The party


The partyWe have been spending months on the internet, chatting with people looking, selecting for our special party.We have had many a fun night talking with like minded people, planning, finding the right couples that appealed to us the most. We have even had some amazing online sex with them, enjoying watching each other get off on the stories and games we have played, but finally we have whittled it down to ten couples.The first couple we chose were always going to be asked. Dave and Lorna both in their early 40’sPart of the selection process was seeing pics of the couples, and we were both very impressed with the two of them. They sent us pics of them fucking…Dave…a muscular guy about 5’10, shaved head, tattooed shoulders….and a long thick cock that judging by the look on Lornas face in the pics, is very capable of pleasing a lady.You were drooling at the mouth when you saw them, that’s for sure.Lorna…about 5’4, not plump but not slim either, tanned, short black hair….amazing 36 D tits…shaved pussy…with a tattoo of a rose on her left hip area…They both list their sexual likes as experimenting with other couples….oral, anal, home videos and DP.So they are first on our list.The second couple are slightly younger….John & Josie….John is 35….5’7 stocky with an average length but broad cock, he’s a builder so I assume he will be strong, he has a cheeky grin (full of mischief) Josie is older than him 48….5’2 short cropped dark hair which suits her elfin features with piercing blue eyes. They describe themselves as adventurous & willing to try new experiences…something about their profile pic tells me he may be more adventurous than her! John has tribal tattoos emphasisng the muscles of his upper arms & shoulders but Josie has none…she looks demure…mmmmm I’m going to enjoy playing with her.The next couple we selected were Paul and Alice.Alice is 41 very very pretty, long blonde hairs, 5’11 but looks taller in the pic she sent as she had heels on with her black basque with sheer nylons clipped to them. Very small tits but pert, nice slim shapely figurePaul is the same size but younger, 30…her toyboy she calls him. Very athletic build…..short cropped dark hair…with his eyebrow pierced. Flat abs and a tight arse…muscular legs. He sent a naked pic and you adore his thick cock. They enjoy experimenting and both get off on watching the other fuck. Alice particularly likes being covered in cum…And loves eating pussy and licking arseOur fourth couple are Andy & Gill.Andy is 52, shaven head, lean & wirey, hairy body which he clips short, oriental influenced tattoos he has a big dragon up his back and loves younger women as Gill is 28, imaculate make up, perfectly bobbed auburn hair, size 10 with surgically enhanced 34F boobs, she says she is bi sexual & that her & Andy regularly have 3sums, 4sums & moresums. Andy loves to watch her being fucked while he is restrained…in his pic he is wearing leather briefs with his hands cuffed behind his back while Gill is wearing stockings, suspenders & boots with 4inch heels sporting a riding crop….mmmmm i think they like bondage hunMmmmm i think they do too.Our next couple…Leroy and Della…both black…30, Leroy is your typical jamaican, dreadlocks….muscular body with tribal tattoos….thick muscular legs and a tight hard arse…..but its his cock that tops it all off….a truly magnificent specimen…you tremble at the thought of it inside you., in fact i know you have masturbated over the thought of it frequently. Della is slim…5’4 aso in dreadlocks….very small tits but with large dark black areola…nice tight arse…and loves wearing nothing but v short denim skirts and strappy T-shirts They enjoy orgies…and Leroy boasts that no man can last longer then a minute with Della sucking his cock. Della is equally adept at licking pussy…and is proud of the fact that that she has never failed to make a woman cum on her amazingly large long tongue.The sixth couple are only 21…c***dhood sweethearts who have only ever fucked each other & been together since they wer 14yrs old….Stacey & Tyler, they list watching porn together as one of their fav things to do. Tyler says he took Stacey’s anal cherry but she wasn’t to keen…he wants to fuck an experienced woman & she wants a man to help her like anal. They both have pierced tongues & Tyler has a prince albert.Next are Angie and Stu.Angie is very Bi…..5’5 long black hair…quite plump, overtanned has the orange look…..tattooed…and has pierced nipples, tummy button, and clit. She is 30 and very sub…..she likes being told what to do and enjoys being humiliated. Stu is 29 tall….lean and loves nothing better than fucking other women with her watching…he calls her some pretty nasty things but it just seems to turn her on more. She is excited about you……she thinks you may teach her a few lessons. She enjoys being spanked hard.Our final couple are Eamon & Sinead…Irish….mmm i love the accentShe’s petite, pale & freckly skin, long culry red hair…looks like a porcelin doll until she dresses up….loves leather & PVC every inch the Dominatrix…small boobs pushed up high tiny waist cinched in tight, loves using toys. Eamon is tanned but weathered, dark curly hair, green eyes very toned body, shaved pubic area, larger than average cock…loves to fuck whilst stoned says it heightens the pleasure…loves to be submissive, like his arse fucking with a strap on but not by a man…he’s not gay lolOkThe party is tonight…..we buy enough booze to sink a battleship and i manage to get my hands on some fantastic dope…also some coke.We have told them to come dressed to play…and now we are in our bedroom deciding what you’re going to wear.I’m so indecisive, having never done this before i want to look perfect. I pull out 3 outfit choices… Pvc basque with matching studded collar & cuffs, thigh high stiletto boots…the Basque cinches my waist pushing my voluptuous boobs up high, 2nd outfit…black, strechy mini dress, deep plunging v neck only just covering my nipples, no bra suspenders & fishnet stockings killers stillettos with ankle straps or 3rdly a backless dress that stops at my buttock cleft but comes mid calf with peep toe shoesI like them all……but i decide that you would look good in the black stretchy mini dress with accessories.I explain that when you decide to…you can go and get changed….everyone has been told that the games we play may involve them getting naked…and if they have a favourite costume they want to put on later… they may.I want you to be a slut tonight Jo….i tell you…while feeling your arse and kissing your neckI get changed & do my hair & make up…dark smoky eyes, bright red lips, hair back combed to give the illusion of height…i look every inch the slut you want me to be. I walk downstairs & check that the champagne is chilling, candles are lit, and the aroma of vanilla fills the room, my fav sexy smell. You come in behind me, lifting my skirt to see my peachy arse….”u dirty fucking whore, i want you to suck my cock, now!” i turn & drop to my knees in front of you as you release ur cock from ur leather pants. I force my cock into your mouth……Ohhh you slut…I moan…That’s so nice… dirty bitch.Are you going to be a slut tonight baby? I moan.Are you going to fuck all those men…while their wives watch?Are you going to eat pussy? Are you going to drink cum?Mmmmmmm you’re such a dirty fucking whore aren’t you?That’s it…….suck it…..suck my cock you dirty fucking slagI suddenly stop sucking “Don’t call me a slag darling or i won’t be you’re cum whore” i playfully slap your cock “now you’ll have to wait til later for me to finish that” as the doorbell chimes.i moan my disappoiontment…i zip myself up…then give your arse a playful smack……your lipstick is all over my cock darling….you better reapply it and let our guests in.I check my reflection in the hall mirror, opening the door i’m greeted by John & Josie. Johns eyes quickly flit over my body, finally resting on my cleavage. “Hi, I’m Kaite, come in” John is wearing stone coloured chinos & a tight black t-shirt, Josie removes her coat to reveal a mini skirt & halter neck top, her smooth tanned legs end with beautifully manicured toes in diamante studded sandels.They walk into the lounge…and i greet Josie with a kiss….she smells gorgeous…and my eyes cast over her approvingly….i notice you and John are kissing…i fetch the drinks…and when i come back…..they are sat down on sofa….Josie has her legs crossed and i catch a small glimpse of her smooth cunt as she uncrosses deliberately as i hand her a drinkAs we settle our guests down and admire them…the doorbell goes again.Dutifully you smooth your hair down…check your make up and go to the door…Dave and Lorna stand their…smiling.Lorna is in a long leather jacket which is open to reveal