The Things Better Left Unsaid Ch. 01


**Authors Note: This is the first story of this type that I have ever written. I would just like to make a quick note that I do not condone father/daughter sexual relationships in the real world, this is simply a story and no part of this represents my actual belief on this. I’m simply exploring new things to write about and was drawn to it. Between two consenting adults, as a role play, I see no problem in this- but would never support a father and daughter having relations. So please no negative or abusive comments, it is just fiction. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I have taken a break from writing erotica for quite some time, and feel a little bit rusty! Thank you in advance. And I hope you enjoy!**



Groaning loudly into her pillow, Demi rolled over and brought her hand crashing down on top of the alarm clock, silencing its incessant wailing. She knew she shouldn’t have stayed out so late with Levi last night. But telling that guy no was like trying to convince a tree it wasn’t a tree. He may have been her best friend, but he was a terrible influence.

Sitting up in her bed, she ran her hand through her disheveled ringlets, pushing them back out of sleep bleared eyes. Giving her discarded homework from the previous night a grimace, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and padded into her bathroom, giving herself a stern look in the mirror.

Her dark red hair was a mess, her usually loose hanging curls that framed her face were now standing out at all angles, making her resemble Carrot Top as opposed to her usual pretty, eighteen-year-old self. Growling at her reflection, she dragged a brush through her hair and returned it to its normal state before pulling it up into a messy bun, wiping away the smeared eye liner and pulling on her favorite jeans and a tank top.

After stuffing her books into her bag, sticking her lucky pen behind her ear and tugging on her Converse, she yanked open the bedroom door and hurried down the hall. Flicking through her phone, she wasn’t watching where she was going just as her father came out of the bathroom in a towel and they collided in a flurry of limbs, curse words and her bag spilling its contents all over the ground.

“Shit, sorry daddy.” She flashed him an apologetic smile as she bent to gather her school things, forcing them haphazardly back into her bag.

Jackson looked down at his daughter in surprise, grabbing at the edge of his towel that clung precariously to his hip after the unexpected bump. Demi’s eyes instinctively followed the movement of his hand, a reflex reaction, one that she clearly instantly regretted as her eyes snapped back up to his and her cheeks colored, leaving her looking even more flushed than she already had.

He cleared his throat, suddenly feeling uneasy and gave her a reassuring smile in return. “In a hurry this morning, sweetheart?”

She nodded, looking sheepish. “I’m running late. I’ll see you this afternoon, daddy.” She came up on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, patting his arm as she dashed away.

His eyes followed her down the hallway as he rubbed a hand over the place she had kissed, feeling an unsettled warmth in the pit of his stomach. He shook his head, forcing the thoughts out of his mind. It wasn’t the first time he had been distracted by his daughter, and he was loath to admit it.

It had been twelve years since his wife, Demi’s mother, had passed away tragically in a car accident. Demi had been in the car, and he knew that a large part of her still blamed herself for what had happened that night. It had been a long and slow process for them both, coming to terms with their loss and then learning to live without her. Jackson had been terrified. How was he supposed to raise a daughter on his own? There were so many things that only a mother would be able to teach her about being a woman, things he could never possibly understand. But he thought he was doing a good job so far. She was turning out to be a vibrant, intelligent, independent young woman that her mother would be so proud of.

There was just the small matter of how much she resembled Angelica. She was the spitting image of what her mother had looked like the first time they had met, and the exact same age. He let out an exasperated sound and went down the hall to his own bedroom, letting the door fall shut behind him.

He knew it was wrong, the way he caught himself looking at her sometimes. He didn’t even realize it was happening until it was too late, and as far as he could tell, his daughter was completely oblivious to it. She had that same passion about her, that zest for life that his wife had had. It was hard to deny it, hard not to see it. Hard not to remember how things had been all those years ago, when they had been two crazy kids in love. Their relationship had always been very lust driven, they had been mad for one another. Insatiable, even. When he really thought about it, he could still feel her body against bahis firmaları his, taste her skin.

