The Shower


“Helloooo?” he called out as he let himself in using the spare key, she had stashed in the flower pot by the door. “Summer? Where are you?” he said in that special sing-songy voice we all use when we are looking for someone who is playing hide-and-seek with us. He called out her name again as he walked down the hallway that leads from the living room back to the master bedroom and still got no reply.

When he got to the bedroom it was empty but the hissing sound coming from behind the door to the bathroom told him that she was probably just busy showering in preparation for their date that night. As he stood there in the empty bedroom relieved that everything was alright, he decided that he would check in on her just to make sure that she was ok.

The steam that filled the air in her bathroom shrouded her curvaceous form in a gauzy mist as she stood beneath the hissing shower nozzle. The silhouette of her perky upturned breasts and perfect ass turned him on and he longed to wrap his muscular arms around her naked form and kiss her long elegant neck. As he stood there watching her ghostly form through the mist, she painted her naked body a frothy white with a bar of fragrant soap still unaware of his presence. The warmth of the steamy room made little beads of sweat form on his upper lip and his skin began to take on a sheen as the moisture in the air clung to it.

He remembered when she had had this room remodeled over the summer and that he thought that her plan to install an open shower stall was crazy. It was surrounded on three sides by earthy colored tiles and had a small ridge in the floor to corral the water and he had to admit that once it was finished, he liked it quite a bit. As he moved towards her in the mist, he whistled a cat call, in part because he didn’t want to startle her, and in part because she was so damn sexy. She turned towards the sound of his whistle but couldn’t see him through the fog and she wondered what he was up to. “Hey mister can’t a girl take a shower in private without worrying about strangers walking in on her?” she said in a mock serious tone.

“I’m no stranger, I’m your lover baby,” he said in a gentle voice and the closeness of it startled her. He stood behind her in the shower stall and as she felt his hand stroke her neck, she closed her eyes and sighed. He was her lover all right and she had a feeling that he was about to prove it in a most delicious way.

“Mmmmmmm…” she purred as she felt his other hand begin to stroke the shoulder on the opposite side of her body and she let her head slump forward as both of his muscular hands began to knead the triangular band of muscles connecting her neck to her shoulders. “Ohhhhh…” that feels good she said as he used his thumbs to press little circles into her tense neck muscles. The heat of the water cascading down the front of her naked body and the sensation of having her neck and shoulders massaged by strong, confident hands made her drowsy and she began to feel like she was in a dream.

He loved the satin smoothness of her skin and the more he massaged her neck and shoulders the more relaxed she became until he could hear her uttering gentle moans and subtle sighs. The hot steamy environment was dreamlike, and his stiff erection was a testament to the fact that she was turning him on. As he shifted from massaging her neck to caressing her arms, he stepped up closer to her and began to plant tender little kisses on her neck, starting at her earlobe and continuing down to the muscles he was massaging just seconds before. He lingered at the nape of her perfectly sculptured neck and slowly slid his hands down her arms to her wrists and then forward until they were on her hip bones.

He pulled her towards him as he continued to plant kisses on her sensitive neck and when her shapely ass came into contact with his rigid cock he moaned and shifted his hips so that it was nestled in-between her round cheeks. The sensation of her pressing into him was exquisite and he couldn’t help but move his hips back and forth rubbing his throbbing cock deeper into the crack of her ass. He could tell that she was turned on as well because she was undulating her hips and grinding back into him too. As they danced a slow sensual dance, he slowly slid his hands across her flat tummy and upwards until they cupped her firm breasts. He gave her tit flesh a squeeze and felt her nipples harden in response to the attention they were getting so he grasped them between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them while rolling the sensitive buds in circles.

