The Spa


Today was just another workout day for Karen at the health spa. At least three times a week she manages to go and try to unleash some of her stress that accumulates with her job. She normally goes for the aerobics portion, then showers and goes home. On Thursday’s she gets a massage from one of the ladies on the staff.

Karen normally tries to block everything out of her mind when she is here and just concentrates on her exercises. She felt like she was in fairly good shape for a lady of her age. She’s in her mid 40’s. She does well to keep up with the younger staff of three women and one man.

The man, named Rick, primarily worked as a personal trainer but did handle massages when requested. Rick is 27 years old and quite fit, as the ladies that go can attest to. He’s in a flirters paradise, Karen included.

Karen, decided to start working out with the weight portion of the spa so that brought her into more contact situations with Rick.

Tonight, she had to work late because of budget preparation where she works. She hurried and got to the spa before they closed because she didn’t want to miss in her routine. It was late enough to miss the aerobics session but she still had time to do her weight training.

Rick had been super, in making her relax and show her how to operate the machinery. Like I said, there was a little flirting going on with both sides, but up to this point it had been harmless.

Karen kept noticing everyone clearing out of the spa, but she knew it was late and didn’t think much of it other than whether she would be able to finish her workout.

“Rick, I don’t think I’ll have time to finish my workout since it’s so late and I know you close in 10 minutes.” She says.

“Don’t worry about it Karen, if you need me to stay longer, I don’t have anything to do tonight and I don’t want you to miss anything” he says.

“Oh thanks Rick, I’m only half way done. You are so sweet,” she says.

Karen usually works out with a pair of shorts and a baggy sweatshirt but tonight, her sweatshirt was dirty so she had grabbed a t-shirt instead. The shirt was actually a little snug and clung to her breasts more than what she was used to. She had noticed several men staring at her tonight and she happened to glance down and noticed that her nipples didn’t have anywhere to hide. She blushed when she noticed it but continued to work out.

Soon, Rick and Karen were the only ones in the spa because it was after closing time. She just started working out on the pecks machine as Rick walked by.

“Rick, thank you for waiting around for me” she says. He stops and is right in front of her as she continues to work out. The peck machine allows you to work on your chest area and each time the spring loaded machine brought Karen’s arms back, her breasts would stick way out and her nipples would almost burst out of the material. Rick couldn’t move away, he was so fascinated with them.

Rick normally wore a jogging suit but today he had on biker shorts and it did nothing to hide his bulge from Karen’s eyes. She was getting flustered, thinking about him and knowing that he was a lot younger and shouldn’t be having these thoughts.

Finally, Karen finished the last routine and asked if she had time to take a shower. “Sure,” Rick says and Karen went off to the shower room. Once in the shower her mind drifted off and she paid a little more attention to her breasts, knowing that they must have excited Rick, watching her nipples strain so much.

With a soapy rag, Karen begins soaping her body. Her face, then her breasts. She lingered for a moment enjoying the feeling of the cloth stimulating her nipples. Lower her hand moved, soaping her stomach, down her legs, up here thighs until she reached her pussy. Her fingers pushed the cloth between her lips and she began soaping her clit. Her free hand moved up to her nipples and she began pulling on them, making them grow even more erect.

All of a sudden she dropped the cloth and her fingers began working on her clit even harder. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, thinking of Rick, and her fingers entered her pussy to the second knuckle. She began moving her fingers in and out, fucking herself, thinking what it would be like having Rick doing that to her.

As if she had a second illegal bahis sense that someone was watching her, she quickly opened her eyes and got the shock of her life. Rick had come into the shower and picked up the cloth while her eyes were closed and said, “Karen, I think you dropped something.”

Her eyes widened and her hands shot out to try to cover her the best that they could. Rick had taken his clothes off and came in strutting a cock that was already excited from watching her play with herself.

“Rick, what are you doing in here” she says. “you know I’m a married woman don’t you, you can’t just come in here.” Her eyes moved down his body and her voice got weaker, “Please leave Rick,” she says almost in a whisper.

Rick put his finger to his mouth and said, “Shhhhhhh”. His hand reached out for her hand that was attempting to hid her breasts. “No Rick, please go” she said again, this time even more of a whisper.

“Karen, your mind is saying no, but your body is telling me what you really want. Look at your nipples,” he says and she looks down. They were flaming red and almost a half inch long. His other hand reached out and took her other hand that was hiding her pussy and led it to his cock. She jerked away momentarily, but he held her steady and pulled her hand back until it touched him.

“Rick, no, I can’t. I want to but I can’t” she said. “Just hold me Karen, that’s all I want, just hold me with your hand” he says and reluctantly, she opened her hand and grabbed his cock. It was so big she could hardly get her hand around it. He felt the pressure of her hand on him and his cock jerked a few times. Karen continued looking into his eyes as she felt this and her hand involuntarily began moving the skin back and forth.

