The Office


It was another boring day of making the graphics for the word presentation that she had already written out, nothing she was certain would hold her interest; just circles, triangles and arrows. She looked at the computer screen dully, she had put a triangle, arrow and circle side by side and was searching the depths of her soul to commit the sizes and placement of the geometric objects to optimize the text that she would then transfer into the shapes. She tried arranging the shapes to make it appealing to her — circle over triangle with an arrow pointing up, then triangle over the circle with the arrow beside pointing between the two…nothing seemed to jump out and grab at her. She shifted her chair and tried not to look at the office window, the sun teasing her to come out and play. This was work, damn it, she told herself, and she had to focus. She peered closer at the image of the triangle over the circle with the arrow in between and wondered…

She flipped the triangle upside down so it was pointing down toward the circle. She started to drag the arrow back and forth in and out of the circle. She frowned, it didn’t seem right. She made the circle smaller and more ovate by stretching out the top and bottom while narrowing the sides…then she increased the size of the arrow. That looked better she thought as she started to drag the arrow back and forth once again into the now oval with her arrow. She smiled though she didn’t know why.

“That’s an interesting design,” Mark the office boy said from behind, startling her. “Reminds me of something…a cunt touch.”

“Excuse me?” she said as she swirled around in her chair to face the scrawny pock marked face of the office intern, “What did you say?”

Mark’s eyes went wide in alarm and stuttered out, “On your computer screen…it looks like one of those cartouches. You know that Egyptian writing?”

Every muscle in her body relaxed as she responded, “Oh.” She swirled her chair back so that she was facing the screen again. “This,” she said as she took the arrow that was stuck in the middle of the oval out, “Is a very important part of the creative presentation process…very important.”

“O.k.,” the frightened intern said and backed away slowly then turned and walked quickly away muttering to himself about the dangers of project graphic stress.

Ok, she told herself, back to work. She frowned and thought that perhaps she should find Mark and apologize for her behaviour, after all he was just learning the ropes plus still dealing with the trauma of childhood. When he was twelve and in the throws of the pubescent hormonal fluxuations, he had become infatuated with a hollow tree knoll to the point he just to have it…unfortunately a family of hungry squirrels thought highly of their home as well. When Mark went to show his affection for the tree, the squirrels thought that it was an attack and well…she knew immediately afterwards that she never should have asked him why everyone called him “Stubby”.

Back to work. She looked at the oval with the triangle over top of it. She clicked on the arrow graphic again and placed the arrow pointing up under the oval, then clicked another arrow in and within moments she was once again transfixed by the arrow piercing the oval slowly then quicker then quicker…She took her hand off the mouse. How could she let her mind wander so? She was quite aware that it had been a while and though she knew she could get a man anytime she wanted; hell, there was one who had gone as far as renaming his hand after her which was both complimentary and terrifying at the same time — she knew it would be best to wait for the right one, not the one right now.

She looked at the screen again. She enlarged the arrow just a little bit more and started tracing the outline of the circle slowly and then started moving it closer toward its center. She really needed that little vacation that was coming up she thought to herself, if this exercise was any indication. She licked her lips and she felt a wetness starting to form under her pants. Oh come on now, she thought to herself, it’s a frigging work presentation. She thought it best to just close her eyes and compose herself before this got too carried away…..

“Excuse bahis firmaları me, miss?” a deep gravelly sounding voice rumbled beside her ear; she could smell a mixture of pepperoni and pickled eggs wafting to her nose from where the voice was centered.

Oh please let this be a dream she innerly whispered to herself. She slowly opened her eyes — the computer screen still had the upside down triangle over the oval with the arrows stuck in the center and on the bottom. More disturbing was that she could feel the hot breath of someone beside her. She turned her eyes toward the breathing; it was a funny looking man in a brown fedora, tan trench coat with the collar lifted up to cover the his neck. He looked like he hadn’t shaved for about a week.

“Excuse me, miss?” The man said with a more insistent tone.

Without moving her neck, scared by the fact that a strange man had gotten not only into a secure office but found his way into her cubicle without anyone at least yelling something to give her a heads up about the matter. “Can I help you?” She said in her most mouse-like voice she could muster hoping that he wasn’t some disgruntled user of the office program she was working on.

The man looked at her grimly and said, “The image on your screen.”

It was time for her to take charge of the situation she decided. She turned her chair to face him and asked in a dangerous tone, “What about the image on your screen.”

The man didn’t budge from his leant over position but looked her straight in the eyes and answered, “That’s my image — you have to get rid of it…please.”