“Ohhhhh!…Ungh!” she moaned as he pinched and twisted her stiff fleshy nipples and squeezed her aching breasts. The water from the shower head crashed down on her throbbing nipples too, sending showers of sparks racing through her firm ripe breasts as he manipulated them, and she arched her back pressing against his broad chest. “Unghhh! You’re driving me crazy!” she grunted relishing the sensations that were building up inside her. In spite of the incredible pleasure, she was feeling she managed to peel herself from his muscular frame güvenilir bahis and turn to face him. The hot water cascaded off of her back as she looked into his chocolate brown eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

His lips were hot like a branding iron and as they kissed, he probed her mouth with his tongue, sampling her, tasting her, consuming her. As he pressed hard against her mouth their juices mingled and she sucked on his tongue like it was a small cock, drawing it into her mouth and nibbling on it playfully. She closed her eyes and imagined that she was sucking on his real cock even as it was pressed up against her flat tummy. She released his tongue and opened her eyes to look at him. He was ruggedly handsome with short brown hair and deeply expressive eyes. His shoulders were broad and muscular from years of working out and his chest was chiseled into two rectangular masses of muscle lightly covered with dark hair, perfect for running her hands through when straddling his stiff member cowgirl style.

As she drank in the sight of him, she leaned in and kissed one of his little buds and he shuddered in response. Secretly she knew that he loved to have his nipples played with although he would never admit it outright. She flicked at the stiff little bump with her tongue and a stifled moan escaped his lips telling her that she was in the right place, so she upped the ante by sucking it into her mouth. Once attached to his stiff little bud she licked and sucked and chewed on it until she knew that his head was spinning and then she went for the prize. Dropping to her knees she grasped his rock-hard cock and kissed it on the engorged and purplish head.

She glanced up at her man, her lover and he was looking down at her, with a wildness in his eyes that bespoke of his animal lust. With one hand wrapped around his thick cock and the head of it in her mouth she reached under him with her other hand and caressed his fleshy balls causing him to groan as he threw his head back. Still massaging his balls with one hand she drew his member deeper into her mouth and sucked on his shaft. The reaction was immediate, and he reached out with his hands, cupped her head firmly and thrust his hips forward pushing his throbbing pole deeper into her mouth.

“Unghhh,” he groaned as he thrust his hips forward driving his cock into her ravenous mouth. God, it felt incredible and she damn well knew it he thought. The look in her eyes told him that she was ready for him to take over so that’s what he did. Drawing back until just the spongy head of his dick was in her mouth she sucked and chewed on it until he couldn’t stand it any longer and again, he thrust his hips forward driving his stiffness deeper into the fires of her mouth. Again, and again he withdrew and thrust forward until now when he stopped, he was entirely buried in her mouth and he could feel her throat muscles convulse on his cock.

Over and over he fucked her mouth, her perfect lips stretched around his girth, her hands clawing at his ass pulling him deeper into her face until once again she swallowed his manhood whole. “God!, God,God,God!” he shouted as he neared climax and pulled back but sensing that he was about to cum she dug her nails into the cheeks of his ass and the combination of the exquisite pain and her sucking mouth put him over the edge. “Aaaaaaaaaa…!” he yelled as his orgasm hit and convulsing, he exploded with an unbridled fury into her waiting mouth.

She loved sucking his cock. She loved its veiny thickness and big spongy head. She loved the salty taste of his milky seed but most of all she loved the power that she felt when his stiff prick was in her mouth. She was totally in control and he was almost completely out of control, especially when she swallowed him whole. It had taken her some time to get to the point where she didn’t gag when he hit the back of her throat and now that she could swallow all of him, she knew that no one could suck him off as expertly as she did. As she swallowed his load she rose to her feet and he wrapped her in his arms holding her so close that she could hear the thump, thump, thump of his rapid heartbeat. After a minute or two of blissful peace where the only sounds were the beating of his heart and the hissing of the shower nozzle, he pushed her back a bit and kissed her deeply.

She loved being kissed by him and in the heat and mist of the steamy shower, she felt giddy with delight. She was disappointed when he broke the passionate kiss, but she didn’t protest because his kisses resumed on her sensitive neck and goosebumps rose on her arms. As he kissed her neck his hands moved to cup her firm breasts and their touch drew a slight moan from her rose-colored lips. He fondled her perky tits, tweaking her nipples until they throbbed red and proud. When he replaced his rough fingers with his soft moist mouth, she couldn’t help but moan out loud.

He licked and sucked and bit her sensitive nipples and jolts of electricity shot from her breasts to her brain and her sex, lighting them on fire. She felt his hands on her ass squeezing it and prying her türkçe bahis cheeks apart, exposing her tight little starfish to the pulsating water streaming from the shower nozzle. The sensation of the water beating against her ass heightened her arousal and brought another moan to her lips. “Unghhh, Eat me! Eat my pussy!” she groaned and now it was his turn to drop to his knees.

