The skate park (part I)

The skate park (part I)I’ve been in pharmaceutical sales for about 6 years now. The pay is fantastic but it has cost me my marriage. I wine and dine the big medical practices and in return they prescribe a lot of the medications I sell. The larger practices I treat to some expensive dinners at a local restaurant inside a fancy hotel. I found myself booking a room there when I planned on these outings since I consumed a lot of alcohol, along with the staff. The hotel eventually gave me a great rate on a suite.After a few years my wife began complaining about me staying all night and became suspicious. At the same time, the female doctors began demanding quite a bit of my attention. They understood I had become very dependent on the income from their practices.The first time happened without me really aware of what was happening. Mary, the doctor, stayed late as I was taking care of the tab. We walked towards the elevator together. She grinned and entered the elevator with me. As soon as the door shut, she was in my arms, giggling and kissing my neck.“Derek, I’m sure you don’t mind a quick night cap?”“Of course not”Mary is about 45; I’ve never been with a women this age and never really wanted to.She reached down and grabbed my member while we were still in the elevator.As we entered my suite she took a quick look around“What a great room” she stated.“Oooh, a whirlpool”She started the bubbles as she slid off her dressI have to admit as she stripped of her dress, she had a great bod for her age. She turned around in her expensive bra and panties“Do you like?”“Oh yeah”We both took of everything and slid into the tub“mmmmmm” she exclaimed as she came over and grabbed my member“I get to see a lot of these, but never any this big” she smiledShe kissed me as I play with her large boobs. They dropped more than I like but she is a big client.Mary leaned over and began giving me a great blow job. I came quickly as I thought of this high dollar doc sucking me.We spent most of the evening doing it in and out of the tub. At one point I took her out on the balcony and bent her over. She grabbed the rail as I entered her from behind, her tits hanging out for the world to see.She left about 5 in the morning and I crashed.The doctors must share secrets because after that encounter, every female md expected service. My wife must have known because that was when she left me.One doctor in particular really stretched my good nature.Jennifer is a blond, about 48 years old and very güvenilir bahis şirketleri outgoing; almost to a fault. She is very loud at the dinner and didn’t do a real good job of disguising our move to the hotel suite. After the first few fuck and suck sessions she really surprised me. I was recuperating on the bed when she fumbled in her purse. She grabbed a tube of lotion and a small dildo“Uhhh Jennifer, I’m not into that”“Relax Derek, you’re going to love this”I was on my stomach and she squirted some clear gel on her finger“This is a numbing gel I use for small procedures” she saidShe rubbed the gel around my ass and then inside. She squirted some more and ran her finger way in my ass. I have to admit I kind of like thatShe kept lubing and running more gel in my ass. Much to my surprise I lost some of the feeling “All fours” She demandedI got on my hand and kneesShe worked the dildo in my ass, slowly. I didn’t hurt but it wasn’t comfortable eitherShe ran it in and out and I relaxed, no painThe she turned on the dildo and it vibrated in my ass. This actually felt real goodShe smiled as she grabbed the lotion“Now the best part” She smiledShe lubed my member and began jacking meThis was actually incredible. The dildo vibrating in my ass and Jennifer jacking meI came buckets all over the sheets and collapsedJennifer slid the dildo out and laid next to me on her stomach. After a few minutes she looked over“Your turn”I looked over at her assFor her age she still had some good shapeI grabbed the tube a squeezed out some numbing gelShe spread her legs as I ran the gel around her anus. She moanedI slid my finger in and she moaned louderI grabbed some more gel and lubed her completelyShe looked back as I got reay. She got on all fours and I looked at her glistening anus. I got real hardI entered slowly. Her ass was tight for her age. She didn’t seem to have any pain so I kept goingThis was one incredible fuck. I had never done a women’s ass and I like it I took long strokes in her tight ass. I came for at leat 20 seconds in her tight bottomWe both collapsed“Hey can I have a tube of that gel?”