the people you meet on holiday :)


the people you meet on holiday :)went on hols to corfu years back with my ex and met a couple from down south…she was young and quite fit… about 18 he was around 30… they were nice an we ended up spending most of the holiday with them.. hols came to an end we swapped numbers etc as you do and we went our separate ways…my ex kept in touch with Sally and arrangements were made for them to come up for the weekend… my ex was still living at her mams at this points so they would be staying there…anyway they arrive and we have a nice quiet evening, meal few drinks early to bed etc… next day we show them the sights of liverpool during which we have a few drinks and plans are made for the evening.. he is drinking quickly and getting quite drunk…so the night comes…girls dress sexy and we head out on the town..liverpool is a good night out..we do lots of drinking and he gets very drunk and very lairy.. bumping into women on the dance floor and behaving like a tit..I have to have words with him on more than one occasion canlı bahis to save him getting a slapso it comes time to head back and we all pile back into her mams and open a few more beers…her fella is very pissed and being a complete twat…the conversation gets quite heated and he really upsets his girl at which point i tell him he should go to bed…then escort him to his room which is in another part of the building..after making sure he is settled I stay up for a couple more drinks while my ex comforts the other girl, in the end I leave them to it and head off to bed… dont know how long after but i’m sort of semi awakened bu noises and giggling in the bedroom but i dont stir… then someone gets into the bed..still i dont stir..then somebody is touching me, touching my cock..i’m against an facing the wall so i roll over and turn to see my ex and her mate both in the bed…naked..OH MY GOD WOW!!! I never seen this coming at all, we had never even discussed anything like this…so i’m now lay on my back and bahis siteleri my ex scoots over me so that i have them on either side of me running there hands over my body… my exs hand reaches my cock which is growing rapidly and she kisses me… while she is kissing me her hand is joined by the other girls… when my ex breaks the kiss the other girl kisses me while my ex moves down to start licking and sucking my cock… the other girl watches her the moves down to join her…so here i am lay back watching two girls licking and taking turns going down on my cock…haha bliss….Anyway my ex left her friend to suck me while she went down on her. So there is this 18 year old girl lay on our bed with mY girls tongue between her legs and my cock between her lips… Fuck did she love my cock… Was licking my balls while she wanked me… Even gave my ass a little lick.. She had some skills for one so young… Fuck she was noisy though… Asked me what my girl was doing to her… So I said she is licking your cunt.. What güvenilir bahis are you doing to me… I’m sucking your lovely cock… Haha… Love a girl who calls a cock by its real name. This went on for a while then somehow I ended up on my back again… The young one jumped right on top and slid my cock into her cunt in one movement… After only a few seconds of her riding me my ex piped up that she wasn’t having me fucking her… Booooooo fuckin spoilsport bitch so the young one jumped off and sucked me clean… We ended up next me licking my girl her licking the other girl while she sucked me off… This went on for a good while… Next I ended up with my girl on her knees with her mouth in this girls cunt while I fucked my ex doggy… Christ she was noisy… Not good when ex’s mam is asleep in the next bedroom…. I wanted to turn the young one around so they were 69ing while I fucked… She could suck an lick my cock an balls while I fucked… Never got round to it though cos my ex freaked about the noise the young one was making when she came… She came a few times… I never got to cum at all… Gutted… Managed to get another crack at her years later just me an her… Told you she loved my cock… But thgats another story.. 🙂

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