“I work for the Powers-that-be and that’s my assigned Incan glyph page,” the man responded. “There seems to be a glitch in the celestial communications department. For the past half hour I’ve been popping my head into my boss’s office every two minutes asking what he wants…he’s getting quite irritated about it.”

She was confused. “So what’s that got to do with me?” She was going to add what kind of boss would give an employee such a pornographic pager in the first place before she realized she was making one arrow have anal sex with an oval while she penetrated the center of it with another arrow and thought she should just keep her mouth shut about that.

“What’s that got to do with you? My boss is a real hard ass.” The man straightened up, folded his arms and sternly said, “The last time he got mad at me, I spent a month in the spice mines of Kessel chained to a very flatulent Wookie. The work wasn’t so bad but the Wookie had a really rich diet so every time he bent over I got both wind burn and a shower…So get rid of it until the communications department gets rid of the fuck up.”


The man sighed loudly, rubbed his forehead just below his fedora and then leaned over to the ‘escape button’…

That was it! She decided that she had just about enough of this nonsense — she didn’t know who was setting her up with this shit, probably that Mya bitch two cubicles over, but she wasn’t going to have anymore of it. She grabbed his hand as he had almost made it to the keyboard. She stood up, pushed his hand away and growled, “No body touches my buttons except for me.” Soon as she said it, she kicked herself for her wording. She hoped that he hadn’t noticed.

“Really?” The man said challengingly.


The man reached over and undid the top button of her blouse, then looked expectedly at her.

She took a deep breath and warned the man, “I wouldn’t do that again, mister.”

“The name is Jared,” the man said. He undid another button on her blouse, “And I don’t listen to people who don’t ask nicely.” To make sure that he was understood, he undid another one of her blouse buttons so that her lacy bra popped forward out of the fabric prison.

She wasn’t sure what exactly she should do. She knew she should re do the buttons up and then call security but for some reason she didn’t want to. She started to think of this in a rational manner — obviously, this was a dream, this wouldn’t happen in real life, so maybe she should just go with the flow…for the moment. She decided to repeat her warning instead. “I said don’t touch my buttons.”

The man kaçak iddaa undid the front latch on her bra and her breasts nodded their approval. He took his finger, poked her left nipple and went, “Beep.” He folded his arms in front of his chest again, a smirk on his face.

This was just too much! Well, she thought, two can play this game. She was in perfect position; her head was just above his belt buckle level. She softly massaged his bulge for a moment before taking her other hand, reached down, and undid his zipper, poked her finger into the zipper opening and went, “Beep.” She hadn’t expected the reaction she received. She had heard men sometimes went commando but when his semi erect penis popped out and beeped her back on her nose….it was a battle of wits — one that she would win. She reached out to his quickly hardening member and gripped him firmly by it while she cupped his balls in her other hand. This will show the fucking cock sucker whose boss she thought to herself as she kissed the head of his cock and then licked her way down his shaft and then back up.

She looked up at the man and stuck out her tongue defiantly before turning her attention back to the matter at hand. She licked down and stopped at his balls and began to suck, lick, gently bite them and then let them roll around between her teeth. She then licked her way back up his shaft and sucked on the tip of his cock, letting her tongue flick the tip. She looked up with a mischievous glint in her eye and raked her teeth across the head; very gently. She kissed the tip and continued to suck on it. She began to slowly move her mouth down the shaft, taking in the whole length, inch by inch until she reached his balls. She could feel him at the back of her throat. She moved her mouth back up, letting her tongue flick the tip of his cock. Then she went back down. She moved slowly at first, but then she found a rhythm that worked for not only her but from the low groans she heard, for him as well. Her mouth went up and down, up and down as his cock slid in and out, in and out of warm, moist mouth. Her tongue flicked the tip each time it came up.

She waited until she would feel the trembling of his member when it was gliding along her lips then stopped. She leaned back in her chair and looked up at the man who was still weaving back and forth in extasy and simple said, “I push buttons…you don’t.”

The man’s eyes popped open and looked down at her. “Oh really?”

“Yep,” she said in a steady self assured voice.

The man knelt down and took her left nipple into his mouth as his one hand cupped her right breast. She could feel his other hand sliding up and down the outside of her jeans — the friction of the denim moving her contained pubic mount causing her to start to slowly seep her juice into the thin panties she was wearing. She closed her eyes and tried to stem off the excitement as his mouth switched nipples.