her in a full length fishnet body…with red heels.Her large tits and shaved pussy quite visible….she gives you a broad smile and kisses you as you invite her in.Dave is in tight jeans with an even tighter t shirt….his cock bulge catching your eye.Welcome to the party…you say…and they enter the lounge…greeting the other couple….who most definately approve…You cannot resist giving Dave’s bum a pinch as he walks past youMMMMmmmmm I’m eyeing Dave’s bulge as I pour them both a glass of champagne. Lorna looks magestic in her body stocking, her nipples poking through the material.The doorbell chimes again……”Andy” I squeal as I open the door, you raise an eyebrow suspicious that I already know Andy. He’s dressed in an Armani suit, silk white shirt, no tie, winkle picker shoes every inch the entrepreneur. “Mmmmm you smell delicious as always” I say as we embrace. Gill stands there looking a little shy…..”Come on in Darling” I purr her eyes are wide giving her a startled look. I smile i know she’s acting demure until she knows what everyone else is like; she keeps her short black mac on as she enters the room. Her killers heels are the only hint at what may lie beneath, you look at me inquistively “I thought she was into bondage?” you whisper…..”She is just be patient she likes to make an entrance so to speak, all will be revealed”The guests that have arrived are chatting and getting on well.I pull you into the kitchen.Wow…i say….this is going to be fun…and they are not all arrived yet.Mmmmmm you say….I know.Which reminds me…i ask…sliding my hand up your leg…have you met Andy before you dirty girl?The door bell rings….and you smirk at me…biting you lip…and walk away to answer it…wiggling your hips as you go through the lounge…with everyone looking admiringly at you. XxEamon and Sinead…the Irish couple stand there. Eamon stands in faded blue jeans and a pale blue denim shirt… necked…a matt of thick dark hair on his chest. Sinead is wearing black leather off the shoulder basque which finishes at her hips…and a very short mini dress also leather. And carrying a big bag…she has lace doc martens on. Her long red hair is down…and she has green eye shadow on and red lipstick…. Her freckles reflect on her milky white skin. As I turn to admire Eamon’s pert arse, wondering what’s in Sinead’s bag of tricks. I see Andy looking at Sinead with excitement, I wink at him & he smiles.I barely have time to speak, when the door bell rings again this time it’s Stacey & Tyler. He looks like he’s stepped of the set for a boy band, trendy combats, tight V neck T-shirt hinting at the ripped abs underneath…my pussy instantly moistens….Christ I’m old enough to be his mum! Stacey looks cute… in pigtails, short skirt with frilly knickers, cropped halter neck top, knee high socks, platform lace up shoes….looking like a naughty school girl…the fact she’s sucking a lollipop makes her look dirty!!!I look at you & can read your mind LOL…..I know she’s what you fantasize about but then I chose her for you…her arse is yours for the takingI stick close to Stacey…we chat…she seems very shy…and nervous…i get her a drink and Tyler moves away to talk to Lorna…he gravitates to strong domineering looking women.The doorbell rings again…Eamon is rolling a spliff and a few others seem keen to try….Everyone is in the lounge or kitchen…..i manage to have a word in Stacey’s ear…You’re going to be the centre of attention tonight….but remember……you have something for me don’t you? Something you’re keeping just for me?“Do you mean my arse?” She whispers….slightly embarrassed…looking around to make sure no one else is listening.Yes….I do….now run along and have fun Stacey….i will let you know when it is time we were alone…Angie and Stu arrive…you greet them both with a kiss…Leroy and Della tooAngie is in a short white tight stretchy mini skirt….and a white crop top…her tummy revealed…she has been on the tanning bed…and her hair is freshly worked on. Cut longer one side…shaggy fringe over one side of her face. White nails….and lots of makeup. She wears white killer heels…every inch the slut. Stu is in tight jeans and a blue shirt…he towers over her and he looks you up and down with approval“I hope there are some decent cocks tonight for this little slut?” He asks you…as he kisses your cheek and gives your arse a squeeze.And tongue…you murmur back to him…letting your hand brush over his crotch while you look at Angie.Leroy……huge dreadlocks….denim shirt and jeans…..rasta coloured elastic bands holding his hair back…and lots of wristbands greets you with a smile…and your pussy twitches at his tight very visible bulge…Della very short denim skirt and a strappy top….no bra needed. Strappy sandals….looks like she just walked off a beach…but her smile…and smell are amazing. She kisses you warmly…..and your nipples stiffen at the prospect of Leroys huge cock filling you as her tongue pleasures you.When you usher them into the house you see that Eamon is already starting to enjoy himself as Lorna is sat astride him undoing his shirt while the others watchI notice you whispering in Stacey’s ear & I know what you will be saying…I smirk to myself. I see Tyler with Lorna & smile, his eyes follow me as I walk over to Eamon, taking the freshly rolled spliff, I light it & inhale deeply, I feel my muscles relax “mmmm this is good stuff Eamon” I inhale again & this time blow the smoke into his mouth as I kiss him…”roll another, there’s a good boy” I say quietly & wink at him.”So Stu, you going to give me the best fuck ever while your bitch whore watches?” I ask but before he can answer the door bell rings again “Hold that thought hun” I purr as I walk to the door, we have just one more couple to arrive but when I open the door I get the shock of my life, instead of Alice & Paul there’s another young couple standing there. I look at the girl, she looks familiar about 21yrs old, slim, taught abs on show from her cropped halter neck top, mini skirt, knee high socks, funky spiked hair which is purple ” Hi I’m Tracey, is this where the swinging party is?” “I’m sorry this is a private party, invitation only” I reply “yeah well my sister has invited me” Tracey replies cockily….then I twig…Stacey!! “Oh she did now, did she? well you better come in then” I laugh & lead her to the living room with her boyfriend Nick who is older than her, about 38, black hair, piercing blue eyes obviously feeling horny by the bulge in his pants.”Hey everyone this is Stacey’s sister, Tracey & her boyfriend Nick. Grab a drink guys” Stacey blushes & her eyes drop to the floor with shame. I laugh, poor little thing certainly isn’t as brazen has her twin, maybe that has something to do with Nick…time will tell.I walk over to you & whisper “bloody little gatecrasher, but I know how much you want to fuck sisters so why not….you can take both their arses!!” I kiss you & feel you stiffen “thought so” I giggle.”Right Stu where were we?”….he grabs my crotch “This is mine first, while my slut watches” he drops to his knees & parts my legs his tongue quickly finds my clit, giving it a little flick, he breaths in the scent of my musk….”fucking gorgeous cunt” he smiles up at meEveryone pairing off…..i see Della sit next to Eamon…while Lorna sits on his lap….Eamon is playing with her nipples through the body stocking while Lorna unzips him.Della kisses Eamon seductively….but their eyes are on you.Stu holds your dress up and finds your clit… moan excitedly as his experienced tongue laps at it…..his fingers sliding into your cunt…Angie is sat on a chair…watching…..eyes never leaving your face as you squirm with pleasure… her legs fall open and Tyler moves to her and kisses her while Leroy parts her legs……her hands go to her clit and she rubs herself softly as she watches her husband tongue fuck you… either side of herEveryone else…sipping their drinks…watching you.The two sisters are holding hands…sat on stools…watching….sipping through straws suggestively as i stand behind them stroking their hair….Eamon grunts as Lorna strokes his cock…..Della tales off her top revealing small pert black tits which eamon toys with…Stu fingers your cunt slowly….as he laps at your clit……Sinead sits on the sofa…legs apart…toying with her clit…..You moan and shudder…and i know your not far off.Ohhh Angie…your husband is a dirty delicious bastard…..he really knows how to use this tongue of his….you gasp. Ohhh fuck yes…give it to me stu….you dirty fucker…!”Oh god, I’m cumming” I lean back against the dining table to support myself as my legs begin to tremble, orgasm ripping through me as my juices squirt over Stu’s hatay escort face ” Oh you delicious fucking slut, I love it when a woman squirts” he shouts he continues to lap at my pussy until the shudders