The List Ch. 04


The next few days were comparatively uneventful. I didn’t see my sister, and only spoke with her briefly. Each time we spoke, there was no mention of our new relationship. That made it even more exciting.

I was afraid that I would be overcome with guilt. After all, I had spent the better part of a day having wild sex with a hot, young woman. Aside from the notion of my ‘list’, I had not considered myself a cheater.

Oddly, I still didn’t. Having sex with my sister didn’t seem like cheating to me. It was, I know, but I didn’t feel guilty at all. I was still in love with Lana, and would be a good husband. Well, as good as a husband can be when he’s having an incredible sexual relationship with his sister.

I found myself fairly occupied for the first half of the next week. I was a freelance consultant, so at times there would be no work, and at others there would be too much. I was working 11 and 12 hour days, luckily not worried about Lana, who would be at her mother’s being looked after.

Even being so busy, I found my mind constantly looking forward to Friday. I was trying to imagine what Lisa had in store for me. There were several things I was hoping for. First was the video; she had promised to show me a video of her friend Alyssa fucking herself with a dildo, apparently pretending it was me. Next was her ass; she said I could fuck her ass, but didn’t say when. Last, I wanted to bury myself in her sweet pussy and fill her with my cum. Again, she said I could, but didn’t say when. I was sure, though, that Friday would be mind-blowing.

It was Wednesday evening, a little before 7pm, when there was a knock on my office door. My assistant had gone home an hour ago, so I got up from my desk, walked to the outer office and opened the door.

To my absolute surprise, there stood Lisa. She was wearing a pair of very tight, very low cut jeans, and a t-shirt that seemed about 6 sizes too small for her. She smiled, handed me a heavy bag full of Chinese food, and walked past me into my office. I watched her ass sway as she walked, and felt myself growing hard.

She sat down in one of the leather chairs across from my desk.

“Lana told me you were working late,” she said. “She suggested I bring you some take out, because otherwise you wouldn’t eat.”

“That’s probably true,” I said. I rarely ate properly when I was working. I set the bag of food on my desk and sat in my chair, facing Lisa. She was smiling devishly.

“Is food the only thing you brought?” I asked. She laughed.

“Nope,” she said. She just sat there, her legs crossed, staring at me.

“Well?” I said.

“Well, what?” she answered.

“What else did you bring?”

“I think you can figure that out,” she said. I was hoping I would, and quickly. I wanted to tell her to stand up and take off her pants, but was feeling nervous. Then I remembered our last conversation, and decided to give it a shot.

“Stand up,” I said. She did, her smile growing. I was playing her game and she loved it.

“Turn around,” I told her. She slowly turned.

“Take off your pants,” I said. She unbuttoned her jeans, then hooked a thumb above each hip and very slowly slid them over her firm ass. They dropped soundlessly to the floor. I was reminded of the first night we fucked, of her silhouette against the nighttime city lights. I felt like I was going to burst out of my pants.

“Kneel on the chair,” I said, getting up. As she climbed onto the chair, I walked around the desk, my pants already unbuttoned and falling to the floor. Lisa was now kneeling on the chair, her perfect ass facing me. I came up behind her, and with one arm around her waist, pusher her forward until she was leaning over the back of the chair. My cock was conveniently nestled between her ass cheeks. I reached down and guided it to her already dripping entrance. With one thrust, I was inside her.

I didn’t start slow, instead fucking her with deep, hard strokes. She grunted each time I pushed into her. I had my hands on her hips, pulling her hard against me with every thrust.

It had been days since I last came, but I found myself with amazing staying power. I kept pounding my sister’s pussy, and she was getting more and more vocal with each deep stroke. She started to whimper.

“God, I love fucking you,” I said. This caused her to cry out.

“Tell me you love it,” I said.

“I love it,” she said quietly.

“What do you love?” I asked.

“I love you fucking me,” she said. “I love your big thick cock inside me. I love being yours, I love when you take me. I want you to fuck me forever.” Each word was separated by a sharp gasp.

“Tell me you want me to cum inside you,” I said.

“Oh, fuck, I want you to cum inside me,” she said. “But not yet. Not yet, my love. Soon, though, I promise. Oh god, David, I’m going to cum.”

