The Layover


The only words I could think of again were hot and sexy! Standing there greeting everyone, tall and commanding. Uniform crisp and fresh. A smile at each as they shuffled past. Some looked to be half asleep yet, barely mumbling in response. My job involved traveling a couple times a month at least. Always flying the same airline, so I recognized most of the crew. Including the Captain.

As usual the flight was short and uneventful. I toyed with the business card in my pocket as I stood to leave. The note on it was precise, to the point. It stated simply I wanted to meet when he next had an overnight layover. All I had to do now was slip it to him as I left today. He was the Pilot on the Monday and Friday flights landing here in my city.

Which proved all too easy in the end. The travelers exiting ahead of me stopped to chat with the co-pilot. Leaving me standing right next to him. Slipping my card into his hand took seconds. Glancing down, he looked back up and grinned. With a wink, we heard how glad he was to have this weekend off to catch up on some rest. As I stepped off the plane, I was already making plans.

By Sunday afternoon I was going crazy. I was so sure he would call me, yet my telephone never rang. Staying in my apartment was making me nuts. I had to get out. Grabbing my purse, I headed for the door.

Stepping into the local bar, I looked around for any of my friends, hoping one or two might be around to boost my spirits. Not seeing any, I found a table bahis firmaları in the corner. Dark and away from others, it fit my mood perfectly. Quickly ordering my favorite drink, I scanned the room again.

After my second drink, I was beginning to relax a bit. But then my thoughts would go back to how I had hoped to spend my weekend. A few people wandered in and out of the place, yet it certainly wasn’t very busy. Still not recognizing anyone, but not wanting to go home, I decided to stick around.

A couple hours later, I was pretty drunk. Laughing along with a group of people I didn’t even know, my mood was much lighter. When the guy next to me acted interested, I flirted back. Through eyes clouded with liquor, he looked handsome. Sexy. Dancing with him, I leaned close and sent him an invitation with my body. The answer from him was quite obvious even in my drunken stupor.

The bartender had already taken my car keys, calling a taxi now instead. Giving my address, we whispered and teased in the backseat the entire way. The walk up the sidewalk seemed to take forever, but we finally made it. With the door closed, I leaned back and dragged him to me.

Heat and desire had been building all evening. Now it took over. My chest thrust outwards, buttons straining, nipples hardening. His tongue attacked mine. Ripping our clothes off, we somehow made it to the bedroom.

I gave up any control as he ravished my body. Bite marks were left on my neck, thighs, stomach. kaçak iddaa Spreading my legs wide, his tongue found my clit, hard and aching. Nibbling and sucking, my body was thrashing around. When he buried his tongue inside my pussy, my back arched off the bed! So turned on!

Pulling away, I reversed positions, finding his cock. Taking a swipe off the tip, he swelled and grew. Not able to hold back, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked hard. Minutes later he was back with his mouth clamped over my clit. The intensity of it drove me wild! My knees locked around his head, fingers clawing at his back!!

His cock was throbbing, balls tight and full. My pussy was on fire! Neither held still, the need so powerful! Moving together, his mouth found mine once again. His taste was on my lips, musky and salty. My juices were dripping from his chin. It wasn’t enough. We needed more.

When the tip of his cock touched my swollen lips, I clamped my ankles behind his back, drawing him in to me. Thrusting hard, he completely filled me! So wet now, the sounds inflamed me! I could feel my orgasm building, so potent, more forceful than ever before. Just then his cum exploded deep, slamming against my walls. Pumping, not stopping, his load overflowing me, trickling out, down my ass. Spent, exhausted, we collapsed together, almost instantly passing out.

I woke in the morning, tangled in the blankets, confused and with a killer headache. Trying to remember what had happened, I had kaçak bahis vague details of not being alone. And when I moved, I felt the evidence in my body. So where was he? And worse yet, who was he? Seeing the clock, I jumped up, only to sit back, dizzy and sick. I had a business trip out of town today. My flight left in just a few hours!

A shower was first. Maybe it would clear my head a bit. Moving slower, I finally was ready to leave. Only to realize my car was still at the bar. Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait for a cab. I had packed my suitcase before I went out yesterday, so all I had to do now was get to the airport. Grabbing a bagel, I hoped it would settle my stomach some before take-off.

Since the flight was an early one, check-in went quickly. Walking on to the plane, I noticed the pilot wasn’t in his usual place. But since I felt so awful, I didn’t even ask. Sitting back, I closed my eyes, trying to block out some of the light.

The hand on my shoulder startled me. Instantly alert, I was shocked to see the pilot leaning down near my face. This close I could see his uniform was just a bit rumpled and he hadn’t shaved.

Some of the night was a blur, he whispered, since he had a bit too much to drink. And he was sorry the weekend had not gone quite the way he intended. Since he had over-slept, there wasn’t time for a proper good morning. Confused, I just stared.

He had already guessed I would be a tiger in bed, he added. And last night more than proved it! He had the scratches as well!! With a wolfish grin, he stood and walked into the cockpit, leaving me speechless. Whistling, he slipped into his seat.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking………”

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