subside then he gets up, wipes his face with a hand then walks over to Angie……”Taste how sweet she is, you fucking bitch!! So much better than you” he rubs his juice covered hand over her face; she licks her lips looking at me I know she wants to eat me out. She kisses Tyler “tastes good doesn’t she??” he nods his head looking at me with an inquisitive look. Leroy looks up at Angie “Yours is good too” he says her juices smeared over his chin. We all laugh, Leroy has missed the point…….no one is ever better or nicer than the hostess….we will educate him in the etiquette of swinging later.”Mmmmmm who’s next???” I can’t decide just then the door bell chimes “ah this must be our final guests hun” i say as I walk towards the door, adjusting my skirt to cover my shaven pussy again.I open the door to Alice & Paul, her long blonde hair is poker straight falling over her boobs. She is wearing skimpy hot pants, which cling to her peachy bottom, cut high to show the curve of her arse cheeks & a boob tube…very 7o’s!! Paul’s dark hair is clipped short, shaved at the sides over his ears; I notice his piercing & wonder if he has any others. “Come in you two, we’ve already started as you can see” I purr. The other’s carry on with what they were doing, Alice looks at Paul & whispers “Perfect”. “I’m afraid you’ve missed my opening orgasm but I’m sure I’ll have plenty more tonight for you to enjoy” They both look around the room, drinking in the sights & sounds before them. Paul’s cock stiffens instantly as do Alice’s nipples, her breast small & erect. I take her hand & lead her into the room I sit her on a bar stool “this will give you the best view of the room” I say as i sweep her hair away from her neck & gently kiss it….running my tongue across her collar bone ” I do hope you participate Sweetie, it would be a shame to waste you”I walk back towards Angie “Now then you slut, Stu wants you to have good cock, well i can personally recommend 3 of these men…..Andy, John & of course the best Col but Col is busy at the moment with the twins so you’ll fuck John & Andy first…Leroy & Tyler can watch while you’re spit roasted then they can masturbate over you… may even get all 4 cocks if your a good little slut & fuck like you’re told too” On cue Andy & John step forward, I kiss each one & stroke their cocks “Fuck her til she begs you to stop boys” I go & sit on Stu’s lap “Let’s see if your slut is better than me, shall we?”I am between the twins….taking it in turn to kiss them…..Stacey is softer…more unsure…Tracey is eager…her mouth wide open and kissing lie a hungry slut.Andy and John pull her to the floor on all fours…she seems surprised by ut….but pleased…she looks at stu for approval….but he is playing with your tits and just looks at her. You have his cock in your hand and are stroking itFuck her cunt boys….you command….fuck her cunt and mouth …fill her with cum.The boys position her roughly on all fours…John strips naked…and positions himself behind her… he slaps her arse hard…making her squeal..she is facing you….ten he slides his cock deep into her …making her moan…Ohhhh fuck yes….sorry Stu…..sorry….I am such a bad girl…such a naughty girl…I am sorry darling.Andy grips her hips and starts to fuck her cunt…skirt pushed up over her arse…her tits ave fallen from her crop top and are slapping together hard as he fucks her…John…unzips his cock and kneels in front of her…Suck it you fucking whore….stu moans….suck that delicious cock….yo ufucking slut.His words turn you on and you stroke his cock harder… feel someone behind you….stroking your hair….and it is Della……topless…Paul forces his cock into her mouth and fucks it….pulling her hair hard as Andy slams into her cunt…she is moaning hard on Johns cock…and stud is visibly excited watching his dirty wife take two cocks.Leroy and Tyler, on your command unzip their cocks….there is a gasp as Leroys thick big cock springs out…all the girls paying attention….Stacey shivers and pays attention as she watches her husband start to stroke his young cock over Angie…..close to leroys…..wanking over her back…slapping her face with them… she gasps and pants …Fuck her arse….anyone….you say…do her cunt and arse now!Tyler needs no second invitation and swaps with andy…who lies under her…tyler slides into her arse…well lubed up…..she gasps with the pleasure and the pain of it…as andy completes the dp by sliding back int oher cunt.You dirty fucking slut…….Stu moans….getting close to cumming as he watches his wife take three cocks…She is a real dirty fucking whore isnt she? You say…..and Stu moans hard…..and aware that he is going to cum…You slide your mouth over his cock and wank him into your mouth….Angie watching, you take his massive load of seed down your throat.This throws her over the edge and she cums hard on the boy’s cocks…her juices coating Andy’s cock…Tyler groans …and much to the delight of his sister in law…who is enjoying rubbing my cock ….blows his load deep in her arse….Stacey…who is rubbing her cunt on my leg…whispers quietly…….ohhhh you dirty fucking bitch….as she watches her husband cum in her arse.Andy and John….withdraw their cocks…and with Leroy….they wank over her face……all exploding together…covering her in cum…….Della moans hard as she watches her husband shoot his load onto anther girl….Eamon is riding Lorna…slowly…..just enjoying…watching…You wipe Stu’s cum from your mouth…then get onto all fours and lick the boys cum from her face…sucking her tongue…..kissing her.Yes….you are a delicious dirty little whore are you not…..?As I look up towards you, you are kissing Tracey but Stacey looks shell shocked, her eyes full of tears, trying hard not to cry at the sudden realisation that her husband has just fucked another woman’s arse. I leave the boys to stroke & caress Angie, walking towards you I smile sweetly at Stacey.”Hey Sweetheart, it’s only sex, he still loves you” I soothe and kiss her gently, stroking her face. You stop kissing Tracey & listen…”what would you like?” I ask Stacey “I want to be that confident” she sniffs “want Tyler to watch me being fucked & for him to feel proud of me””Oh you soft cow” Tracey scoffs “Come on then Col here will be a great teacher & I see you still like kissing women” winking at me. Stacey says” I’m not ready for others to watch just yet” “Ok what about you & Tracey go with Col & I’ll bring Tyler to watch in a few minutes? You can go upstairs, the other wont mind, you don’t have to do anything you’re not happy with” I suggest. “Go with Col & Tracey, I’ll bring Tyler to you soon, there’s someone I want first”I walk over to Della….”Now darling, what lovely tits you have & Leroy told us you know how to use your tongue…care to give me a lesson on eating pussy….I fancy Gill & Sinead. How about you?” “Of course darling” Della purrs in her native Jamaican accent ” I’d love too” I lean back on the sofa, pulling my skirt up to my waist, revealing my tight, shaven cunt. Dave & Josie are sat on the sofa, Josie is astride him, his cock buried deep inside as he sucks on her tits, her nipples hard like bullets. Paul & Alice are happily watching everyone, smoking a spliff, occasionally stroking each other through their clothing. The four men continue to stroke & probe Angie, Stu watching, stroking his cock.Gill is looking at Sinead & licking her lips…..she stands to take off her coat revealing her outfit for the first time……a PVC bikini with studs around the cups & crotch. She has wrist cuffs & ankle straps, she goes into her bag, taking out a dog collar she puts it around her throat…..Sinead takes the cue…reaching into her bag she takes out a lead, attaches to the collar…..”You’re my bitch now, understand?” Gill nods “you will do as I say without question, now kneel by Jo while we watch Della work on that delicious looking cunt of hers” Della kneels between my legs pushing my thighs high, she parts my pussy lips, exposing my nut hard clit, pale pink in comparison to the red engorged labia. Sinead pulls down my top to expose my b**sts “Mm mm I love big areola” she say and begins to suck & tease my nipples, flicking with her tongue. Della gently teases my clit with long strokes of her thick tongue, it’s so firm almost like a cock, she can move just the very tip & directs pressure with pinpoint accuracy onto my clitoral hood pushing it back to reveal my erect clit…….”Mmmmmmmm nice” I moan ” I want to try that on Gill” Sinead directs Gill to sit on the sofa, she stands behind holding Gill’s arms against the back of the sofa….”just so you’re not tempted to help little bitch”….. I roughly remove Gill’s PVC bikini bottoms to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy, as i part her labia I see she has her clitoral hood pierce. Della restricts one of Gill’s