I increased the pace of my thrusts, fucking her with abandon. Her impending orgasm triggered my own. I held back, continuing my pace as she came violently. My hands on her hips were the only bostancı escort bayan thing keeping me inside her. As her thrashing died down, I felt myself pass the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum,” I said. I pulled out of her pussy and quickly moved to the front of the chair. I pushed my cock into her waiting mouth. She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me completely into her mouth. I came hard, spewing my cum deep into her throat. She managed to swallow almost all of it, with a little stream of cum trickling from one corner of her mouth.

“Jesus, David,” she said. “When was the last time you came? There must’ve been two gallons.” She wiped her mouth with her finger then licked it.

“I’ve had my dinner,” she said, smiling. “Why don’t you have yours?” I thought she was suggesting I return the favour, but she meant the Chinese food. She stood, not bothering to put her pants back on, and leaned over my desk. As she arranged and opened the containers, I was treated to a view of her ass and ravaged pussy. My cock had only managed to get to half-erect, and now the view in front of me was making it come back to life.

I walked behind Lisa and knelt down, putting her ass right in front of my face. She stopped, standing motionless, as I spread her asscheeks, exposing her pink asshole. Again, I was powerless to stop, and my tongue found her little hole. She whimpered and opened her legs.

As I tongued her ass, I reached one hand around started to finger her clit. Within about 10 seconds, her legs started to buckle and she came, hard.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “How the fuck do you make me cum so quickly?”

“I don’t know, but I love it,” I said. I stood, my now hard penis poking against her ass. Once again, I spread her cheeks. This time, I used my hand to rub my cockhead against her puckered little hole. She gasped but didn’t stop me.

I pushed slowly, and watched in amazement as my head slipped inside her ass. This seemed to bring her back to reality, and she quickly pulled away and turned around.

“You naughty boy,” she said. “Trying to break the rules. Just for that you don’t get to cum again.” I felt crushed. I was literally inches away from being buried in my sisters’s ass. My cock was about to burst, and now she wasn’t going to help me cum. I decided to see how dominant she wanted me to be.

I stepped forward, and lifted her ass onto the desk. I wedged myself between her legs. She made a show of trying to stop me, but not a serious one.

“I’m going to cum again,” I said. “And so are you.” She was grinning at me wildly as I guided myself into her. I slid into her smoothly. She closed her eyes and leaned back.

I looked down and watched as I fucked her. Her flat, tanned stomach led down to her hairless pussy. I watched as my shaft split her swollen, glistening lips, plunging in and out. Her clit was poking out of its fleshy cap, seeming to throb with every one of my thrusts.

“Jesus,” she groaned. “I’m going to cum again.” She sat forward enough to reach one hand down between her legs. I watched as she began to rub her clit.

“Oh god,” she said. “Oh yes, don’t stop, don’t stop.” She started to convulse, and I could feel her vaginal muscles spasm on my shaft. I continued fucking her deeply, and she kept cumming.

“Fuck me,” she said, finally. “I think I just came three times in a row.” She was gasping to catch her breath. “That’s another first.” Watching this spectacle had brought me to the very edge of orgasm.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I said. As I said this, Lisa pushed me back enough so I popped out of her. She grabbed my slick cock and jerked me quickly, and within seconds I was shooting a huge load all over her tits, stomach and pussy.

“Holy fuck, David,” she laughed. “Where is all this cum coming from?” I was more amazed than her.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I haven’t cum like this is years.” I leaned forward and kissed her deeply.

“So I guess fucking your little sister makes you cum buckets?” she asked, laughing.

“Hearing you talk like that is making me hard again,” I said. My cock was starting to throb in her hand.

“No, no, no,” she said, letting me go. “No more tonight. You need to save yourself for Friday, mister.” She found her pants and slipped them on.

“Let’s eat,” she said, suddenly all business. I walked to the chair behind my desk, still naked from the waist down, my erection sticking straight out in front of me. Lisa watched me and giggled.

“Seriously, David,” she said. “That’s it for tonight, but trust me, Friday will be worth the wait. And you have to wait.”

I sat down and looked at her.

“What do you mean, I have to wait?” I asked.

“You can’t cum again until Friday, and even then not until I tell you to,” she said. I was already feeling like waiting 5 minutes might be a challenge. She sensed my doubt.

“But here’s the good news,” she said, leaning across the desk. “When I let you finally cum on Friday, you get to cum in my pussy.” My jaw ümraniye escort almost clunked against the desk.

“So, big brother, can you wait that long?” she asked, leaning a little more.

“I can,” I said, leaning in and kissing her. We kissed slowly for a minute, then pulled back.

“Then let’s eat,” she said.

