THE LANGSTONSe felt her move beneath him. Opening his eyes he looked down and saw his cock pumping, the pink lips of a cunt, as it welcomed his manhood with each thrust. The view was slowly obscured by breasts slowly rising upwards. The hard red nipples brushed against his chest making the girl moan. He looked at his sister’s face as she neared her orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open showing her pink tongue, her lips formed an oval as she sucked in air. Her dark brown hair was fanned on a pillow behind her, sweat rolled from her brow down her face into her hair and down her neck. He bent forward to taste the salt, to taste another part of her. He loved the feel of her velvet skin against his tongue. His ragged breath touched her neck and roared into her ears. He closed his eyes once more as he focused again on his cock on his blood, on the pulse running through his whole body. The roar of desire ripped through his ears again, the ripple of an orgasm burnt through his arms down his chest and to the tip of his red cock. It was so near, yet he willed it away, he wanted to live in his moment longer. His lungs burnt and his knees and forearms ached from holding his weight. Just a little longer he willed, he felt his ass clenching an unclenching as her hands and nails ripped across his ass cheeks. The sting of pain increased his pleasure.Her nails dug into his shoulders, she dragged them down his arms leaving long white marks. He felt her cunt grab hold of his cock in a vice like grip. She stopped breathing; her back arched upwards one final time, a low guttural noise emanated from her throat, her nails draw blood from his arms. Her legs curled up and gripped his lower back willing their flesh to become one. He increased his fucking, his ass clenched in their efforts.She fells back onto the bed with a dazed half smile on her face. Byron her brother continued to pound her flesh. She listened for a moment to the sound their bodies made, the smacking of flesh upon flesh. Her breasts rolled back and forth from his efforts, she touched her nipples and trailed her hand down her body to her clit rubbing the engorged tip. Her legs loosened for a moment and then gripped his body again, her legs moved up and down in time with his hips. His eyes were closed and breathing was coming in short sharp in takes, sweat was dripping from his face onto her breasts, into her open mouth.She placed her hands around his face, his flesh felt slick. Moving forward she kissed his lips, his cheeks and draw her tongue across his face finishing at his ear. Felling back onto the pillows she watched the movement of his hips, his cock. Seeing her brother’s cock, the veins standing out on his cock pounding into her flesh, into her cunt was getting her started all over again. She could tell he was close. She brought one finger to her mouth. She moaned.Bryon’s eyes opened, their eyes met, she raised one eye brow in a playful sexy manner. He watched as she slowly sucked her finger, then two fingers into her mouth. His rhythm slowed. He felt blood rushing to his cock, he felt like his cock had just gotten bigger, felt his balls tighten. His sister placed her hand against his collarbone then drew her nails down his chest. He watched his flesh change colour from the pressure. The nails draw to his nipple then stopped. He groaned and rolled his eyes to the heavens, she laughed. The nails moved over his erect nipple. If was like electricity. She pinched and twisted his nipple hard in one swift movement. Then was no stopping it now. His cock erupted, hips slammed into her. Byron moaned deeply, he felt like his balls had been totally empted.They stayed intertwined for a moment before Byron rolled off Aimee. His heart pounded in his chest, he looked over at her. Her breasts heaved, her normally pink nipples were a deep red he could see where he had earlier sucked on them leaving behind a smug of saliva, her dark pubic hair was wet and stuck to her flesh, light shimmered on her body as she bent one leg, she smiled at him and lightly draw one finger up and down his arm. Both returned their glaze to the bedroom ceiling. It was these few grabbed moments they had these days. Soon Aimee’s boyfriend Andrew would be home and Byron would be laying out on the sofa later that evening listening to him fucking his sister. A well of jealousy pooled at the pit of his stomach. How could Aimee just move from lover to lover with so little thought? It was as if Byron’s feelings counted for zero. It was a dark area of both of their psyches they could barely look at, the ability to harm others. Both jumped when Aimee’s mobile rang. She picked it up and whispered it was Andrew. She walked out of the bedroom into the hall naked; he could hear her talking to Andrew, a few long silences punctured by laughter and small talk. Seeing her walking around the movement of her hips the flow of her hair the jiggle of her breasts swelled his cock again. Byron looked around the bed and knew he had to help Aimee change the sheets. He would take these sheets home and wash them but not before he had had a chance to jack off as he smelt them. He pulled the condom from his softening cock.Aimee stood framed in the doorway the mobile held loosely in her hand with a big grin on her face. Andrew had rung to tell her he would be working late. A big client needed help to get his brief completed and all the firms lawyers were been roped in. Andrew explained he may not be home until the early hours of the morning. Byron smiled at his news and relaxed for a moment. He was glad he had thrown a few condoms into this wallet the night before. He reached for his wallet on the nightstand and flicked the wallet open, a small picture of his ex wife stared back he scanned the picture for a moment and got the condom out from behind the picture. The old anger rose in his chest, the hurt the fear the pain of not fully understanding why it had all gone wrong.Aimee scouted over to the bed and climbed over the stained rumpled black sheets. She kissed Byron deeply on the lips and drawn his tongue into her mouth; they both tasted the scents of each other on their lips. Aimee pushed Byron back onto his back. She sat on his chest. She glazed out the window of her apartment for a moment watching a small yacht make its way out of the bay under the ANZAC Bridge. She brushed her hand through his blonde hair and trailed down the side of his face as his trying to remember its contours. She studied his face like she was studying an old painting before returning her eyes to his gaze. The air was still both could feel the heat, the smell of sex hung heavy in the air, weight of the other the sound of their hearts. This whole situation was all so wrong and it just added to the overall thrill.Aimee explained she would make dinner for both of them and then they could fuck for a few hours but Byron had to be lying on the sofa under covers alone by 2 am. Aimee returned her gaze to the window over looking Blackwattle Bay in a soft voice she explained there were a few positions she was keen to try with Byron if he was willing. Byron nodded his approved as he slowly rubbed Aimee’s clit. Her hand snaked down over his. She guided him, made him pressure harder, made the circles bigger, made the circles faster. Her hips bucked on his chest, he saw her nipples harden again and the way Aimee used her hands to sometimes pinch and pull at them. The pinching made her body shudder. Aimee moaned and bit at her lips. Looking down she grabbed Byron’s left hand and pressed it into her cunt. She lifted her hips and raised her left leg to give him better access.Aimee was clear on what she wanted. She grunted how fast he was to go, how many fingers, how hard to push, where to caress, Aimee made her happiness known. Moaning and yelling calling Byron “baby” and “slut” she scratched at his face and pulled at tuffs of his blonde locks, soon Byron found her G spot and felt Aimee’s release a few moments later, the fluids ran down his hands and arms. Aimee kissed him: she pulled his hands up to her face and licked them slowly while watching Byron’s reaction. Her green eyes burnt into his blue, her stare was straight and unflinching, and Byron could see only lust swimming in Aimee’s eyes. It scared him and made Byron want her even more. His forefingers were thoroughly cleaned by her pink tongue and Aimee commented about how good she tasted and how lucky Byron was to enjoy her. Aimee climbed off his chest and told Byron to have a shower as he smelt and to jerk off. Byron replied