“God, what am I doing,” she thought to herself. Her hand started moving with more intensity as he took her face in his hand and pulled her towards his. His tongue shot out and began licking her lips all over and then pressed against the opening of her mouth until she opened up and her tongue found his.

As if she was almost losing control, her body pressed against his now while her hand stroked a cock that seemed to be growing even more. With one last ditch effort to right herself, she pulled back her hand and her body and said, “We’ve got to stop Rick, I can’t do this.”

Rick didn’t say anything but moved his hand to her pussy. Fighting what was beginning to be a losing battle, she finally realized that she had to have him and parted her legs for his hand. Her hand reached back and took his cock in it and began stroking it with one thing in mind as they began kissing again. Her mind was mush now and she had to have him. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers parted her lips and pushed themselves inside of her. Her breathing became intense as her hips began moving against his hand.

Karen broke their kiss and began licking and kissing a trail down his chest, stopping at his nipples, then proceeding lower. She got on her knees in front of him and with his cock at eye level, she ran her tongue over it’s inflamed head. It was so big now and she didn’t know if she could take it all in her mouth but she wasn’t going to be denied. Her mouth opened and just the head went inside as her tongue licked over the little hole that was oozing pre-cum. The salty taste only sent her mind reeling and she took more of him into her mouth.

With one hand stroking his cock, her other one reached under him and cupped his dangling balls. She rolled each ball with her fingers as she began an earnest sucking on his cock.

Her fingers left his balls and moved back into the crack of his ass and her fingers found his puckered hole and began massaging it. His hands now on her head, pulled her closer until she had so much in her mouth, she almost gagged. She found it sliding even further down her throat now as she relaxed and took him in. Her finger pushed harder into his ass, making him pull harder on her head until his cock was all inside her now. Rick moaned loudly as her finger pushed inside of his ass and he shove his hips forward and let loose with a barrage of his cum. Waves and waves of the salty cum splashed down her throat as she sucked him dry. Her finger all the way in, moving in and out now, triggering even more cum from him.

When illegal bahis siteleri his orgasm subsided, he reached down and lifts Karen from her knees and turned off the water and led her out of the shower to the massage room.

Taking a towel, he dried her off and placed a towel on the massage table and helped her up onto it. On her back now, Karen anticipated his next move and let modesty go to the wind and her hands sought out her breasts and one found her swollen clit and began massaging it.

“Hurry Rick, my pussy is on fire, you’ve got to fuck me now, please, I want your cock.” She says.

“Patience baby,” He says, “We are going to take our time because I want you to remember this as long as you live”

Her fingers worked feverishly on her clit and moved from that to enter her hot pussy. The fire was raging inside her body and she needed him now.

Rick stood at the foot of the table and inserted a couple of foot stirrups at the end, giving the table a look of one that is used when a woman goes for an examination.

“What are you doing Rick?” She asks, never missing a beat in her quest to have something filling her pussy.

“Slide down and put your legs up in here Karen,” he orders. He helped her slide further to the foot of the table and placed a leg in each stirrup, causing her legs to be wide apart and elevated.

“Oh God,” Karen thought, “what is he going to do? I’ve never been so open before in front of a man, and almost a stranger at that.” A blush rushes over her body.

“Take your fingers Karen and open your pussy up for me. I want to see your beautiful pussy baby. I want to see what is waiting for me to taste and to fill with my hard cock.” He says, as his hand is stroking his now rigid cock.

Karen, now fully ashamed, yet horny as hell, moved her fingers and spread her lips wide open for him. “I can’t believe I’m doing this Rick,” she says. “What are you doing to me?”

With her pussy now glistening from her own manipulations, Rick took his fingers and pushed two of them into her opening. Slick from her own juices, his fingers slid in without difficulty, causing a moan from Karen’s mouth.

Rick pushed them in after almost pulling them out and twisted them all round, readying her for his cock, which was harder than ever now.

Karen’s hips began moving with his motion as he slipped a third finger inside of her. In and out he pushed them as if he were fucking her. Her body lost control with her movement and her fingers found her swollen clit again. She began mauling it as he continued fucking her with his fingers.

Finally, the fourth finger entered her which almost brought her off of the table. A sense of urgency rushed through her loins and before she could cum, he took her hand away from her clit and removed his fingers.

“NO RICK, DON’T STOP NOW, I NEED TO CUM” She screamed, but to no avail. He wasn’t going to let her cum just yet. He wanted her to cum when he was ready, not her.

