The Rescuer Pt. 02

Eva Lovia

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 5 – Training our Parents

It takes me a bit over four weeks to scout the area. It brought back a lot of old memories. Tracks and droppings make it easy to tell the population of animals in a forest. It took longer than usual because I dropped off a large backpack of supplies with dad’s old pals as we had discussed. They were very appreciative. I now know where the hunters will be going this spring which is right around the corner. I found a few lakes brimming with fish. Overall, I was quite happy with the results.

I arrive home at about noon and find mom and Kim making lunch. They are both in halter tops and short shorts. Dad is staring at them as they run to greet me. They both jump into my arms and smash their breasts into me.

Mom is about 5′ 6″, 140 lbs. She isn’t a thin woman, but she is a mature full busted woman with curves and enough thickness to not look sick. She looks much younger than dad. I bet most of the guys that screwed her thought she was his daughter rather than his wife.

Kim is a bit taller and with ample and firmer breasts. At the base, we are taught to be very respectful towards women. They are steadfast that way now, no second chances. Even on base, the guys could not help staring at her.

As she was growing up and filling out, I had strong feelings for her. I joined the Army because of those feelings. She is even much better looking now. Though I know it’s wrong, I can’t help myself. I will do anything she asks of me. She owns me.

I drop my stuff at the door; I am hungry. But seeing these women, I am horny as well. Three weeks of planning and scouting had me jacking off like crazy, no more of that shit. Dad is in the kitchen while mom and Kim are walking back to finish. I pull on Kim’s arm to stop her and effortlessly guide her to the back of the couch where she bends at the waist. The violent halting of her progress causes one breast to pop out. I pull down her pants, no panties. I smile, I bet dad had a rough few weeks.

With her pants down and bent over the back of the couch submissively, I pulled down my pants.

Kim moans, “Oh yes, I need you to fuck me good.”

I do not disappoint her. Faster than I have ever done to Kim, I push in. Instant lubrication just with my touch. She too has been waiting for this. Then, to do it in front of our parents, that is hot.

We ignore our parents, who are watching us. I slam my thick and muscular body into Kim good and hard.

This is not my typical gentle long love session. This is two rabbits that meet in the forest and want it bad. I pound her hard and fast. Kim makes a noise every time I hit bottom. No red in the face, no embarrassment, she wants this as bad as I do.

In no time she is breathing hard, and my toes are curling. No need to wait, I shoot six ropes of cum into Kim. The instant I start, she goes off and screams. She clamps down on my cock; she can’t move. I stay in until she recovers. As I pull out, she walks back to the kitchen as if nothing happened. Well, other than that incredible smile she has on her face.

I smile as I look at mom, “Mom, you are still a slut. Kim needs to be cleaned up. No, no, no. No towels. I want you to clean her up using your tongue.”

Mom is a bit hesitant, but as she sees the cum rolling down Kim’s legs, she leaps at the chance to eat my sperm. Dad’s jaw is on the floor, and now his eyes are bugging out. I grab Kim’s breasts and stuff it back into her shirt.

Knowingly I inquire, “Kim, no pants?”

I throw her pants at her, but she is enjoying mom licking her. In fact, mom never stops. Kim is moaning now. She lets out some “Oh, Oh, Oh.” Mom is lapping up her juices and having a blast doing something sexual finally.

She is going to town on Kim, and eventually, Kim explodes with a shout. What mom didn’t count on was Kim going limp and falling on her. Fortunately, I did and am there to catch her and plop her in a chair next to dad. Yes, I placed my naked sister next to my father in a chair.

I then take mom and bend her over the couch for a quick fucking. Not sure how I got hard that fast, but I am, and mom is in heat. We have a nice quick fuck. Never have I cum twice so quickly. I am exhausted. Mum scoops up the cum running down her legs and eats it. That is hot, we all watch.

Rudely, I ask, “So dad, how are you feeling? Is your foot healing like they want?”

I say it as a matter a fact as I can, completely ignoring what we just did. Dad is entirely at a loss for words.

Dana bahis firmaları giggles, “Good to have you home Brian. You finish what you needed to do?”

I am brimming with confidence, “Yes I did. EVERYTHING is taken care of.”

My mom steps to me and kisses me. She has Kim on her face and both of us in her mouth. I clean off mom’s face. Delicious.

I ask mom, “What’s for lunch?”