he wasn’t the one leaving cum on other people’s chests as he rubbed the shaft and head of his red cock. As he bathed in the hot shower Byron examined the new set of cuts on his upper arms and on the side of his face He wondered how he would explain them to his new “girlfriend” a term Byron was loath to use as he felt this girl was little more than a fuck buddy; he wondered how he would explain to Aimee he had this new intrusion in his life and she wasn’t just a one night fling as he had made out and he didn’t know how he could take back the lie. Maybe he won’t have to in the end Byron did what he does best he continued to procrastinate and won’t say a word.An old memory flashed into his mind from two years before. Byron still remembered how Aimee had stared at him blankly when he told her he was getting married and how in love he was how happy he was, there was this moment of total silence between them. Byron had thought he had said the wrong thing like he was going down the street to get the groceries not a life changing statement based on Aimee’s reaction. Her eyes squinted she looked away from him then slowly she smiled but the warmth of the smile never reached her eyes. He felt how slack her hug had been how empty her voice had sounded when she congratulated him. Byron’s wife Fiona had found Aimee to be very stand offish and rude. The two women never saw eye to eye in the few short months of Byron’s marriage.Jealously was one family trait that ran strong in the Langston family. Byron thought for a moment of all the girls he had fucked over the years. Nearly all were Aimee’s best friends. When Byron fucked them he would imagine in his minds eye it was Aimee. If he knew they were close friends Byron knew they had kissed and hugged Aimee. He wanted that scent of Aimee from them, he wanted that closeness. Byron never considered the effect this had on Aimee or her circle of friends but it soon became a running joke in their small country town of Bowral if you made friends with one Langston you were bound to be fucked by the other.One memory that was burnt into Byron’s mind was at 21st birthday party about six years before for an old school mate Byron knew. While at the party Aimee had gotten drunk which within its self was not usual behavior, she had been flirting with a number of guys pulling at t-shirts trying to pinch guys and girls nipples as they walked pass her, loudly commenting on people’s outfits generally making jokes at other people’s expense. Most revelers within the party were amused by Aimee’s antics and she had a small following of laughing teens and young adults. Talk within the group turned to sex, Aimee was loud about her conquests, which at the time numbered four boyfriends and her techniques for sex. The talk turned to kissing with a few young men agreeing one girl known to many was one of the best kissers back in Bowral High School.As Aimee drank her beer which ended up mostly on her Marilyn Manson t-shirt a young boy crashed into her circle and claimed to have kissed a girl who was mentioned and who was known to Aimee or so the boy claimed. He was very proud to announce this girl as his own they had been dating a total of two months. He brought his new girlfriend over and before he could ever introduce her to the group, Aimee had dragged the girl into her embrace and was kissing her.The two had stood in the middle of the party kissing. Heads had turned to look and voices dropped away the party grow quiet. Byron could see Aimee was French kissing the girl, Aimee’s jaw line moved up and down as she draws the girl into the kiss. Aimee’s hands were moving over the girl’s shoulders and down her back to cup the girl’s ass. Suddenly Aimee’s boyfriend Mark burst out of the throng and dragged Aimee off the girl. Aimee had laughed as did everyone else. The kissed girl stood as if dazed with a smile on her face.As Mark dragged Aimee away, Byron noticed Aimee hadn’t stopped looking at the girl. She had the look in her eye of having discovered something new, exciting and wanting more. The rest of the evening Aimee and Mark traded angry words over the kiss and many other areas of their relationship that were in tatters. The argument soon caused the party to move indoors and to turn the music up to drown out the quarreling pair.Byron stalked the kissed girl and lured her away from the group and her boyfriend. The kissed girl was called Sally and for years had carried a torch for Byron. She had often watched his party of friends move around the grounds of Bowral High School. She had heard the stories of his conquests and had seen first hand how women were drawn to him. Sally was too young to pique Byron’s interest; she was too shy and young while in High School but life at university had stripped allot of her reserve and having had a tablet of ecstasy that evening had helped steady her nerves and given a dull sense of courage.Sally was thrilled to be in Byron’s presence, Byron bedazzled her with sweet talk, touched her lightly on the arms and face. He looked deeply into her eyes and made her feel like she was the only person on the planet. Soon Sally allowed Byron to kiss her, caress her breasts. He pulled her hand down to his groin and whispered how hot she made him feel. Sally looked into his blue eyes and an understanding of what was to come passed between the two of them. Sally held Byron’s hand as he led her away from the party. They found Byron’s old orange Mazda parked down the street. Byron’s cock was ready to burst out of his jeans. Never before had he fucked someone French kissed by Aimee only minutes before. Opening the car’s rear passenger door Byron gently placed Sally into the back seat. Kissing and pulling at each others clothes Sally soon became Aimee in Byron’s eyes. Kissing her lips again and again he searched for Aimee’s scent to complete the illusion.He pushed her dress up and pulled her underwear down. Sally whispered words of love, of joy, of lust but Byron heard none of that. He unzipped his jeans and draw out his cock. He rubbed his cock for a moment and enjoyed the feel of the nights warm air, in his mind’s eye he relived Aimee kissing this girl, blood rushed to his cock, he rubbed the head of his cock and it brought a smile to his face, he squeezed his nuts and looked down on the girl with her legs spread, Sally looked at him waiting. Sally’s pussy had dark pubic hair and was glistening in the light of the street lamps. Leaning forward he draw the lips of her clit apart and pushed a finger into her pussy. She was very wet and wiggled with delight at Byron’s touch. That was the extent of foreplay for Sally, Byron sat on one knee half in and out of the car his cock in his hand and steadied Sally’s legs against his shoulders he pushed his cock in and realized she was a very tight squeeze not stopping to think this could be Sally’s first time. He fucked her in simple terms. The rhythm never changed, the small car swayed, its suspension crackled and moaned at the short sharp stabs. Byron grabbed Sally’s ankles hard, pulled her closer to his hips. For Byron this was Aimee yet it still lacked that special element, for Sally her first time was short, to the point and hugely disappointing. As Byron came inside Sally he smashed his head on the roof of the Mazda yet it didn’t dull the sense of disappoint that he wasn’t fucking his sister. Byron leant forward and lightly kissed Sally on the lips. She looked up at Byron with a puzzled look on her face. “Is that it?” She asked him.Byron was glad those days were now behind him, he got out of the shower to find his naked sister cooking in the kitchen. He admired her body, her curves and her scars. They had been through allot together as k**s and he had always admired her athletic form. Aimee smiled at him and asked if he could turn the television on, she wanted to listen to the Simpson’s episode while she cooked.To the outside world they appeared like any couple in their early twenties enjoying television. It appeared true that opposites attract. When as Aimee was short and of a slim build, Byron was tall and a little over weight. Both ported long hair but only Aimee carried hers with any style. Byron’s hair most days appeared to be crying out for a hairdresser. Both had inherited high cheeks bones from their father and little thought for others from their mother.They watched the Simpson’s naked, eat naked and as always their Mother Janey rang Aimee at 8 pm. Byron by this stage had his head planted between Aimee’s thighs. Aimee’s hands roamed through his bursa escort bayan