The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 74


Deirdre’s Tales – Part 4

One week ago, Deirdre had the run of her house. She was the only one at home as it was, with Geoff across the country at a seminar of some sort for the Government, for much of December in fact. Alone, she was able to focus on the latest piece she had been working on, a string quintet in E minor. Deirdre did have the help of her sister Teagan, as well as her niece Shelby, who was home from school for the entire holiday season. Both Teagan and Shelby were accomplished musicians and together the three worked out some of the kinks from the quintet piece over the weekend.

That had been a week ago. Now it was coming up on Christmas and with her entire family home for the holiday for the first time in several years, Deirdre wanted to fix at least one classic sit-down family meal for all to enjoy. Going through the pantry, with her list in hand, Deirdre realized that she had forgotten quite a few items during her last visit to the grocery. “Sarah! Can I get you to go to the store for me?” she called from the kitchen to her youngest daughter.

“Sure, Mom,” Sarah replied calmly. Even thought she had just returned home not more than an hour ago from the grocery store with her mother, Sarah didn’t show any hint of agitation that her brother might have. Of Deirdre’s four children, Sarah, the youngest daughter, had always been the easiest going. “Do you have a list for me?”

Sarah came into the kitchen and found her mother going through the pantry. “I can’t believe we don’t have any cans of green beans in here, whatsoever,” Deirdre said. “We always seem to have a dozen cans stacked up that we have to find use for. Not today.” She turned and gave Sarah a sorrowful look. “I’m sorry, honey. I think the only things I need are green beans. Maybe six cans.”

Sarah nodded. “And do you have the rest of the ingredients for the casserole?”

Deirdre turned and looked over the shelves once again. “I thought I had enough soup,” she said, yet only held a single can in her hand.

“I’ll just get everything we’ll need, how’s that?” Sarah grinned.

“I’m sorry to send you back so soon,” Deirdre again apologized.

“It’s alright, Mother. I don’t mind. I get bored sitting around, anyway. There’s nothing on television in the middle of the day, and Conor’s not being very social, as usual. He only wants to sit in front of his old PlayStation and play games.”

“Hey! I’m as social as you are,” Conor disagreed as he walked into the kitchen. He was bare-footed, dressed in grey sweat pants and a Regal Bay University t-shirt. He went to the refrigerator and retrieved a can of soda.

“Then why don’t you go with your sister and help at the store?” Deirdre asked.

“I thought you just got back from the store,” he replied.

“Well, I have to go back,” Sarah told him.

“I think I’ll pass on that,” Conor answered, and then headed out of the kitchen and back up the stairs.

“If you think of anything else we might need, or something you would want during your stay…”

Sarah shrugged. “If you think of anything else, just text,” Sarah told her mother. “I’ll be back.” Sarah pulled the extra set of car keys to her mother’s BMW down from the hook inside the door and headed out through the garage. Deirdre returned to the pantry and finished setting aside the items she’d need for the meal. She didn’t hear her son return and wasn’t aware of his presence until she felt his hands slide up her flanks to cup her breasts.

“Conor!” Deirdre gasped as she turned around quickly to face her youngest son. He had the familiar wicked grin on his face that she’d grown to recognize when he and she would engage in their incestuous affairs. “What are you doing? This isn’t the time for this!”

Conor let his hands slip to his mother’s waist. “Why not? We’ve got the house to ourselves right now.”

“Sarah will be back soon enough,” she explained.

“Sarah will be gone at least half an hour, if not longer if you consider the lines at Ralph’s,” Conor retorted. “And Allison went with dad out to the casino, so we know they won’t be back for a while.” Conor kissed her chin. “Besides, I haven’t had a chance to show you how much I’ve missed you.” He kissed her neck next.

Deirdre loved the way her son knew just how to romance her. Kissing her flesh so lightly always made her melt for him. “I’ve got things to get ready for dinner, young man,” she explained, although her resistance was lessening by the kiss. “And it hasn’t been all that long since the last time, you know.”

Conor stepped back and displayed for his mother the fact that he was enjoying himself as well. “Where are your pants?” she gasped, as she noticed his grey sweat pants draped over the back of one of the kitchen table chairs. Her son stood before her in only the t-shirt, and his manhood was pointing straight out from his groin, erect and aimed at the very spot on her where it wanted to go.

