The Smbian


The SmbianI had known Ella for many years we had lived in the same street for ages and when her husband died I always helped out if she needed any odd jobs doing. I was much the same these days even though we now lived miles apart it was nice to catch up with her when she needed some little job done.One particular time she telephoned and asked if I could pop around the next day but wouldn’t say what the problem was, so there I was sitting in her kitchen watching her set about making me a cup of coffee. She hadn’t changed much over the years she was still a sexy looking 62 year old but looking much younger, I had always secretly fancied her even when her husband was alive she was my type of woman big breasts slim body and short red hair, She finished making the coffee and sat down opposite me and chatted, I asked her if she had ever thought of meeting someone else as it had been 6 years since her hub had passed, but she said that no she had resigned herself to being alone, and anyway she said who would want an old bird like her.I told her that I had always fancied her to which she seemed surprised but smiled and thanked me I then asked her what she wanted me to fix for her today, She seemed to blush slightly and explained that it didn’t matter and it was nice to catch up for a chat it could wait she said, No I insisted I had all morning and I was all hers for whatever she wanted repaired, but she seemed reluctant to tell me. We chatted a bit longer and she told me that she had been on dating websites looking for friendship. I said that I was surprised she hadn’t found anyone and she said sadly they were full of married men looking for sex on the side.It was my turn to blush slightly as I told her yes and admitted to being one of those men, why she asked your wife is lovely I used to love our chats and she always said how much she loved you. Greed I guess and yes we are still very much in love but we both have other interests. Other interests? Well I thought in for a penny – yes we used to swing well still do actually in fact we used to when we lived next door to you.She looked shocked but smiled and said well we learn something new every day don’t we. She then told me of her conversations with my wife and how she had told her about me and that I was well endowed. Well that’s a matter of opinion I said – oh don’t be shy she laughed she said you were enormous! Now that made me blush even more so I changed the subject back to asking what she wanted fixing? She seemed to have relaxed a bit and said well as I have told you I have been looking on those websites for a man but not particularly to spend the rest of my life with. Ok I said so you were looking for sex, her turn to blush again but yes she said and not just any man he needed to be well endowed, but all the guys I spoke to were horrible just kept telling me what they wanted to do to me in very crude tems.I can imagine I said so what happened – I gave up she said and bought myself a present. A present ? what sort of present?. A Symbian machine she said but unfortunately it stopped working a month ago and it’s taken me this long to ask you if you could fix it. Wow I said could I see it? She got up and told me to follow her, we went upstairs and into her back bedroom – she had it laid out with the machine in the centre of the room and a low couch right in front of it, on the wall behind the machine was a television fixed up to a DVD player. She saw me looking at it and said that she watched blue movies while playing. I smiled and took a look at the machine, it was very well built looked American – she showed me the on/off switch and the controls, which were basically a speed control and vibration control. And it’s been broken for a month? Yes she said and now I am real desperate if you know what I mean. She seemed a little excited her breathing had become heavier and her breasts seemed to be jutting out at me, looking at her and the machine my cock was now getting hard just thinking about her using it.When I looked closely at the machine there was a safety device with a pull cord that attached to the users wrist, I could see that the wires had been disturbed and quite possible the connection had been broken stopping the machine working. I thought for a moment and told her that if I could fix it I would want to see her use it in front of me. She halkalı escort went red and said she didn’t think she could do that but seemed very interested that I thought I could fix it. Go on I said I would just watch, she reluctantly said ok and I’m sure she thought that maybe I couldn’t fix it. Ok good now leave me with it and I will come find you if I fix it. She scooted off and I got to work looking first at the safety switch, using a screwdriver I took of the cover and was surprised and delighted to find my assumption was correct – she must have stood on the cable while moving the machine as one of the wires was disconnected and just needed reconnecting. I put the cover back on and tried the on/off switch again and sure enough the machine started to move back and forth.I didn’t want to tell her too soon that it was fixed so I checked out the mechanism and it all looked fine there was a small cock shaped rubber dildo attached to the business end and I looked around to see if there were any different attachments and behind the couch I found a box full of different size and shaped dildos all having the same fixing point as the one on the machine. I selected the largest – a huge black b**st and replaced the one on the machine and stepped back to look, it looked awesome and I hoped she wouldn’t mind that I had changed it. My cock was hardening even more at the thought of watching her on it.I went to find her and she was downstairs watching tele so I said do you want the bad news or the good news, You couldn’t fix it could