legs & I the other she shows me how to lick her clit, we both lick it together our tongues touching occasionally, Gill thrusts her hips to meet our tongues…Sinead pulls her head back & kisses her stifling Gill’s moans. I slide my fingers deep inside Gill’s tight pussy & offer them to Sinead to taste, “she’s a sweet little Sub, just how I like them” she purrs.You stand for a moment watching before leading the sister’s upstairs…not wanting to leave but knowing this will be the only opportunity to have the sisters to yourself…you sigh, you always love to watch me eating pussy but Stacey arse is too good to pass up & she may bottle if you don’t go now.I take Stacey’s hand and Tracey takes the other. Looking back over my shoulder at you and Della lapping at Gills gorgeous cunt…kissing each other and offering your fingers to Sinead. Just as I leave i see Gill shudder….let out a low moan….”Ohhhh fuckkkk!” and spurt cum onto your tongue…bringing gasps of lust to all watching.I lead the girls upstairs to our room…and close the door.Stacey stands there unsure as i strip my clothes off slowly. Tracey lets out a cry of approval as my hard cock springs from my trousers…”Ohhh fuck Stacey…look at cols cock…we are going to have some fun with that”Tracey walks over to me bringing Stacey with her. She drops to her knees pulling Stacey down with her and takes my cock in her hand.”Look s*s….look how big and hard he is….imagine this inside your tight little arse…” Tracey says…and then licks the tip, stroking it…before taking it deep into her mouth sucking like an expert. Stacey watches, unsure, then Tracey offers her my cock…”Go on s*s…lick it, taste it…it’s delicious.Stacey licks the tip…and then getting bolder takes the tip into her mouth…before taking more in.”Mmmmm that’s horny s*s….that’s it….suck him….suck his big fat cock…so much bigger then Tyler’s….’Hmmmm’ i think. How does that dirty little slut know?Stacey starts to suck my cock with more confidence…noisily….her mouth is warm and wet and little shivers of pleasure run along my shaft. Tracey strips off her top revealing little pert tits with hard dark nipples…hardly any areola, she caresses them as she watches her sister suck my cock…gasping at the pleasure her hands have on herself.She joins Stacey in sucking my cock….i run my fingers through their hair…Tracey’s spikey purple hair…and Stacey’s bunches….moaning as their tongues work magic on my cock.Between licking and sucking my cock, their lips touch…and they kiss slowly and sensually, tasting my cock on each other’s tongues.Stacey peels her top off too…revealing very small tits…smaller than her sisters…but firm and pert…larger areola…puffy nipples….They caress each other’s tits as i rub my cock over their mouths.”On the bed “girls…i whisper and they stand up….peeling their bottoms off as they do. They lie on the bedStacey lies on her back. And Tracey starts to suck her tits..Lying on her side.I push Stacey’s legs apart and start to lap at her smooth cunt.. She gasps at the feel of my tongue pushing into her wet cunt as her sisters hand comes down and starts to stroke her clit, just like they used to years ago.Stacey gasps and moans as my tongue strokes her clit….her juices flow….it’s obvious her she likes her cunt licked…her hips rise from the bed and push onto my face”Ohhhh fuck Colin…..Yessss” she gasps…as my tongue laps at her clit….small concentric circular motion likes strokes…….on her nut hard button.I am stroking traces’ thigh as she licks and sucks hers sister’s nipples…..”Ohhh God…Oh God….I am going to cum…Oh Trace…..I am gonna fucking Cum….yells Stacey…as i slide two fingers into her pussy…finding her G spot and massaging as i tongue fuck her clit.”You fucking dirty slut….cum hard….” Tracey snarls…gripping Stacey’s face…pushing her own face close to it.Stacey lifts her hips from the bed…shudders…..and cums…..fucking my face…..a little spurt of cum splashing onto my tongue.”Ohhhh I am such a dirty little slut..” she moans…as she cums hard on my face…..”I am a dirty little girl…ohhhhh fuck”Her orgasm rocks her body as her sister kisses her hard.I savour the taste of Gill’s cum briefly before kissing Della deeply, sharing the sweetness which has coated my tongue. I look up just in time to see you disappearing with the twins, I smile to myself…nice one Col perfectly to plan.I walk over and pour myself a glass of champagne, talking the spliff from Paul & inhale deeply, feeling the effects rush through my body…..”Mmm this is good stuff….so Paul are you & Alice going to join in?” I lean forward and cheekily stroke his crotch. I walk over to where Angie is still being stroked, licked, sucked & fucked by the four boys….”having fun guys?” The boys all nod..”Oh yes!!” Angie says “I’m such a dirty fucking slut” “you’re a filthy whore bitch” shouts Stu “in fact it’s time you were punished” he says “Hey Sinead, come & teach my slutty wife some manners will you?”Sinead walks over, talking Angie by the wrist she pulls her to her feet….”now boys this little bitch is mine” Angie looks at Stu for reassurance, his expression never changes. Sinead leads Angie to a dining chair “kneel facing the back” she orders, Angie complies. Sinead ties her wrists to the back of the chair & her ankles to the top of the front legs, next she slips a velvet blindfold over her eyes “your husband wants me to teach you a lesson” she whispers in Angles’ ear licking her cheek, her hand strokes down her back & over her arse, which she then slaps, instantly leaving a red welt in the shape of her hand. Angie squeals….”shut your mouth who fucking slut, if she makes another sound punish her harder” Stu barks. Sinead smiles, reaching into her bag she removes a leather riding crop “perfect” Stu says.Meanwhile over on the sofa Dave & Josie are still fucking, she’s still astride him, leaning backwards as he sucks her pert tits, pulling her head back, she grinds down onto his cock, his hand on her abdomen so that his thumb is circling her clit…she’s nearing orgasm as she bucks against him, he thrusts deeper into her tight wet pussy as she lets out a loud guttural moan, her skin glistening from the perspiration.I’m stood watching my guests, drinking my champagne when I feel an arm encircle my waist, Andy kisses my neck “great party babe, you’re new guys seems ok….is he a good fuck?” I smile “you know better than to ask…… thanks for bringing me some nice pussy, Gill tastes so sweet……who do you fancy next?” I ask. Andy looks over at Della “you know I’m rather partial to ebony & so is Gill” he walks over to Della & Leroy introduces himself & Gill, all four sit on a big couch together. Gill sits on Leroy’s lap & Della sits on Andy’s it’s not long before the four of them our kissing & stroking each other.I notice Tyler looking around the room, a slight look of concern on his face, he’s stood with Nick ” hey Jo where are the twins?” he asks “Oh don’t worry babe they’re in safe hands” come with me I’ll show you. I kiss Tyler & Nick, Tyler’s’ cock instantly stands to attention as does Nick’s…..”So Tyler you fancy a bit of MILF? What about me, you & Nick go upstairs?” I lead him by the hand, Nick coolly follows as I show them in to the room that adjoins the one where you are with the twins. The room has a large king-size bed, lit by candles so that the lighting is dim, on wall there is a large pair of curtains…..I open the curtains to reveal a large two way mirror…on the other side we can see you with the twins “So Tyler let’s see what your little wifey can do, shall we?” He just sees the end of Stacey’s orgasm & Tracey kissing her, I sit between him & Nick, I take Tyler’s’ hand & direct it towards my crotch, he instinctively knows what to do but can’t take his eyes off his wife. Nick kneels behind me starting to kiss my neck, his hands wander over my breasts making my nipples erect. We watch the mirror waiting for the next part of your show.Stacey comes down from her orgasm and enjoys a lingering kissing session with Tracey as i finish licking her throbbing pussy…her sighs of content drawing moans of approval from Tracey.”Was that nice Stace”? Tracey asks, between kisses…running her hands over her sister’s tits, tweaking…pinching and pulling her nipples gently.”Mm mm it was…he is very good with his tongue Trace… need to find out for yourself”Tracey lies on her back and Stacey kneels over her…licking and sucking her nipples as i part her legs and ığdır escort start to tease her pussy with my tongue.Her Cunt is similar to her sisters. Tight….juicy…small labia and a button hard clit that begs to be teased.Tracey moans “Mmmmm fuck yes…lick it…lick my pussy babes” as i start to tease her clit, alternating between sliding my tongue into her wet cunt and tasting her juices.Stacey is on her knees, arse in air. Facing the mirror for you to see. I slide one had up over her arse cheeks and start to tickle her arsehole with a wet finger, making her gasp into her sisters mouth as they kiss erotically…Tracey is grinding her cunt onto my face , fucking my tongue…breathing hard and telling me to fuck her.I slide a finger into Stacey’s sweet arse..And she moans hard…….dripping saliva into her sister’s mouth as she arches her head back. “Ohhhhh fuck…that’s naughty” she hisses.”Fuck me…fuck my cunt col”…. Tracey begs…..