The Lindy Factor


The Lindy FactorWhen I walked in the first thing out of the ordinary was the cute little blonde sitting on the couch with all her books all spread out next to her and she was typing in her laptop. She stopped and moved an index card so that she could read it better and then noticed me. “Hi”, she said. “You must be Steve right? I’m Lindy and I’m in a couple of Julie’s classes. She invited me over for dinner, I hope that’s ok?”I assured it was and I went through the small living room into the kitchen where I could hear Julie making supper. I walked quietly up behind her while she was washing something in the sink, and I slipped my arms around her waist and began to kiss her right behind her ear. She moved her head a little to provide me better access, and I kissed her while the water ran into the sink.She said, “Damn Steve, I love the way that you do that, but if you don’t stop dinner will never get done.””I think I’ve already got dinner in my hands and I’ll just eat you”, I teased.”No, we are dessert. Black and blonde tarts!” With that she turned to me and kissed me deeply on the lips feeding me her tongue and feeling my body awakening to her erotic kiss. I never wanted her kisses to end, but this one had to, and she ended it telling me to go and keep Lindy company while she finished up.I walked back in the small living room, but not before playfully slapping Julie on her tight butt. Lindy was closing up her books and then began putting them in her backpack and then the laptop. “So what classes do you share with Julie”, I asked as I sat down in a chair across from the sofa.Still putting away her books she answered, “Art history and Chronology.””Oh so you’re a Design Major as well.” That’s to be expected though.She looked at me and said, “Julie is fantastic. I can’t believe she has never had any formal training. Did she tell you that…” and then she just trailed away looking to the kitchen. I turned to the kitchen and looked at Julie standing there with two large dishes in her hand shaking her head no, as she was getting ready to set them on the table.”Tell me what I asked”, wondering what could have happened since this morning. Julie said, “Well I was going to tell you later, but I guess I’d better tell you now. I’ve taken a commission from Gingerbread Publishing. It’s good and will last for about a year. They know I’m in school and won’t be asking me to meet a lot of ridiculous deadlines. They just want illustrations for their books. I can meet all their requirements without it affecting my studies here.”I exclaimed, “That’s great. I always knew you’d be great, and I’m really proud of you. Now let’s eat.”We all sat down and began to eat and then while we were eating we were talking about all the stuff going on campus. I could tell that Lindy and Julie were interested in each other by the way they talked and the looks they were giving each other. We finished dinner and Julie and Lindy got up and said, “While we are clearing why don’t you roll one up for us and we will join you in a minute.”I went in and sat down on the couch and rolled up a joint and took a drink of wine when the two girls came back in and sat down. Julie sat on one side of me and Lindy on the other. As she sat down I gave her the joint and let her light it up. She took a long hit and gave it back to me and we passed it around for awhile avcilar escort until it was too small to care about. We just sat there relaxing, and I turned a little and asked Lindy where she was from and Julie had started to rub my shoulders. Lindy was answering when I noticed that she was looking at Julie and I turned to look at her, when I felt Lindy get off the couch. I turned to her and she moved standing right in front of me. I looked up to her and she just reached down to her waist and grabbing the hem of her top pulled it over her head shaking out her long blonde hair. I had noticed her nipples through her top and it was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She did have nice tits, I mean they didn’t hang down at all but just stood out from her chest. They were a good size but she was young and they just stood out like they were bragging on themselves. I smiled and she continued and then moved to her jeans and unbuttoned them all the way down her fly exposing cute little yellow panties. She began to move them down over her hips and I said, “Here let me help you with those”, as I reached down and began to pull them down the rest of the way for her. She steadied herself on my shoulder and I pulled them all the way down to the floor and she stepped out of them. She reached up and shed her panties and exposed her lovely little blonde triangle. It really looked good and then I felt hands on me from the back.Julie was there pulling at my shirt and I turned to look at her. Sometime in this little strip show that Lindy did Julie stripped off her clothes except for her tight latex pink panties. “Now we have to get your clothes off”, she said. I let them take off my clothes and then when my cock was visible Julie dove for it taking it in her mouth. She loves sucking me and I loved having her sucking me.Lindy was sitting next to me and I started to kiss her soft full lips. She smelt wonderful and with Julie sucking me I was getting real hard. Lindy said, “Hey I want some of that tongue action as well, I moved and stood suggesting we take this into the bedroom so we can have more room. The two girls started for the bedroom and I told them to go ahead, and I wanted to get another bottle of wine. I grabbed one out of the fridge and then headed to the bedroom anxious for the two babes I had waiting for me.Well they weren’t really waiting for me, Julie was flat on her back and Lindy was mounting her face saying, “You’re going to eat my pussy good bitch.” This I think is the first, but luckily not the last time I heard Lindy’s nasty little mouth. She is always what she calls, “Sex talking”, and sometimes it can really be nasty. As she settled down on Julie’s mouth she instructed, “Ok, baby bitch, lick that pussy and lick it good.”I came in and sat on the side of the bed watching the two girls, one licking and one getting licked for a few moments. Lindy looked at me smiling and then moved forward a little and said, “Yeah, baby bitch, lick that ass, oh yeah, rim that dark pink ass. That’s it now tongue fuck me bitch.”I could see by the look on Lindy’s face that Julie was doing just what she was told, and was doing it good. I looked down and saw that nice flat tummy that Julie had and then looked at the difference in Lindy. Lindy’s tummy was kind of flat but had a little curve to it as well as her şirinevler escort hips having a little bit of a outward curve.I was really getting excited and I got on the bed in between