The snow storm


The snow stormThe weather had turned cold, and it started to snow, heavy about 2pm. Fearing the worst the manager sent everyone home, or to the hotels. I was in a hotel, living on expenses and per-deim, being from out of town, the hotel filled up quickly, as the freeways were jammed with accidents all over the place. After dropping my briefcase in my room, I went down to the lobby for some tea. It was a mad house, people trying to get a room, when none were to be had. I overheard the desk clerk say to the crowd, “there are not any rooms in any local hotels, sorry”. There were some people that were upset, as they would be most of the night getting home, if they got home at all. I did feel really bad for some, but there was not anything I could do for them.I sipped my tea, and watched the news, it was full of wrecks and stalled traffic, not a pretty sight. I recognized some people from work, they waved or nodded, I did the same. Most all had left the lobby, except for a lady I vaguely knew from work, Sarah, a lady in her 60’s nice figure, pretty face, and very quiet, but nice. She came over to where I was sitting, and said “this is terrible, no rooms my husband told me not to drive in this weather, I don’t know where to go or what to do, guess I will have to sleep in the car”. I asked if she wanted some tea or coffee, and to just keep calm. I said, “it may clear up shortly and you can go home”. We sat and finished our drinks, waited for the latest news, and when it finally came on it was not good. Continued snow with freezing conditions until midnight or later. Wow that was not what we expected, and it put a different light on the situation. Looking at me I could see the desperation but what was I do do? So, not really having a plan, I asked “I have a room with 2 queen beds, you are welcome to a bed, if you want”. “Also if you need to call your husband, I understand, also I do not have any ulterior motive, it’s just a bed for the night, I may even have a new toothbrush if needed”. “Or the staff may let you sleep here in the lobby, considering the circumstances”. She sat there thinking, and I kept my mouth shut, she needed to digest the whole situation. I waited for what seemed an eternity, when she said “perhaps I could see the room”? “Of course” I replied, “lets go take a look, then you could decide”.After I opened the door, she went inside, stopped in the middle of the room, and asked “which bed do you use”? I pointed to the one on the right, and said “you can have this one closer to the window”. “But before you decide I should tell you I sleep in my birthday suit, so no peeking”. halkalı escort She grinned and replied “so does my husband, I guess you have something in common”. As she sat on the bed, looking around she replied “I don’t have any nightie, I do have some makeup for tomorrow, but nothing to sleep in tonight”. So I said “you are staying”? “Do you want to call your husband and see what he thinks”? She said “if we can keep this just between us I can think of something to tell my husband tomorrow, I do need your discretion though”. I replied “what goes on in this room, stays in this room, deal”? She stuck out her hand and we shook on it.I asked “what about dinner, we may be able to walk over to Dennys, or we can dine in, I have some leftover dinners in the refrigerator I could microwave, and I do have a small selection of wines, your call”. She looked out the window, and the snow was over a foot deep and still comming down, heavily. “Lets dine in, I dont have any boots”.As it was after 6pm, I heated up the 2 boxes of leftovers, opened a bottle of merlot and we ate, both remarking how awful the weather is. The wine went to work, I remarked how pretty the snow was, in spite of all the bad road conditions, however it was nice to have someone for dinner, the conversation was good, the wine good, and the company was good. Eventually I asked “what time do you go to bed”? She replied “around 9, I like to get up, and shower in the morning, what is your bed time”? I replied “about now, and I can shower tonight so you can have the bathroom in the morning, all I would need to do is brush my teeth, then its all yours”.This was the moment of truth, was I prepared to show my “stuff”, would she even be looking, or was it all in my head?As I began to remove my clothes she looked out the window, I asked her to close the d****s, which she did, and sat on the edge of the bed, facing away as I disrobed.I showered, shaved and brushed my teeth. Keeping a towel around my waist, I returned to the room. She was in bed, on her side facing my bed. As I pulled back the bedding, she remarked how nice I was to offer the bed, and “could we have another glass of that wine”? “Sure” I replied, and refilled our glasses, handing her hers. I sat on the edge of my bed, facing Sarah, she also st up on the edge of her bed, wearing her bra and panties, I could see, clearly, the outline of her nipples, and the cleavage was really spilling out, sexy was what I thought, amazing what a blouse covers. She tried to cover her legs, but I şişli escort had already seen the “V” of her pubic area. I didn’t try to keep the towel closed, the towel had already been parted, showing my inner thighs, and penis and balls. I did pull the towel