you she said No that’s the good news I smiled – so whets the bad. I found your stash of attachments and selected my choice hope you like. She smiled with delight that I had fixed it but then said that she couldn’t go through with me watching her but wanted to know what attachment I had fitted. When I told her she said Christ that one is huge cant we start with a smaller on. I laughed no its that or I go break it again. She looked aghast and told me I was awful but I knew she would do it. She got up and walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek saying thank you and whispered that she would have to go get changed and would call me up when she was ready, As she moved to go I grabbed her head and gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth – she responded pushing her tongue deep into mine then broke free and smiled and walked towards the stairs and disappeared to get changed.I sat there waiting although I was tempted to just burst in on her and take her before making her perform, then I thought well just maybe she wants to perform for me and who am I to assume she actually wants me to fuck her. So I resigned myself to waiting and to the fact that watching might be all I was going to get. Thirty long minutes later I heard her call down for me to join her so I bounded up the stairs to find her in the ‘play room’ she had placed a chair for me to sit and watch so I sat down. She came over and kissed me on the cheek again and thanked me again for fixing the machine. She was wearing a silk housecoat but I could tell she had not a lot on underneath; she stood away from me and opened the robe to show me what she was wearing. I nearly leapt up and grabbed her because under the robe she had on a topless white corset her huge breasts where completely exposed and she had enormous nipples that just begged to be sucked. Tearing my eyes from her breasts I looked and saw she had stockings on attached to the corset but no other underwear and her pussy was completely shaven – to top it all off she was wearing a pair of high heel shoes.Wow I said you look bloody lovely, she thanked me and told me that she had never worn it before and she had bought it just in case. I said well its fantastic but only because you are wearing it. She smiled and let the robe fall to the floor – she looked at my lap and said am I going to have trouble with you?. I assured her that I wouldn’t move from the seat unless she begged me to, she smiled and went over and sat in front of the Symbian. She picked up a remote and pointed it towards the tele on the wall to my left, when the screen came to life a porn film was playing, it showed a huge black guy and an older white woman and the where getting down and dirty.Ella looked at the screen for a while ignoring me completely just taksim escort watching the action, her hands started to wonder over her body rubbing her breasts squeezing them together lifting them to her lips where she could easily suck each nipple. I was transfixed watching her was better than any porno, she was lying back on the couch her head resting against the back and her legs open and her pussy lips were only inches away from the enormous head of the attachment I had selected.Her breathing became laboured and one hand moved down her body and found her clit, she started to slowly rub it making it swell up, my cock was now bursting and was really feeling uncomfortable in my trousers. I unzipped my fly and hauled my cock out feeling it now harden fully out of the restrictions of my trousers. I looked over to Ella and realised she was looking at me her eyes had widened so I looked back stroking my cock slowly up and down watching her pushing her fingers into her now wet cunt. She was smiling broadly and she was definitely now teasing me as she looked straight at me pulling at her nipples and grinding her fingers over her swollen wet clit.I stood up and stripped completely naked and then sat straight back down again my 11 inches of hard cock waving in her direction, she hesitated for a moment and then remembered the rules and sat up so that she could reach the huge toy I had prepared for her. Leaning forward she took it in her hand her other hand reaching down for a bottle of baby oil she had placed there earlier. Pouring a little into her palm she massaged it onto the huge toy making it glisten in the light, when she was happy she then took some more oil and rubbed it over her pussy lips parting them and working the oil inside her.She beckoned me over and handed me the oil and I guessed she wanted me to oil my cock while she watched so I took it back to my seat and poured some onto my palm and started to massage my cock once more. She looked a little disappointed but smiled as she saw what I was doing. She grabbed the machine and pulled it towards her so that the toy rested on her stomach I saw she was trying to work out how much she could take and I was surprised to see she lined up almost the whole length before she took the controls and used them to position the device so the the enormous head was resting on her clit, she had clearly done this before but maybe not with an audience. She reached forward and rubbed the head of the toy over her clit and pussy entrance making her moan and squirm a little. She had stopped looking at me and looked back to the movie playing, the black guy was now fucking the older white woman for all he was worth. She eased the tip of the toy inside her and then lay back closing her eyes possibly imagining that the black guy was fucking her, I was certainly imagining fucking her my cock now oozing pre cum all over the place. And the situation was driving me crazy. But I stayed in my seat watching the lovely Ella who had now picked up the Symbian controls and flicked a switch and I watched as the huge toy inched into her eager pussy, it travelled