blonde hair or gripped at the sofa as the waves of pleasure built. The sound of her moans filled the small apartment and helped to harden Byron’s cock. Panting Aimee answered her mobile. Byron stopped and stared up at Aimee. She returned his quizzed gaze and whispered “if I don’t answer she’ll just keep ringing.”What that Aimee pushed his head down and back to the job of eating her. Byron listened as Aimee tried to follow their Mother’s conversation and questions. Using his tongue and fingers Byron did everything he could to get Aimee to let out a deep desire filled moan or sigh. Byron had no idea how hard it was for Aimee to hold herself together watching her brothers head move up and down between her thighs and feel his soft tongue on her clit as three fingers explore her cunt while her Mum asked about her day was so deeply exotic it made Aimee experience an intense orgasm.After only five minutes Aimee had her Mother off the phone, which had never been achieved before by anyone within the Langslon family before that evening. Aimee sat on her brother’s groin as he lay on her apartment’s carpet. With one hand she steadied herself against her brother’s chest with the other hand she guided her brother’s cock into her cunt. Like a gun had gone off Byron was bucking underneath her. His cock was thrusting in and out. The sensations were making stars appear before her eyes. Byron was hitting all the right spots. He slowed for a moment to reposition himself. Aimee then drove her hips down and slowly ground her hips into him. Byron sat up and kissed her breasts. He rolled the nipples around in his mouth, nipping at the ends. This made Aimee shudder and move her hips faster. Laying down again Byron started his bucking. Within moments both brother and sister were intertwined on the floor listening to their racing hearts.By 1 am Byron was amazed to think he had fucked his sister in her bed, in front of the television, in the kitchen and on the floor of the bathroom. At every location Aimee had asked for a new position. It had been fun but tiring. Byron doubted if he would be able to touch his cock in the morning, it felt red raw. It had had quite a workout. After doing Aimee doggy style in the bathroom Aimee had suggested both of them have a shower. They were both tired and the shower washed the smell of sex off both and smoothed some sore muscles.As Byron helped Aimee make her bed she asked in a small voice if Byron would show her how to suck a cock. Byron stopped and looked totally amazed; Aimee explained that she had rarely seen a cock even though she had had a few lovers. Andrew was the only one who had allowed her to look at and hold a cock, yet she didn’t want to suck his cock. Aimee had little experience in how to suck one and she felt that Byron was the one who having all the fun. Walking around to the other side of the bed Byron hugged his sister and kissed the top of her head. He said he would be delighted to help and was sorry if he was hogging all the good parts. They laughed and hugged each other once more. At around 2 am Byron heard the front door open, he felt Andrew standing at the foot of the sofa bed sizing Byron up. The two men didn’t see eye to eye on many things and their distain for each often had them at loggerheads. After a few moments Byron hears Andrew enter the bedroom and close the door. Byron knew there won’t be any fucking this evening and he soon slips into a dreamless sleep. Once Byron arrived back in Canberra he sneak into his house and checked to see if Jacqui his current “girlfriend” as she liked to call herself was in the house. For a relationship of only three months, Byron already felt hemmed in my Jacqui’s claims on his time and money. He crept through the house and was relived to see she had already left for work. He unpacked his car and hid the sex stained sheets under some old work mats in his double garage.Breakfast at Aimee’s had Byron and Andrew taking digs at each other. Andrew asked if Byron had finalized his divorce papers and wondered out loud how long Byron would hold down his current job at a small IT firm before having another brain snap and telling his Boss to go fuck himself. Byron rebuked by asking when Andrew would grow some balls and get himself a real job at a law firm and not a temporary one.Aimee quickly bundled Byron downstairs and out to his car. She didn’t touch him or kiss him good bye. She just watched him leave the car park with a grim look on her face. On the drive back Byron had thought about Aimee’s request and it filled him with happiness, yet at the back of his mind a new idea formed. Byron wondered if he could convince Aimee to invite one more person into their love making. Byron naturally preferred the idea of another female. The chance to see his sister eating out another girl had all his fantasies coming true. The first hurdle was getting the nerve up to ask her. A few days later Byron emailed Aimee and plans were made for Byron to come up in two weeks time for one whole weekend. Andrew was about to go on a retreat with the firm for team building exercises, Byron spend the rest of the week with a permanent smile on his face. Even his Boss commented on his positive mood.As Byron watched the Tour de France his hand went back to the dark head bobbing up and down. Slurping sounds could be heard just over the commentary team. Jacqui raised her eyes to Byron. Popping his cock out of her mouth she started to rub the shaft of his cock with her right hand, with her left she caressed his balls and felt them tighten some more against his body, that made her squeeze them some more. She traced with the tip of her tongue from the base of his cock to the red head. She noted Byron jumped or moaned when she gave special attention to some of the veins at the top of his cock. The heat between Jacqui’s legs increased, she rubbed at her clit and moaned as she licked at Byron’s cock. Byron growled his was close and to go faster. Slipping onto her heels Jacqui increased the tempo of her hand, her left hand started to creep around to Byron asshole. Byron slides his hips front and spreads his legs farther apart. Jacqui sucked at his balls as one finger started to push its way into his ass. Soon Byron’s hips were moving and his moaning had increased. He pulled Jacqui’s head back to his cock and painfully grabbed a handful of her hair. She sucked at the red head, flicking her tongue as her hand continued to squeeze the shaft. She pulled back as the first string of cum shot out onto his stomach. She kept rubbing his shaft until Byron stilled her hand. Byron smiled at the mess that had been made and quickly got a tissue to swipe his stomach down, he said nothing to Jacqui. Jacqui stood up and walked around the table and sucked down the remaining part of Byron’s beer. She stood naked before him, her cunt juices slowly running down her inner thigh, the look on her face was fuck me yet Byron barely looked up at her. Jacqui weighed her opportunities for a moment and the idea she had in her head about Byron’s trips to Sydney. She watched him clean himself and again admired his face and body in profile. Byron’s body was a little fat these days but some muscles remained in their glory, especially his chest; it amazed Jacqui that a man who spent so much time in the sun still had such creamy white skin on his chest. His skin looked as if someone had gone over his flesh dropping tiny dots of chocolate on his skin. It was a quip that appealed to Jacqui.Jacqui pondered what to do, Byron wasn’t talking the way he used to and he was ignoring her sexually, oral sex for him had been their main form of communication for the past three weeks. There was only one thing to do. She walked back around the table and softly said Byron’s name. He looked up.Jacqui slapped Byron with all her strength across his face. She had turned a ring into the palm of her hand and caught the side of his lip with the ring. blood run down his shocked face. Byron stood and made to dash after Jacqui his arms out flailing; unfortunately he had forgotten his shorts were still around his ankles. Kicking them off and yelling at Jacqui to get her fat ass back in the room he chased her into his garage. Jacqui stood naked in the pale light among his car’s engine parts with a stained black bed sheet held limply in her hand. She held it forward and commented it smelt like him. Byron stopped and looked at this woman for the first time in months and remembered why he had been drawn to her. She was tall, sleek, with large melon like breasts, long legs that led to