“I can’t believe you’ve got such nerve!” she kartal escort exclaimed, but knowing that the house was indeed theirs, Deirdre knew that her own need for her son had been simmering since his return on Monday. They hadn’t been alone in the days that followed, although Deirdre hadn’t had incest on her mind, either. She also knew that, with the entire family home for the holiday weekend, they most likely wouldn’t get another chance.

“We’ve got to make this quick,” she reluctantly agreed, giving in to her own need. Since his return from Aberdeen, Maryland, Geoff had been unreceptive to her advances, leading her to believe that her husband had begun to change emotionally towards her. Their marriage had long been one of convenience, and now with Conor having moved out on his own and attending college, Deirdre thought that Geoff was beginning to consider a separation, or possibly a divorce. It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other. It was just that they had grown apart. She was well aware of his many affairs, including the one he thought was kept hidden behind her back with her dear friend, Gabriella Santiago. For her part, she didn’t know if he suspected her of just as many indulgences, though she rather doubted it. He’d never cared much for the things she did in her life, as it was. Why would he care that she enjoyed a little action on the side as well?

Of course, Geoff might take offence at being cuckolded by his own son, Conor. Deirdre and Conor had been engaging in sinful mother-son incest for nearly three years, and even with his moving into his own apartment nearer campus, they still enjoyed getting together and enjoying a night of sin.

Deirdre settled to the tiled floor of the pantry before her son, bringing his wonderful cock to eye level. She admired his manhood with her eyes, and then her hands, before leaning in to give the tip a light kiss. Conor moaned as her lips parted and slipped across the crown, to tighten around the shaft. His hands went to her head of curly red hair and took hold, while pushing his hips forward gently. His cock filled his mother’s mouth and fit perfectly. His scrotum brushed across her chin as his head pressed against the back of her throat. She slowly retreated, slurping as she went, and then lunged forward once again.

Deirdre gave her son a slow, loving blow job, kneeling on the pantry floor, and was beginning to lose herself in the enjoyment when Conor hastily backed away and pulled his cock from her mouth. He bent down and gave her a full-mouth kiss before explaining, “Keep this up, Mom, and you’re going to get a mouthful!”

Deirdre grinned up at him and replied, “Well, we don’t have time to go upstairs and properly enjoy ourselves, now do we?”

Conor pulled her back to her feet and then instructed her, “Just turn around and drop those pants, then.”

“Right here? In the pantry?” she asked, even as she followed her son’s direction. She pushed a row of cans to the side and leaned across the counter on her elbows. “I don’t think I’ve ever done it in the pantry before.”

Conor pushed his mother’s casual slacks down after she’d unfastened them and started tugging at her underwear. “Not with me, at least,” he replied as her wide, round ass cheeks came into view. They were pale and in the harsh light of the pantry’s naked ceiling bulb, they glowed. As she bent further over onto the shelf with her elbows, Deirdre’s red curls came into view and seemed to invite Conor in.

“Damn, I’ve missed you, Mom!” Conor groaned as his hands ran across her naked back-side with admiration.

Over her shoulder, she told him, “Why don’t you show me how much your wonderful cock has missed me?” She added a slight wag of her ass for his amusement. “Besides, we don’t have all day to play around. You’ve got me all hot and bothered, Conor. My pussy needs to feel your powerful cock stretching me wide. Now put that baton of yours to work and take care of your mother’s needs!”

As tall as she was, Deirdre still had to rise up onto her toes, and Conor had to squat down to align his long dick with his mother’s slot. He took hold of his shaft and gave her slit an upward stroke with the tip. She purred, enjoying the tease. When he pushed against her opening, Deirdre looked back at him to watch his face in the moment of his entry. He pushed forward and slid six full inches into her.

“Oooohhh, so nice,” she hummed as her son returned to her in the most condemned way. She tilted her head back and Conor took hold of her red curls. He gently pulled on her locks as he began to drive in and out of her. Once again, Deirdre was giving herself to her son. “Yesss, yesss, Conor! Oooohhh yeessss!”

