The Shave

Big Sis

I enjoyed my first weak attempt at the 750-word thing. I enjoyed it so much I decided to have another go. This could be read standalone, but it is an aside to my story Seduced by the Woman Next Door. I have titled it.

The Shave


We had been enjoying the solitude of our little cottage, with Debbie gone we had privacy, sweet, glorious peace. Brianna ran me a bath, one of the features we both liked about the cottage, the bathroom, there was only one, but it was a big old-style room with chequered tile floors a separate shower and a big old claw foot bathtub.

Brianna placed scented candles on the windowsill overlooking the expansive gardens, the bath overflowed with big buoyant bubbles and the sweet, delicious aroma of bergamot and my favourite patchouli.

The lights dimmed, she led me in by the hand as I slipped down into the bubbles.

The steaming water enveloped me, the heat soaking away the tension, muscles slowly unwinding, the anxiety releasing.

I closed my eyes reclining my head back on the edge luxuriating in the comforting waters.

Brianna came back with a glass of champagne and we sipped appreciatively.

She bahis firmaları dipped her hand into the water, with soap in hand caressed my skin, her hands softly gently drifting over my slippery flesh.

Ah such sweet extravagance Brianna as my maid. Her hands gentle, trailing lines of joy as her nails dragged across my quivering tissue. Leaning over the tub her tongue flicking, her lips sucking, biting, nuzzling my burning nipples individually.

All I could do was moan, her hands sliding tantalisingly down over my tingling tummy, circling my bellybutton, then down between my legs.

There was no fighting her in this mood I let my legs fall apart resting against the sides of the tub. Her index finger tracing the line of my kitty lips, up and down the length, just her fingernails touching my trembling flesh.

Leaning further over the tub she kissed me, her flowing cotton kaftan falling into the water. I opened my eyes to see her holding something and I realised it was the razor, “Sorry darling, as cute as that little bush is it has to go.”

Confused and anxious I frowned, she smiled, “Darling, I am going to shave that gorgeous kaçak iddaa little pussy.”

Her fingers grazed my kitty, stroking the pouting swollen lips, teasing, caressing, “Hhhhhmmm you like that don’t you, your clit is fat and wriggly.”

I opened my eyes feeling her slide into the water with me, her legs sliding under my bum, lifting me, my legs placed dangling over the edges of the tub. My kitty raised out of the water, staring her in the face.

Her hands glided over my mound spreading the soapy suds, rubbing and caressing, her finger dipping into my wet slit, “Close your eyes darling.” She cooed.

I felt the delicious inexorable slide, the grazing cutting blade gliding across my slippery flesh, each hair removed with a sharp tug, a little pull, sweet, exquisite sensual torture.

Around the fringes of my little tuft the gliding blade grazed.

Her thumb pushed up into my crevice my lips parted surrendering to her invasion, her lips gliding over my sudsy nipples, her finger pushing at my bum, slippery, soap covered finger sliding into my clenching bum gripping tightly to her raiding digit, her thumb and fingers rubbing together through the kaçak bahis membrane walls, I writhed creating waves her cotton kaftan wet her finger joined by another, her thumb deep in my kitty swirling and probing, in and out, faster slower, in and out whilst the razor-sharp blade glided over my prickly stubble, my neatly trimmed bush vanishing beneath the conquering blade.

Hair by hair it disappeared and as she neared my throbbing clitoris she stopped. I felt her lay the roughly knurled shaft of the razors handle along my slit dragging it back and forth across my squirming worm. The rough etched surface catching and grazing the engorged flesh, of my swollen essence.

Back and forth, in and out my desire growing with every stroke, the darkness enveloped me as the blade carried on its passage to my smooth mound. My panties no longer to be filled by my curly bush, my nakedness revealed.

Her mouth kissed down past my breasts past my tummy button, down until her lips collided with my bubble covered mound, her tongue swirling wildly across my squirming writhing core, her tongue inside me, drowning in my kitty, then back to suck my essence deep, my orgasm now no longer hidden but exploding, water everywhere the floor drenched by my writhing thrashing form, my cries echoing empty in the shiny room.

Sliding my hand across my tortured flesh revealed nothing but naked flesh.

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