His thoughts drifted back to Demi, her innocence, that purity that radiated from her. He knew for a fact she was a good girl, that she was still a virgin. She never showed much interest in the boys at her school, she was wise beyond her years and none of them appealed to her. She referred to most them as “thugs” and would spent more time laughing at them than anything else. The only other male she interacted with was Levi, and that kid was about as gay as they come.

The thoughts would be easier to ignore if she didn’t constantly walk around the house in tight jeans and those tank tops that showed off the flatness of her stomach and the curve of those perfect set hips of hers, the tank tops that pulled tight across her pert breasts. Jackson cursed under his breath and dropped the towel. He would never make it to work on time if he kept this up.

Glancing down, he noticed that he was fully hard, his erection standing tall and proud before him. Chewing at his lower lip, he looked at the door behind him. Demi was already on her way to school, it couldn’t hurt, could it? Crossing to the bed, he lay back and got comfortable before running a hand down the front of his body. He looked good for his age, at thirty-eight he still had a tight stomach, well defined abs and a strong V-line. He was always careful to maintain his body hair, and his actual hair was only just starting to get peppered with greys here and there. It was still thick and jet black, he kept the top a little longer than the sides, it seemed to the “in” style. With his masculine jawline, five o’clock shadow and ice blue eyes, he was not oblivious to the way women looked at him. Hell, even Demi’s friends ogled him when they come by.

His fingers wrapped around his erection, squeezing softly as he began to stroke himself, rolling his thumb over the tip of his cock to spread the precum. He groaned softly to himself, letting his eyes close as he jerked off, pumping his hips into his hand greedily. He lost himself in the moment, his mind full of tight, nubile bodies.

Reaching the end of the block, Demi rifled through her back for her algebra text book, already inwardly hating that she had it first period. Stopping on the corner, she swore loudly and turned back in the direction of home, stomping back up the street. She must have forgotten it in her haste to leave the house that morning. She was running so late now, she figured her best option was to ask her dad for a lift to school when he left for work.

Putting her key in the door, she pushed it open and listened out for any noise. The house was deadly quiet, but the car was still in the drive. She dashed upstairs, found her algebra book half stuffed under her bed and stuck it in her bag. Checking her dad’s study and finding it empty, she rapped quietly at his bedroom door. “Daddy? Are you in there?” She called quietly, listening intently. Still no reply. She turned the handle and pushed the door open a little, eyes scanning the room.

Letting out a startled gasp, she stumbled backwards, tripped and fell flat on her backside. Her cheeks flushed and she swallowed loudly, scrabbling to get back on her feet. The last thing she had expected to walk in on was her father pleasuring himself. The sight made her skin feel hot, and like it was too small for her body. She didn’t have enough air in her lungs suddenly, and she wasn’t sure if he had spotted her or not, his eyes had been closed.

Just as she managed to stand, the door jerked open and her dad was standing there in a pair old jeans, the ones with the torn knees. They were from his younger days, but he insisted they were so comfortable that he could not possibly throw them away.

His face was a mixture of surprise and shame, and he was blinking far too rapidly. She cast her eyes downward, blushing furiously, only to find them honing in on the line of his hip over the hem of those jeans, how toned his stomach and chest were. Her eyes wandered back up to his face and she gulped, taking an involuntary step backwards.

Jackson reached out and caught his daughter by the elbow, staying her. “Demi, I… I, uh… You weren’t supposed to…” She rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand and looked at a complete loss for words. “Shit.” He muttered emphatically.

Where his fingers rested against her elbow, her skin felt like it was burning. The sensation was rolling up her arm, through her entire body and she swallowed loudly again. She worried at her lower lip, unsure of what to say to him as their eyes locked.

Her father groaned, the sound feral and guttural and her insides clenched tightly. She couldn’t understand what was going on, the voice in the back of her mind knew this wasn’t a normal interaction between a father and his daughter, but she felt captivated. Almost mesmerized by what was unfolding between them.

