The Route Pt. 01


Chapter One: Sue’s Sliver

I worked the residential garbage route back then. It was summer job and it kept me busy, and out of trouble, for the most part. It was a job my mother had gotten me, by persuading a local owner that I was, indeed, big enough and mature enough to handle the work.

Mom worked at the interstate truck stop and I often went to have lunch during her shift. She had introduced me to John, owner of the sanitation business, and left it to me to work out the details. I succeeded and enjoyed the job, even though it was dirty and hard work most days. Not many kids in high school made the kind of money I did, not to mention having most of the day off, as we normally finished up by noon.

John was nice enough, a bit rough around the edges, but no worse than any other older adult I knew, that had worked long and hard to make his way in life. He appreciated my work ethic and showed me by giving me my own truck and route half way through that first summer.

He had little choice actually, one worker had quit and another he fired after catching him drinking on the job. He was hurting and made a point of telling me so. He also reminded me that I had no chauffeur’s license and he was sticking his neck out.

“Don’t screw this up!” Were his last words to me, as I left to fly solo, so to speak.

So, there I was on top of my little world. Running a garbage route and making good summer money. It took no time at all before I began to notice how people were creatures of habit, as I made my rounds week in and out.

I noticed those that were prone to drinking heavily or, at least, liked to have guests often and party. Garbage really does tell a lot about any house hold and it was no great surprise to me, years later, finding out about the unscrupulous uses for our discarded garbage.

The old saying, “garbage in/garbage out” was no longer true, as someone had figured a way to turn garbage into gold, in some cases, at no great expense to those that were discarding the stuff. Beware, is all the advice I think called for, but enough of that as my story isn’t about garbage, but about a few women scattered along my route.


Sue Johnson

There was Sue Johnson, a very noteworthy lady, who lived with her husband on 4th street, in the southwest part of town. My route ran the entire southwest quadrant of Owendale, which was OK with me, as I had no real preference anyway.

On garbage days, Sue was always late. She’d hear my truck and as I walked up her drive Sue would burst through her back door, garbage bags in hand running for the pick up can. It never seemed to dawn on Sue that she was, always, near naked in doing so. Or perhaps, with the hind sight, of years gone by, she was always very aware of the fact!

I was embarrassed the first time I saw her and turned my head away. She chided me that day saying,

“Oh come on, I know a good looking guy like you has seen a woman naked before!”

Chuckling, Sue made a poor attempt at wrapping her see through nittie a little closer to her body, with her arms, and turned strolled back into the house, like she was returning from the store. Entering her back door, she would always turn and give me a wink, before walking in.

Time went on and Sue and I got to be on a first name basis. Fortunately, or knowingly so, in Sue’s case, her back yard was well concealed by tall hedges and fence works. Many days she would stop me and want to chat for a spell. Taking no small pleasure at watching me look at her body. Hey, I was young and what the hell!

She always seemed to enjoy the fact my pants had a large bulge, visible to her, when I was leaving, a sort of perverse satisfaction I guess. At some point, Sue apparently wanted more and I was ready for her, too.

I came up the drive that, fateful, day, whistling and wondering just how long before Sue would make her mad dash to the trash can and I remember thinking,

“Huh, where the hell is she today?” And that’s when I heard the noise.

It was coming from the garage and sounded like Sue, but lower voiced and strained. I poked my head around the door and looked in.

“Hey! Just the guy I was hoping to see!” Sue called out.

“I gotta a little extra today. Can you handle it?” She said, smiling at me and pointed to a large bag on the floor.

Sue was wearing a short, black silk slip, which came down to mid ass on her. Her full breasts were heaving from the exertion she had been involved in and one breast was near fully exposed, proudly displaying a pink and very erect nipple, as her strap had fallen on one side. I smiled widely at her and immediately felt my cock starting to go erect.

As my eyes adjusted more to the, dim, garage lighting I noticed Sue wore nothing else, but the slip, no panties, nothing. Standing legs spread, and hands on her hips, Sue was catching her breath, her clean shaven pussy hi-lighted by the top of her slip.

Sue knew in an instant where my gaze had gone and smiling she said, “Well, come on, get over illegal bahis here and help. I doubt if that bulge in your drawers will get in the way!”

“How can I help, Sue?” I asked, as I stepped in the garage and stood next to her.