|make me cum on your fucking face you dirty bastard”She shudders….pushing her hands down to my face and pulling it into her pussy as she explodes onto my face Ohhhhhh fuck yes I am Cumming….Ohhh Jesus Stace…my cunts exploding…Ohhh fucking hell”. Stacey riding my finger watching her. Her tight arse gripping me as i prepare her for my cock.I know you’re watching this with someone…and i hope you’re getting off on it….especially the next bit when i take Stacey’s arse with her facing the mirror”Mmmmm what a lovely pair of little sluts, don’t you think so boys?” I ask as the 3 of us watch the 3 of you. Nick continues to pay attention to my breasts …kneading them, tweaking my nipples so that they stand erect…Tyler’s hand & fingers are exploring my pussy, parting my labia, finding my hard nut like clit, he circles it with his finger, dipping his finger into my pussy to spread my juices around , lubricating my labia. I lean back against Nick’s lap, feeling his hard cock nudging the back of my neck as he leans forward to kiss me. We can hear the moans coming from your room which makes us hornier as we hear Stacey’s moans of pleasure, all 3 look back at the mirror.Tyler sees you fingering Stacy’s arse & decides to copy….slipping a finger into mine while he circles my clit with his thumb…”oh yes baby you like that?” he asks as I squirm down taking it deeper into my arse…I try not to laugh. It’s so weird having a boy call me baby lol “God yes but I prefer a cock in it” I reply. I move away from him, he instinctively comes around behind me as I kneel on all fours facing the mirror, he sees you behind Stacey, your hands grabbing her hips as you guide her back onto your erect cock, she opens her mouth in shock as you push deep into her tight arse, lowering her head but you know we are watching so you grab her hair, pulling her head up, you tell her to look in the mirror. Tracey squirms her way underneath her sister so that she can lick her clit & your balls as you slowly fuck her arse. ” See Tyler? She loves her arse fucking…now fuck mine there’s a good boy while I suck Nick off” i order.Nick comes round to stand in front of me, his proud cock bobbing in front of my face, I take it in my hand & guide it towards my mouth. I begin to suck it with long strokes, flicking the tip with my tongue as Tyler pushes slowly into my arse, I gasp at the sweet pleasurable pain as my arse stretches to take Tyler’s wide cock……”MMmmm that’s so good” I purr each guy thinks I mean them. I slowly thrust back taking Tyler deeper into my arse, I feel my pussy throb as he begins to rhythmically thrust causing me to take Nick deeper into my mouth…..mmmmm arse & mouth fucked at the same time…just need a cock in my pussy for the hat trick but you’re busy. We both continue to enjoy our 3somes, I slide my hand down to find my clit, stroking it as my arse is fucked by Tyler, feeling the orgasm building deep within my pelvis as Nick fucks my mouth, his hips thrust forward, his knees slightly bent he’s holding the back of my head, pushing my mouth firmly onto his cock, i feel his balls tighten, i know it won’t be long before he’s shooting his hot salty cum into my mouth, he’s lost in his own world as is Tyler. I begin to cum hard, gripping Tyler’s cock he cums, I feel his cum shoot deep into my arse as Nick cums in my mouth, and I feel my juices flow over my fingers. Looking past Nick’s hips I see you thrusting hard into Stacey, she is shouting ” oh fuck Col yes that’s it fuck my pert little arse, show me the pleasure of anal sex” you’re head goes back & I know you’re close to Cumming!I grip Stacey’s hair and pull her head back. Knowing that you will be watching, she moans hard as my cock slides into her tight little arse… feels so good and i feel her shudder as I stretch her arsehole.”Ohhh fuck yes Col…I am a dirty bad girl…..fuck my arse….do me you bastard”. She pants, as i start to fuck her hard.Tracey has positioned herself under her and i can feel her tongue slide across my balls, then Stacy gasps as the same tongue toys with her clit.It feels wonderful and I know I can’t keep this up for much longer, I concentrate on not Cumming as I want to put on a good show for you.”That’s it you dirty little slut”, i gasp..”Take my cock… fucking dirty little girl… me what a bad bad slut you are.””Ohhh!….. Col….I am…I am a slut and a bitch…I hope my husband is watching me fuck another man…i hope he sees what a dirty girl I am…I so want to please him.” she shudders….as i pull her hair hard …her small tits slapping together with the force of my fucking. Tracey is moaning underneath us…she is enjoying her sister’s clit..And is fucking her cunt with her fingers, finding Stacey’s G spot and massaging it hard.” Oh fuck Col yes that’s it fuck my pert little arse, show me the pleasure of anal sex,Ohhh fuck…..I am gonna cum”…Stacey Moans…..”Ohhh fuck I am sooo dirty”…..and her back arches and she stiffens then releases a powerful orgasm…it explodes deep inside her and she spurts juice all over her sisters face and fingers. This tips me over the edge…and i throw my head back…grip her arse cheeks…and spurt a hot thick jet of cum deep into her arse.”Ohhh you fucking dirty bitches”…i moan, as another jet slams into her arse. “You fucking gorgeous dirty sisters.” I finish shooting into her arse…and Tracey laps gently at her clit while stroking and milking my balls, our heavy breathing the only thing audible, until Tracey says….”I hope you have some cum left for my arse Col…….”As you cum, so does Tyler…deep in my arse..The sight of his young wife enjoying your cock in her arse, tips him over the edge. “Oh the fucking whore” he shouts as his thick creamy cum shoots inside me “I know she’s a little slut, dirty bitch” he says proudly. I continue to suck Nick, feeling him start to twitch in my mouth, his balls tighten as I grip them firmly, he gives one final thrust & his cum squirts down my throat, I have no choice but to swallow…he smirks down at me….”Drinking it all you naughty girl” he says. I lick every last drop from the tip of his cock then smile at him as Tyler slips out of my arse. “Right you two come with me” I say leading them into the room where you are……”Col darling, it’s time we returned to our other guests and let these 4 play together” you look at me disappointed, you were looking forward to having Tracey’s arse, which of course I know but I decide who you get to fuck! I lean over to kiss you ” We saw everything babe…nice performance but let’s go enjoy the others” As we walk back downstairs I stop to kiss you again ” You certainly enjoyed Stacey & Tracey, Tyler loved watching you fuck his wife. Now who would you like next? I quite fancy trying Leroy’s cock out for size, I’ve never had a black man”As we enter the kitchen we notice Leroy is licking Alice’s clit, she’s sat on the worktop, totally naked, her knees pulled high towards her chest as Paul watches. Della & Angie are licking each other in a 69 position on the sofa as Stu watches, wanking! Dave & Lorna, Andy & Gill, John & Josie, Eamon & Sinead are sat around smoking a splif, we join the main group. Eamonn rolls another splif for us, which we share ” everyone having fun?” I ask. I sit next to Eamonn & you sit next to Sinead, I notice Eamonn’s cock stiffens immediately, I smirk…..mmmm maybe I’ll fuck him first….you look at me and smile as though you know exactly what I’m thinking. I reach to stroke Eamonn’s cock ” Have you missed me?” he grabs the back of my head and kisses me passionately, when we part I say “I take it that’s a yes?” everyone giggles I sit astride him & in one smooth motion I lower onto his cock which is thick & long his shaved pubic area smooth against mine, he lowers his mouth to suck my nipples, we slowly rock our hips in unison, fucking slow, high as kites, every little sensation heightened. I look at you, holding your gaze as Eamonn fucks me, daring you to make your next move. ” Sinead I think you need to teach my man a lesson or two, he needs to be punished he’s just fucked the twins, fucking one up the arse” I smile never breaking eye contact with you as Sinead turns to you and slips a collar around your neck, taking a lead she says “Oh you naughty boy, come with