“Nope, that’s our special experience” she repliedMost of my days are over by mid afternoon. I make cals to the offices and sales have been good since I have been servicing the female doctorsOnce late afternoon I parked at a park and just got out and watched the various groups enjoying the park I was bored and just did some people watchingAfter a while I youwin güvenilir mi sat on a bench and watched the skate boarders; ther was about 12 of them, mostly youngAs dinner time approached the crowd thinnedA young boarder came over and sat at the opposite side of the benchI glanced over a couple of times. She was wearing board shorts, a tight t-shirt. She had shoulder length dirty blond hair and was cute. I couldn’t hear what she was whispering to me. I leaned over and asked her to repeat“I’ll show you my tits if you buy me dinner”I paused for a while and looked her over“Okay; come on”I headed to my car and she came alongAs I got into my 7 series BMW she climbed in, visibly kimpressed“Is this thing yours?”“Yup”I took her to the steakhouse in the restaurant where I entertain the doctors. I ordered bug steaks for both of usI learned her name was Brit. She was wolfing down everything the staff brought to our table. She drank most of the beer I ordered.I told the waiter to contact the desk and have my suite ready. This included Champaign and strawberries.After we finished dinner I headed to the elevator, she flowed. I stopped in the hallway“I’m going upstairs to my suite. You can leave if you want.”“I was expecting Denny’s or something she replied”She walked into the elevator but kept her distanceI opened the room door and she was visibly impressed.“A hot tub”I poured her some Champaign. She sipped it as I walked over to the whirlpool and began undressing. She just watched. As I walked into the tub she came over and sat at the edge of the hot tub.AS I turned to face her I could see she was almost startled by my size. She kept looking at me as she sipped her Champaign. She grabbed the bottle and drank more, watching me.She sat at the edge in her shorts and t-shirtAfter a few more minutes she slid off her clothes- no panties and slid into the tubI was a little surprised to notice she did not shave. I thought everyone didHer tits are fantastic. Small, puffy pink nipples and no sagging. She has a tiny waist and a tight ass. No tan lines. She was almost pale except her lower legsShe got hot and sat on the edge again.I walked over and moved in between her legs, she let meI leaned over and kissed her muff. She slid her legs further apart. I held her lips apart and began giving her my bestShe came almost immediately. She arched her back and bucked in my face. She groaned, almost a scream as she grabbed the back of my head and held perabet it in her crotchShe relaxed and I slid back. She was panting on the edge of the tub. We looked at each other. She is actually very prettyShe got in the tub and came over. She reached right for my member and examined it. She slowly leaned over and took me in her mouth. Not the best blow job but here I was with a girl that probably was ready for graduation. I exploded with great gobs in her tiny mouth. Most of it spilled outIt was now my turn to pant and she grinnedNow she was ready fully embrace. I ran my hands all over her pretty body and she did the same. I turned her around and admired her tiny ass. She turned back and ran her hands over my chest and buttWe both were hot so we moved to the bed. I slid between her legs and she re-positioned so she could suck me. I was as happy as could beAfter we both came again we relaxed. I couldn’t stop checking out her beautiful young bodyNow I got to try out her pussy.She was wet and ready. I slid in slowly. She was so tight I had to wait after each small gainWe both came before I could even start stroking. I was embarrassed but she assured me it had been good.Finally, after I recovered I was able to enter again and give her a long hard stroking fuckI woke before her and ordered room service.The waiter knocked on the door and Brit didn’t’ bother to cover upThe waiter brought the food in, noticed her awesome ass fully exposed and gave me quick nodAs I signed for the food, Brit got up and walked naked to the rest roomShe showered and then came back out.I had ordered a full breakfast for both of us. She was wearing a robe, I had a towel around me.Brit grabbed her plate and walked out to the balconyShe looked back. “Come on”I followed her to the balcony. She ate her food with her robe open. I glanced at her awesome tits as I ate my foodAfter we both finished she slid over to the chaise lounge. She slid her robe fully open, exposed. The balcony is almost completely private but if someone really wanted to they could see herI looked over at her tight body fully exposed. She noticed and spread her legs and then planted her feet on the balcony floor. Her pussy was in full view. She just stared at meI couldn’t take it any longer. I jumped face first between her legs. I gave her another great licking on the balcony. I’, sure the neighbors had to hear her comingAs she panted again I lay on the chaise lounge next to her. As she recovered she came over and returned the favor.What a thrill; a blow job from a young cutie on the balconyUnfortunately I had to go to work that day. We got dressedI took Brit to the spa an paid for the “works”I handed her a few big bills and told her to tip the staffI have more great episodes with Brit and the doctors

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