very slowly and I could hear her moan as she felt its girth stretching her open, it kept going in to her and I couldn’t believe that she had now almost all of its length inside her. I must have been a full 10-11 inches now buried in her hot pussy. She was breathing heavier now and had stopped the machine at its deepest point.All I could think of was that if she could take that monster the she could have now worries about taking my length – this drove me even wilder as not many women could take me to the hilt but I could see Ella could and she could easily. My cock strained and I gripped the base hard stopping the thought of ejaculating too soon. I was hoping that I may well be required at some point.. Putting those thoughts aside I watched Ella as she lay there fully impaled on the toy and watched as she then took the controls and moved a switch. The big toy started to pull out of her pussy and I could see it dragging her pussy lips with it, she gasped but let it continue until it was almost right out of her, she then relaxed a little as the machine then started to move forward once more pushing it deep again inside her.She dropped the remote beside her and grabbed hole of her breasts squeezing şişli escort them hard yelling oh my god as the machine relentlessly pushed deeper and deeper. She must have selected some sort of program for the device as it started to go through a rhythm of deep pushes then stopping for a few seconds before resuming the fucking.I was having great difficulty in controlling my own orgasm as my cock was fit to explode as the sight, oh fuck me fuck me you black bastard she cried as the machine now sped up and was giving her a right royal fuck. Then all of a sudden she arched her back and climaxed, I could hear her juices squirting out from the tight fit of the toy but she didn’t stop it she seemed to be in a constant climax letting the machine continue its relentless fuck. After a few more minutes she came again and I could see that the toy was now soaked from her juice.She grabbed the control and stopped the machine easing the huge toy from her pussy and pushing it away lying back down on the couch once more massaging her breasts. Mmmm she moaned how can I ever thank you enough she said, and I replied that it was a pleasure. She sat up and looked over at me then looked at my cock saying that it looked fantastic and asked me if I had come. I shook my head and said sadly no she got up and walked over to me getting a closer look at my swollen cock. It truly is a fine b**st she said do you mind if I touch it. I simply smiled and nodded please do.She knelt down before me and she gently took my cock in her hand, fucking hell she said it’s huge and proceeded to rub it up and down. I wasn’t sure how much of that I could take but she wasn’t about to stop and she looked at me and asked if she could suck it. Please do I pleaded and she took me into her lovely mouth her lips griping me gently and proceeded to give me the best blow job I had ever experienced. All to soon I felt I was going to explode and she sensed this and started to wank my cock into her mouth as if she wanted me to come, I grabbed her hair and tried to move her away but she stayed right there sucking away greedily. I exploded and she gulped it down eagerly it seemed like gallons and she lapped it all up. She finally looked up and smiled at me a dribble of my cum running down her chin which she scooped up with her finger and swallowed it. Fuck I said that was amazing, yes she said it was and thank you for fixing my machine. No problem I said will you be using it often I asked. Every day at least twice she replied, wow I said you are one sexy woman. I told her that I had wanted to get up from my chair and come over to join her and she said she wished I had.I looked at her and said you aren’t finished yet are you? No she said I will probably use it again when you have gone. Why wait I said let me help you with it, she didn’t need to think about it just went over and lay down again. I positioned the toy again and took over the controls; I worked out all the different modes and set it to work. Watching her take the huge toy again was so exciting I got up and moved around to fondle her breasts, they felt so heavy and I knelt down and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard.She was going frantic and I could sense she was reaching another orgasm so I sped the machine up a little, she cried out and shuddered and then collapsed so I moved the machine out of the way and knelt down where it had been.Her pussy was gapping open and looked quite tender so I bent down and licked it, she stirred and moaned and her hands grabbed my head forcing me to eat her tender lips hard. I could taste her cum and it was lovely and I pushed my tongue deep inside her making her writhe once more. My cock had now recovered and was completely rock hard. I wasn’t sure whether she would want me to actually fuck her but I got up so my cock head was where the machine had been a little earlier. All my doubts evaporated then she cried oh my god fuck me please fuck me with that big cock. I eased forward and sank it in to her to the hilt, she screamed and pushed forward to get every last bit in. I then fucked her slow at first then harder and harder, it took me almost an hour of solid fucking before I felt my second orgasm approach. I asked where she wanted it and she replied inside me please deep inside me, so I filled her lovely pussy with my second load of the day.We collapsed after that and slept for a while before I had to make my excuses to leave, she asked if I would come back and I said yes, she also asked if I would bring my wife and I also said yes.We kissed and I was gone with a big smile on my face and my cum running down the inside of her thigh.

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