Jackson released her elbow and ran the pad of his thumb along her kaçak iddaa lower lip, pulling it free of her teeth with a small sound. “Every time you do that, I swear I just want to bite that lip for you.” He muttered, as though talking to himself.

Startled, she blinked in confusion at him. He sighed, the kind of sigh that was heavy and full of questions as he studied her face, that same thumb tracing the curve of her cheek before his hand slipped behind her neck and pulled her closer to him. It was like something that had taken over him, he knew he should stop, but not a single part of him wanted to and when she came willingly to him, he knew he was done for.

Her eyes were wide and wondering, her lips were slightly parted and she was breathing so heavily, he knew she was feeling the tug too. His other hand slid her bag strap off her shoulder and the bag fell to the floor with a dull thud, right before that same hand joined the other to cradle her face, searching her eyes for the briefest moment before he tilted his head down and closed the distant between them, kissing her tentatively at first.

Everything inside her was screaming that it was wrong, that she should pull away, that the thundering of her heart was just fear and not excitement, but no part of her body seemed to want to listen. Her hands braced themselves flat against his chest as she tipped her face up eagerly, kissing him back shyly. She had never properly been kissed before, she had never really found anyone that she had wanted to kiss. Her and Levi had practiced on one another a couple of times, but that didn’t really feel right when there was no attraction there.

But this was entirely different, this made a fire burn deep inside of her, her stomach twisting with some dark need that she didn’t fully understand. His tongue brushed over her lower lip and she whimpered, parting her lips further on instinct. He growled softly and deepened the kiss, his tongue gliding over hers like he was trying to taste every part of her and she found herself wishing he would do just that.

Jackson walked her backwards toward the hallway wall, pinning her against it with the length of his body and she moaned quietly into his mouth, fueling him on. All moral ambiguity seemed to have gone out the window for them both, there was nothing but this moment and the two of them. His hands slid down her body, tracing every curve with a thoroughness that drew small, desperate sounds from her lips. When his hands reached her hips, they curved around to cup her ass, lifting her up so she could wrap her legs around him.

The sudden change had him pinned flush against her, she could feel his erection rubbing against her most sensitive parts and it near drove her wild with need, she rocked hungrily against him as they kissed fiercely, her own hands tangling in his hair and tugging softly, frustration building in her that she couldn’t understand.

Using his hips to keep her pinned to the wall, his fingers found the hem of her tank top and he inched it up her body, breaking the kiss just long enough to pull it up and over her head, dropping it on the ground beside them. His hands ran down her bare sides and she shuddered, making his cock jump in his pants. “Fuck, Demi.” He murmured to her, his thumbs tracing the hard peaks of her nipples through the thin fabric of her lace bra, his eyes darkening with lust as her head fell back and she moaned for him, curving her back to press herself more into his hands.

His self-control was completely gone now, he knew he had to have her, whether it was right or wrong.

Prying them away from the wall, he carried her through the door of his room, kicking it shut behind them and lowering her on to the bed. She looked around, nervously, as though she had never seen the inside of his bedroom before. Or she was looking at it through new eyes. He should have been just as nervous, or maybe even sickened, knowing that this was going to be her first time. But on some other level, he was glad about it. He knew that he would make her first time perfect, that he would never hurt her. And that provided him with some twisted sense of security, for them both.

He just stood for a moment, looking down at her splayed there on his bed. Her hair had come loose from the bun, and was fanned out around her in a gorgeous red halo. Her cheeks were flushed, and her chest was heaving with each breath, a slight sheen of sweat on her skin made him want to taste her so badly it was a physical ache.

Picking up one of her feet, he very slowly and deliberately unlaced her shoe, discarding both it and her sock before repeating the process with the other foot. She was watching him through hooded eyes, her expression slightly dazed. Once he had done that, he nudged her legs apart, kneeling on the floor between them as his hands made short work of the button on her jeans, pulling them slowly down her legs and dropping them. His hands slid up her calves, behind her knees as he hitched them up over his shoulders, wrapping kaçak bahis his arms around her thighs tightly to hold her in place. Her breathing had picked up and she was whimpering softly, her hips making small circles of their own accord.