“Well, I was going to have you take this bag, but I swear I got a sliver in my ass while getting this damn bag out of the corner. Would you mind looking for me? Maybe you can get it out!” She said, grinning widely, and turned to bend over, spreading her legs even farther apart.

I raised her slip slight distance required to expose her entire ass and asked her to turn her butt into the light. Dropping down on my knees, I carefully inspected her ass, for the mysterious sliver.

“Huh? Nothing I can see Sue.” I said, but added,

“I did find a very cute little mole!” And I placed my finger just inside the crack of her ass, slightly below her rectum, marking the spot.

“Really!” She quipped, “Are you sure that’s what it is?”

“I’ll look a little closer Sue, but it sure looks like a mole to me!” I chided her.

Gently, I grabbed her cheeks and spread them wider, taking a much closer look. That’s when the aroma of her sex hit me and before I knew it I had slid my finger into her rectum and began probing her ass. I heard Sue gasp, and then raise up on her tip toes just slightly, allowing me a better look and angle to get farther inside.

“Wow, you really know how to look for slivers, don’t you?” She sighed, her breath starting to come in small pants, as I probed her rectum.

“I’d really like you to look a little deeper. I don’t suppose you have a bigger tool you could use, do you?” She asked huskily, looking over her shoulder and tracing her lips with her tongue.

“I think you’re in luck Sue.” I responded and slowly unzipped my pants.

Sue’s eyes widened as she watched me haul out my hardened cock and said, as she turn away to bend over farther,

“That’s quite a tool Ben! I was hoping you’d use that one! You make sure about that sliver, make sure you check as deep as you think it might be!”

“Ok, if that’s what you want Sue, but what about your husband? Is he home?” I quickly asked, snapping my head around to check the view out the garage door.

“Nah, he’s gone, went golfing and won’t be back for hours.”

A little more at ease, I stepped towards Sue, my stiff cock in hand, when Sue cried out,

“Wait, not yet! Let me get that tool of yours wet first!”

I watched as Sue bent and began to drop her spittle on my cock and massage all over. When she was satisfied I was wet and slippery enough she stood and asked me to do the same around and in her ass, as she slowly withdrew her hand from my cock and turned to bend over again.

I did as Sue asked, I lubricated her ass, inside and out, and for good measure I drew my fingers between her pussy lips and rubbed in the pussy juice too.

Sue tensed just a little, as I started to enter her ass and then raised and pushed out, with her hips, helping me to sink my cock head, just past her rectum muscles.

“Oh God Ben, it’s a bigger tool than I thought!” she screamed softly.

“Don’t push yet, wait and let me get used to the size. I’ll tell you when you can start probing, OK?” She moaned.

Again, I did as Sue asked, and feeling Sue’s rectum relax some I heard Sue moan out,

“Ok Ben, you can start now, but going easy at first!”

I started to work my cock for her, pushing in slowly and pulling out to the point her rectum was grabbing tightly to my cock head, not wanting it to get away. She relaxed even more and began pushing back with her ass, driving me deeper and urging me to go faster and harder.

Her breathing grew heavier and I followed suit. Her rectum was wet and slippery from my pre-cum and it made the friction just plain incredible. As she neared the point of cumming she reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously, yelling at me,

“Ben, keep probing hard for that sliver, I’m real close!

I told Sue, through quick breathes, that I thought she was right, I mean about being close! Barely getting the words out, I exploded in Sue’s ass and her reaction to my hot cum hitting the inside of rectum made her explode too. We stood there, my cock pumping her ass full of cum, as Sue’s ass shook and quivered to every pulse of my cock. Exhausted, my cock buried in her, we waited until it shrank to the point she could finally pushed it out, and with it my cum.

I squatted down and ran my fingers down the crack of her ass, sweeping the cum as I went, down between her legs to massage her, fabulous, shaved labia with the sticky, slippery mess.

“My pussy next Ben, my pussy! I can’t promise you when, but I want that big cock of yours in my pussy. I mean if you think you’d like to?” Sue moaned, as I finished up massaging her and stood to face me.

“I’ll be waiting Sue. I really would like that. This is my first time, at anal sex and you are one hell of a teacher! Got any idea how I’m going to get through the illegal bahis siteleri rest of my route? Your ass just drained me good, Sue!” I laughed, feeling almost light headed.