He loved teasing her nipples until they were hard and red, but his real target was her sweet pussy and the time he spent sucking and biting her tender nipples was just a prelude to his ultimate goal. When he sensed that she was ready for his ravenous tongue he dropped to his knees and began to kiss her flat tummy and naked mound. As he began to home in on her sensitive clit, he grabbed her fleshy ass squeezing it and prying it open. He pulled her tight to his hungry mouth and thrust his muscular tongue between the lips of her tight snatch searching out the little bud of her clit.

Again, and again he lavished her wet slit with his tongue until her little clit stood out stiff and proud. It was pink like a piece of bubblegum and he drew it into his mouth with a sucking action that caused her knees to quiver in response. He continued to suck on the stiff little nub, and she grabbed him by the hair and leaned on him for support as a series of guttural sounds that reminded him of a wounded animal, filled the steamy bathroom.

Grabbing her firmly in his arms he spun her around and slowly lowered her to the tile floor. The water from the shower now splashed against his back as he parted her shapely legs and kissed her calf muscle. She was a runner and had exceptional legs from the many miles she had logged and as he kissed her calf, he worked his way to her foot. He kissed her foot and held it firmly as he spread her delicate toes and began to lick them before inserting her big toe into his mouth making her twitch in response. After spending some time alternating from kissing and sucking on her toes, he could tell that she wanted more so he slid down her outstretched leg until once again he was face to face with her sweet little pussy.

He was in awe over how beautiful it was. The flower-like appearance of her outer lips undulating the length of her opening, slightly darker than her skin color on the fringes but fading to the most incredible shade of pink at the entrance to her moist vagina. Perched at the top of her sex was her little clit standing pink and proud from beneath the shroud of her dainty lips. He used his fingers to spread her open and the contrast between the creamy skin of her thighs and the rosy pink of her sex was astounding and he leaned in to consume her.

“Unghhh, Ungh”, she cried out as he dragged his tongue the length of her slit and stopped at her sensitive little button. “Oh my God,” she thought as he sucked her button into his fiery mouth and flicked it with his muscular tongue. Then without warning, she orgasmed bucking her hips off the glassy tiles and pressing her spasming pussy hard into his face. Again and again, he sucked and flicked her throbbing clit. Again and again, she convulsed and came on his face. After the first couple orgasms, she lost count and was only aware of the hard surface beneath her shoulders and the mouth ravaging her sex. The next thing she knew the warm water of the shower was cascading down on her and he was lying next to her on the tile floor.

He kissed her on the lips as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her on top of him. She was still a little dazed from the intensity of her orgasms but when she felt his hardness pressed against her swollen sex, she didn’t hesitate to raise her hips slightly and guide it towards the opening of her juicy cave. The feeling of his thrusting erection penetrating her was incredible and she screamed out in ecstasy. She leaned forward with her hands on his strong shoulders and kept her hips elevated off of his as he pistoned in and out of her tight hole like a madman. “Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh!” she grunted at each thrust.

She could feel every inch of his thick and insistent dick inside of her and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders without knowing it. As his pace began to slow she sat upright and squatting over his manhood she began to rise and fall on it using gravity to pull her down and bury his entire prick in her hairless snatch. Up she rose until just the very tip of his dick was poised at her opening and down she would crash taking all of him in one swift motion. She did this over and over again, lost in the exquisite pleasure of riding his magnificent cock.

The pleasure of her tight wet pussy sliding up and down on his pole was incredible but her pace was too slow for his liking, so he decided to take control again. On the next stroke when she was fully impaled on his thickness, he held her hips and rolled her over so that he was on top of her. He was still inside her as he hooked each of her legs with his muscular arms drawing them up until her knees were bent up to her chest. Once there he put his hands on the insides of her knees and leaning over her, he pressed down güvenilir bahis siteleri on her thighs causing her ass to rise up and off the tile floor.

