The Lucky Locum.


The Lucky Locum.Mal had been working on-call the whole weekend, and now it was Monday he needed to get out and party. Back in the bad old days it wasn’t unusual to be expected to cover the whole hospital without sleep from Friday to Monday morning. While this was tiring it was also mega stressful for someone only just out of training. This led to every Monday post call being a mega drinking and if possible shagging night. Mal met up with Paul a paediatrician of a few years experience who had also been on-call that weekend, and together they went on their ‘hunt the cunt’ expedition.In the pub were the usual nurses most of whom were available and tonight there was a locum doctor, Shona (Sascha), from Glasgow also on her night off. She was fit and feisty and both Paul and Mal knew was up for fun. They tossed a coin, Mal won and moved in. They went on to the Blue Fox night club had a bop and got very drunk. Mal escorted Shona back to the doctors mess where his room lay. They got to the bar and Jeremy was there watching telly. He was on-call so hadn’t joined them on the piss. Mal and Shona sat on the couch when Jezs bleep went off and he had to rush in.Shona now straddled Mal on the couch and kissed him, as she did so her skirt rode up. When he came up for air his eyes noticed her pussy on full show. No knickers and it was already glistening, usually he would take his time getting to the pussy building the tension. But hey it was there for all to see so he just put his fingers down there. She gripped his head and kissed him again as he rode her slit with his fingers. She humped against his fingers and he was amazed when after only a few minutes she came on him.She moved off him stripped completely and then undid his pants. She tugged down his pants and boxers. She smiled as she took his cock in her hands and tugged on it. It was nice and fat and the dome shined purple. She licked it slowly, from balls to tip and then kissed it. She repeated this several times. Then she tickled the frenulum and Mal was close already. She could feel him tighten his muscles so she went down on him all the way. Back out sucking with her lips to the tip and back down. She bobbed up and down on his cock for quite a few minutes and she obviously wanted him to come. So with a push he put her on her knees and fed his cock to her. She stayed motionless with her lips clamped round his cock as he fucked her mouth. He didn’t last long and soon shot his wad down her throat. She greedily took it all and made sure every last drop was squeezed out. She smiled at him as he took his shirt off kurtköy escort and picked her up onto the couch. She expected to have to wait for him to get hard, but happily noticed he had remained hard.They kissed and now he laid her down on the couch. He kissed her neck, and down her body. He kissed her nipples one at a time. Then he sucked one nipple into his mouth as his hand tweaked the other. She moaned and he knew she was as horny as him. He kissed down her belly until he was between her legs. She was frothing and juice ran down into her bum. He kissed her thighs and then her clit. She writhed at his caress, so he licked harder. She squirmed as he tongued her clit hard. He moved down and spread her lips with his fingers, then probed between with his tongue, licking in a circling motion. He moved back to her clit and inserted two fingers in her quim. She was now playing with her breasts as he licked and finger fucked her. He did this until he felt her cum on his fingers, and she screamed her orgasm to the world.As she recovered he had positioned her on the end of the couch with her legs in the air. He pushed his cock in with one movement and she gasped as she felt him fill her. He knew she wanted it hard, so he didn’t wait to tease her. He started to fuck her hard and fast straight away. She whimpered each time his cock went all the way. In and out he went and he built her up again. He fucked her hard fast and deep for minutes on end. He felt her cum but kept going he wanted to feel more. He kept fucking till he felt a second spasm and now let go as he gushed inside her he felt her cum again.He collapsed on top of her and they lay for a few minutes. Suddenly they noticed that Jez was standing at the door, and by the bulge in his trousers was enjoying what he saw. He had come back from his call as they were in mid fuck and watched the whole thing. Mal and Jez had swapped a few girls before, so he said ‘ want some’ and looked at them both. Jez obviously did, and Shona blushed but smiled. Jez came over and sat on the chair opposite, Mal pushed Shona and she went over to where he sat. She unzipped him and gulped when she peeled his 9 inch cock almost stiff cock out of his pants. She sucked on its big end while tugging his trousers down. She slurped away on it, Mal wanked abstractedly watching this horny girl with her arse in the air and her cunt winking at him suck Jez to full hardness and go to town on his cock. She was good and soon had him shooting his load. She gobbled it all down and when finished moved up and kissed Jez. She came back aydıntepe escort to Mal and started to suck him, while doing so she wriggled her bum at Jez, who was wanking