“An anal virgin, how fucking lucky am I? Christ I’m going to be jealous now, thinking about those other women who’ll get to enjoy that monster of yours! She whispered in my ear and gave my cock a long, slow squeeze, adding,

“You’ll get through the day and I pity the poor girl that sees your horny ass tonight!”

I left Sue standing there, legs wide apart slowly massaging her clit, with a smile no one was wiping off her face that day. She never called me back for that bag and I suppose she never really wanted it taken either.

We managed to get together a few more times over the summer, when her husband was away, and I’ll always be grateful to Sue for showing me the joys of anal sex.

She left me a note, my last day on the route, and told me I was the best garbage man a woman could ever have, and a rather large tip. She had ended it with an imprint of her lips in red lipstick, perfectly pouted and a few X’ and O’s and a PS,

“Any time-Any Where and God I Hope You Cum Back Next Summer!”

I put the money and note in my pocket and turned to leave, when I thought of a song and mentally changed the words, as I smiled walking down her drive,

“Ass girl, Ass girl,

What’s ya gonna do?

What’s ya gonna do,

When he cums in you…”


Chapter 2: Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen lived several blocks away near the middle of my route. Mary was loner, so to speak, at least she lived with no one I could tell and I never saw anyone on a regular basis, around her house. Mary was also very absent minded on occasions, a fact that seem to get her in mild trouble more than she’d have liked.

Mary was a petite woman, dark haired, medium sized breasts, from what I could tell, and a very nice ass. I reached Mary’s house close to 9:30, on pick up days. Mary always had the garbage ready and, unlike Sue, she seemed a bit more modest about her behavior, at least that’s what I thought.

Time passed and soon we, too, were on a first name basis. Mary would greet me on collection day and ask how I was doing. My response was always,

“Fine, how ’bout you Mary?”

“Can’t complain.” She’d reply back and smile at me.

Every now and then she’d stop me to ask about one mechanical thing or another, obviously frustrated with her lack of knowledge. I’d smile, laugh and help her as best I could and then go on my way, but one day…

I had just emptied Mary’s trash when I heard her shout out loudly,

“God dammit anyway!”

“Hey!” I yelled, “You OK Mary?”

“Ya, Ben. It’s this damn toilet. It’s leaking all over and I can’t get it to stop!” She shouted back.

“Like some help?” I queried.

“Please! If you got the time.” I heard her respond.

Knocking on the door, I heard her calling me to come inside,

“I’m down the hall, Ben.” And I went in to find Mary standing in water, with just her bath robe on.

“Jesus, I’m trying to get ready to go into town and this damn thing won’t stop!” She exclaimed, as she kicked at the toilet bowl and threw down the wrench she was holding.

I laughed, picked up the wrench and got to the serious business of fixing Mary’s toilet, as she turned and announced she was headed for her bedroom.

Returning shortly, Mary began putting on her make-up saying,

“I’m sorry I lost it Ben, I hope you don’t mind helping me? It’s just that this kind of crap happens to me all the time and it’s so damn frustrating!”

“Nah, this shouldn’t take too long.”

She returned her attention to the mirror and that’s when I noticed how high her robe was riding every time she raised her arms. My view point on the floor gave me a wonderful view of Mary’s, very tight, little ass in all it’s glory. I kept working but knew I was starting to get a hard on and couldn’t help but look.

I could tell Mary was very up-set, but couldn’t imagine it was the toilet mishap causing it all. That’s when Mary turned around, lifted her robe and plopped down on the toilet, completely oblivious to the fact I was lying on the floor right next her! She had started to pee when it dawned on her I was laying there and her hands shot up to her mouth as she said,

“Oh my God! I’m so embarrassed!”

I grinned up at her, telling her,

“Ya gotta go, when ya gotta go, Mary. I don’t mind, really I don’t! Besides, if you don’t my saying so, your butt is gorgeous!” Without thinking and grinning up at her.

Wide eyed, Mary blushed visibly then, but couldn’t stop what she had started. I heard the last drops of Mary’s pee hitting the toilet water and saw her reach across me for toilet paper, when she obviously spotted my erection, and gasped.

“My. I guess you weren’t kidding about liking my ass, huh?” She said, sounding amazed, as she pulled paper from the roll.

“What’s not to like Mary?” I said rising up on one elbow and canlı bahis siteleri looked directly into her eyes, as she slowly and meticulously reached down and wiped her labia dry, staring back at me.