a beautiful rounded ass. The surprise was to discover her pubic hair was a pale blonde unlike her dark head. Her blue eyes flashed both anger and desire at him. His cock started to harden, her anger had swelled his ego. In his head a voice questioned her authority in this relationship; she was only a fuck buddy, nothing more. How dare she dictate terms of this relationship to him she needed to be reminded of her place in the world of Byron. She dropped the sheet to the ground and stepped over it in one fluid movement; her breast jiggled and caused another wave of blood to flow to Byron cock. Jacqui slapped him again and demanded to know who it was, what slut he had been fucking. Her voice had risen to a shriek and her arms, her body shook in anger. Jacqui draw her arm back for a third hit. She asked who has been scratching her boyfriend’s face, arms and ass.Byron saw what was coming and instead slapped Jacqui. For a moment Jacqui was shocked stunned. blood continued to tickle down Byron’s face, while Jacqui stood as if frozen in time. Her blue eyes slowly turned to his, her brow arched up and her mouth formed a cruel grin. Then suddenly it was on. Both were throwing punches, slaps and kicks. No yelling, no other words were spoken. The double garage filled with the sound of violent breathing and the sounds of “smack!” “thud!” “smack!” rebounded around the garage. Both sides connected heavy blows. blood was on Jacqui’s face from a cut on her cheek but most of the blood on her was Byron’s. His lip wound had turned into a tap of blood, a blood trail lead from his lip down his chest to his stomach to pool around his cock and balls. It looked obscene.Jacqui pulled at his hair pulling his face back and made to kick at his groin at his half erect blood soaked cock. Byron caught her leg and pushed her backwards. He followed her, pushed her against his work bench. His cock was pressed against her back. He bent her forward with his arms till she was flat against the bench she scratched wildly at his arms. Byron sucked in some air. He was going to fuck her, fuck her hard, till she cried no more. It was then he felt the heel of Jacqui’s foot against his balls. He released her with a push in the back and a small cry of pain. Jacqui stumbled forwards losing her balance and falls on the stained sheet her legs spread, her clit glistened in the pale light, and blood was running down her face and onto her heaving breasts. He stood for a moment over her with his bloodied cock, he looked half mad yet Jacqui hated to admit seeing Byron like that was making her hot in a very perverted way.Catching his breath Byron fell upon Jacqui slapping her face once. His cock was rock hard all this fighting was making him hard and made him want to dominate her completely. His bloodied cock sat on her clit; he can feel her juices running down his balls. He can smell her desire. It made him feel like he has the upper hand, Jacqui is enjoying the fight. Byron knows he will make her regret that. He could feel her pubic hairs on his shaft rubbing and scratching. He pushes forward and holds Jacqui’s arms above her head. Her face was flushed, her cheek had blood on it and hot tears streamed down her face. Jacqui cries she wants to know why he’s been screwing around, who the slut is and how it he a total bastard. She tried to wedge her legs under Byron to push him away. Instead she was trapped and his face was inches from her. They both breathe deeply and sense the desire in the other but won’t yield. Their eyes met for a moment, she sees his rage and it scares her but makes her want to see how far she can push him.Byron leans forward and slowly kissed her, deeply, he runs his tongue through her mouth remembers the curves and her taste. blood runs down his face onto hers, he looks at her and smiles. She slowly returns the smile unsure what to make of this turn of events; he leans in again to kiss her. This time he bites into her lower lip drawing blood. She bucks again and again; the feeling of her hair against his cock, her breast against his chest her hard nipples dig in, the smell of sex from her overwhelms him it inflames his need to fuck her. She cries, curses and calls him names, tells him he isn’t a man at all and is this the best he can do? Jacqui starts to laugh at Byron. He loosens his gripe on her arms and she makes no attempt to escape. She taunts him and his attempt to over power her. She laughs and relaxes her body. The game is over or so she thinks as she looks at his bloodily puzzled face. Byron grits his teeth anger streams through his veins, it’s driven by Jacqui’s hate filled words, his lust for his sister that torments him in his dreams and the loss of his marriage, he needs to vent his anger. To let it spill out in all of it’s ugliness to look and wonder in the obscene grossness that is his life now. More than anything he wants to remember what normal is. In one swift move Byron turns Jacqui over onto her knees not caring where his cock finds its home Byron pushes forward. Jacqui grows quiet the sound of laughter catches in her throat. His cock is in her ass, all the way to the hilt. He stops and tells her in a clear voice he fucks his sister while in Sydney. Jacqui turns her head to look at him; the answer is not what she expected. Byron grins back and thrusts violently into her ass. A wave of relaxation rolls down his spine, a weight has been lifted. Jacqui throws her head back and cries out; he grabs a handful of her dark hair and starts pummeling her ass. Her ass cheeks quiver and ripple under his efforts, his cock becomes a blur of movement.He has his full weigh on her and drills her ass to the ground, there is no break in his fucking, and it’s hard driven and brutal. The sound of his hips smacking her ass fills his ears it makes his breathing grow heavy and his cock engorge further. It lasts for few minutes this unrelenting pace. It’s been awhile since Byron has enjoyed the pleasure of an ass and he wants it to last and the memory to linger for both of them. As Jacqui lays flat on the ground Byron releases her hair and pulls her red puffy ass cheeks apart. He stops for a moment and then slowly moves his cock around trying a few different angles. She moans a little. He slowly pulls his cock out and then rams it back in, Byron does this again and again listening to see which angle brings her more discomfort and him more pleasure. He enjoys the sound his hips make against her ass and seeing the cheeks becoming a dark red for his fucking, he smacks the cheeks and hears her cry out. He loves how his balls smack against her clit. He enjoys how her ass works against his cock coming in and then refuses him the easily passage out. Her fighting increases his pleasure. Byron starts grunting.Byron roughly turns Jacqui’s face to look at him. He tells her how frequently he fucks Aimee, how many times they’ve done it. How when Jacqui once rang him he wasn’t out on his bike riding, he was in fact sitting on a chair in Aimee’s apartment as Aimee fucked him slowly, with Aimee’s back to him, he watched his cock slowly disappear into her pussy. How Aimee had tried not to laugh at Jacqui as she fucked Byron. Jacqui looks away from him and he notes her left hand disappears under her body, she is rubbing her clit. She’s moaning her pleasure and pain, he knows she not enjoying this act fully and it makes Byron happy. His confession to her heightens his pleasure; his nuts tighten against his body and he fingers his right nipple slowly. It’s like having an electric volt directly between his nipple and cock. His eyes roll upwards in ecstasy. What he is doing is wrong to Jacqui but his no longer cares. Cumming is Byron’s only concern.She asks Byron to tell her more, to which he just laughs and pulls her hips closer draws his left knees up and increases his fucking tempo again, he feels her tense under him. His hand snakes around to her pussy and he tries to insert his fingers but Jacqui slaps them away. Byron licks his fingers and claims to Jacqui she doesn’t taste like his sister at all. Byron leans forward and tells Jacqui, Aimee is the best fuck he’s ever had and how tight her cunt is in comparison to hers and how sweet Aimee tastes, how she will shave her pussy for him sometimes, how he loves going down on her, how he once fucked her in the bathroom while Andrew was in bedroom. He rams his cock into her ass faster and faster, he makes sure the whole escort bursa cock goes in. For Jacqui it’s so painful it is now it’s become pleasure and she wonders how much more she can take. Byron