The Skinny Boy Next Door

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The Skinny Boy Next DoorAs an adult I am comfortable with being a bi-sexual superchub. When I was a 330 pound 18 yr old virgin I wanted to explore my sexuality but my weight kept the girls away so I looked for a guy. I always fantasized about having sex with other fat boys like myself but I found myself attracted my next door neighbor’s 17 yr old grandson Randy. Randy was tall, skinny and played baseball. We had known each other since we were k**s and we would hang out whenever he was visiting his grandparents. I became attracted to skinny guys as a result of being bullied in the lockerroom by a group of skinny boys. I was changing into my regular clothes after gym when 5 skinny guys took my shirt off, squeezed my tits and jiggled my bell. The joke was on them because instead of getting upset I got a hard dick. Randy called me after my Mom left for work one summer morning and told me he had something he wanted to show me. When he came over he said he had brought a movie for us to watch. It turned out to be a porno that he had stolen from his Dad’s collection. It was a straight porn about dominate men and submissive women. It turned me on because I wanted to take the role of the submissive woman and have a man tell me to suck his dick and have him make me bend over so he could fuck my pussy. We were both turned on by the movie. I could see his boner in his shorts and I really wanted to illegal bahis suck it. I decided we should talk about sex and I would drop hints that I wanted to have sex with him. We talked about the movie. Randy really liked how the guys dominated the women and I told him that I preferred the submissive role and if I was a girl I would want a guy to tell me to suck his dick and give him some pussy. He called me a fag and told me to shut up. I.knew he had a girlfriend so I asked if she ever did that and he said no. So I took a chance and told him if I was his girlfriend I would suck his dick and give him some pussy. He sarcastically said oh baby. I told him that I was serious and that I wanted to act like the women in the porno. He said oh baby come over here! I stood up and took my clothes off. I played with my big tits and asked if he liked them. He said he wanted to squeeze and suck them. I said oh baby that makes my pussy wet..I told him that I wanted to show him my tight pussy. I bent over, slapped my fat ass and then spread my ass cheeks apart and showed him my tight hole. I sat on the couch and told him to come sit beside me. He took his clothes off and told me to lay down. Randy got on top of me. He pressed his lips against mine and grabbed the back of my head. He shoved his tongue down my throat and grabbed my tits. He was running his hands all over me . I felt his hard dick illegal bahis siteleri on my belly. There was lots of body contact and honestly the feeling of my fat body pressing and rubbing against his skinny body was orgasmic. He sucked on my tits and took my hand and put it on his hard dick. I was surprised that he had a small dick and small balls. My dick is bigger than his and I outweighed him by 150 pounds. It was 4 inches and skinny but I didnt care because I wanted it. I told him that I was his fat girl slut and asked him what he wanted me to do. He said get on your knees and suck my dick. I got on my knees and licked his dick and balls like a dog. I grabbed his dick an swallowed it. I let go of his dick and began sucking him hands free. He groaned really loud and grabbed the back of my head forcing me to deepthroat him. I tasted his precum on my tongue. Not wanting him to cum yet, I leaned back and stopped sucking him.I bit my lower lip and pushed my tits together and in a quiet feminine voice I asked him to fuck my pussy. He said oh baby give it to me. I told him to get in the floor and lay on his back. I stuck my my hand in the vaseline jar and greased up his dick and my hole. I got on top, spread my ass, sat on his dick and slowly began to slide his dick inside. My hole was so tight that his dick hurt when it went inside of me. I moaned in pain and pleasure as I canlı bahis siteleri began to ride his dick. I rode him hard and as he was moaning he said he wanted to cum on my ass. I got off of him and bent over. He came behind and began stroking his cock fast. He let out a loud groan and I felt his hot, sticky cum shoot all over my ass. It was such a big load. I took my hand and rubbed his cum all over and told him what a sexy stud he was. I sat on the sofa and began stroking my short ,fat cock. I asked him if he would be my girl and suck my dick. He replied oh baby give it to me. He stuck his face between my legs and started sucking. It felt so fucking good that i grabbed the back of his head and shoved my dick in his mouth and made him gag. He sucked my dick fast. I moaned that I was gonna cum and he told me to cum in his mouth. My dick exploded and my load filled his mouth. Randy gladly swallowed. Afterwards he was going to put his clothes but I told him that my Mom wouldnt be home for 8 hours and that we could just stay naked and play some more. We cuddled naked on the couch and gave each other porno tongue. He told me to.lay across his lap. I did and he spread my ass cheeks. He grabbed the vasoline and lubed up his finger. He eased his finger inside… I felt his dick get hard under my belly so I slid off his lap, put my ass in the air and put his dick in my mouth. I played with myself while I sucked him.The closer he got to cumming the faster he fingered me. The faster he fingered me the harder I jerked off. He blew his load on my face. As he was cumming he shoved his finger deep in my ass and made me cum all over myself.

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