The Second Time…….


The Second Time…….The Second Time…….Me & Paul were both the same age & Stephen Pauls Brother 20 years old seven yrs our senior.Me and Paul had both got our bikes and we had decided to go to the brook to catch sticklebackswe had Jam Jars with strng handles and fishing nets, My mom had packed us up a picknick lunch,it wasn’t far to the brook but it was still like a little adventure, it was about a mile and a half and then down the country lane to the bridge where we would then leave our bikes and jump over the brook and continue the rest of the way on foot,we walke a while then stopped, I put my bag down and took out a blanket and lay it on the ground, then put out the bottles of pop and the lunch box my Mom had packed, we then started messing around like two thirteen year oldswould do back in the 70s I recall catching a couple of sticklebacks and dropping them in my Jar,Paul had caught a couple too, The summers always seemed so hot back then, I recall we had both virtually stripped off no shoes or socks and no tops, I think we were both just in football shorts, we were having a laugh and then suddenly Stephen appeared from nowhere, Hello you two, what you doing? Ah stickle backs eh…. oh ive been fishing over at the pond over thereOh said I what with a rod? yes he said, I’ve caught a couple of big ones too, d’you want to come see?I said oh yeah shall we to Paul, Stephen said, you stay here Paul and watch your stuff, I will take Dave sarıyer escort over and show him the Big ones over there yeah, you give me a shout if anyone comes yeah,I thought nothing of it, and went with him, I mean his Brother was there he wasn’t going to doanything not with his bother only a couple of hundred feet away,How wrong was I, no sooner had Paul gone out of sight and we were by the pond hidden by the bushes,he said they are down there in the keep net, I looked on my hands and knees, as I turned to StephenI noticed he had removed his Shorts and was stood there completely naked, with his cock in his handsticking right out rock hard and throbbing, take your shorts off he said, I don’t know I said,he said take them off no one can see, I promise & I won’t tell then laughed, c’mon I want to seethat cute naked body, I dropped my shorts, my cock was soon stiff too, he said come over herenow get down on your knees, I did as I was told, thats it he said and pointed is cock towards me,he then said OK so put it in your mouth, I looked at him and shook my head e pushed his cock againstmy lips, OPEN he said I didn’t he pushed it hard against my lips and said again OPEN your mouth,I parted my lips and could feel his cock ribbing against my teeth, thats better now say Arrrrr….as I opened my mouth he stuck his cock in my mouth Thats it he said now suck it like a lolly pop,I recall not esenyurt escort doing as he asked and him ramming in and out and my gagging and him repeatedlysaying suck it nice for me, then he took hold of my shoulders and said here stand up which I didhe sank to his knees and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me, he licked my cock and sucked it,is that nice he said, Yes I said it feels funny, thats what I want you to do for me, it’s nice isn’t itI guess I said he said your turn now and stood up and pushed me down, I took his cock in my mouthagain and i must have done a better job because he said yes thats the way, your as good as Paulin fact I think you are better than Paul, Thats it Oh thats it he said, and I felt him shudder, suddenlymy mouth filled with something and he said Thats it now swallow, I recall shaking my head and spitting out he held my mouth closed and said No sturnley swallow I said, I swallowed, That’sa good boy, Paul always swallows, it helps you produce your own thats why its good for you,he then grabbed hold of my cock and rubbed my cock hard and fast, I felt a sudden tingle and then suddenly I said I think I need to pee, he said go on then, so I pee’d into the water,as I turned back to Stephen he was dressed again he had the knife, again he said you remember what I said? do you? don’t say anything or i will cut you from ear to ear, got it, yes I said I got it,now get dressed, here wipe avrupa yakası escort your mouth, he handed me a wet rag, i did as I was told, he said we will get some spunk out of you yet, I said whats that then he said that’s what’s come out of my cockdon’t you know that, you should ask our Paul to show you how to wank off, you’d enjoy that,Me and Him do it all the time, He sucks me too and I suck him, I think you should suck each other,that way next time you can do me properly, practice makes perfect, I then went back to Paul,he said you were gone a while what you been up to? Upto I said Nothing! why should I have been Upto something, calm down Dave come here and sit down let’s have a sandwich eh, we sat and ate,Paul then said tell me has he made you do anything, I shook my head, thoughts of him saying he would cut me still echoed in my head,It;s OK said Paul, He makes me do things too, I didn’t like it at first but it aint so bad now,and the more I do it the easier it gets, and I think I must be getting good at it cause now he buys me things, wht like I said? sweets he said anything I want really, Oh I said,So? Paul asked has he? I guess I said, OK thats fine don’t you worry about it, I will show you how to do it better so it will be easier next time, I said if I just keep out his way there doesnt ave to be a next time, Oh there will be don’t you worrk he will find a way,we finished our lunches and spent the remainder of the afternoon messing around, paddling in the brookand having a giggle soon it was time to go home, which we did and I was left wondering what Paul would show me and when, I was filled with dread and excitement all rolled into one,I wondered what it would be like with my friend,I would soon find out, just a few days later…..ina coal shed!!!…

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