The right couple


The right coupleWe had been looking for the right couple for a few weeks as we both thought it was time you played with a girl, I had been chatting to a couple for a bit and Guy the partner told me that Lynn was very Bi and experienced. I liked the sound of that and also their pictures so I agreed that we should meet up for a drink and go from there.We were meeting in London and I had booked a suite in Covent garden hotel for the night as neither of us was going to travel later, we met up with Guy and Lynn and straight away I could tell that you liked them as you relaxed and chatted away with Lynn as we went to get the drinks.Guy said that he was hoping that they would get on and that he really wanted to play with you if we agreed. I was more than happy for this and said that I would love to play with you guys and B felt the same I was sure. Lynn like B had both come dressed to impress tits n as much display as they could get away with in a public place and like B Lynn had a wrap around skirt on that parted as she crossed her legs showing a very sexy thigh.I knew you had no knickers on and was hoping Lynn was dressed the same. I rested my hand on your thigh and moved your skirt so it too slid over your thigh showing lots of leg, and I could tell by your erect nipples that you liked the thought of others seeing you like this Guy was sat opposite you and as you and Lynn chatted so did we and as I did I slid my hand between your thighs and parted them slowly so that Guy sat opposite got a view of your what I knew to be wet pussy.Guy smiled at me and leaned over and whispered in to Lynn’s ear at which she looked at you and me and smiled and as she leaned over you to tell me something I saw her hand slide on to your lap and down between your thighs. You almost jumped and I held you there as I leaned towards Lynn she whispered that she would very much like to take you back to our hotel and pay with you.As I smiled and nodded my head I could see Lynn’s hand stay between your thighs and begin to rub your clit Guy had a much better view and I could tell he was enjoying it. As I sat back you clamped your thighs around her hand and I said well if we are finished with our drinks why don’t we go and have one at our hotel bar, to which we all stood up and straightening ourselves out moved for the door.Lynn linked arms with me as Guy did kocaeli escort with you as we walked to the hotel Lynn was squeezing my arm and saying how much she liked your smooth pussy in the bar and she knew Guy loved watching her feel it too, I agreed it was a real turn on and I was looking forward to seeing Lynn use you and Guy too.As I turned to look at you I saw a smile on your face and I could see that Guy had his arm around you and was caressing your nipple with his hand under your coat with no complaints from you. We got to the hotel and ordered a bottle of Bubbly for the room as we were all keen to get there and start playing. We went up and as soon as we got inside Guy grabbed you and sank his mouth on your hot lips, Lynn came up behind you and peeled off your coat and then started rubbing her hands all over your body as she squeezed her body against your back. I could see her lift your skirt and run her hands over your smooth pussy lips and I also saw you part your legs as Guy slid his hand down too to slide in what I knew was a very wet pussy.My cock was jumping in my trousers and I moved behind Lynn and she could feel the bulge in my trousers and started to push back on to it as she continued to stroke your body. I grabbed her ample tits and began to squeeze and roll her hard nipples in my hands as I rubbed my cock against her ass, Guy now stood back and began to unbutton your top and Lynn undid your skirt so that within a minute you were stood there naked.I had removed Lynn’s top and was working on her skirt when there was a knock at the door, the bubbly had arrived. I told you to answer the door and when you went to grab a robe Lynn grabbed your hand and said no answer it like that. You blushed and looked at me for support but I nodded and told you to do as you were told.You opened the door and the bell boy looked at you and smiled before handing over the bottle and glasses, you thanked him and closed the door and as you turned around you saw that the rest of us had all got naked and were waiting for you to pour us a drink. Guy was sat in a big chair Lynn was on the bed and I sat on the side of the desk. Both Guy and myself had hardon’s and we were stroking them as you gave us our glasses, Lynn grabbed your hand and pulled you on to the bed with her and taking a mouth full of bubbly began to kiss you deeply kocaeli escort bayan and run her hands all over your body. I told you to do the same and explore Lynn’s