just wrong. Everything he had ever believed screamed out to him to stop this, because once she put that wonderful mouth on his thick phallus, it would be all over. There would be no going back.

She hefted his horse-like nuts, imagining that they were full of cum and that they probably held a quart of her Daddy’s delicious juice. She loved cum. She liked watching it shoot out. She liked tasting it. She liked swallowing it. She loved its texture. She liked it being sprayed in her face or on her body. She mostly loved the feel of huge jets of warm cum being pumped into her young, eager pussy. She leaned forward and, still holding his pendulous scrotum, kissed the head of his half-erect cock.

That was it. Tom surrendered. “Jenny, Baby. Take your clothes off for Daddy,” he croaked.

Jennifer got to her feet and began to pull her shorts and panties down. Her father stretched out on the bed and watched as she removed her tee shirt, displaying her perfect teen body to his lecherous gaze. She got in bed with him and, grasping his now fully-engorged cock, lay on her side and kissed her father’s lips.

Tom kissed her, then moved to his side, his throbbing cock waving in front of him like a divining rod. He kissed her ear and then her throat, as she moaned and stroked his cock. He got on his knees and began to feast on her perfectly formed, taut young breasts. He licked and sucked her nipples as she groaned and grunted her approval.

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