pushes forward and puts his arms down either side and lifts his hips up. He fucks her like that for a few minutes. Her tight ass gripes at his cock. He can feel he’s cumming. Lying on her back covering her body, Byron grabs hold of her shoulders his face next to hers. His hot breathe burns her neck and face. His ass thrusts forward hard and deep, his moans fill the room, his legs snake around hers and his knees try to grip the floor for an even deeper thrust. Then he cums again and again in her ass. As he draws his cock out of her fucked ass a thin trail of cum connects their bodies. After a few minutes Jacqui pulls herself up and tells Byron she’s going and never coming back. Aimee StoryAs they lay in bed together reading their books Andrew sits up and starts sniffing the air. He turns his dark mop of hair to Aimee and says he can smell Byron, his brown eyes flash with anger once more. It’s the night after Byron left and Andrew is still angry about the breakfast conversation. Andrew asks if Byron crashed on his side of the bed yesterday and fucking why does he always do that. Aimee shrugs her shoulders and says he slept in the bed a little in the late afternoon but she’s unsure which side. Andrew throws his hands in the air and suddenly their fighting again. Andrew stalks out to the pantry and throws the pillow case into the washing hamper and gets another from the drawers. His shoulders shake with anger and no smoothing words will dampen his mood. He shouts and yells at her about her brother and paces back and forth at the foot of the bed.It’s been like that for months now. Aimee sigh’s inwardly and returns to reading her book zoning Andrew out, she feels guilty about the Byron situation but won’t give Andrew up. Andrew’s the safe bet and Aimee knows Andrew won’t leave her, no matter what she does. He loves her and the idea of getting another girlfriend frankly scares the shit out of him, Andrew would more than likely fall into another deep depression that could last years. They’re caught in a dead end relationship that has settled into a routine then a painful rut. Aimee wonders how this all happened and who’s to blame.With a flick of his bed light Andrew settles down to sleep while Aimee sits in bed looking at his dark head and ponders what she could do if she bothered to try. No easy plan comes forth and all roads led to Aimee sharing a secret even she has trouble fully understanding.In the morning in silence they make their lunches for work and Andrew kisses her lightly on the cheek, she watches him walk with his head down towards the bus stop. As Aimee makes her way over the old Pyrmont Bridge towards the city she refocuses on her next date with Byron. It the only bright spot she has these days. As she walks she stares from behind her sunglasses at some of the women walking past her.The blondes and redheads pass with without a second look; it’s the brunette’s and black hair that catch Aimee’s attention. She checks out their walk, their breasts, and the sway of their hips. How they carry themselves through the crowd. One girl about twenty years old walks pass Aimee a mobile held to her ear, her long dark hair trails behind her, a tight red skirt shows off her hips. Black tights display her long curved legs; the girl looks over her shoulder straight at Aimee as if knowing Aimee is checking her out, Aimee blushes in embarrassment, the girl continues to scan the crowd, she is looking for someone in moving mass of morning workers. The girls’ lips are full and her lipstick matches her red tight skirt, her are large and dark eyes finally set on a young man in a grey pin strip suit who welcomes her with a kiss on the lips. Aimee can feel herself getting wet her nipples harden against her thin pink cotton blouse. Aimee darts over to the side of the Bridge to catch her breath after a moment Aimee starts to walk to work again. The men she passes enjoy seeing a young flushed faced girl with her headlights on.Once she’s safely in the office Aimee retreats to the storage and stationary locker. She closes and locks the door and quickly pulls her stockings down and red cotton underwear. Aimee starts masturbating and remembers an event for long ago.It was a week after her break up with Mark, Aimee lays alone on a sofa half drunk and stoned watching the Simpsons on television she can only feel sorry for herself the house is empty and there’s no one to listen to her angry words. Everything in her life was shit, she was unemployed, her love life was in tatters and she hated her family especially her brother. Byron had been no help in regards to Mark and had disappeared off the radar or was he just out racing his car. Aimee can’t remember. She lays on the sofa and feeling horny, hungry and angry. Mark wasn’t returning her calls and her friends had returned to their lives of study or work. Aimee’s problems just won’t theirs. The door bell rings. Cursing Aimee stumbles to stand up she knocks over her Bong and curses it as her toes ache. The room is in a state, not one of Aimee’s three roommates has dusted, washed or cleaned in months in the common living room, and pizza boxes lay s**ttered on the ground. The irony was Aimee’s bedroom is currently the only neat room of the house and most of the pizza boxes in the common room were there because of Aimee.Upon opening the door Aimee had half expected to see the Pizza guy instead a young dark haired girl stood before her. Aimee looks this girl over, she looks familiar but Aimee’s memory is hazy at the best of times. The girl clears her throat and introduces herself as Sally, the girl from Bowral High School from last week’s party. Aimee continues to stare blankly at the girl who shuffles from one foot to the other. The girls’ eyes dart around looking for someone who maybe listening, she leans in and whispers Aimee kissed her at the party last weekend, the girl keeps her eyes down as if very embarrassed by the whole thing. In a flash Aimee remembers and invites Sally in. The reason for the visit becomes clear, Sally is looking for Byron. Aimee rolls her eyes and again wonders why she is the one these fools come to. Bryon has again fucked a girl and then pissed off without a word. For some reason which Aimee never fully understands the girls always come to her for an explanation for his behavior. Aimee gets a bottle of vodka out and starts drinking straight from the bottle; Sally is encouraged to drink with Aimee. Within a very short period of time both girls have agreed that men are bastards and who needs them anyway. Aimee puts some music on and starts to dance around the room mainly because she was bored listening to Sally harp on about Byron. Sally joins her and they dance for a while. They sing the lyrics and groove around the room they have fun and laugh at their dance moves. Their bodies touch and Aimee feels like electricity is coursing through her veins every time Sally bumps against her. The memories of the party start to surface fully and Aimee begins to remember her attraction to this girl. It is unlike anything Aimee has experienced before; it felt i*****l, naughty and made Aimee want it all the more.Sally is wonderful company and easy to look at with her long dark hair big brown eyes and full pouty lips. Aimee realizes she is getting really turned on by Sally. Her underwear is starting to stick to her body. In her mind Aimee hears the voice yelling “D IT!” and not fearing any consequences to the future, herself or others, a natural state for Aimee she plunges in. Mid song Aimee catches Sally by the arm pulls her close and kisses her on the lips. They part and look at each other. Aimee draws Sally closer again but slowly to see if Sally will kiss her. Like magnets they pull together. Sally returns Aimee’s pressure on her lips. Their hands move over each other touching their faces, through their hair, slipping down over a breast, across a hip onto the ass, lightly rubbing the groin. This exploration goes on for a few minutes.Aimee steps back and wordlessly pulls Sally’s towards her bedroom. Once inside and with the door closed Aimee rips Sally’s clothes off. Sally stands naked before Aimee and Aimee drinks it in. Natural light streams in through Aimee’s small bedroom window. Sally’s skin is a wonderful, soft and white. She has freckles on her arms and birth mark on her inner thigh like an old ink blot. Her breasts are a nice size and gently Aimee places her hands over them. She presses inward and feels the nipples harden, she traces her lips down Sally’s neck down to a nipple, Aimee softly sucks on