The Reunion


The clock had just struck midnight when she got back to her small apartment, she just came back from a gathering of friends at one of those pubs that offer a live band. She felt tired, and loathed coming back home alone, she had a tingling that cannot be satisfied easily. She washed up the aftermath of the night and made her way to the kitchen to make some warm tea, sipping it alone in the kitchen thinking about where her boyfriend was doing now. She’s been missing him a lot since he has left town, it never felt the same to her without him. She told herself that she’d finish up her tea and then go to bed to get some relief and rest, as the ideas of what to fantasize about the light suddenly went off. She was scared for a second then she thought that it’s her switch that went off again. She sighed and headed to the living room to free what’s the problem, not realizing that the blackout wasn’t the biggest problem she had to deal with at the moment.

She made her way through the living room, trying to find the electricity box, it’s then that she wished that she kept her phone with her all the time. “finally!” she had thought to herself as she found the box and realized that it was already open although she was sure that it was locked when she had come in. That’s when something huge grabbed her from the back, muffling her screams with what seemed to be huge hands. She was scared, a rapist had made her way to her apartment, but how?

She was strong herself but she was no match for him. He used his other hand to start fondling all her body, feeling up her enormous breasts, fondling them, grabbing them from the base up, squeezing her nipples slowly. She was scared but turned on at the same time, she was already wet when she got home but now it was worse, she was leaking all over her panties.

He lowered his hands even more now, sending shivers through her spine, reaching her perfectly shaped ass cupping it with one hand, making her tremble with fear and desire for this mysterious stranger who seemed to take his sweet time for a rapist. Then he lowered her shorts a few inches, then slowly her panties until her ass was half exposed and that’s when illegal bahis she moaned. That’s when she realized that he was using both hands down there and she was free to scream, but for some reason she did not. That’s when he approached her ear and whispered “you’re such a slut, babe.”

Now it all struck her, the strong masculine perfume, the huge hands, it was her lover! Her fear was now gone in that eternal darkness, which was now replaced by compete crazy lust. She tried to turn but he would not let her. He just whispered “shhh, I’ve missed this sweet ass for the past few weeks, let me quench the thirst of my lustful manhood.” She felt something hot, throbbing and ridiculously huge on her ass. It was his instrument of love that she worshipped so much..

He was already breathing heavily, his lust for her seemed limitless. She felt his boiling precum all over her ass. He swiftly turned her around and embraced her in a long loving kiss, where their tongues danced to the music of lust. They remained glued in that state for what felt like hours in a nirvana of pleasure. He broke off the kiss and licked her sweet lips and smiled, looking into her eyes, without saying a word she understood what his tongue didn’t need to say, how much he has missed her..

Out of the blue, while giving her the warmest stare he swept her off her feet and carried her easily to their bedroom. She felt safe in his arms. She just wanted to simply jump on him, and mount his rod like a Greek maiden, she wanted to feel full between her legs, he knew that and was planning on satisfying her desires. Once in the bed room he lost control. He was not human anymore, theoretically he turned into a beast. Something between human and a god of pleasure devoted only to satisfy his woman. Once in the room, she noticed the scented vanilla candles and rose petals forming a passage way to the bed. The setting was soft and vanilla, but in truth it was going to be anything but that. Before she could comprehend the situation, she had already found herself on the bed, and shreds of her clothes started to fly all around. Even her bra, which was one of a collection he got her for their anniversary. illegal bahis siteleri A collection made specially for her only by Yves Saint Lorain. It cost an astronomical number, but his desire to devour her was priceless. In a matter of seconds she was naked. He took a step back and stretched his arms and whispered in his masculine voice “your turn”.

She was finally free to have him, touch him and sink in his warmth. She jumped on him attaching herself to his body, engulfing his torso with her legs. Her kisses covered all his neck but that was not enough for her. She bit his neck in a force that would hurt any other man, but she knew that the sex machine in front of her could take it and more. She tore off his shirt, she wanted to feel the steel abs under the shirt. She went on her feet and pushed him to the edge of the bed, letting her inner whore out she went on her knees and unbuckled his pants, opening his buttons with her teeth. Now that the pants were gone, she could see him in all his glory with his iron rod literally vibrating underneath his boxers. She traced it with her tongue, gently biting it teasing him which just made his craving for her increase by ten folds. She finally began to take off his boxers with her mouth, making sure to make it slow while continuously maintaining eye contact with him.

By the time his boxers reached the floor, he was shaking from lust. She knew how much he longed for relief, she just smiled mischievously and licked the top of his member going down all the way down to the base of his member. She finally gave up into her lust and took those 8 inches of pure pleasure into her mouth. The faint noises she made, her moans, his loud animal like groans were the perfect melody to this scene. It was simply a masterpiece of how making L’Amour should be.

Once he felt that he could not take it anymore, he grabbed her from her head and raised her to her feet, laying on the bed rubbing his manhood between her wet warm lair of pleasure. Her nectar of love was now leaking to her legs, she wanted to feel him inside her so she tried to bring him closer, but he would not budge. Instead he lowered his canlı bahis siteleri head down and started using his tongue to bring her to an erotic ecstasy. He teased her just like she did to him, licking all around her dome of indulgence, from her thighs to the closest edges. He kept going at it until she gave up the idea of being touched by his tongue. That’s when he finally gave her one long lick, starting a series of long licks. She loved his tongue because he used it like an artist uses his brush to draw the most sophisticated portraits. In addition to that he spoke both Japanese and Chinese, giving him a long series of variations of Kanji that he would paint on her from the curtains to the core. Her moans were loud enough to wake up every soul in the area, but she could not care less, she only cared about the pleasure she was receiving. The orgasm that he built up for her took her like an earth shattering earthquake, she forgot how to breathe, she only understood one thing; sexual pleasure.

When he finally stopped, she was panting and could barely move but he was still full with lust for her. He gave her pleasure well a minute before she was off her feet again by an un-human strength, legs wrapped around him. He stared in her eyes deeply and then penetrated her. They both moaned and groaned, their brains went on overdrive due to the amount of pleasure they both had. He moved her to the wall, spread her legs and used every bit of energy in him to pleasure her, to fuck her, to make her see how much he lusts for her beautiful existence, and gorgoues body. His technique was one of a kind, making sure that it would last until she couldn’t take it anymore, he started slow, then hard, then lowered the tempo when he felt that she was close to orgasm, he kept on edge for half an hour.

The only thing that change was the stance and position. He made sure that got pleasured both like a lady and a whore. She always loved to be taken while he was behind her grabbing her from her hair with one hand, and the other on her hip and ass. They both felt the right moment to cum, they could see it in each other’s eyes, and so they did, together. She almost fainted from the intensity of the orgasm, while he filled her with his personal potion. The aftermath was catastrophic was too much to handle on both of them, they just lay down there together on the bed until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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