The flesh of her butt and upper thighs clapped against Conor’s flesh as he pounded harder. Just as she was, he knew that they could be interrupted at any moment. Since coming home, Conor hadn’t had a chance to get his mother alone for more than a minute or two, and whether she needed him or maltepe escort bayan not, he sure needed her. It had been too long since he’d felt his mother’s loving warmth wrapped around his manhood, and he wasn’t about to let this opportunity go.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Conor panted with every thrust. His balls were already boiling, just minutes into their mating. He ran his hands down his mother’s back while holding himself deep inside her, but she kept moving, fucking back at him and using his hard post of male meat to her own ends. She obviously needed to get off just as much as he did.

“Fuck me, Conor!” she panted. “Don’t stop. Keep fucking me!”

Deirdre was right there, her orgasm hanging by a thread, ready to pop. She needed her son to pound her, just a few more times, and she’d climax. She threw her head around and looked hard at him. “Fuck me, ya hard-cocked bastard!”

Conor rarely heard his mother demand it, and it surprised him a little. Still, his balls were aching for their own release, so Conor gave his mother what she had demanded. He took firm hold of her hips and began to thrust as hard as he could. The slapping of their flesh echoed through the kitchen as they rutted in the pantry.

Finally, Conor felt his mother’s vaginal walls begin to flutter. She was gasping loudly, grunting with every thrust, and then she went silent. Her body was vibrating and Conor felt the warmth of her cream as she climaxed on his manhood. That set him off, the knowledge that his mother was cumming for him. “Aahhh-aaaagghhhhh!” Conor groaned as his cock erupted into her. His semen spit into his mother, painting her womb with a fresh coating of white seed with every pulse of his cock.

“Uuummmm!” Deirdre purred on the backside of her orgasm moments later, while enjoying the last throbs of her son’s penis. He held her hips still, but had lay across her back, panting for breath in time with her. A moment passed, and then a bang was heard.

“Damn! Someone’s home!” Conor gasped. He pulled his spent penis quickly from his mother’s warmth and stumbled out of the pantry. Deirdre hastily pulled her underwear and slacks back up just as Allison came through the door to the garage. She pulled a hand towel from a shelf to hold in front of her until she could fasten her pants.

“What the hell was that?” Allison asked with a laugh.

Deirdre joined her in the kitchen and innocently asked, “What was what?” She hastily buttoned her slacks as her daughter had her back to her mother. Geoff came in then carrying a case of wine and Deirdre went to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I could have sworn I just saw a streaker run through the dining room,” Allison said. She went on through to the dining room and looked towards the stairway.

“Male or female?” Geoff asked his daughter, and then gave Deirdre a quizzical look. Deirdre replied to him with a shrug. Allison had vanished by then, and after Geoff set the case on the kitchen counter, he asked Deirdre, “Brian and Erika come by yet?”

“Not yet. Brian called about an hour ago, however, and said they might stop by and visit Gabriella this afternoon. He said they’d be over in time for dinner, though.”

Geoff replied, “That’s good, I guess. Allison was wanting to go back out to the casino later. They’ve got a band playing Beatles covers and she wanted to go watch.” He paused, and then asked, “You’re free to tag along, if you’d like?”

“No, that’s alright. I don’t enjoy the casino, you know that.” Deirdre began to put the wine bottles onto the rack. “Maybe the kids and I will break out the instruments and play some. I know Sarah’s been looking forward to getting her cello out.”

“That should be fun,” Geoff said, though he didn’t show much enthusiasm for it. Geoff wasn’t musically inclined, and only their two youngest children, Sarah and Conor, had ever really showed an interest in music. After another brief kiss with his wife, Geoff left Deirdre alone in the kitchen. Whether he suspected anything or not, she couldn’t guess. But she sure smelled as if she’d just had sex, she realized.


Deirdre was up early Christmas Eve morning, and with Sarah’s assistance, they made breakfast. Sarah had missed making pancakes, living in a dorm back in South Bend, and whenever she came home she made a batch every morning. As Sarah whipped up the batter, Deirdre made bacon and a skillet for of scrambled eggs for them to enjoy. They had sat down to talk over glasses of coffee when they were joined by Allison.

“You got in late last night,” Deirdre pointed out to her oldest daughter as Allison passed, heading for a cup of coffee herself. Allison’s strawberry blonde hair was an unruly mess atop her head, and the over-sized Rugby shirt she wore did little to hide the fact that she was completely naked beneath, other than the soft doe-skin moccasins she wore on her feet.