the nipples. She can taste Sally’s sweat and feel Sally trembling. Aimee trails one hand down to Sally’s groin; she cups the area then starts to rub in a slow circles, she watches Sally’s face and it rewarded with a look of dazed ecstasy. Aimee stops and pushes a finger into Sally’s pussy, it is weird to feel this hot wet void around her finger. Sally’s trembles increase and Aimee withdraws her finger, she brings the finger to her mouth and sucks the finger clean. She brings Sally’s hand to her lips and kisses the soft palm and then licks Sally’s forefinger. She shyly looks up at Sally.Aimee asks if Sally’s ok and Sally nods it’s just she’s never done anything like this before. Aimee relaxes and starts to feel like she is in control as she is the more experienced lover. Aimee kisses her on the lips and they tumble onto the bed together they laugh at their silliness. Sally pulls Aimee’s top off and Aimee watches Sally’s dark head move from nipple to nipple. Aimee tells Sally to suck her nipples hard. Sally nips and rolls the nipple around in her mouth and sucks the nipple till they stand out hard, holding the nipple in her mouth Sally releases it and it makes a loud popping sound. Aimee groans her happiness she instructs Sally to pull her jeans off, Sally does this in once swift movement and they disappear over her shoulder.Sally sits on the bed and looks Aimee in the eye bringing one leg to her shoulder and poking her red tongue out Sally runs her tongue from Aimee ankle up to her soft inner thigh their eyes don’t part, it feels like a dare. Once at Aimee’s underwear Sally nips at Aimee’s clit, it makes Aimee jump but the pain heightens the pleasure, Aimee’s reaction makes Sally bolder. Aimee breathes out and asks her to do it again. With her teeth Sally pulls Aimee underwear, she has again nipped at Aimee’s clit in doing this. Sally drags the underwear down Aimee’s legs. Sally sits between Aimee’s legs, both are now naked, both are breathing heavily and sweat coats their bodies. They look each other over, looking at the curves, the breasts, the sweat and both see how wet the other is. The smell of sex desire lust moves around them. The only sound is of their heavy breathing.Sally creeps over Aimee and kisses her fully on the lips, she allows her body weigh to fall on Aimee, her dark hair falls like a veil over them. Aimee’s hand runs over Sally body and Aimee marvels at how soft and wonderful Sally’s body is not rough or hard like a guys. Aimee feels down Sally’s back feels the curve of her ribs down to the small of her back and into her ass. Aimee squeezes the soft globes. She presses one finger into the crack and the entrance to Sally’s ass. The finger passes over the ass hole and circles to the pussy lips Sally is very wet, juices are running down her thighs. Sally shudders at Aimee’s touch. The touch and feel is electric for both women. Their breasts press into each other and both feel their nipples pressing into the other. The drag and push of their bodies have may their nipples very sensitive. Aimee whirls her finger around Sally’s nipple and grabs at her breast tightly.As they kiss Aimee feels their clits rubbing against each other. It makes Aimee moan and move her hips to increase the friction, the feeling of electricity increases she stops kissing Sally and bites her on her shoulder and pushes Sally down her body. Sally starts to travel down Aimee’s body, Sally’s long hair tinkles Aimee as she moves, Sally stops and sucks Aimee’s nipples and trails her tongue down Aimee’s stomach to her dark brush. Sally stops and is a little tentative she slowly runs her tongue over Aimee’s clit Aimee arches her back in delight and moans her approval, Aimee’s legs are drawn back exposing herself farther to Sally’s thick red tongue, Sally stops to take in the taste and the sensations she is experiencing. Sally pussy is soaked while exploring Aimee’s body has turned her on like no man ever has and Aimee’s reactions are making her bolder.Sally returns to exploring Aimee’s clit slowly with her tongue, her red tongue goes in circles pushes into the folds of flesh and follows the lips of the pussy. Soon Aimee’s juices cover Sally’s lips nose and cheeks. Aimee feels a finger been pushed into her pussy. She moans yes, the finger starts to move in and out slowly at different angles. Aimee moans more and another finger goes in. Sally loves how Aimee talks, her voice is thick with desire and lust. Sally glances up Aimee’s body to see Aimee turning her head left and right in ecstasy. Aimee’s hand goes to Sally’s head and she softly caresses her head but also holds it in place. Sally concentrates on Aimee’s clit sucking on it hard and she feels it grow under her attention, Aimee’s breathing is now going in short sharp stabs Sally stops sucking Aimee’s clit and moves down to her fingers. She looks at Aimee’s eyes and adds another finger to Aimee’s pussy. Aimee starts pulling at her nipples and arching her back. Sally increases the tempo and thrusts her fingers farther into Aimee’s pussy. Her hand is soon covered in juice and Sally flickers her tongue once more to Aimee’s clit. Aimee is moaning loudly and wraps her legs around Sally’s head to hold her in place. She’s cumming. She squeezes her eyes shut and experiences a deep orgasm, her first. Her body trembles and jerks the sound of her heartbeat fills her ears then she is still. She lies on the bed and feels the bed move Sally has moved up along side of her. Aimee opens her eyes and kisses Sally; she tastes herself on her lips. Their both sweating and sucking in air Sally lays her head on Aimee’s shoulder and they both fall into a deep sleep.In Sydney many years later Aimee reaches her orgasm and stands weak kneed in the locker room she pulls her fingers out of her pussy. She digs around in her purse and wipes her hands and pussy with a tissue and then cleans up in the toilet. Looking at herself in the mirror she sees her flushed face and grows embarrassed once more. Aimee makes her way to her cubicle and sits down to read her emails and get some work down. In her minds eye she remembers what follows that afternoon with Sally.Awaking in the late afternoon Aimee discovers Sally is gone, Aimee lays in bed feeling wonderful and relaxed. Stretching out her naked body Aimee stares at the ceiling for a moment. Then it starts, Aimee wonders if she’s gay. Her Mormon upbringing suddenly comes to the surface and she panic’s. Aimee dashes to the bedroom and is physically sick. She collapses to the ground crying. Is she a freak for wanting a woman? How will her family judge her, how will her friends? As much as she has turned her back on God she wonders how he will judge her. Aimee showers and tries to rub the scent of Sally off her body, by the end her body is red in patches and the tears won’t stop.Aimee goes cold turkey, no drink, no d**gs and no sex with random guys for the pub. She grows nervous every time the door bell rings and runs down the streets if she catches sight of a dark haired woman, her nerves are shot. After three days Aimee has a few fights with her roomies over silly trivial things she packs her gear and leaves Bathurst behind never to return. It’s Sydney or bust. Within a few weeks she has a new job and a new boyfriend Andrew. She tries to keep the past in the past yet her eyes follow women and Aimee gets horny quickly and uses Andrew as a means to an end, Andrew thinks their sex life is wonderful and varied. Sex in public places happens frequently, in reality Aimee rarely opens her eyes when fucking Andrew she remembers women from the street and the feel of Sally’s tongue on her clit. She hates herself and her self loathing makes her the office clown and the party girl. Her sharp tongue knows no limits and she drags everyone down to her level. Drinking dulls the pain but sometimes lets the guard down. The yearning never goes away in Aimee’s mind and it drives her crazy. Her wild swing moods makes office life interesting for many of the men of the office bets are laid by as to how frequently Aimee’s nipples will harden or when she will have her “headlights” on as the code name becomes known in the office. The internet betting folder was in the end just called “headlights”. It was the sole gay guy Lucas who realized that Aimee always had hard nipples before and after bursa escort seeing the Marketing Liaison or Operations Manager both were attractive dark haired woman a few years older than Aimee. Lucas swept the betting pool and made a neat profit for himself by the end of the year.It was while at