Mary’s robe had opened up, due to her actions, just before sitting down and in my new position her breasts came in to view. Not really large, but firm and near perfect with perky nipples, now hard over her predicament.

“I may have said too much already, but I love those nipples of yours too.” I said, noting her breast movement, as she finished up wiping.

“Your starting to turn my head, Ben, but I’m still embarrassed and I don’t know how to get out this predicament!” She exclaimed to me, still staring at the bulge in my pants, and the adding,

“I don’t suppose you’d just turn your head, while I stand up?”

I slowly turned my head side to side, indicating a “not on your life” answer and maintained my grin.

“Well then, I’m going to feel your cock. It’s quite hard from what I can see and it might make me feel a little better about standing up again and allowing you to see everything I have.” She stated very positively.

I shrugged my shoulders and Mary reached and gently felt my cock through my jeans and I watched her eyes widen and heard her sharply inhale, commenting,

“It feels verry hard.” And gulped, not taking her hand away.

“Thanks to you.” I replied back and reached to hold her hand there longer.

Her next moved surprised me, as she turned slightly, bent over allowing her breasts to fall free of her robe and unzipped my jeans. I said nothing and only watched amazed as she reached in and carefully pulled my cock out, letting out another little gasp as she saw how big it was.

“Tha..tha…thank you!” She stammered, a she wrapped her fingers around my penis and squeezed.

“Hey, don’t you have some place to be?” I asked her, putting a halt to the sexual spell.

“Oh – Christ yes!” She yelled, with another wild eyed look, releasing my cock.

I smiled, wider than I thought possible and Mary rose from the toilet, never bothering to close her robe and turned to me asking,

“When do you get off work Ben? I owe you for helping me, how about dinner? You can even clean up here, if you’d like?” She asked, in a low almost breathless tone.

“Hey, I’m done by noon most days.” I responded back.

“OK, lunch then.” Mary beamed back.

“I’ll be here. Sure it’s OK Mary?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh ya, it’s more than OK!” She cooed, staring directly at my still exposed cock.

Mary turned and I stuffed my dick back in, no easy task there, and finished up fixing her toilet, while she finished her make-up.

I got up to leave and Mary quickly turned around, robe still open and leaned into me, kissed my cheek and said,

“Thank you again Ben, for everything!” She gave me a slight wink and finished up saying,

“You won’t forget, will you?”

“Not a chance!” I said smiling at her and taking a long last look at her erect nipples. Mary blushed again as I lightly touched a nipple and turned to go. Just before reaching the back door, I heard Mary call out again,

“I’ll leave the back door unlocked. If I’m not here, just come on in. You already know where the bathroom is!” I smiled and left to complete my route.

I finished up a little later than usual, but then the delay at Mary’s house saw to that. I drove home and picked up a change of clothes and a few toiletries I’d need and headed off to Mary’s house. Mary wasn’t home and I did as she asked, letting myself in. I walked to the bathroom and had just dropped my bag when I noticed a note on the mirror.

“Ben, had to make a couple extra stops. Don’t be shy, feel free to use the shower and anything else you need. Towels are in the hall closet. I’ll have a surprise for you when I get back! Mary.”

It felt good to get out of my work clothes, as dirty and smelling as they were, a hazard of my job and the only thing I really didn’t like about it. I took my time retrieving a towel, as the feeling of being in Mary’s house naked and alone excited me. I started the shower and stepped in to wash away the days grime, never hearing Mary come in. Finishing up, I turned off the water and stepped out to find candles lit all around the bathroom, another note and a small glass of wine.

“Jesus, how old does she think I am?” I wondered, as I stood there dripping.

Not that I hadn’t already tipped a few, well before the legal age, but it surprised me. I picked up the wine glass and took a sip, while I read the note.

“Thanks again for fixing the toilet, but more so, for easing my embarrassment and letting me feel that big dick of yours! When you’re ready just follow the trail I left you. God, this is so exciting and I know you’ll love the surprise!”

She had me smiling, there’s no doubt about that and wondering too, at just what surprise she had gotten me. I dried off and splashed a little cologne on and wondered if I’d really need the clothes I brought. I decided to slip on my jogging shorts anyway, they were very light and showed my penis outline if I was even the slightest bit erect, something I had discovered sometime back with considerable embarrassment to myself.

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