himself back to hardness. She wanted them both now and Jez took up the hint. He came behind her and rammed his huge cock inside her, in one push. She was so wet it slid in but boy did it fill her. She struggled to keep a grip on Mals cock with her mouth as she was fucked by Jez. Eventually she had to let go and just wank Mal while taking hump after hump from Jez. So Mal now positioned her so they were spit roasting her and he let Jezs slaps into her push her mouth onto him. They fucked like this and she must have cum twice more before Jez groaned and emptied his ballsdeep inside her. Mal hadn’t come so he sat on the couch and gestured for her to come over. He knew her pussy would be quite sloppy and loose now so he turned her round and started to rim her. She loved this and he lubricated her arse enough for penetration. He lay back and guided her onto him, she had tried this before and wanted it again. Slowly while Mal held his cock she lowered her bumcrack onto it. It took some time as she was so tight but eventually she sat all the way down on him. She started to move and was soon groaning as his fat stiff cock pushed in and out. Jez loved this site and was soon hard again. He came over and fed his cock to her mouth and she sucked greedily as she rose up and down on Mals cock. After a few minutes Jez withdrew and now pushed his fat cock into her open pussy. Now she loved the dp as one cock entered another withdrew and she was filled to the brim with stiff cock. She stared at Jez while he fucked her and felt Mals hand playing with her breasts. They fucked like this hard for ten or more minutes, and eventually she came several times in a row as she felt first Mal and then Jez come deep inside her. All three collapsed on the couch and lay for a good ten minutes in silence.After ten minutes Mal said ‘I need a shower.’ He looked at them both and they nodded agreement. So upstairs they went. The shower was a walk in with a big sprinkler so fit three easily. Mal stepped in first followed by shone and then Jez. The water hit Shona and bounced onto Mal and Jez. Mal took some shower gel and handed the rest to Jez. Shona faced Mal so he soaped her front as Jez soaped her back and bum. Mal was quite vigorous and she slipped backwards being caught in Jezs arms she felt his hard cock nudge her bum. Jez held her as Mal soaped her neck and then tits. She moaned and felt Jezs bum tuzla içmeler escort with her hands and his hard cock slipping between her bum cheeks and up her back. Mal soaped down her body, avoiding her pussy and ended up at her feet soaping her legs. He kissed her pussy, and fingered it for an age. He then started soaping her pussy hard. Rubbing it until with Jezs arms on her tits and his cock pressed against her back she came again on his fingers. Mal was hard, jez was hard and Shona was wet so there was nothing for it but another session. As Jez held her mal spread her legs and slowly enetered her pussy. He teased her as she was held fast. He rubbed her clit with his cock until he pushed hard and was all the way in. She gasped as she felt him fill her. Jez lifted her so she could wrap her legs round Mal. Mal started to shaft her as she crashed back on him splippery and wet her clit was on fire and she had a mini orgasm each time. Mal fucked her like this hard and fast for five minutes. All the time Jez was playing with her bum hole, inserting a finger and then two. She reached another orgasm as Mal fucked her hard. mal winked at jez and he lubed her arse one last time and grabbing his long cock hard started to enter her bum. Mal stopped so jez could gain good purchase. Shona moaned as she felt the second cock filling her. Once Jez was fully in and with the water cascading down. Mal and Jez proceeded to lift Shona up and down. Slowly at first she rose and crashed onto both cocks. Up and down feeling as though both cocks would come out of her mouth. She was full with cock, then empty then full. This continued for minute after minute, Mla kissed her and Jez bit her neck. Shona dug her fingernails into Mals back as the two bodies crushed her between them. Up and down total bliss as two hard cocks gave her the fuck of a lifetime. In and out, up and down, faster harder deeper. Jez felt round for her tits and tweaked her nipples, he even ventured down and flicked her clit, avoiding Mals cock. They fucked and made noise for 30 minutes like this, Shona came so many times she lost count. Eventually Mal and Jez couldn’t last any longer and both came within minutes of each other. Jez first and than Mal. As Jez pulled out sperm ran dowm her leg and then Mal pulled out and let her down. She scooped both cum and licked what she could. Jezs bleep went off and he had to get into clothing wet, and rush off knackered. He made it and his patient was fine. Mal took Shona to bed and they slept. Next morning they had a good hard ordinary fuck. Her locum term was up that night so they kissed goodbye and never met again. Shona would always have that night to remember Jersey for. Mal and Jez now knew orgies were possible and they could perform. So began to plan multiple fucks, starting with more trios and moving up to orgies.

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