an office party Lucas met Andrew and comments to him he is exactly what he expected Andrew would look like. Short dark haired with brown eyes, Lucas winks and says he’s sure Aimee is a tiger in the sack but wonders if she looks Andrew in the eyes as she fucks him. It was a weird comment to make and made Andrew uncomfortable; it was too close to the truth.The wild mood swings don’t work to Aimee’s advantage in the friendship game. After a heavy drinking session to celebrate her best friend’s birthday Aimee kissed Kristy on the lips as they stood together in the kitchen cutting birthday cake. Kristy had shoved her back and stared at Aimee hard. Aimee had laughed it off but Kristy had given her a wide berth for the rest for the evening, it had affected their friendship with Kristy making comments about the kiss to make Aimee look silly at every chance she got there after. A few months later Aimee made another move on another long time friend Susan again at a birthday party and after too many drinks. Susan didn’t shove Aimee but punched her in the mouth Andrew stepped in quickly and dragged a screaming cursing Aimee away. She had sobbed and cried and Andrew made her promise to stop kissing her close female friends.Two years into her relationship with Andrew Aimee had decided she was going to fuck Byron. There was no clear and rational reason for this decision, yet deep down Aimee knows why. Her brother after many years of unhappiness had finally found a woman to love wholly and without reserve. With each passing day Aimee could feel her brother slipping away, it seemed he not longer needed Aimee no longer needed her love her attention. She wondered if Byron would be a willing partner to her idea or would he reject it, reject her completely as many others had done in the past.He was just recently married he was happy, loud and full of life. It was hard to swipe the grin from his face these days. His happiness grated Aimee if there was one emotion Aimee found hard to experience at all it was happiness. On sight Aimee had hated his new wife, Fiona. She can’t say a single word without Aimee taking it the wrong way. At a sub conscious level Aimee knew this decision wasn’t about loving Byron it was about controlling Byron, it was about controlling her brother, his happiness, his love. Controlling anything was something Aimee often felt she lacked in life and this act could make her feel happy if only for a short time.Byron’s seduction had been all too easy with very little planning on Aimee’s side. Late one Sunday afternoon Andrew and Byron’s wife Fiona had left the apartment to get some pizzas. Byron sat on the sofa watching the Simpson’s while Aimee prepared the table for dinner. As soon as the door closed Aimee ran into the bedroom and striped off her clothes. She walked back into the living room and stood before Byron naked with a hand on her hip. He looks up surprised; Aimee asked if he was interested in some fun. His wide eyes darted towards the door and Aimee reminds him they have at least thirty minutes before Andrew and Fiona return. Aimee saw how his trousers were tented when she walked out in her glory; she puts her hand out and asks him to join her in the bedroom. Byron takes her hand and pulls her close. Tilting her head back he kisses her the way he wanted to kiss her when she was sixteen. They half tumble into the bedroom. Aimee has jumped up and has her legs gripped around his waist as they kiss. She can feel his cock pressing against her pussy. His cock feels big but it’s not the biggest she’s had.Byron is madly looking in his pockets for his wallet he has an old condom behind his Visa Card. He drops Aimee on the bed and admires her body for a moment. He finds his wallet and pulls the condom out. Unzipping his trousers his cock pops out of his Rally Car Racer boxers, pre cum was already dripping from the tip. His cock swayed to the increasing beat of his heart, he rolls the condom down his cock. Aimee’s eyes drink in the sight of Byron’s cock, the shape the veins how it slowly jumped. She feels power flow through her veins as she spreads her legs and crawls backwards onto the bed.Byron stands over her, his cock jumping up and down, Aimee lays on the bed her fingers in her pussy. She brings her fingers to her lips and smears the juices across her face and onto her nipples. She looks up and at Byron with a wick grin on her face and then arches her eyebrow. Byron launches himself at her.It was a fast and fearsome fucking. Byron fell upon Aimee like a drowning man, he licked her face her breasts and pussy. Aimee found his actions amusing; he had a crazed look in his eye. He roughly gripped her legs draw them back and laced them over his shoulders and draws her towards his hips. Aimee could feel the tip of his cock at her pussy, it pulses and taps at the entrance. Aimee placed her fingers at the entrance in a v shape and starts to rub her clit to get the juices flowing once more. She moaned and wiggled her body to get him closer. Then he was in, fucking and making his grunting noises. Aimee looked over at the wall mirror and watched her brother as he powerfully fucked her. His ass clenched and unclenched, his head was bent down watching his cock going into her pussy she watched in wonder as his cock plowed into her body. Her breasts swayed back and forth and his left hand was under her ass lifting her more fully onto his cock. It felt a little like she was watching a movie she was starring in. She really wasn’t there at all and she felt nothing. She closed her eyes and thought of Sally. After a few minutes it was over. Aimee pushed Byron off her and has a shower, while Byron returned to the sofa. The rest of the evening passed without comment or fuss and Byron remains subdued sometimes stealing glances at Aimee. Fiona commented on his change in mood, he seems sad removed from the moment, while Aimee was full of piss and vinegar. Within six months their marriage was over, Byron can barely stand to touch his wife, his anger grows and little things set off rounds of screaming fights. Fiona often wonders what went wrong and where. Byron became a changed man overnight who when he did fuck her took delight in been too rough during sex and not wanting to look at her while they fucked. Doggy style fucking was the only way Byron could get hard.Their sole communications are fights over minor things in the house. Fiona wants out of the marriage. As the marriage dissolves Aimee feels the first rays of happiness in her adult life, she over looks her brother’s slow descent into unhappiness and depression. At long last Aimee has control over something. Sitting at her computer Aimee wonders about the strange journey she has taken and where it will lead. As she trawls through her emails Aimee spots an email from a former co worker Ashleigh. They had worked together briefly in a book company and formed a fast friendship, Ashleigh was five years younger than Aimee and looked up to Aimee, they often went out to pubs together and had a great time. Aimee enjoyed Ashleigh’s company because of her looks Ashleigh was a stunner with dark hair large brown eyes and a hot body it helped that Ashleigh had a wick sense of humour and often played up to Aimee sexual innuendo. The email read that Ashleigh was coming down to Sydney. Ashleigh had left the book company to pursue a career in nursing and this career change had taken her to Newcastle for her studies. Aimee hadn’t seen Ashleigh in six months and was delighted at the chance to see her friend again. Aimee checked the dates and was upset at first to discover it was the same weekend as the planned fuckfest with Byron. Like a sulking c***d Aimee stared at her computer, her bottom lip pouting her eyes crossed with a like of sent up anger. She walked to the kitchen and made a cup of green tea before returning to her desk to stare once more at the computer screen.Aimee weighed up her objectives and decided she would have her cake and eat it too a choice she frequently made and always regretted later. She wrote back to Ashleigh and confirmed she would be delighted to have Ashleigh stay over for the full weekend. Aimee mulled over her plan and went to Facebook, she checked out Ashleigh’s recent photo’s and commented that she would be happy to tap Ashleigh’s body and what a hot bitch she was. Lucas was walking past her desk as she typed. He stopped with a puzzled look on his face and asks if Aimee has seen the Marketing team or Ops team. Looking at her watch Aimee answers no, they’re not in yet it still before 9a.m.The puzzled