I openly start squeezing mom’s breasts. I look at Kim and wink.

Dana is quite happy, “Oh, just some sandwiches and homemade chips.”

While I play with her tits, I raise her shirt for easy access. When I finish, I don’t pull the shirt back down; it’s stuck on her nipples. She grabs three plates of food, walks past dad on her way to the table. She feigns just noticing the shirt.

Dana requests from my dad, “Honey, can you adjust my shirt, my hands are full.”

Kim offers with a giggle, “Mom, I can get it.”

Quickly my dad grabs the shirt and pulls it down. His hands rub over her nipples, and mom shudders involuntarily. They are both primed. We sit down to a nice lunch.

Mom and I do the dishes. Dad stays to watch. Somehow, mom and I got to messing around, and mom’s shirt gets wet making it practically see through. Her nipples are hard and sticking out. Mom’s nipples are much darker making it easy to see them.

Kim walks in irritated, “What the hell are you two doing in here? Taking a bubble bath or doing the dishes?”

Mom takes a glass of rinse water and throws it directly at Kim’s tits, making her shirt invisible as well. I am standing there in shock. Mom walks over innocently and tweaks Kim’s nipples; they instantly harden. Dad stands up and goes to the washroom for a long time. I stay to get them both off by playing with their tits and nipples. Dad had to hear their orgasms.


Kim’s point of view:

Brian is in bed before dad came out of the washroom. Dad goes to the couch, lost in thought. Today he saw his daughter get fucked, his son fuck his wife, his wife licking cum out of her daughter, his wife eating his daughter to orgasm, watched two sets of naked tits harden, then heard his daughter and wife have another orgasm while he was beating his meat. That’s a lot to process.

For Brian, it’s easy. Have sex with two beautiful women, have lunch, then catch up on sleep. After he slept, he smells dinner. He takes a nice hot shower, shaves for the first time in about five years, puts on a good clean t-shirt and cute shorts.

Brian comes down, and all eyes are on him. At the base he had his hair cut, so that has him looking delicious.

I try to seduce him, “Hey handsome, looking for a date?”

Brian is over 6′ tall, probably about 180 lbs. of pure muscle. He is enormous. Now that he shaved, his youthful good looks are back. I remember this man. This is the man I fell in love with, and I hoped still existed.

Dana complements him, “Now I understand why you aren’t married. You hid from the women. If you walked around on base like that, they would have been all over you. Even other married women would not be able to resist themselves. You are smoking HOT!”

I am jealous, “He is mine.”

I run to him and put my arms around him and then kiss him as my life depended on it. At that moment, it did.

I explain to him, “I was going to get you, we are ready to cook the trout you brought home. Dinner will just be a few minutes.”

Brian has excellent news, “I found the migration paths and got a feel for the populations. Now I know where to send the hunters when they start showing up. The camping spots need some work, the guides have been lazy. I’ll work with them and get them cracking.

“I found a few lakes with lots of large fish. We will be just fine, and our customers will have a great year. The foliage changed a bit, funny how I never noticed it year to year, but I can tell now, and that will make duck season more fun.”

Brian announces, “I’m now on-call 24×7. At any moment my services might be needed, and in very rare circumstances it could still be the US government.”

I am confused, “I thought you were Army?”

Brian is open for a change, “I started in the Army. My talents are unique, so if I do belong to a branch, I am just as often loaned out to another. When someone requires help, and a standard team won’t do, I am a US soldier, and I do my job. I just so happen also to be a Canadian soldier now and will help them out as needed. You better turn that fish; I don’t like mine burned.”

A worried Brian asks, “Rocky doing ok? I sure miss him.”

I love that dog, so I smile, “Yes, he is adorable. He almost doesn’t know it’s broken, he’s started to explore a lot. I think he was looking for you.”

Dana is curious, “Brian, have you been advertising for us?”

Surprised by the question Brian says, “No, why?”

She comments, “This year we have some US brass booking hunting trips and some local nurses, regular army, and the CO of the Canadian base all want hunting and fishing trips. I explained that kaçak iddaa you don’t work as a guide; you find good hunting and fishing locations. They all understand. Maybe they feel safe with you around?”

Brian is confused, “Really mom, you and dad know them as well as I do. Kim and I had drinks with the CO as you know. He was a nice, honest, and an open book type of guy. I can’t believe he is forcing people to come here. It might be they didn’t know we existed, we are a close, a cheap vacation for them, no airfare. U.S. guys, no idea.”