Without touching herself, her body was still thrashing around on the table, her hips lifting off of it, her pussy reaching and wanting anything at this moment. To be filled, to release her pent up passion.

With his fingers slick from her juices, he began sliding them down through the crack of her ass, back and forth, pausing at her opening. He used her own juices to lubricate her ass for his fingers.

“GOD, LET ME CUM NOW RICK,” She let out another scream. Her breathing ragged now, her chest rising and falling, her hand clutching the sides of the table waiting for him to fuck her.

Rick just looked at her and smiled and started pressing his finger into her ass. She lifted her hips off of the table and made it easier for him to enter her tight asshole. One knuckle, then two had entered her ass. He pushed harder and broke through her muscle ring and his finger was now embedded in her ass all of the way. He began moving it in and out of her ass now with a steady fucking motion. Her hips moving with his hand as she tried to relax her ass so he could move more freely.

Karen was delirious now, wanting, needing for him to fuck her now. Her hand shot back to her clit so she could make bring herself to an orgasm, but he moved it away again.

Karen felt more pressure at her ass as she realized canlı bahis siteleri that he was placing a second finger inside of her now. She pushed harder, helping him until the other one was in her now. He began his fucking motion again with her begging him to fuck her.

Rick lowered his head now to her pussy and let his tongue touch the silky flesh of her inner body. He wasn’t going to touch her clit because he knew that she would surely cum so he started teasing her with his tongue as he continued fucking her with his fingers in her ass.

Karen thrashed around on the table and her hands shot out and clutched Ricks head trying to pull his face deeper into her pussy. He resisted and frustration set in on Karen at this time. She was frantic now, needing to cum and would do anything at this point to fulfill that need.

Finally, Rick succumbed to her need and took her clit between his lips and began sucking it hard as he fucked her ass with his fingers. Again, she pulled his head harder against her pussy and lifted her hips as her body exploded with desire.

“OH GOD RICK, I’M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM, FUCK ME IN THE ASS. SUCK MY CLIT HARDER YOU BASTARD,” She screamed as her body lost control during her orgasm. Her hips clearing the table now, thrusting her pussy into his face and her ass onto his fingers. “I’M CUMMMMMMMING NOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW, AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she screamed after waves of cum rushed through her body and into his mouth.

When she subsided and her ass fell back onto the table, Rick new that it was time for her to feel his cock deep inside of her. Her pussy was on fire even though she had just climaxed. Her clit was throbbing when he took his mouth away.

He stood up and took his hard cock into his hand and began rubbing it over the swollen clit. He pushed the head just inside, seeing if he would have any resistance because of the size. She was so open and so wet, that little resistance was felt so he reached up and clutched her breasts and thrust his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside of her.

A pain shot through her pussy momentarily because she had never had anything this big inside of her. After a few more thrusts, the pain went away and the urgency took over.

“FUCK ME RICK. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR COCK IN MY STOMACH. FUCK ME HARD AND LONG,” she screeched. She would suck air between her teeth each time he plowed his cock into your tight pussy. Never before has she felt so much pleasure. “FUCK ME HARDER RICK,” hollered out at him.

Rick placed his hands on her shoulders, and pulled her hard to him each time he lunged forward. He was fucking her without mercy now. Her hand found her nipples and began pinching and pulling on them. “YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she says as she felt every impact of his cock when he thrust against her womb.

Rick was in his glory now as his balls ached for his release. He lunged forward, feeling her pussy squeezing him until he couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’M GOING TO CUM BABY, I’M GOING TO FILL YOUR HOLE WITH MY SEED, NOW BABY, NOWWWWWWWWW, FUCK ME HARDER,” He yells at her.

“OH YES RICK, I’M GOING TO CUM TOO, FUCK ME RICK, FUCK ME HARDER, MAKE ME CUM WITH YOU. FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,” She screams as her body shutters and her pussy quakes around his monstrous cock.

Rick unleashed another wave of his cum, filling her inner beings. Karen felt the warm liquid rushing into her body and she lost all control and began cumming with him.


Her pussy pulsing, her clit hard and on fire, her fingers stroking it as he pounded his last few drops deep inside of her pussy.

Rick collapsed on top of her as he was spent. Karen wrapped her arms around him and held on as her pussy clutched at his cock, not wanting it to leave her body.

They lay there in each others arms until their breathing was back to normal. Rick pulled his now limp cock out of her and they kissed once more.

Karen removed her legs from the stirrups and he helped her crawl off of the table. They both headed to the showers and cleaned each other off and got dressed.

Next week, when it was time for Karen to come back for her workout, she didn’t show. Karen went to another spa because she knew that she could no longer go there anymore. She knew that she would have no control of the situation if he hit on her again. She wanted him, but this was the best way to handle it.

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