The Start Pt. 01

Bella Ink

This is how it started for me and my beautiful daughter and what turned out to be the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. We had always been close and loved each other as a dad and daughter but living alone together as we were now made both of us realize how much we cared for each other. I never thought this would happen in a million years with my lovely daughter of 20,but it has and we are both very happy with it. The love we have for each other makes the sex and all the things we do together so exciting and intense and the fact incest is so taboo and so secret helps to make it that way I guess but as long as we both want the same thing where’s the harm?

Myself and her mum got divorced when she was around fifteen and she went to live with her mum but after a while she just couldn’t get on with her mum’s new hubby so she came back to live with me when she was now my grown up 18 year old daughter.

I loved the company when she moved back in with me, the chatting was great after living alone for such a long time and she fitted back in as if she had never been away but I soon realized she was a tease. She began running bahis firmaları around the house scantily dressed, not fussy if she left the bathroom door open but I guess that was how she was. I told her about it but she just smiled as she said “it’s only you dad don’t keep on.”

She had always felt easy around me but that was when she was a lot younger before she started to develop and I used to ignore it then.

I was now finding it harder to ignore when she came to spend the odd weekend with me. She was growing up fast and starting to develop making it hard for me to concentrate on other things when she was around. Having some female company around the house again was great and Sally filling out in the right places made me notice her more and more.

Since the divorce I had had a few one night stands but nothing serious they had only been to fill the needs of a horny lonely guy like me.

After she moved back in with me I was finding that as soon as she came into the room my eyes seemed to be glued on her, even the way she moved around excited me. I began to wonder what she would be wearing before she actually came kaçak iddaa into the room, would it be that short mini skirt? I loved seeing her in that it made my imagination run wild.

I started to look at her in a different sort of way and I found myself waiting and wanting to see her like this and started to fancy her in a sexual way. I had never thought about her like this but I was starting to get turned on and mostly now when I needed some self relief I was thinking of her. As time went on when we were watching Tele she had got to sitting on my lap a lot of the times giving me a cuddle I loved the closeness, was a real turn on. This was usually after she had showered coming down smelling of green apple shower gel with just her shortie nightie and panties on I used to get so turned on and sort of hoped she didn’t notice, but was sure she was bound to so when she asked me if I missed her mum and did I mind sleeping on my own, I said I missed a cuddle and it was nice to wake up in the morning with someone beside me, what I really wanted to tell her was that I missed all the intimate things me and her mum used to do.

For several kaçak bahis days it was on my mind constantly and I thought to myself is Sally giving me come on signs by talking about being lonely in bed, was she feeling lonely like I was I thought how it would feel cuddled up to my daughter I got so hard even thinking about it, then thinking she is your daughter control yourself but at the same time thinking would she fancy her dad like I fancied her, it was all I could think about.

I tried to put it out of my mind without any success and even to think about it was a great turn on for me, I was thinking about her every night lying alone in bed, even when I was masturbating my mind seemed to turn to her and wanting to call out to her but I held back and decided that the next time we were on the sofa watching Tele and getting close I would be braver, drop some subtle hints and hoping that my sexy daughter felt for me like I felt for her, after all having just come out of a relationship with a long time boyfriend I guessed and hoped she was missing the intimate things as much as I was.

By now I was so wound up all I could think of was how would it feel, what would it be like, would she want me as much as I wanted her. I made up my mind it was now or never and the next time we were close together watching Tele I would test the water. (More to come)

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