me, I’ve got just the thing for you”….I wink at you as she leads you to the dining table.Sinead…still resplendent in her doc martins…a fishnet body on…clips a lead to me and makes me get on my hands and knees…she leads me to the dining table…people although still enjoying themselves, stopping to watch. She sits on the table and tells me to lick her doc martins….pulling my lead to get me into position…she beckons people over with her finger and instructs them to kiss her as i lick her boots.The girls as well as men come over and kiss her longingly…her telling each one how nice they are…she gives me a kick on the side as i hesitate. “Who told you to stop licking? Dirty boy”I resume my licking but she soon grows bored of it….”bend over the table bad boy” she instructs…yanking the lead ..Pulling me up to her… I do as I am told…..and bend over…i hear her rummaging in her bag and a few gasps from the people…so i start to turn around to look.”Who fucking told you to look? Bad boy” she yells….and i resume my position…bent over the table.I am facing you and i can see the enjoyment on your face…from watching me suffer and also from the big thick cock of eamonns that you are grinding onto…his hands caressing your tits and jealous girls watching you fuck while they finger their clits…I Feel a stinging sensation over my arse cheeks…as Sinead brings a leather riding crop down onto me….I cry out with both pain and pleasure. And i see your eyes light up.”Dirty bad boy….fuck girls arses would you?” Sinead yells…as she strikes my arse once again…and i see you giggle and lick your lips. As do a lot of the girls in the room.She grabs my hair and pulls my head back hard. She licks my ear. And whispers….”perhaps you should be fucked in the arse”?”What do you think Jo? Should bad boy have a dose of his own medicine”?”Oh most definitely” I reply looking directly at you, you see the devilment in my eyes. I stand & turn lowering myself back onto Eamonns cock, mmmm what a great cock he has, he continues to fuck me slowly as I watch Sinead in anticipation. She reaches into her bag again & takes out a strap on dildo, 12inch long, black, latex which she straps round her hips. She pulls your lead “Move” she barks she walks you over to a dining chair, she bends you over the seat then takes each wrist & ties it to a leg “just in case you get any ideas of resisting, you dirty little arse fucker, now let’s see how you like it” your eyes widen at the sight of the strap on, Sinead walks around behind you trailing the riding crop down your spine “who would like to help me lube this dirty fucker?”Gill & Lorna stand up, each kiss you as they walk around behind you, they then kiss Sinead, she squirts lube into each of their hands, Gill smears it lovingly over your arse paying attention to your tight, pink ring, teasing your hole but not penetrating it. Lorna smears lube over your cock & balls, gently wanking your cock slowly, distracting you from what is about to happen.The feeling of having my cock and balls lubed and wanked by Lorna makes me really horny. Gills hand are massaging my arse with oil and i feel her finger over my arsehole…exquisite.I know what is about to happen and it is turning me on…You know i have always said i wanted to be fucked by a woman…and as i watch you ride Eamons big cock i know i will be soon fucked by one.I feel Sinead grip my hips. “Dirty little boy…how do you like this” ? And i feel the dildo slide into my well lubed arse slowly.She lets out a gasp, as others do as she slides into me. I feel the pain of it enter me, but coupled with the pleasure of watching you fuck and others masturbate. And Lorna wanking my cock, it soon turns to pleasure.’Ohhh you dirty fuck” you gasp. As you watch me take the big black cock deep into my arse. “That’s it Sinead…fuck him” Sinead needs no further bidding and she starts to fuck my arse while slapping it with the riding crop. I am crying out but Gill puts a stop to that by clamping her hand over my mouth, powerless to resist i take the full 12 inches of black cock into my arse as you get more and more excited, you slap down hard onto Eamons cock, your face contorted in pleasure….’Ohhh you fucking bad boy you say….look what your making your cute innocent wife do?” and with that, you shudder and cum hard on Eamons hard shaft…juice spurting out from your smooth gorgeous cunt.Sinead is fucking my arse hard now…her hips slamming into my arse cheeks as she gives me the full 12 inches. ‘If i was a man i would be spurting deep inside you now, slut” she moans…and the clitoral stimulator at the base of the dildo sends her over the edge and she cums as she thrusts the big black cock deep into my arse.Lorna is continuing to wank my cock, and the pleasure is too much to bear any longer. I let out a long low moan. And my cum is powerful, the cock in my arse making it so…I spurt hot cum into her hand and across the floor….spurt upon spurt getting more powerful. As my orgasm racks thru my body.Ohhh You dirty fucking slut” you moan. As you watch me cum…”You dirty cock loving slut”I moan hard…my back arches and i fill Leroy’s mouth with my hot cum.I hear you moan with pleasure at the sight of me shooting into his mouth, he strokes the shaft of my cock as i fill his mouth with my hot cum.”Ohhhhhh fuck yesssss!” I moan, as I spurt a hot load into him. “Ohhh you dirty fucking bastard Col” you moan as you kiss Della….fondling each other’s bodies….both watching me cum in Leroy’s mouth. You and Della both go to Leroy and kiss his cum soaked mouth…rubbing his firm hard body.My orgasm subsides…..Leroy and Della lie on the bed…I kneel between Leroy’s legs and stroke his thick hard black cock..Up and down the shaft. Before flicking my tongue over the head. i slowly start to suck the head and he moans and his body stiffens…..You part Dellas’ legs and your fingers stroke her smooth black cunt, she shivers…watching between me sucking Leroy’s cock and you about to tongue fuck her is making her very excited.As i take more of Leroy into my mouth, you part Dellas’ labia and see her nut hard pink clit..throbbing. your tongue feathers over it gently and she moans your name and starts to fuck your face, her hands caressing her gorgeous black tits……her eyes not leaving the sight of me sucking cock.I cup leroys big heavy balls..glancing across at you i see you slide two fingers into dellas pussy, making her back arch…”Ohhhh Jo…fuck me…fuck my pussy” she whimpers..Leroy is grunting and his hands are holding my head….he is thrusting into my mouth and I know he is not far off….Lorna instinctively rubs your cum across her breasts, then stands to offer them to Sinead, who licks each one ” Now go share this with everyone” she orders, Lorna walks around the room as everyone licks & sucks her breasts tasting your juice, even the guys. I climb off Eamonn & walk over to you, loosening your bonds I kiss you longingly ” Did you enjoy that? you dirty little fucker, Now you know how I feel” I laugh. You stand up & take me in your arms, kissing me passionately “Right who shall we have next?” I ask our eyes scanning the room to see who is waiting for our attention. I notice Leroy looking at me, he licks his lips…oh definately…I walk over & whisper something in hs ear, he nods, you look at me puzzled, I tap the side of my nose & you know I’m planning a surprise for you.Stacey & Tyler, Tracey & Nick rejoin the main group, which means the room with the mirror is free. I walk over to Della & give her a long, sensuous kiss, I whisper something in her ear & she nods too. I walk back to you, kissing you again, my hand stroking lightly over your cock, which instantly twitches at my touch ” Right boys come with me, let’s have some private fun” I wink at Della as we climb the stairs. As we enter the room, I start to kiss Leroy….mmmmmm nice he has a pierced tongue. Leroy spots the mirror “Oh great I love watching as I fuck” he enthuses, I smirk. You sit on the bed & pull me towards you, you start to kiss my breasts as Leroy stands behind me, his hands on my hips, kissing the back of my neck, and I feel my clit throb instantly. I reach behind you & wrap a silk scarf over your eyes, pushing you back onto the bed I begin to kiss down across your torso, flicking my tongue over your skin, not missing an inch as I descend towards your waiting cock, I take it deep into my mouth”Oh Jo, I love the way you suck escort bayan cock, you horny bitch & I love 3sums with you” you say gasping as your cock goes deep inside my mouth, only something is different but you’re not quite sure what. You’re imagining that Leroy is stood behind me as I suck your cock….”oh go on mate give my horny bitch a good fucking” you say ” Mmmmmmmmm” is all the response you get from Leroy you