The Slave and the Sissy Part Two

The Slave and the Sissy Part TwoElla smiled with wicked anticipation as she ordered me to sniff her pussy but not lick, not yet. She teased her moist and shiny labia with a long slender finger, bringing the scent of her arousal to its aromatic maximum, then touched my nose and had me lick her finger. I ached to service her, and for release from my cage. My cock hurt, it was so tight in its trap, and dribbled sticky pre-cum much to my new Mistress’s delight. She giggled wickedly.“I’m so pleased to be able to have you at my beck and call permanently; I’ve longed for this day. You have always been a little special to me, and I know you are capable of many duties and will work hard for me. I intend to reward you with a very special treat, so I’d like a very special session with your tongue right now. You may lick my pussy.” My cock pulsed at her words; just being with her was a treat in itself, she had no need to ask for a special session, this would happen automatically. I hesitated no further and licked the length of her pussy, taking in the delicious feminine tastes as she oozed her sweet juices. I probed deep between her lips, my nose teasing her clitoris. I teased and tasted every sweet fold as Ella flexed her thighs and belly muscles with delight, teasing me in turn with occasional sharp strokes with her short whip. I progressed vigorously to her clitoris, which stood firm as my tongue lapped and rasped along its length. I yearned for her next command as I knew what it would be, and was close to coming despite my confinement. Ella moaned as I lapped lovingly at her clit.“Lick my arse- now!” bilecik escort I slid my face down her moist slit, sniffing first at her honey-sweet anus which glistened with the juices from her womanhood and sweat from the heat of the day. How I yearned and was willing to give my life at that point, just to be allowed to come. I licked the outer perimeter of her glorious arsehole, taking in the tangy savoury taste and delicious scent of my mistress’s anus. I then probed deep into her tight hole, my sense of submission magnified a thousand times by this act; owned and licking the arse of a dominant woman. All too soon Ella moaned long and hard, as she fingered herself to oblivion; her anus clenching at my tongue as she indulged in a glorious orgasm. She rocked back and forth as I stretched my tongue as far up her glorious anus as I could get it. I was so disappointed when she pulled my head away. I looked down at my caged cock. Ella laughed and wagged her figure at me.“I know you are usually allowed relief at this point, but I have something special for you later. You will have many opportunities to come for me. You must be patient!” She giggled as she spoke which somehow eased the tease and my need to come. What was this treat?Ella had me bathe and dry her pussy and bottom, which did not ease the situation; her body drove me wild with desire. She regained her leggings and I was leashed and followed her down some stairs and through a corridor to the rear of her room. The sun shone through the vaulted archways as I watched her sweet bottom move before me. We came to a huge room, the entrance escort bilecik guarded by two eunuchs; though they remained straight faced, and I could detect the envy in their eyes as they viewed my cage, indicating I was still intact. The entrance was wide open though, and the huge glassless windows either side were barred symbolically, rather than to detain occupants; a large man could squeeze between the bars. They were there to emphasise the state of bondage to the harem girls who were now on full view to me; Ella having ordered me to stand against the bars, facing the girls and not move. My cock throbbed as I viewed the succulent beauties within. Some wore tight little panties, others wore silken togas, and others were naked except for chiffon body suits. The soft scent emanating from the room drove me crazy. One dusky African beauty approached the bars, deftly displayed her pussy as she slipped her finger between lush brown lips, then had me sniff and lick her finger. Another, in chiffon, sprawled over a leather futon before me, lifting her bottom enticingly to allow me a full view of both her sweet love entrances. Mistress re-appeared; I looked at her with wanting eyes. She smiled back.“Oh you silly man! You can’t have a female. You are a slave; you know you can only entertain a mistress by appointment!” She seemed to take delight in emphasising the ‘female’ issue and jerked me away from the tease of the harem girls, leading me across the hallway to a similar eunuch guarded room. As we approached at a distance I could already see the sweet feminine shapes, soft and scented, through bilecik escort bayan the bars at which I would be made to stand. Mistress laughed as I took my position, she then left and entered the room. I tried to keep my eyes closed as the beautiful figures before me cooed and approached the bars. The soft breath on my face from one made the task impossible, and my cock pulsed in torment again as I viewed the long brown hair of the feminine beauty before me; her cherry red lips and erect nipples topping delicate little breasts were so delectable. She smiled and looked down at my cage, this made me do likewise. She let out a little giggle as she saw the expression on my face change; she was wearing a cage too! I glanced at some of the others; despite their absolutely feminine appearance, all had little cock cages. This was a room full of the most divine sissies I had ever seen.My cock bulged all the more; their scent was even sweeter than the harem girls. Some rubbed my balls, one with jet black hair bent over in front of me, showing a sweet pair of balls below her inviting pussy, they teased as relentlessly as the girls. Then I saw one with lush red hair; my cock pulsed like never before. She simply smiled softly and blushed like a schoolgirl, she did not tease. Her soft white girly form moved elegantly to a drinking fountain and filled a cup. I noted her balls were ringed with a sweet mother-of –pearl band, her cock in a tiny ceramic cage. She came back with the cup and gently passed it to my lips in her soft white hands, her nails painted sissy-pink. I drank and looked deep into her blue eyes. I was transfixed.“Thank you Pepper. I see you have made a friend!” I was brought abruptly back to reality by Ella and she led me away. I glanced back to see Pepper looking through the bars as I left. Mistress just giggled knowingly…

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