We all sit down and enjoy a nice fresh trout dinner.

Dana licks her lips, “It’s been a while since we have had fresh fish. This is sooooooo good.”

Brian announces shyly, “Mom, I bought you a satellite phone. I have a phone number here. When someone is coming from the base, they will drop off any food we need. When you place the order, they will tell you how much it will cost, have a check ready for them. They somehow heard Kim likes ice cream and made the offer. They will pay for any fresh fish or other wild meat we give them. That could be handy in deer and duck seasons.”

After dinner, we all sit in the living room to watch some satellite TV. I have other ideas.

I have a smile on my face remembering today’s earlier conversation with Brian, “Mom, can you help me.”

Surprised by the question, Dana asks, “Sure honey, what do you need?”

I blurt out like it is a casual question, “I want to learn how to give Brian a great blowjob.”

Dad almost chokes on his iced tea.

I explain seriously, “In school, it was so hard to pass my classes, all I did was study. I never had a boyfriend, and now I don’t know how to please Brian. He doesn’t complain. However, he is a master at eating pussy, and I want to please him like he pleases me. Looking at videos, it looks easy, yet I hear most women are terrible. I want to be great.”

A confident and experienced Dana is excited, “Now that is something I can most definitely help with. Your father used to love blowjobs. Brian, stand up.”

He did, and I take down his pants. His cock sprang up and just missed my face.

I suggest to Brian, “Sit down and enjoy.”

Brian sits down.

Dana suggests, “You need saliva so that you can roll easily, otherwise it scratches, and he will hate it.”

Mom starts bobbing on my brother’s huge cock.

I am mad, “Hey! I don’t want a demo; I want to learn.”

Mom stops and isn’t as excited to teach anymore. I suck in his length, up until he hits the back of my throat.

Softly, Dana says, “When you get good, you can do this.”

Mom takes in Brian’s cock, and it hits the back of her throat, she relaxes and then takes it all the way down.

I look at her in astonishment.

Dad adds happily, “Your mom is a master. No man can resist those lips.”

Dana quips, “Except you.”

I stare in amazement, “How do you do that?”

Dana blushes, “Lots of practice. Your dad was very patient. You breathe through your nose, relax your throat, and then push deeper while not thinking of gagging. It’s one of those things that even when you know what to do, it’s not easy. It’s not natural but fucking sexy when you can do that. Can I?”

I am possessive, “Not now, I will work on that. What can I do?”

Dana lustfully adds, “

is using your tongue. Under the mushroom, there is a sensitive spot. Lick that a lot. You can also lick tip to base and back. When you are stimulating yourself, do you like the same thing over and over?”

I admit, “No, I have to mix it up.”

Dana smiles approvingly, “Guys are the same. Even something not so great help make the great feel better. Look at him.”

Dana explains, “When you are below him like this and look up, it’s a very submissive position that all men love. You are there to please him, and you are looking for his approval. They eat that up. Use your hands on the shaft if you can. Stroke or twist it good. Again, the key is variety. Suction is also important. Not too much, that counters the feeling you want. Just barely to a moderate sucking, I feel is best. Your tongue and the heat of your mouth work wonders, don’t confuse the man, keep it simple.”

Dana lusts for Brian’s cock, “At this point, men think with the small head, not too many brain cells there just lots of pleasure receptacles. It grows and hardens a bit before exploding. That is a bad time to know the destination. Ask before you start. Some guys like it in you and some like you to swallow. Still, others want to see it on your face or tits. They love seeing us swallow; it’s hot to them and salty to us. Lucky for you the men in this family taste awesome.”

Dad questions sarcastically, “How do you know that?”

Dana remembers breakfast, “I did eat a whole load from Kim this morning. Your son is very similar to you. Personally, I love the taste. Not all men are awesome. Maybe it’s because I love them both so much.”

Dad is surprised, “You do?”

Dana is shocked at his answer, “Of course silly. You may not like sex kaçak bahis anymore, but I still love you dearly. Every woman is naturally drawn to Brian.”

I continued to blow Brian.

Brian begs, “Slow down. We have all night; this feels good.”

Dana admits, “I have known a few women that could not stand the taste but swallow because men love it so much. Slurp loudly, be obscene. Sound is another sense men get to enjoy. Use it to your advantage.”