assume because he is eating my pussy. You feel someone kneel across your face pinning your shoulders to the bed, you smell the muskiness of pussy “Is that Della?” you ask as you thrust your cock to meet the mouth sucking it “oh this is so good Jo, you’re so good to me..oh baby lick my balls” you feel the tongue lick under your ball sack & up your shaft…there’s that different sensation again…what is it??? The pussy descends on your face, you strain to lick the clit as you taste the juices you know it’s not me “MMMMmmmm Della” you purr “ride my face you dirty bitch” you continue to lick the pussy & thrust deep into the mouth sucking your cock, yours hands wander up to feel Della’s full firm breasts. Your pleasure is starting to build, deep inside your balls as they tighten ” Oh Jo baby I’m going to cum” you moan. You feel the blindfold loosen & see Della for the first time, hovering above your face but facing towards the head of the bed, she’s kissing me & then you realise the sensation you feel is Leroy’s tongue piercing as he is sucking your cock!!I moan hard…my back arches and i fill leroys mouth with my hot cum.I hear you moan with pleasure at the sight of me shooting into his mouth, he strokes the shaft of my cock as i fill his mouth with my hot cum.”Ohhhhhh fuck yesssss!” I moan, as I spurt a hot load into him. “Ohhh you dirty fucking bastard Col” you moan as you kiss Della….fondling each other’s bodies….both watching me cum in Leroy’s mouth. you and Della both go to Leroy and kiss his cum soaked mouth…rubbing his firm hard body.My orgasm subsides…..Leroy and Della lie on the bed…I kneel between leroys legs and stroke his thick hard black cock..up and down the shaft. Before flicking my tongue over the head. i slowly start to suck the head and he moans and his body stiffens…..You part dellas legs and your fingers stroke her smooth black cunt, she shivers…watching between me sucking leroys cock and you about to tongue fuck her is making her very excited.As i take more of Leroy into my mouth, you part dellas labia and see her nut hard pink clit..throbbing. your tongue feathers over it gently and she moans your name and starts to fuck your face, her hands caressing her gorgeous black tits……her eyes not leaving the sight of me sucking cock.I cup leroys big heavy balls..glancing across at you i see you slide two fingers into dellas pussy, making her back arch…”Ohhhh Jo…fuck me…fuck my pussy” she whimpers..Leroy is grunting and his hands are holding my head….he is thrusting into my mouth and I know he is not far off….I continue to finger Della’s pussy, feeling her tight pussy grip my fingers, my thumb circling her clit, the tip of my little finger teasing her arse, She begins to writhe her hips, grinding onto my fingers so that my little finger enters her arse, she pinches & pulls her hardened nipples “That’s it my black beauty, cum for me, cum with husband for me & Col” I purr. You continue to suck Leroy’s immense cock, he’s gently holding the back of your head but thrusts up into your mouth, his balls tighten as his back arches “Della, I’m cumming babe, cum with me” he cries. They both let out deep guttural moans as Leroy shoots his cum into your mouth, Della squirts her creamy cum over my fingers “Oh you two are the best dirty fuckers ever” she cries I continue to probe her pussy deeper taking her past the point of pleasure, she tries to writhe of my fingers “Oh no you don’t” I say & forcefully continue finger fucking her pussy. “Shit, I’m going to cum again” she cries.You come over & kiss me so that I can taste Leroy’s cum, i over you my fingers soaked in Della’s juices….”oh” she moans in disappointment I turn & bury my head between her legs, lapping at her sopping pussy, gripping her thighs pulling her onto my face as I tongue fuck her. She looks at you…”Col come fuck my mouth” as you slide your cock into her waiting mouth she begins to suck greedily on your cock, I feel Leroy behind me, gripping my hips he gently pushes his big, thick cock into my pussy, I moan into Della’s cunt. We continue fucking, a delicious mass of bodies, Della tastes so good, Leroy’s cock is so snug in my pussy & you smile as I look up form between Della’s legs.We finish with Leroy and Della……..all spent and happy……we lie there on the bed kissing and fondling…before dressing and going back downstairs where the party is in full swing.Stacey’s inhibitions seem to be over as she is taking her husband’s length in her arse as she sucks Eamonn’s cock….Tracy is sat on a chair watching her as Lorna tongue fucks her…whimpering on her face. Her skirt ridden up onto her stomach…caressing her tits as she grinds onto her face.Gill lying on the living room floor fingering herself with lots of guys wanking over her, while her husband gets off on it..stroking his cock at the sight of his wife being covered in other guys cum.Paul and Alice are in the corner. Kissing stroking each other…watching the fun. You walk over to them and whisper in Alice’s ear. She smiles and kisses you…..then whispers into her husband’s ear…who in turn kisses you and slides his hand over your arse.Alice smiles and winks at me…and beckons me over….I sidle up to her and she whispers in my ear that she wants to lick your arse while me and hubby fuck her. This of course sounds fantastic to me..and i suggest we retire to the conservatory…where people can watch us if they feel like it..and we can use the long furniture to recline in.Alice is still wearing what she turned up in..Paul is naked, from his earlier romp with Gill. His cock is erect and smooth…and your mouth is salivating at the thought of it inside you.Alice and myself take a seat on a long sofa. Sharing a spliff we watch as you take Paul’s thick cock not your mouth expertly, Alice moans her approval at the sight, and takes hold of my cock..saying as she strokes.. “Mmmm they told me your wife was the best cocksucker here….now i see what they mean, I hope she eats pussy just as well”Alice’s fingers stroke my cock to full hardness…and i am enjoying watching you take all of Pauls hard long cock right to the back of your throat….he has his head back…moaning…thrusting his hips towards your face…..legs out straight.Suddenly you stop…and while you wank him…you look at Alice wanking my cock….moaning with pleasure as Pauls fingers find your arse. He circles the opening…..making you squirm.”Ready for tongue Jo?” Alice asks….smiling. ‘ Ohhhhh fuck yes Darling” you whisper huskily…and you get on the floor on all fours…pushing your arse out towards her.She moves towards you….stroking your back and kissing your arse cheeks…her fingers now sliding over your pussy….making you shiver with anticipation.You Gasp as you feel her hot wet tongue slide over the entrance to your arse..little light flicks…..sending pleasure through you.Her fingers slide inside your pussy as she licks and teases your arse….and as asked…Paul and myself start to wank over the pair of you…..watching you squirm on her face.”You’re going to cum on my face you bad girl, then you’re going to ride my husband’s cock while i fuck Col and i want their cum on me………ok sweetie?” Alice moans .As Alice expertly licks my arse, my pussy grabs her fingers as she pushes them deep inside….after all the sex of the evening so far my pussy is in a heightened state of sensitivity, it pulses involuntarily against her fingers, my swollen G- spot ready to burst, releasing its juices. Alice probes my arse with her tongue “Oh my god that feels so good you dirty little bitch” I gasp “Oh No you’re the dirty bitch” she replies her hands spread my butt cheeks wide & she plunges her tongue deep into my arse, her fingers expertly stroking my g-spot, she knows I’m not far off orgasm as my pussy tightens, my g-spot pulling up high before it finally releases a gush of hot, sticky sweet fluid all over Alice’s fingers & face, her tongue laps greedily at my juices “Mmmmmmm you’re so fucking sweet Jo, now you’re going to fuck Paul while you eat my pussy”She lies on the bed, you kneel over her face & slowly she starts to suck your cock, i spread her legs wide, as my fingers spread her plump juicy labia, my tongue begins to flick her harden clitoris, my arse in the air with Paul knelt behind me, he slowly slides his hard, thick cock into my pussy, i gasp into Alice’s pussy…..”mmmmm just what I like, thick hard cock & nice juicy pussy” I purr. I lap at Alice enthusiastically, my tongue probing her, sucking & nibbling her labia, tugging her clit with my teeth as Paul thrusts deep into me, pulling my hips back hard onto him, I writhe onto him as you fuck Alice’s mouth. Paul’s pace begins to quicken & I know he is nearing his orgasm he pulls out of me & kneels by his wife wanking his cock as you’re fucking her face. She