The rest of the week passed at an agonizingly slow pace. Friday evening finally came, and I dressed to go out for dinner with my wife.

We had plans to have dinner at a restaurant that was about 5 minutes away from Lisa and Todd’s house. As we pulled away from the house, Lana let me know that we’d be stopping in to see Lisa and Todd on the way to dinner.

“Lisa couldn’t come to dinner,” Lana said. “But she wanted to see you on your birthday, so I told her we’d stop by for a drink.”

“Sounds good,” I said. I was still trying to figure out a way to stay overnight at Lisa’s without raising suspicion.

We made small talk during the drive, and before long we were pulling into Lisa’s driveway. To her credit, there was nothing to give the party away. Only Lisa’s car stood in the driveway, and there were only a couple lights on inside.

We parked and walked to the front door. Lana rang the doorbell, and after a few seconds, Lisa opened it. I almost gasped at the sight.

She was wearing tight black yoga pants, a white halter top and a light cotton sweater, unzipped. Her tight, tanned stomach was visible, and though I tried not to stare, I could swear her pussy lips were visible under the pants.

“Hey guys,” she said, kissing Lana on the cheek. “Hey bro, happy birthday.” She gave me a hug that was completely appropriate.

“I just finished working out,” she said. “Come on in, make yourselves comfortable in the den.” She led us towards the darkened den, and I found myself staring at the way her pants hugged her perfectly round asscheeks.

As we entered the den, the lights went up, and the gathered crowd yelled ‘Surprise’, and I pretended to be. I was handed a glass of champagne, and after professing my complete surprise to my wife and sister I started saying hello to everyone else.

As I walked through the crowd, thanking everyone, and found myself suddenly in front of Alyssa. She hugged me and whispered “Happy Birthday” in my ear. I felt her body against mine, her hips against my thighs, her breasts against my chest.

“Thanks,” I said. “it’s nice to see you.” She let go and bounced away. I watched her go.

As the night went, people got drunker and drunker, and the crown thinned more and more. I was pretty sober, because Lisa was bring me vodka sodas that were either all soda or incredibly weak.

“I want you to be completely functional later,” she managed to whisper in my ear. “But it wouldn’t hurt if people thought you were hammered.”

I started to slur a little bit, and stumbled here and there when appropriate. A little before midnight, Lana came up to me.

“David, I’m going to go,” she said. “I’m beat. Are you going to come with me?” Just then Lisa came up beside me.

“Hey, Lana,” she said. “We were just about to start a game of beer-amid.” She was slurring a little bit. “Can the birthday boy stay a little longer?” She threw her arm over my shoulder.

“Sure,” Lana said. “But he’s taking a cab home.”

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll walk you to the car.”

“That’s okay, Romeo,” she said, laughing. “Have a fun birthday, and I’ll see you when you get home.” I kissed her and she was gone.

By about 1am, the crowd had thinned to almost nobody, and Lisa started pushing the rest of the guests out the door. I was hoping that Alyssa would still be around, but I hadn’t seen her in more than an hour.

Lisa said goodbye to the last couple, watched as they drove away, then ran and jumped on my lap. She kissed me passionately.

“Happy birthday, stud,” she said. “Are you ready for your present?”

“I sure am,” I said.

“I doubt that,” she said, leading me by the hand.

She took me to her bedroom and pushed me down on the king-sized bed. She stood at my feet, and slowly peeled off her clothes. I was once again awestruck by the absolute perfection of her body.

“Before we start,” she said, moving to undo my pants. “There are some rules, ones you can’t break.” She tugged my pants down, freeing my already hard cock.

“Tonight, big bro, you get to cum inside my pussy,” she said, lowering her mouth to my groin. Her hot breath on my balls was enough to drive me crazy.

“Do you remember how I told you that I had very specific fantasies to live out?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” I answered. I jumped as her tongue flicked my scrotum.

“Good, because it’s very important that this happens the way I’ve planned. You get to cum inside me, but not until I say. That’s critical. Do you understand?” She took my balls entirely into her mouth.

“God,” I gasped. “Fuck, yes, I understand.”

“If at any time you feel like you might cum, you need to tell me,” she said after releasing escort kartal me. “This really is very important. If you cum too soon, it will ruin my fantasy.”

“As long as there’s no pressure,” I said. She smiled.

“There is a bit of pressure,” she said. “But I want this to happen a certain way. So promise me, if you think you might be close to cumming, tell me. Please, baby, this is going to be amazing, but you have to help me make it amazing.”

