The Start of a Very Long Year


The Start of a Very Long YearI was in my early twenties, and living in a flat on my own when I met Rachel. We hit it off after a couple of dates and she would spend the night with me frequently, doing the usual thing that new couples do.After a few weeks we started introducing each other to the important people in our lives, and it was then I got to meet Rachel’s best friend, Gina. Petit, blonde and with a wicked smile, Gina was a chaotic influence on Rachel, and they would quite often be heard giggling away to each other over something or another.The pair of them would often descend upon me in the flat unannounced, and watch movies, play games and cook dinner. I didn’t mind so much because I liked what they cooked and enjoyed movies and games just as much. They were both finishing the last year of their college courses and had a lot more free time than I did which meant that I would also often come home from work to find them already there.On this occasion, I came home quite late and found them already into their second bottle of wine, halfway through watching a movie. I didn’t want to istanbul escort start watching something half way through so I took myself off and had a good long bath. Suitably refreshed, I put on my robe and went out into the lounge to see if they had finished watching and to find something to eat. I got to the lounge to find them whispering and giggling to themselves, nothing unusual, but was taken aback when Gina said ‘we want to see your cock’.I was pretty shocked and embarrassed, I’d not really experienced anything like that before and certainly not from Rachel. I must have paused for too long because they both said ‘come on, lets see’ in unison. I replied with ‘no chance’, or at least I nearly got the words out before I’d been grabbed by the robe I was wearing and 4 hands began attempting to undo the belt.I’m not small, but I’m very conscious that I don’t want to hurt either Rachel or Gina, so my attempts to fight them off are not proving very effective and they manage to pull the folds of my robe apart enough to avcılar escort expose my cock which, because of all the bouncing around and occasional accidental touching trying to fend them off, is getting pretty hard.Seeing my semi hard cock sends both Rachel and Gina into fits of giggles which gives me a chance to sort out my robe and move a bit further away from the pair of them. I was feeling a mix of embarrassment and excitement, and my cock was getting harder. I sat down so as not to advertise my growing cock, and figured I would wait for it to go down before making my escape.Rachel has other plans though, and starts to apologise and hugs me as I’m sat down. Gina comes up behind Rachel, grabs my cock hard and shrieks ‘its hard, he likes it’. She’s not wrong, its feeling pretty good being exposed in front of the two of them, new and exciting, and now I know that Rachel is just as into it as Gina, I’m a bit more relaxed about being nude in front of Gina.There is a little bit more touching and looking at my cock, semi exposed through the robe, and şirinevler escort I’m hard for about an hour before Gina has to go and gets into a cab. Once she’s gone, I’m thinking that Rachel and I would have a good roll around in bed. Rachel, however, has other ideas and says to me ‘no sex, but you can use me to wank over’. She takes off her top and her bra and I stand right in front of her and start masturbating.I can tell she’s into it as her breathing changes and her chest starts to go red. She is really getting a close up look at what I’m doing, so close that I can feel her breath on my cock and balls. Her stare makes me feel awesome and I can feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming hard. I tell Rachel I’m close and she grabs my cock with her licked hand and wanks me faster and harder than I was expecting and I shoot cum 7 or 8 times over her chest and her chin almost instantly.I can hardly breathe and my legs no longer seem to be responding to my brain, but the feeling throughout my body is so intense that I automatically just keep squeezing and pulling my cock to keep it going. Rachel seems to enjoy that too as she cleans the cum from her chin (leaving the rest on her breasts).As she makes her way to the shower, she says to me ‘you can do that for Gina next time, she’ll love it too, you can still cum on me though’….there were many more ‘next times’ and I’ll write about them if this is well received.

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