bucks against my face & I pin her by placing my hand on her pubis, her pussy grips my tongue, i slide a finger in her arse, sending her over the edge, she cums hard, juices flowing over my chin, I look up & smile at you, you take this as a cue to cum. Pulling your cock from her mouth, you wank it to orgasm, your hot cum shooting over her face, mouth, chin & throat as Paul cums over her tits & abdomen…..i use my free hand to the smear both your cums together over her body….”Oh fuck yes, I love being covered in cum” she pants.Gill has partnered up with Stacey, she has her eyes on her, wants Stacey to tongue fuck her while she watches Tyler fucks her arse, which leaves me with Tracey and you with Andy. Nick, Tracey’s partner has his hands full as Angie and Della are given him the blow job of his life.We retire upstairs to the bedroom, I have been looking forward to hitching Tracey’s short miniskirt up for some time and enjoying her pussy, I take her hand and lead her to the dressing table, we kiss then i kneel down and push her miniskirt up to her tummy, exposing that smooth delicious pussy, my mouth watering as i run my tongue over her labia, making her moan softly and grab my hair.Andy has sat you on the bed, your legs are open and he kneels in front of you stroking his cock as he watches your fingers splay your lips apart, showing him your pink slit and hard clit.., he moans his approval as he strokes his cock,” Ohhhh fuck Jo, I have been waiting all night to eat that” he murmurs, never taking his eyes off it.”Be my guest darling”, you moan, bringing one leg onto the bed, guiding his head onto your pussy with your hand, your head goes back and you let out a low moan as his delicious tongue starts to tease and delight your wet juicy cunt.My right hand rubs the top of his head, the peach fuzz wear his hair should be feels nice, my left hand caresses each of my breasts in turn, pinching the nipples, flicking them so that they stand erect, tugging each one to its limit before letting go. I make eye contact with Tracey “feel good?” I ask “Oh my god Jo, you’re so lucky to have a guy like this” she enthuses thrusting her smooth shaven pussy towards your mouth, holding your head she grinds her hips onto your face as your tongue probes deep to taste her sweet young juices.As Andy continues to work his tongue across my pussy, my foot strokes his waiting cock, hard against the instep of my foot it twitches in anticipation of joys to come. I feel the first tightening of my pussy as he licks my hard erect clit, nibbling my swollen labia he strokes my inner thighs……”oh my god that feels so good, you certainly haven’t lost your touch babe” I say……you stop licking & raise your head to look at me, realising what I’ve said I just wink at you “sorry Col didn’t I tell you Andy & I are old friends?” You smile a knowing smile & go back to eating Tracey’s pussy, leaving me to wonder what you will do to teach me not to be so secretive in future.Tracey’s pussy tastes delicious, and she is so wet….she is holding my head and gently rotating her hips, fucking my face, enjoying my tongue as it teases her clit and probes her wet juicy slit.I can hear you moaning and I know he is tongue fucking you just the way you like, I love hearing your moans of pleasure, especially when i am with another woman.Tracey shivers…my tongue is sending her body into little spasms. “Ohhhh fuck yes Col….eat my pussy, ohhh fucking hell that’s good.” Tracey Moans…gripping my hair and pulling my face into her wet pussy.I can hear the familiar sounds of you starting to cum….your moans getting more frequent….that little whimper you make just as your about to cum….the way you talk…”Ohhhh fucking hell you bad boy…eat me….fucking eat me…..I’M GONNA CUM……Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck you dirty fucking boy…that’s it…..Mmmmm Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssss!Your cum is hard….he is good with his tongue……your noisy and it takes a special tongue to get you that way.Tracey shudders…..and throws her head back, her back arching…my hands holding her legs apart as she cums hard. Her juices flowing onto my tongue and into my mouth….sweet and musky…..young pussy…..delicious.I stand up and kiss her…my hands wandering onto her tits…pert and soft……gorgeous nipples….she moans into my mouth…enjoying my caresses.”Now Girls…….me and Andy fancy some DP…..who’s first” ? I say looking at you and winking…”.who thinks they can take two cocks at the same time”?I look at Tracey & smile ” what do you think Trace? Can you take 2 cocks?”Tracey looks a little nervous but smiles ” I’ll give anything a go, how hard can it be?”Andy takes her by the hand & leads her to the bed, he lies down & she instinctively sits astride him, leaning forward to kiss him her breasts brush against his chest, her nipples harden, Andy gently squeezes each pert tit in turn ” so babe Col & I going to be your first DP?”You stand behind her, slowly stroking her arse, she responds by swaying her hips, your hand travels down the inside of her thighs, then up the middle stroking her labia feeling the wetness of her eager pussy, she grinds her clit against the tip of Andy’s cock you lean forward & slowly start circling her arse hole with your tongue. I pass you some lube which you smear around her tight pink hole as I kiss you, stroking your cock as you kiss me back”Fuck her tight little arse” you moan into my mouth…as we kiss.she is moaning softly as she rides Andy’s cock, her moans turn to gasps as my cock slides slowly into her tight lubed arse.”Ohhhhh Ohhhhh ! that hurts….” she moans…and i slide in a little slower…”Ohhh yes…that’s better…ohhh fuck yes”…..she moans” that’s fucking good”You lie to the side and watch two cocks slide into her, you lick Andy’s cock as it slides in and out.”Fucking dirty girl…that’s it…ride those cock…fuck them you delicious little tramp” you moan…stroking your clit and tasting her pussy juice on Andy’s thick shaft.Tracey is moaning hard. Enjoying being stretched and filled by two hot cocks..her pussy is wet and hot on Andy’s cock.her tight arse gripping mine.”Ohhh Aunty Jo…..I am gonna cum ! Ohhh fuck Yes Yess !…..” she sobs…..pleasure coursing through her body…Andy fucking her hard…my hands on her hips…feeling your breath on my balls. She spasms….her head thrown back…..her back arched…a little squirt of her cum hits Andy’s cock, sending him over the edge at being in such a tight young pussy…and he tenses and lets out a huge cry…emptying his balls inside her…hot thick cum spurting deep inside her..their cum juices mixing.”Dirty little bitch….” you gasp….as you watch her cum. you sit on Andy’s face and start to enjoy his tongue on your clit…grabbing her hair and kissing her hard.’Up her arse Col…..cum up her arse” you say..between kisses…..then forcing her face into your tits.I love watching and listening to you….her tight arse and watching you fuck has the desired effect…i shudder…gripping her hips…”Ohhhh you dirty bad girl…” i moan and i cum hard….my spunk flooding into her arse as i watch you start to cum on Andy’s faceI grind down hard onto Andy’s face, his tongue buried deep inside my tight wet pussy. I pull Tracey’s head from my cleavage & kiss her hard “Now you’re going to find out how it feels to be fucked properly, you dirty little bitch!!” I hiss at her You thrust deep into her arse, she gives a little whimper as your cock stretches her arse as Andy’s is still inside her cunt, she tries to slide forward I push her shoulders holding her there for you to thrust deeper into……”No you don’t, bitch… wanted this you’re going to take it”I push against her shoulders, grinding my throbbing pussy onto Andy, he slides a finger into my arse…this sends me pussy into over drive, feeling my orgasm start I reach for Tracey, raising her chin I order her to suck my nipples…she willingly does as she is told….I smirk at you as you slam hard into her arse, keeping hold of her hips you buck against her. “Oh fuck babe I’m cumming” I shout throwing my head back as my pussy releases it’s hot, sweet juice on to Andy’s waiting tongue, he laps eagerly” Mmmmmm Jo yours’ is the best tasting cunt I’ve ever had” he says.I see that you are close to cumming, your head is thrown back, and your strokes getting faster…I whisper in Tracey’s ear “You ready my lovely little cum whore? do you want my man’s cum?” “Yes” she whimpers “Pardon?” I say “Yes, yes yes” she shouts ” let him cum in my tight fucking arse, I need him to cum, I’m such a dirty fucking bitch” I look at you and nod….you finally allow yourself the pleasure of orgasm, you jerk as your cock spasms ejaculating deep inside her, tears on her face as she takes it all.

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