Jackson’s gaze travelled up her body, watching her writhe for him and it was almost like his cock got even harder, if that was physically possible. He buried his face against the front of her silken panties, breathing her in unashamedly. She smelt sweet, like peaches, and he groaned throatily. She sucked her breath inwards in a gasp, propping herself up on her elbows to watch what he was doing. Running his tongue slowly over his lips, he used one hand to tug her panties to the side, revealing that perfect pink flesh. His breath rolled over her sensitive core and she fell back on the bed again, crying out quietly. She was so eager, so willing. It was intoxicating and he wanted to make her tremble for him.

He kissed her outer lips, softly at first, and then a little more insistently, watching her shudder each time. His lips grazed over her clit a few times, each brief contact making her hips jerk in response. She was wet, his face already glistening from her arousal before he had truly gotten started.

Using his fingers, he gingerly pried her lips open to expose her fully, closing his lips around her clit and sucking a little, watching her reaction. Her body tensed and her spine bowed up off the bed, her breath hitching loudly. He hummed quietly to himself as he stroked his tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves, settling into a rhythm that had her moaning and rocking underneath him within moments. He could tell that it wasn’t going to take her long, but he wanted it to be big so he slowed down and very slowly slid a finger inside her, feeling her inner muscles clench around him, pulling him in deeper. As he pushed his finger in and out of her in time with his tongue, he felt her thighs start shaking either side of his head. He hooked his finger, dragging it lightly across her G-spot and was rewarded with a loud cry, her hands clenching around the sheets and pulling on them.

Demi was completely lost to the sensation, she felt like her whole world had been turned upside down and she wasn’t sure which way was up. She had surrendered herself so eagerly, every inch of her was shaking with the need he had stroked to life within her. Her stomach was tight, and waves of heat kept shooting through her and it felt like there was something building, something huge, something she wouldn’t be able to stop. “Daddy…” She whispered breathlessly, her hands running down to tangle in his hair as she curved off the bed.

That one word coming from her lips was both halting and arousing, it made him pause just a moment before he murmured her name softly back, moving his finger more commandingly over her G-spot. “Come for me, baby. Come for daddy.” He told her, sucking her clit and running his tongue around it faster and faster.

She cried out again, hands tightening in his hair as her body shook violently and she tightened up hard around him. There was a moment where she hovered on the cusp of her orgasm before she gushed all over him, drenching the sheets beneath her and all the way down his front. He kept licking her, softer now, his finger slowing as he coaxed her through the aftershocks of the orgasm, letting her body come to a slow still as he pressed affectionate kisses to her inner thighs.

He stood, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth and crawling on to the bed beside her, laying alongside her body. There was a pregnant silence between them, neither sure of what to say for a few moments.

Demi sat up, making a small, confused sound before gathering her discarded jeans and panties to her chest and backing toward the door. “I’m… I’m so late for school… I should…” She gulped and turned, fleeing the room with cheeks flushed red.

Jackson sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. What had he just done? Why had he crossed that line? How was he ever supposed to look at his daughter the same again? He swore at himself repeatedly, slamming a fist down against the bed. He lay there for a long time, even after he heard the front door open and close. He just stared at the ceiling, his mind whirring with thoughts of how life was ever going to return to normal.

Eventually he managed to pull himself together and get ready for work, leaving the house with a feeling of dread in his stomach.

Reaching the school over an hour late, Demi burst through the doors and had to take a moment to herself, gulping in air like she had been suffocating through the entire four block sprint she had made. She felt humiliated, confused and so sated. She had never had an orgasm before, and it had felt so perfect that she could still feel the little after tremors rolling through her. There’d been so much liquid, was that even normal? She shook the thought and hurried to her locker, stuffing her bag in there and jogging to class. She had no idea how she was supposed to face her father when she got home that afternoon, how they could ever just be themselves again. It filled her both with dread, and some sort of excitement that she didn’t want to think too hard on.

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