look remains on Lucas’s face and he walks around to her computer screen. A picture of Ashleigh was still on the screen with Aimee’s comment plain as day underneath. Lucas smiles his eyes darts to her very hard nipples and he knows why. He sits on her desk and he starts to dig for information. Lucas wonders if at long last Aimee will finally bed herself a real live girl. He wonders if Andrew will be allowed to watch. Lucas wonders if Aimee will be the bottom. He digs for more information.They chat for a while about Aimee’s plans for the coming weekend, BBQ’s, drinks, Star City, a few bars, she leaves out her brother will also been there. All normal stuff so Aimee thinks and feels smug her plans are coming together well. Lucas winks and says he hopes they don’t get up to too much mischief while Andrews away and won’t do anything she’ll regret later. Lucas races back to his desk and places fifty bucks in the betting folder that Aimee will have her highlights on for a whole week. It proved to be the easiest $500 Lucas ever made in his life. For Aimee the week dragged by, she wished Andrew farewell on Thursday afternoon at Central Station and literally throws him onto the train, before it had even left the platform Aimee was racing back to her car without a backwards look at a very puzzled Andrew. She stocks up on beer and vodka. She can feel herself becoming overwhelmed with excitement; her daydreams invade her working life. She is always wet. By Friday Aimee is a quivering wreck who could barely keep her salad sandwich down. She masturbates in the toilets and has to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out Ashleigh’s name.At 7 pm Friday Ashleigh rings the door bell to Aimee’s apartment. They hug and comment on how good the other looks. Aimee helps bring Ashleigh’s bags up to the apartment. They crack open some beers and enjoy the vista from Aimee’s balcony. The BBQ is fired up and Aimee and Ashleigh eat their fill. By the fourth beer Ashleigh has grown groggy and tire. Ashleigh had started work at 6 am and had done allot of running around to be on time. Her day was at last catching up. Yawning and stretching Ashleigh announces she needs to go to bed. Aimee helps her to the sofa bed. Aimee is surprised at how sober she still is and how much she wants Ashleigh, nothing will stop Aimee. Ashleigh lays the bed, her arms curled around her body, she lays on her side, she mumbles in her sleep and rounds onto her back, gently Aimee lays next to Ashleigh, watching her breath and feeling her desire growing by the second. Aimee’s underwear clings to her engorged clit. Desire runs off Aimee in waves, yet Ashleigh has gone out like a light.Aimee watches Ashleigh sleeping form for a few moments and then slowly undoes her cotton blouse, her breast rise and fall under Aimee’s eyes. Aimee undoes the bra at the front and releases her breasts. She is surprised to discover Ashleigh has light brown nipples. Aimee stops for a moment as Ashleigh mutters in her sleep, fear grips at her maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Yet her desire overrides her thoughts of reason. With the tip of her finger Aimee traces the curve of Ashleigh’s face down her neck and around her breast. She leans forward and softly sucks at the nipple and it rewarded by its hardening. Aimee grows bolder and undoes Ashleigh’s jeans she is carefully pulls them down over her thighs to her feet, Ashleigh’s pink cottontail undies quickly join the jeans.She discovers Ashleigh has a very light down for pubic hair. She pauses and looks Ashleigh over, her flesh continues to rise and fall in her sleep, and she appears totally helpless. She has trusted Aimee to look after her not undress her for Aimee’s lust filled eyes. Her mind travels back to that afternoon, the need to feel that type of closeness between women forces any other thoughts out of Aimee’s mind. Now is her chance she has to take it.As Aimee moves around Ashleigh she can feel how wet she has become how the hairs on her arm stand on end, how loudly her heart beats and the film of sweat that has started to build on her brow. Aimee continues to listen to Ashleigh’s breathing waiting for a signal and the voice in her head demands she continues to explore Ashleigh body and damn the consequences. Placing her hand on Ashleigh’s stomach Aimee wonders what a bad person she has become and then wonders how it will feel to touch the inside of Ashleigh’s body to discover that special place to feel Ashleigh bucking underneath her due to Aimee’s touch.She wonders if Ashleigh feels the same way about her as Aimee looks at Ashleigh’s face. She feels the heat of Ashleigh’s body. There’s only one way to know for sure slowly she moves her hand down and through the soft pubic hair. Her fingers pass over the clit and gently Aimee pushes past the lips of the pussy. Her fingers discover a wonderful wet and hot place.Ashleigh moans and shudders in delight her tire groggy eyes open. She smiles weakly at Aimee. There is no stopping what is to come. Aimee covers Ashleigh’s groin with her hand and uses the heel of her palm to rub Ashleigh’s clit. She feels the juices start to flow and clit grows hard after a few moments of this massage. Ashleigh stares up at Aimee as Aimee watches her face and see’s only desire. Ashleigh’s hot breathe warms Aimee’s face. Aimee watches as Ashleigh licks her lips, Aimee leans in and kisses Ashleigh with passion. Their tongues invade the others mouth, they break apart to suck in air to their lungs. Salvia clips to their lips which have turned a deep ruby red. They stare into each others eyes as Ashleigh’s hand covers Aimee’s. They kiss once more, a little more slowly. They savor the taste, the heat.Aimee has grown confidant and retreats to the end of the sofa. She pulls at Ashleigh’s jeans and undies and pulls them right off to drop on the ground and she dives down to Ashleigh pussy. She’s never been this close before never inhaled the smell of a pussy. She pushes Ashleigh’s legs apart to explore this new territory, Aimee almost giggles in delight. She feels free and she feels happy. She crawls forward and looks things over.Using her tongue Aimee lightly licks at the clit, she feels Ashleigh jump she looks up and Ashleigh’s voice her pleads for Aimee to continue, Aimee smirks and then relaxes after a few moments Aimee finds her rhythm between tongue and fingers. She uses her tongue to explore all parts of Ashleigh and some area’s Aimee’s pink tongue can’t reach her fingers do, juices flows out and Aimee discovers she loves pussy juice. Sitting upright Aimee puts one of Ashleigh’s legs over her shoulder to give her better access; she looks her handy work over. Ashleigh’s pussy glistening in the light there is not a single inch down there that Aimee’s tongue hasn’t licked. Leaning forward Aimee inserts two of fingers into Ashleigh’s pussy but quickly realizes she needs her whole hand for this to work. Ashleigh helps direct Aimee’s tempo. They stare into each others eyes as Aimee fist fucks Ashleigh. Their orgasms hit each other hard. As Ashleigh and Aimee lay on the bed catching their breath Ashleigh comments to Aimee that she had been told Aimee was a good fuck. Aimee pauses to think which one of the guys she’s fucked over the years Ashleigh could know. Aimee shrugs her shoulders and says which guy said that? Ashleigh laughs and says not a guy a girl. You remember Sally surely? Ashleigh laughs again and says she always wondered when Aimee would finally make the moves on her. It was clear from the start Aimee had a thing for her. Ashleigh yawns and rubs at her eyes. She kisses the side of Aimee face and sighs. Resting her head on Aimee’s shoulder she closes her eyes once more and falls into a deep sleep.As Ashleigh grows silence Aimee is left to wonder how many people has Sally told about their encounter all those years ago? All the happiness has drained from Aimee. She feels the old wounds, worries and judgments resurface. Hot tears stream down her face; she wonders what to do and who to tell. Can she tell anyone EVER? Ashleigh’s hand moves to cover Aimee’s left breast and Aimee feels her body respond in pleasure, lust and something else Aimee has never felt before a weird hot sensation that puzzles Aimee ever farther. Aimee lays still on the bed and cries silently. This was everything she ever wanted and everything she should never have. Lust has blinded her. Slowly the tears stop and Aimee falls asleep to be haunted in her dreams by her poor decisions.

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