The Split Second Part1

The Split Second Part1It was the second day of the school holidays, I walked out of our roominto the room where the other guys were sleeping in the bungalow wehired on the Gold Coast for a surfing weekend.We had to borrow moneyoff our parents to get it,even though we were eighteen we still didn’tearn that much.I was still only wearing briefs at that time comingstraight from bed.I looked to my left straight out the French doorsto the sun coming up on the horizon and off the water.I startedwalking towards the two doors when I caught a glimpse of Luke’s foothanging out of his blanket,I think it was the golden light hittingthe veins in his foot.I kept walking towards the doors staring at theveins in his foot.As I was walking I was following one of his veinsgoing up to his tanned shin.My pace must have slowed down because iwasn’t getting closer to the door but my eyes were gatting higher uphis leg which i think because of the light was getting more bronze bythe inch and then up to his knee which had tiny little white hairs on it.Imust have been walking even slower by then because I was making my wayup his thigh which also had those tiny little white hairs onit,probably bleached from his tan as well.I noticed another veinstarting on the inside of his thigh which I must have startedfollowing also.It started from near the inside of his knee and up itwent.Following it I also noticed the shine from the golden sunlightcoming through the canlı bahis window straight off his well toned,tanned,youngsurfer legs which were bronzed an tort from surfing and skateboardingso much.By then I must have stopped walking because I found myselfstaring at the tanned borderline of his leg and the place his boxershorts were meant to be covering,which I didn’t know at the time butwas all he had on (lucky for me).He must of had a restless sleepthinking about the waves and girls we were going to catch but at thatpoint it didn’t matter to me, my eyes were stuck with the rest of mybody.I knew it wasn’t right but I had to look further up and followthis body.I made it past the “forbidden line” to the milky whitenessof his left cheek which also had a golden glow thanks to the sun.Itlooked small and perfectly formed to cup in one hand. Luke was a”smallish” guy.The kind of guy that gets all the girls because he isthe “cutest” even though at this time of the day and my life for somereason I do not know he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.Anyway after looking for only a “split second” on my way to the Frenchdoors time must of played a nasty trick on me and sped up withouttelling me.I awoke from my daydream,which I’m told is natural for ateenager, I mean what teenage boy doesn’t day dream about cars, bikes,surf breaks,girls? oh and…..wondering how their best friend’s bodywould feel against their own.Then it happened.I bahis siteleri heard a chuckle fromunder the pillow that was hiding him away from the world while heslept and the murmured “just woken up” words…..jealous are we? Ilooked up to met his big blue eyes looking straight into mine.He had”bed hair” which with the light, made his blond hair look like he hadblond tips in it.I never realised how sexy blond tips were until theywere on him.His smile also perfect with bright white teeth anddimples in his cheeks. I was still in my daydream and then. BANG!!, ithit me like a tonne of bricks what I was doing (although not meaningto).The room all of a sudden was boiling hot and I was fearing for myteenage reputation all in a “split second”.Now either he didn’trealise what was happening or in his “split second” he realised,tollerated,forgave and excepted me for what i was doing andthinking….. Now I know he realised.Either way he started laughingso hard he had to arch his back as he had to prop himself up, kind oflike doing a ( girls push up ) and he said.Dude, red is not yourcolour,I cant see your six-pack properly when your red or sunburnt.As he didthis the blanket fell down towards his bum and thanks to the goldensunlight between him,me his body and the bed I could see much morethan his toned tanned leg.He was still laughing which took the heatoff of me….until I noticed his neck vein was showing out of hisneck,and he wasn’t güvenilir bahis looking at me any more….so back into my “splitsecond” daydream I was about to finish off.I started following thisneck vein of his down to his brown,toned, muscled young shoulders.then his chest and abs and thanks to the golden light I could seeevery bit of muscle,tiny white hair,tendons and even the slightestvein which I followed down the V from the top of his hips all the waydown until I saw his boxer shorts trying their best to keep hisboyhood from sliding from their grasp between the elastic and histight, chiselled, bronzed stomach…..BANG!!! it hit me again,I wentre and the room got blistering hot.I thought I had been caught againbecause I could not hear anymore laughter.Not wanting to with everyinch of my being, I knew I had to look him back in his big blue eyesand so I did. but he wasn’t looking into mine…..oh no,they were wayfurther down than that,so i followed his eyes.Down my eyes went, tomy chest, stomach, feet…….OH NO!!!!! where are my feet? I waslucky enough to be looking at my own trobbing,blood filled shaftbetween my body and my stretched out briefs. My briefs were stretchedso tight i knew he could see the sillohette of the whole swollen headand the spot of pre-cum of my teenage penis.At this time I lookedback at him, while his eyes made their way up the front of me to lockeach others eyes once again at which point we both smiled and herolled over looking through the French doors to the beach, covered hiscrotch with the blanket and said “The guys dont know what kind of viewthey’re missing, I bet they wish they hadn’t gone surfing so early”

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