The Sleeepover – Chapter 17


The Sleeepover – Chapter 17The Sleeepover – Chapter 17by samslam”OH YEAH! FUCK BRANDON! JUST LIKE THAT!” Lauren screams a few minutes later as her orgasm rumbles full speed ahead and I pound her mercilessly. “I’m… there… too… S!s…” I pant, thrusting my hips as I slam my cock home, shooting deep inside her contracted cunt. “Oh fuck!” I moan as I jerkily deposit my load into her pulsating pussy. Collapsing on her soft breasts, my lips find hers but we’re both breathing too hard to do much kissing. “You really don’t want to fuck dad, huh?” I ask when my breathing is under control. I’m lying on top of her, my cock still buried in her warm tunnel.”I don’t know,” she says quietly.”You love him,” I say, ticking off reasons on my fingers. “He’s caring and mom says he’s good in bed,” I add. “And you love to fuck, what’s the problem?” “Jesus, Brandon!” Lauren says, pushing me off of her. “You’re such a guy!””You didn’t seem to mind that a few minutes ago,” I laugh, rolling onto my side next to her. “I wish I could talk to Kristina about this,” she says, eyeing me cautiously.”We should probably loop in her in sooner rather than later,” I admit. “She’s going to find out eventually.””Really?” Lauren asks, excitedly. “I can tell her?””Sure, why don’t you two come over for dinner tomorrow night and we’ll tell her together?””Okaaaay…” she draws it out like it really isn’t okay. “You want to tell her yourself?” I ask, shrugging my shoulders. “Be my guest, I was just offering.” I hide my disappointment at not getting to see Kristina’s reaction.”But I still want to tell her here,” Lauren quickly adds. “We’ll get here early and I can tell her just before you get home.” “That works for me,” I answer as I lean in for a long, passionate kiss.”I should probably get home,” Lauren says, breaking the kiss and rolling over to get off my bed. “Yeah. I hope you liked your ice cream,” I joke as I pull on my underwear.”It was the best!” she laughs. “Thanks, Brandon.” tuzla escort We don’t even bring it up on the way home or when I kiss her goodnight in the driveway. “See you tomorrow!” she says giving me a little wave just before she goes in the house. * * *When I arrive home the next day, I find Kristina and Lauren engaged in what appears to be post-coital cuddling on my bed. Their lovely bodies intertwined with each other stirs my cock to life before I get two steps into the room.”You guys started without me!” I exclaim as my eyes roam over their naked flesh.”We couldn’t wait,” Kristina says, disengaging from my s!ster’s embrace and smiling at me. “Lauren was just telling me about your mommy fetish,” she says, moving towards the edge of the bed. “What?” I yell.”Kristina!” Lauren says at almost the same time. “I was not!” Kristina laughs as she tugs at my belt.”Okay, that might not have been exactly how she put it,” Kristina smiles as I quickly remove my clothes. “But you admit you want mommy to come over and play, right?” she asks.”Yeah, I guess I do,” I answer as I pull down my briefs and kick them aside. “Did she tell you her dilemma?” I ask.”Yes,” Lauren answers for her. “She thinks I should do it.””You do?” I ask, somewhat surprised.”Of course, I’m new to this but I can’t imagine having too many dicks lined up wanting to fuck you.” Lauren shakes her head as Kristina continues her discourse. “Seriously,” Kristina says, leaning up on her knees and getting very animated. “Think of how convenient it will be to have your dad right there to fuck you whenever you want. You get horny after dinner? Bam! He’s right there. You wake up horny in the morning? Just jump in the shower with daddy. Can’t sleeep? What better way to relax than…””Okay! I get it!” Lauren interrupts her, looking at me for support but Kristina grabs my dick before I have a chance to respond to Kristina’s unexpected foray into daily horniness.”Speaking of horny…” Kristina lets tuzla escort bayan the sentence trail off as she bends her head down to lick my semi-erect cock. “Would you fuck your dad?” I ask Kristina as her tongue swirls around my cockhead and flits across the sensitive underside. “Which one?” she asks, coyly just before sliding her lips down the length of my shaft. “That’s right!” I say excitedly, looking at Lauren. “Kristina could be just as reciprocal for me and mom as you are!” “This isn’t funny, Brandon!” Lauren says as she watches Kristina suck me off. “Well, she could…” I say quietly but not really thinking it’s a possibility. “Nah, that wouldn’t sit so well with the Andrews would it?” I laugh.”Probably not,” Kristina says, taking a breath. “Will you fuck me, Brandon?” she asks, scooting back on the bed. “We haven’t decided what I’m going to do about dad yet!” Lauren says but she rolls over to make room for her half s!ster to lie down next to her.”Well, you know my opinion,” Kristina says, pulling her knees up and spreading her creamy thighs for me.”Mine, too,” I answer while aligning my cock between Kristina’s glossy pussy lips. Lauren scoots closer and starts caressing Kristina’s breasts as I slide my cock into her anxious pussy.”A bedtime fuck does sound nice,” Lauren says quietly, obviously giving the idea more consideration.”Hmm mmm,” Kristina answers as she wraps her legs around me and digs her heels into my ass cheeks.”I wonder if mom would let us sleeep together?” Lauren muses as she tweaks Kristina’s nipples. I’m building up my rhythm as Lauren sucks one of Kristina’s taut nipples into her mouth. “She would if she’s over here sleeeping with me,” I answer. “It’s all reciprocal, remember?””Don’t get distracted!” Kristina admonishes me playfully. “I’ve got a receptacle for your reciprocal right here!” she laughs.Lauren and I get down to business and give Kristina a long, slow, tantalizing fuck. With Lauren’s hands and mouth on escort tuzla her top half and my cock and fingers stimulating her bottom half we tortuously incite her passions. Repeatedly ignoring her pleas, we take Kristina right to the edge of bliss before backing off, incessantly moving her to ever-higher levels of arousal. Without a word between us, my s!ster and I intuitively know how far the other wants to go each time.Finally, by mutual unspoken consent, we push her all the way through, culminating in an incendiary, bed-shaking orgasm and transforming her pleas into a scream of pleasure.”OH LAUREN! PLEASE! PLEASE! BRANDON! THIS TIME! PLEASE YESSSSSS! OH FUUUUUK YEEEESSSSSSS!” Kristina, curses her way thorough her release, her body shaking uncontrollably through the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed.Lauren is looking on in awe as Kristina’s body convulses in orgasmic spasms and my cock keeps pounding into her raw pussy. As she clamps her inner muscles around my cock, I release my pent up load, filling her trembling pussy with my thick spunk.”Oh fuck…” Kristina breathes as she crumples back into the mattress, her body shuddering through the after quakes of her eruption. “Damn…” she shivers, smiling at us while pulling Lauren into an embrace. I disengage my cock from her well-fucked pussy and flop down on the bed beside her.”I can’t move,” she announces. “You guys need to do that to your mom!””We need to do that to me!” Lauren counters, kissing her best friend while mashing her boobs against Kristina’s chest.”God!” Kristina sighs again. “My nipples are raw and my pussy hurts but I’ve never cum so hard in my life! I’m still shivering!” Lauren wraps her arms around her as I pull the sheet and blanket over them.”Wow!” Kristina shudders again. “I’m not horny anymore,” she says, smiling at me.”Give it an hour,” I respond causing them both to laugh. I laugh too as I pull back the covers and join them in an embrace.”I love you, both,” Kristina says, pulling us closer.We snuggle under the covers, a happy threesome without a care in the world. Well, except maybe whether we should reciprocally fuck our parents. But that’s a story for another day.THE END

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