Julie’s legs. I reached for her panties and began to pull them down. Julie rose up so that I could get them down. Her clit was all soft and scrunched up, but now being freed from the confines of the tight latex panties began to stiffen. I knew I could stiffen it even more and I leaned down and kissed the head of her T-girl clit and then moved my tongue all around the lovely shaft. Slowly I took it in my mouth and sucked it into the warm recesses of my mouth. I knew that when she reached the maximum length about 7 inches I would just be able to get her totally in my mouth.I continued to suck her for a few more minutes, and now she was completely hard and I was moving my head back and forth on her lovely clit.Lindy was enjoying Julie licking her and she was saying oh this was so hot, she just loved watching me suck Julie. I knew the time had come and I wanted some pussy. I sat back and grabbed Lindy pulling her off of Julie. I rolled back on my back in the middle of the bed laying from side to side and pulled Lindy on top of me. I easily lifted her up and guided her down on my cock. I’m just at 10 inches when I’m fully hard and I was really hard now. I loved the way that Lindy squealed when my cock slid into her. About halfway down she let out a little yelp and then pleaded, “Oh please Sir, go slow at first, you’re so big. I held her still for a moment and then slowly let her slide down on my rock hard cock. When she was finally fully impaled she leaned forward and gasped that she had never been so full before. I started out slowly at first lifting her up a couple of inches and then letting her slide down on my cock. I kept lifting her higher and higher until she started to lift herself up higher and higher. After a few minutes she was lifting herself almost all the way off of my cock with my help. I showed her how to put her feet on the bed and then she could push herself up and then let her drop back down on me. The first time that she did that she let out a moan of pleasure as I filled her up. Now she was doing it faster and faster. Suddenly she leaned forward and I heard Julie behind her.”Bend over bitch, I’m going to get that ass and I’m going to get it good.” I looked at Julie and she had a handful of blonde hair pushing Lindy forward to me.Lindy’s only response was, “yes ma’am”. I felt Julie getting on the bed and then I felt Lindy right down on my chest. Her face was right in mine and I began to kiss her. She was kissing back that is until Julie lined up her 7 inch clit at Lindy’s tight virgin ass. I could tell from Lindy’s gasp and the look on her face that Julie had just put it inside of her. Lindy was breathing hard and fast now and Julie told her, “Oh shut up bitch, I’ve only got the head of my clit in my ass, but in just a few minutes I’m going to be all the way in this tight butt.I could see and feel that Julie was pushing back and forth in small strokes and then she started to push harder and faster with every thrust. Soon I could feel Julie’s clit sliding into her through that little part of Lindy’s flesh that separated her pussy from her ass. Julie had hold of Lindy’s hips and was taksim escort banging into her with total abandon now and Lindy was really loving the feel of my hot cock and Julie’s hot clit. Her clit was just the right size for Lindy’s ass and Lindy was in a second heaven.I felt a warm wetness coming from Lindy, and at first I thought she must be peeing on me, but then I realized that she was just having an orgasm when she started to scream out. She shuddered and then did it again. Julie raised her shoulders a little and the angle was different and Lindy had another orgasm, and then another one. I don’t really remember how many orgasms she had but I think it was about 7 but of course that number could be higher. I’m sure that it couldn’t be any lower. I mean the bed was totally soaked. We had to dry it out for 3 days after that.She had her last one when Julie started to cum deep up in her ass, and Lindy was yelling, “Oh yes please, thank you Mistress. Shoot your cum deep up inside my ass.” She was almost sitting upright and I reached out and grabbed a nipple and squeezed it really hard and she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.I was just about to cum and I could see that Julie was just pulling out of Lindy’s ass. I pushed Lindy over on the bed and she fell on her back. I got to the side of her and knelt by her head and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and guided my cock into her mouth. The head would just barely fit inside of her mouth. I worked her head back and forth a few times and then exploded into her shooting my load deep in her throat. I could see that she was almost gagging from the size of my cock and the amount of cum I was injecting into her throat. She sucked me until I stopped oozing cum and then laid back gasping.We all laid there next to one another and caught our breath. I got up first and poured us all some wine. I told Lindy that she was so hot and how much I loved fucking her. She told me that she was worried for a minute as she thought she was peeing, but then realized that she was just having an orgasm. She said that she had thought she had cum before but never like this. We just laid there for a few minutes, and she told me that she thought we made a great couple and then asked where we met each other. I looked at Julie and she just smiled and kind of laughed. Lindy asked what she said that was funny.I told her that she didn’t say anything funny, but that the situation was funny or maybe a little out of the ordinary. She asked why was it out of the ordinary? I just said well I guess because we have always known each other. She looked kind of puzzled and asked how that could have been, Julie was the one that finally told her. She sat next to her and took her hand in hers and looking deep into her eyes told her that we were kind of related.Lindy looked at her and wrinkled her brow, and then when it looked like a light bulb had gone off in Lindy’s head she said, that’s right we are related.Then Lindy said, “You mean you two are…”.Julie said, “Yes darling, Steve is my half brother, and my real name is Jules. His father and my mother got married when we were little k**s.Lindy just looked astonished and then said, “Well I just got banged by the real bang bros.”That was 6 years ago and we are still together. We have a domestic contract in place and Julie and I both have great jobs and Lindy is kind of like our little wife, if that is the correct term. Well it will have to work, for two more months that is, then after that she will be the mother to our c***d, and no we don’t know who the father or mother is for sure, but then does it really matter?

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