back, but noticed how her eyes went to my crotch.As we sipped the wine, I began to open the towel, my cock was already fully erect, as erect as a 70 year olds cock can get, but it was mine and it felt good to be erect. After a few moments, of sipping and watching how her eyes went to my lap, I got really brave and pulled the towel off, exposing my cock,balls and complete pubic area. Expecting Sarah to be offended, she said, “thanks for showing me your penis and testicles, I was wondering what you looked like”, then she said, “would you like to see me”? Was she crazy, of course I wanted to see her, so I replied, in as calm a voice I could muster “yes of course, but only if you want to show me”. With that she stood, very close to me and removed her bra, letting those huge breasts with the dark nipple area spill out and hang down, really nice floppies, then she removed her panties, exposing the pubic area with graying hairs covering some really nice fat lips. My cock really surged, swelling and beginning to throb.As she sat she said, “no sex, please, I just want to look at you, I do really like what I see, but I am married and do not want any complications”. I thought for a moment, and replied “I agree, totally, no need for life to be complex”. Then I took my cock in hand and fondled the head, then fondled my balls, laying back a bit, spreading my legs for her viewing pleasure, She responded by caressing her breasts, paying particular attention to the nipples, tweaking, pulling and rolling then over and over, eventually pulling one to her lips and sucking the nipple, I could see the hairs standing up as she was getting aroused, more and more. I stroked my cock, eyes glued to the sight on the edge of the other bed, stroke and stroke, softly slowly sliding my index finger into the slit feeling the moisture rise, spreading it over the head. She raised a leg just a bit, exposing the moist, hair covered slit, with moisture oozing out, she slid a finger across, and began to insert first one then two fingers, she began to slide them in with a rhythm.I stood, my cock just a foot or so from her bed, I went to the bathroom and brought back some towels, and the lube supplied by the hotel. Taking my seat, I handed her a towel, opened the small plastic container of lube and squeezed a gob on sarıyer escort my cock head, rubbing the lube all over the head and shaft. Her eyes never left my cock. Then she began to talk, “Ray and I don’t have conventional sex anymore, he has problems and can only masturbate, we do this together once in a while, I get excited when he ejaculates, sometimes he kneels in front of me and licks my vagina, it really feels good”. “I have taken his penis in my mouth, but the semen does not taste good at all, it is too thick and bitter, but he likes for me to take the head in my mouth and ejaculate”. “Sometimes he suckles my breasts, I do like that as the nipples are very sensitive, but the real pleasure is in my clitoris, gives me an orgasm every time”.By now I had the entire shaft lubed and was stroking the entire shaft, the head was growing more purple than ever and extremely sensitive my balls were starting to feel very good, and I could feel the cum beginning to boil, I knew the cum was getting close. I tole her “I’m getting close to ejaculating, your vagina looks very wet, I love the sight of your breasts, flopping around, your fingers slipping in and out, all wet and slick”. “Look at the slit of my penis, here it comes”! With that announcement the first rope shot out and hit her leg, her fingers were working in and out with a fury, the second rope hit her foot, I was holding on to my cock not moving at all, just watching her pussy being worked over and over. Then she threw her head back, mouth open as the convulsions took over her orgasm. She froze as wave after wave made her shudder in pure ecstasy, the rest of my cum just oozed out. This was really good, she got her bed wet with her juices, I shot on her thigh and foot, rubbing the rest over my still rock hard cock.We both just sat there, frozen, me looking at her, she looking at me, neither had anything to say, both being completely over cum with our respective orgasms.It seems like forever, before I could wipe the cum and lube off my cock and balls, but I had to get cleaned up, and so did Sarah. Wiping her crotch she took her fingers and wiped the cum off her thigh, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger, she remarked, “not like my husbands at all, so clear and slick, almost like baby oil”, and with that being said she put some on her tongue, tasting my ejaculate, she remarked, “and its not bitter either”. This action was not expected at all, I thought there was to be no sex, perhaps curiosity got the better of her.She went into the bathroom, did some more cleaning, then returned to her bed. I was under the covers, my cock slit was still oozing the last of the cum, and I was sliding my forefinger over the slit. She looked at me and said, “this is not what I expected, it was good, but it has to be a one time only experience”. I replied “agreed, besides tomorrow is a new day, and what was said, and done here, stays here, ok”?She replied “ok”. With that we both fell asleep.

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