body you tentatively began to rub her nipples and then I told you to suck them and you lowered your mouth on to her right one and began sucking deeply.Lynn let out a whimper as you did and her hand slid between your thighs and she slid two fingers deep in your wet pussy you moaned and spread your legs like the good slut you are. Lynn was pumping her fingers in and out of you hard and as she did your hand found its way to her soft smooth pussy and began to explore it.She moved your mouth from her hard nipples and laid you back and as she started to kiss her way from your mouth down over your nipples towards your pussy I could see you relax and spread your legs wider in anticipation of her tongue licking your slut pussy. You looked over and smiled as you saw Guy and me both stroking our cocks as we watched Lynn start to slide her tongue in to your wet pussy parting your lips as she did. I told Guy you had never licked pussy before and he said to Lynn that she must allow you to taste her sweet pussy, he told me that Lynn was a gusher and that made my cock twitch. As we were talking Lynn span around still with her mouth and fingers buried in your wet pussy and slid a leg over you so you were straddled and her sexy wet pussy was directly over your face. I looked at you and said babe lick her pussy now and don’t stop till she squirts, you looked at me and saw that I wanted you to do this so like a good slut you grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy which was already soaking wet on to your face, both of us guys watched closely as you slid your tongue in to the folds of Lyn’s pussy.Lynn was working away at yours and I could tell that it would not be long before you came for the first time, Lynn could taste this too and licked and fingered you harder. You were now lost in the moment your face buried in Lynn’s soaking wet pussy lips fingers pumping in and out of her pussy a perfect girl girl 69 and it looked so hot Guy and I were going to cum if we were not careful.I heard you first whimper then shout out as you climaxed on Lynn’s mouth and as she lapped up your juice she then let out a big scream and I saw your face get soaked as she gushed juice out all over izmit escort you. It was the sexiest sight I had seen and I came straight over and started licking the juice from your face and kissing you as Guy was doing to Lynn.I buried my tongue in to Lynn’s pussy and I could tell that Guy and Lynn were both doing the same to yours as you moaned in my ear. Guy pulled you to the end of the bed and before I knew it he had your legs up in the air and was thrusting his hard cock in to your wet pussy while Lynn was licking and playing with your clit. I felt it was only fair I returned the favour.I knelt behind Lynn and let you guide my cock in to Lynn’s soaking wet pussy and as you watched it slide in and out you began to lick my balls and run your tongue along my shaft as I slid in and out of Lynn. Guy was pumping in to you hard and I could feel his thrusts as you moved back and forth. I was so turned on and pumping hard in to Lynn as you licked her clit and my cock.Right then I felt Lynn clinch her pussy and then a gush of juice squired out of her pussy as I pumped in to her and I told you to lick it all up and as you lapped it up running your tongue over her clit and my cock I shot my cum deep in to her hot pussy. Right then I heard the familiar noise from your mouth and knew that you were having a climax too as Guy pumped in you and Lynn was biting on your clit.I was watching Guy as we were fucking each others girls face to face and I saw him tense and knew he was now pumping his cum deep in your pussy. As if in a pre planned move we both said to you and Lynn now suck my cock clean and you both opened your mouths and let us force our cum coated cocks in your mouths. Guy and I stood up and as we moved away I saw Lynn eat your pussy and with her fingers began to scoop Guys cum out of you and drink it down.You came again as she did this sucking all Guy’s cum from your full pussy. I ordered you to stay where you were and told Guy to hold your arms and as I grabbed your hair hard pulling your hair back and opening your mouth I ordered Lynn to sit her cum filled pussy on your mouth. I then told you to lick her clean, at first you did not move then slowly as a drip of cum came out and fell in to your mouth you probed your tongue inside and it came out coated in my cum. I could see you liked it and as I relaxed my grip you moved your head forward and began to lap at Lynn’s pussy like a dog at a water bowl, just as you were about to finish Lynn exploded and yet again covered your face in her juice.What a great first intro to Bi and we were not finished yet.

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