“They aren’t my button,” she said rather unconvincingly. She heard and felt her jeans buttons being undone and unzipped, then pulled off her legs. She hadn’t even realized that somehow her ass had lifted itself off the chair a little bit to aid the rude man in his task. Betrayed by my own body, she cursed then stifled a groan as the man gave the tip of her nipple a bite and his thumb had found the hood of her clit and had started to rub along its edges.

The man’s other hand moved down to her thighs, and slid one of his fingers into her pussy; it had been so long that she had tightened up so even the girth of his finger sent tingles of pleasure through her very core. He trolled his tongue down from her breasts and down towards her lusty hairy mound, her hips disregarding her mind’s orders to play it cool but instead straining up to meet his lips with their own. The tip of his tongue flicked the top of her engorged clit, her pussy lips tightened against his finger and she came hard, her juice spraying itself down his hand and wrist. He smiled.

He took his thumb from her clit but did not stop the slide of his finger into her but increased its speed and forcefulness as he rolled his lips around the leaking liquid, sucking it up into his mouth. The combination of his finger and hot breath along her sensitive kaçak bahis lips was more than she could take. She grabbed him by his arms and hoisted him up to where his cock now rested on the edge of the chair just in front of her wanting sexual lips.

She then grabbed him by the neck and brought his head and lips to hers, kissing him deeply, mixing the taste of him in her mouth with the taste of her in his. She lashed her tongue at his then pulled back.

“Push my fucking button,” she demanded, “I double dare you.” He gave a slight nod and moved his hips forward, letting his tip rub lightly against her pussy lips on the sopping chair. She was in no need to play; she grabbed his ass and forced him deep into her. She began to cum again as soon as she felt his pubic hair tickle her pulsating clit and she dug her fingers deep into both his as cheeks and started to just grind their pubic mounds into one another lustily. She started to pump him back and forth into her until she was satisfied that he got the idea of how fast and hard she wanted him to fuck her with that seven inch cock of his. She thought that maybe it had been too long if she was dreaming of seven inches, but with the pleasure the feel of his tip brushing the sides of her vagina was giving her, she made a mental note to increase the size the next time she had a wet dream.

He moved his head down and began licking on her breasts. He licked the nipples, sucking on them, biting them and making them hard, one and then the other. He kissed on the mouth as he moved his cock back out and then in. He began to pick up speed as she started to thrust her own pelvis out to meet his thrusts, the chair squeaked rapid bursts of noise but she didn’t care at the moment. He kneaded her breasts as they fucked harder and harder, she could feel him growing even longer and thicker inside her hot pussy. She clenched her muscles together rhythmically to match his piston like bursts in and out of her he gave one last deep thrust as she started to cum and pulled out, letting his own cum spew like a volcano between her thighs that had rivers running down their sides from her own pleasure.

The man stood up, brought his pants back up to his waist and buckled his belt back up. She didn’t know what to do, so she followed suit, with the added hassle of having to do up her bra and blouse. Lazy prick she thought, he undid them, and he should have to do them back up again. He gave her a quick wink, quickly reached over and pushed ‘escape’. The computer screen went black.

The bastard! She thought to herself.

“There I pushed your button,” he said with a self satisfied look on his face.

“I was just faking it,” she protested. The man looked at the puddle that they had made just under her chair but said nothing, simply held up a dagger in his left hand and muttered something under his breath.

Oh fuck, I’m dead, she thought to herself. A bright light flashed behind him, it looked like a door. Great, now I’m supposed to go into the light too, she cursed herself, at least I don’t have to finish this damn project graphic…

But instead of driving the dagger into her now covered breast, the man put his dagger back in its sheath. He tipped his fedora to her and stepped back into the doorway made of light and disappeared.

She looked at the spot beside the cubicle wall where the doorway of light had been. She must have been dreaming she decided. She turned her chair around, pushed herself a little bit closer to the key board and reopened the graphics program. The arrow, circle and triangle appeared side by side. She decided that she just must have dreamt the entire thing. She chided herself for being such a silly girl…imagine, having sex in the office with a total stranger.

Mark the intern walked briskly into her cubicle, “Here’s the raw data for the program analysis due next –” he started to say but was interrupted as his foot stepped into something beside her chair and caused him to slip and crash hard onto his back. She was about to get up to see if he was alright when the slight lifting of her butt of the seat created a draft of air that warned her she really needed a towel….she now had a new problem to contend with, other than the graphics and the intern bleeding profusely from the head all over her cubicle floor…was it real, was it a dream, or did she just need to really check out the “Depends” shelf the next time she was in the grocery store?


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