I start slurping louder, and even dad should have heard that. He is pretending not to notice, but he does. I start adding more suction. Brian is getting close; I can sense it.

Brian is straining to ask, “Do you want to try and swallow or do you want to wear it?”

I giggle, “I want you to paint our faces so that we can lick it up. Tomorrow morning, I will swallow. Mom, come here.”

Mom and I both have our mouths open, and tongues are sticking out. Our cheeks are touching. It made an attractive big target for Brian. He stroked himself a few more times and then seven ropes of hot cum shot forth in an obscene painting of mom and me. Mom leans forward and cleans Brian’s cock before I can. I go to mom first and slowly lick the copious amounts of cum from her face. It had to be steamy to watch. I take off my shirt because cum is dripping on my tits.

Mom is a trooper; she cleans my face, hair, and tits. She made lots of eye contact with dad. After the show, one of the guides walks across the lawn. Was he watching?

Brian’s point of view:

Dana is filled with lust, “I will be right back, I need to check on something.”

I shout, “No!”

Dana is confused, “What do you mean? No?”

I am furious, “I know what you want. No! You will promise me you will stay here and not sneak off.”

She doesn’t say anything.

I get up and am even more irate, “Fine if you can’t control yourself, I will!”

I go to my pack and pull out some rope.

Dana is scared, “You wouldn’t dare.”

I have had enough of this shit, “Your days of being a slut are over. Only dad and I will tap that ass from now on or enjoy your oral pleasures.”

Mom has no chance against me. I tie her arms and hands around her back and then tie her legs together.

Mom screams at me, “You are the single greatest disappointment in my life. I wish I never brought you into this world. BRIAN! LET ME GO! NOW! You son of a bitch! You have no right. You can’t do this to me!”

Dad smiles. I throw mom up on the couch next to dad.

I shout right back, “You fucking slut, you were going after that guide, and you were going to fuck him. Not on my watch, you are done being a slut. Those days are over.”

Mom tries to sweet talk dad, “Honey, please untie me.”

Dad surprises me, “Brian was right. You were going to fuck that guide. Since he is the man of the house, I’m not going against his wishes. He’s a lot bigger and stronger than me.”

Mom shuts up. She can’t do anything. Dad did put an arm around mom and then slyly during the movie, managed to get his hands on her breasts. She never complained but shot me a bunch of evil looks. I too had a handful of breast. Not sure what movie we watched but dad and I had a grand evening. Mom and Kim pretended like we were doing nothing unusual.

Dad smiles at me, “Thank you, Brian,” that’s all he said.

When the movie finishes, I ask questioningly, “Dad, tied or untied tonight?”

Dad teases, “Oh, I think we better leave her tied up tonight.”

I pick up mom and carry her over my shoulder up the stairs and to the bedroom. I sit her down on the toilet; she did her thing, I wipe, then I toss mom on the bed.

Dana is pretending to be angry, “You aren’t really going to leave me like this are you?”

I playfully explain, “Dad can untie my knots … if he chooses to. Let’s see what happens.”

Dana is confident, “He won’t do a fucking thing to me. He could take all three holes tonight, but he won’t, he doesn’t like sex anymore.”

My dad walks through the door on his crutches. Indeed, he had to hear that conversation.

I laugh at mom but speak to dad, “You married her, you own her. You do what you want, but I will not untie her, only you do that. Good night.”

I walk back to my room as I hear mom yelling at dad to untie her while she is swearing at him. It’s like she is taunting him. I hope it works. I open my door, and my sister is naked, in my bed, and on her hands and knees.

Before I can say anything, Kim says, “I am so fucking horny tonight after watching what you did to mom and all the stuff we did in front of dad. I want you to fuck me NOW! I don’t want short and sweet, and I don’t want my tits played with, don’t you dare eat me. I want you to take that long thick fuck stick, shove it into my pussy, and pound me silly. NOW!”

Well, she is specific about that. I can see her pussy is weeping. Right now, it would be fun to slow fuck her and tease the shit out of her. However, she seems stressed and not so sure I want to press her buttons tonight. I climb up on the bed behind her and reach two fingers into her snatch. I might as well put my hand in the lake; they are dripping wet. I move my cock into position, rest at the entrance, and then in one quick motion push all in.

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