I was truly intrigued. As much as I wanted to cum inside her, I was thinking that she had a little more than just that planned.

“I’ll do whatever you tell me,” I said.

“Good,” she said, straddling me. She grabbed me and in one swift motion I was inside her. She lowered herself onto me until I was completely inside her.

“Is that good, big brother,” she cooed. “Do you like to think about shooting your cum into your little sister’s tight pussy?” I groaned.

“Well, you will, but there are still some surprises for your birthday. Here’s the first,” she said, producing a piece of black fabric. She leaned forward and placed it over my eyes. She lifted my head and tied the blindfold behind my head. I couldn’t see anything.

I felt her shift her weight back and the start to lift herself off my cock. She slowly raised herself up, then lowered herself back down. The feeling was exquisite.

As Lisa kept up her rhythm, I felt another weight shift the mattress. I had the feeling on flesh close to my face, and then suddenly the unmistakable scent of pussy was in my face.

I was momentarily confused, then panicked. Somebody else was here, watching me fuck my sister. I almost reached up to pull the blindfold off when Lisa stopped me.

“It’s okay,” she said. “She doesn’t know who we are. She just knows that my boyfriend wanted a threesome for his birthday.” I relaxed when Lisa said ‘boyfriend’. This mystery person didn’t know we were brother and sister.

“Just do what comes naturally,” Lisa said. “Eat her pussy while I fuck you.”

That sounded like good advice, so I did. I didn’t ease in, but attacked the sweet folds with vigour. I slid two fingers into the dripping slit while I tongued her clit with fervour. Within a couple minutes I felt her start to tremble, and with a loud cry, she came.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” Lisa said. “I feel like it’s my birthday.” She had maintained her slow pace on my cock, and now she lowered herself completely and stopped. I felt myself throbbing inside her tightness.

“Okay, David, now I’m going to show you something,” Lisa said. “Remember, if you feel like you’re going to cum, you have to tell me.” I just nodded, feeling a little confused. I felt a tug at the blindfold and it fell away. I found myself staring at a set of wet pussy lips. Further up was a flat stomach, small but perky breasts, and finally the beautiful, smiling face of Alyssa.

I was paralyzed. I had just licked Alyssa to an orgasm while she watched me fuck my sister. Lisa must have sensed my panic.

“David, it’s okay,” she said. She resumed her movement on my cock, and the distraction worked.

“Alyssa and I have been lovers for years,” Lisa said. “We have planned this exact night forever. She knows I wanted to fuck you, and she wants to fuck you too.” Alyssa leaned back, and Lisa wrapped her arms around Alyssa’s chest. Alyssa turned her head and the two girls kissed deeply.

I felt a sudden pressure in my balls, and managed to remember my promise. I grabbed Lisa’s hips, pushed her down onto me and held her there.

“Don’t move,” I said. “God, don’t move.” I stared at the two naked bodies on top of me.

“What the fuck,” I managed. Lisa and Alyssa smiled at me.

“This is part of your present,” Lisa said. “You wanted to fuck Alyssa. You wanted to cum inside your sister. Tonight you get both. Plus, you get to watch your little sister and her girlfriend eat each other to orgasm.” I was flabbergasted.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Lisa said. “In a second, I’m going to get off you. Then, Alyssa’s going to suck your cock for a little while, and I’m going to play with her pussy and ass while she does.

“Then, she’s going to lay on her back, with her ass near the edge of the bed. I’m going to climb on top of her, and we’re going to eat each out.

“While we’re doing that, you can fuck Alyssa. But remember, you can’t cum until I say. When I tell you, you’re going to get behind me and fuck me.

“How does that sound?” she asked.

“Better that anything I’ve ever heard in my life,” I said.

Lisa lifted herself off me, and it took Alyssa less than a second to have my cock in her mouth. Her ass was close to my head, so I grabbed her and swung her around so that her pussy was once again over my face. As she sucked me, I licked her. Lisa positioned herself so that she was watching me, playing with herself, and fingering Alyssa’s asshole.

It didn’t take long for Alyssa to cum again, and I had to pull her off my cock before I came in her mouth. She rolled over and turned so that, as promised, her ass was almost hanging off the side of the bed.

Lisa quickly positioned herself over Alyssa, and her movements left no doubt that they had done this many times before. It seemed like I was quickly forgotten as they feasted on each other.

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