“Too much…” Allison moaned as she collapsed into a chair. She took escort pendik a sip of the coffee, and then dropped her head onto the table with a thud. She closed her blood-shot eyes and moaned.

“You look like you were rode hard and put away wet,” Sarah observed in a sly tone. “I remember that look from back in high school.”

Deirdre knew where the conversation was headed. “Did you hook up with an old friend or something at the casino?”

Allison didn’t answer right away. Instead, she rose up and took a second sip from the mug. “I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” she finally said, adding, “I need a shower,” and then stumbled back out of the kitchen.

“Yeah, she does,” Sarah giggled. “She stinks. I bet she got laid last night and can’t even remember by whom.”

Deirdre ignored Sarah’s remark, as she was well aware of with whom Allison had been with last night. She had known that Geoff and Allison had been secretly having sex since Allison was still in high school. That knowledge, though she never confronted him about it, may well have been her own justification for turning to Conor for her own incestuous affair. Deirdre knew that they were very close, and she wasn’t about to upset either one of them with a needless confrontation. Especially during the holiday weekend. Allison would be headed back to the University of Oregon Sunday afternoon. If she and her father wanted to spend more “quality time” together, and as long as they remained discrete about it, Deirdre would keep her knowledge, and her feelings, to herself. Especially with her already having enjoyed a moment or two with Conor.

Even as her youngest son’s beautiful image passed through her mind, so did Conor pass into the kitchen. “Good morning!” he had chirped as he passed by, getting equally uplifted replies from his mother and sister. He even paused behind each and gave the tops of their heads a kiss. “How are my two favorite ladies this fine Christmas Eve morning?” As with his sister before him, Conor went straight to the counter and poured a cup of coffee. Unlike his sister, Conor looked much more refreshed after a good night’s sleep. He also forked three of the ready pancakes onto a plate and drenched them with syrup.

“Good, but not as nearly as chipper as you are,” Sarah laughed. “What did you do last night? Take happy pills and blow up your sex-doll?” Sarah may be on a path to service in the Catholic church, but around her family she still enjoyed letting out a bit of her inner demon.

“Ha ha ha,” Conor sarcastically laughed at his sister. He dropped into the recently vacated chair. “I just had a good night’s sleep, and wonderfully wholesome dreams that went along with it.” This last was directed towards his mother, complete with a sly grin over the lip of his coffee cup and a wink of his eye.

It had been a long time since Deirdre had enjoyed a morning breakfast with her two youngest children, as conversation between the three went from their holiday weekend plans, to music, to school studies, and finally through family gossip. From what she could remember, it may have been the most “adult” conversation she’d ever had with Conor and Sarah at the same time. For once, Deirdre felt like a normal mother, if there ever was one in Regal Bay.

Sometime later, as noon approached, Geoff finally crawled out of bed. Deirdre found him in their master suite bathroom, standing in the shower under the spray. He looked and sounded exhausted. “You’re getting too old to stay out drinking into the morning hours, Geoff,” Deirdre told him as she moved to the toilet and had a seat. They were the typical married couple, comfortable after nearly three decades of marriage, a pair of older people living together and accepting each other as they were. Her urinating while Geoff showered had never been a problem. Of course, when Geoff took one of his famously smelly dumps while she showered came, it usually came with recriminations. A spray of cold water from the shower for instance.

“Allison didn’t want to leave the casino last night,” he growled. “She ran into a few of her friends from school and they talked for hours. I just grew tired of losing on the slots and on the roulette, and sat at the bar. I don’t know what time we got home. She had to drive.”

Deirdre was skeptical of his story, though it was likely at least partially true. However, when Geoff had finally rolled into bed, she had smelled the unmistakable aroma of sex on him. She wasn’t going to bring it up. She never did. What he and Allison did together was between them.

Finished, Deirdre flushed, washed her hands, and then off-handedly asked, “Can I join you?”

Geoff didn’t immediately answer, though his shadow through the shower door showed him reach down and give his manhood a stroke or two. “I don’t know how I can be of service to you,” he growled. “My head is throbbing. But if you can be of a distraction…”

Deirdre had already begun to undress, and when she pulled the door open and stepped inside, she saw his eyes go to her naked body and the admiration in them that he always showed. They might not be exclusive to each other anymore, and hadn’t been for many years, but each could still get the other going just by being naked and close.

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