Slowly he withdrew his rock-hard penis all the way until he popped out of her tight opening and then pressed his cock back against her tiny hole and thrust home completely burying himself inside of her hot snatch. Again, and again he withdrew and again and again, he thrust his thick cock home each time feeling the percussion of his hips coming into contact with hers with a loud slap. “Ungh!” she would grunt each time he thrust into her and the look in her eyes was that of pure unbridled lust. After a short time of slamming his cock into her throbbing pussy he pulled out of her dripping snatch and grabbing her hips he wrenched her into a kneeling position in front of him.

Staring at her sweet ass and beautiful pussy he leaned down and gave her fleshy lips a kiss thrusting his tongue into her. Then parting her ass cheeks with his strong fingers, he kissed her puckered little starfish which caused her to moan out loud. As he kissed and licked her asshole she moaned and shifted her hips giving him even better access to her tightest hole. He grabbed her hips firmly as stuck his stiff tongue into her tight bunghole and she cried out in ecstasy.

Again, and again he probed her tight ass with his tongue and the sound of her cries echoed off of the ceramic tiles shrouded in the mist. Finally satisfied that she was sufficiently sexed up he rose and positioned his dick at the swollen entrance to her love canal and with a swift and powerful movement he drove his manhood deep into her quivering snatch. He fucked her tender little pussy hard and fast and with each thrust she grunted.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuck meeeeee!” she cried out, her voice animalistic and raw. With every thrust of his thick cock, she felt like her pussy was being turned inside out. Explosions rocked her brain and she gasped for air in the steamy, hot room. Feeling light headed and weak from the onslaught of his relentless pounding she lowered her face to the cool, hard surface of the tile floor. “Ungh, Ungh, Ungh,” she continued to grunt each time his girth plunged her slick depths and the sensation of ecstasy built up like a tsunami threatening to drown her in her own lust.

She was lost in the exquisite pleasure of his cock and when she felt her tight ass being probed by one of his fingers all she could do is cry out. “Yes, yesssss, fuck my ass!” she managed to scream before feeling the searing white-hot pain of his finger plunging deep into her puckered butt hole. Bang, bang, bang, went his finger and his cock each taking turns at her wet and clenching holes. “Ungh, Ungh, Ungh,” she grunted with each thrust.

When he pulled his throbbing dick out of her dripping snatch it almost took her breath away but before she could even react the searing pain in her ass told her that he was intent on reaming her out good. “Oh shit! Yes, yes! Fuck my virgin ass!” she screamed and before her cries could even echo off of the tile walls, he drove his stiff shaft deep into her ass. As the sensation of having her ass filled by his thick manhood rippled throughout her body she came hard on his throbbing prick and convulsed, losing control of her body.

He had never seen her so sexed up like she was right now with her beautiful face down on the hard tile floor and her perfect heart shaped ass soaring in the air right in front of him. Her pussy looked like a ripe and succulent fruit and its juiciness beckoned him. Her tight little starfish perched just above the hot pink opening of her throbbing slit was too tempting for him to resist so while fucking her snatch for all he was worth he shoved his spit covered index finger as deep into her ass as he could. The clenching of her pussy when he drove his finger home was almost too much for him to stand and he was on the verge of unleashing his seed into her spasming pussy.

He managed to hold back the tide of his rising cum by biting the inside of his cheek and as he alternated plunging his rock-hard dick and extended fingers into her moist and clenching holes, he could taste the warm salty blood from his wound in his mouth. They had often joked about butt sex but he knew that with the exception of a finger every once in a while she was an ass virgin and that it would have to be a very intense situation before she would agree to let him fill her ass up with his ample cock so when she cried out that she wanted to be fucked in the ass he knew that the time had come for him to make his move.

He pulled out of her dripping wet pussy and positioned his cock at the entrance to her asshole then grabbing her hips firmly he pulled her back at the same time as he drove his cock forward and impaled her in one swift movement. The heat of her ass made the steamy room seem like a refrigerator and for a moment he was certain that his dick would melt like a popsicle in a blast furnace. Her orgasm was so intense that she almost ripped his dick clean off of his body so he paused for a moment enjoying the site of her shapely ass engulfing his manhood and then he withdrew his cock until just the head was left inside her clenching ass and rammed it home again eliciting a sharp grunt from the glistening beauty writhing on the floor of the shower below him.

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