The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 09


You know that lovely, peaceful time, lying beside your lover, embracing after making love successfully? Well, Susanna and I were in such a contented mood. Our warm relaxed bodies resting side by side after the wild intimacy of a few minutes ago, resulting in delicious orgasms for each of us. I was resting one hand on her groin, squeezing the soft flesh between her thighs affectionately. I sighed contentedly. Such peace. Such love. Such happiness. Not having been together for a few days, we were both hungry for love making – exploring our warm, soft bodies with all their bulges and secret crevices. Searching for the mystery within the dark recesses of the inner body. Mmmm! Sheer heaven.

And we had all week-end to indulge ourselves in the Dolphon Square flat.

We turned to look into each other’s eyes. Susanna’s skin smelt great. She has a really nice baby-like smell to her. Which I adore. So arousing. I smiled fondly at her, but she had a curious, serious look about her face. After searching my eyes intently for a few moments, she spoke.

‘Sarah – I want to tell you something. Something about my past. Do you mind?’

‘Of course not darling. You can tell me anything – you known that.’

‘I’ve been thinking about it for a day or two now. It was all brought back to me when we saw the film that other day.’

‘What – Notes on a Scandal?’

‘Yes.’ she dropped her eyes to avoid my questioning look. Then she turned her eyes to me again, with an intense expression in them. ‘Kiss me Sarah. Tell me you love me,’ she implored.

I rolled onto my side, taking her in my arms to kiss her mouth deeply and tenderly. I was intoxicated by the taste of her.

‘Come on Sue. I love you dearly. What’s worrying you? I know I’m not your first lady lover – is that what this is about?’

‘No,’ she replied. ‘But you’re right, I was introduced to girl on girl last year. But this was real boy on girl sex.’

‘What?’ I thought the worst! ‘Not underage sex…?’

‘Oh, no no no no!’

I looked at her for a few seconds. I could see she was troubled. ‘Tell me darling. I won’t judge. I won’t be jealous.’

With an unexpected laugh, she said ‘Do you know your Shakespeare?’ I didn’t reply. Just smiled at her in encouragement. ‘”So may the outward shows be least themselves”, he wrote… and “there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.” You see, he knew that you just couldn’t tell what’s in a person’s head by their appearance. I mean… take you and me. When we’re nicely washed, dressed and cleaned up, chatting to the parishioners, who could possibly guess that our minds are awash with lecherous thoughts?’

I smiled. I must admit, I often think that the person I am talking with would never believe what I was really thinking about. I have an obscene mind. And I know Sue’s is the same! I can’t explain it.

Anyway, this is the story she told me – or the confession she made – whichever you prefer!

Andrew was the head of the boy’s choir in the church. He was eleven when we moved to that parish and had an outstanding boy soprano voice. Your Simon will understand what I mean (she was referring to my husband who was the organist and choirmaster at church). And he was a clean, well-presented boy. Well, I am a trained singer – though not brilliant – and I play the piano, so it was suggested that I coach him a little. Take him through some of his pieces. Which I did, both of us enjoying the weekly sessions.

It also gave the choirmaster the opportunity of coming round to see me. I think he fancied me actually. But I was a very moral person, even though I often did have improper thoughts – indecent fantasies. I would never have cheated on Peter, even though I speculated on the physical attributes of the choirmaster. He was a charming guy, openly flirting with me in a light way. I liked him.

I was a virgin when we married. Rather unusual, I’m told. I had a happy childhood, with my mother explaining all about sex and relationships to me. She helped me a lot. The whole family went to church – firm believers. Anyway, of course I went to parties and things as a teenager – petted and kissed and fondled. But never fucked – or went the whole way, as we used to call it in those days!

Then Peter came along, we fell in love – well I thought it was love at the time – and married. I lost my virginity that night of course – but it wasn’t all that spectacular an event. Peter has never been highly sexed, or particularly physical. Not that I knew any different in those days. Well, I had a daughter, but the birth was a difficult one and meant that I was unable to have any more children. That upset me, because the one thing I wanted more than anything else, was a little boy. It’s not that I don’t love Jennifer – goodness me, of course I do – but I just wanted a boy.

Anyway, this lad, Andrew became almost a member of the family – I think he was filling in for the son I never had. He ran errands for me, did little jobs, played silly games together – I helped him with his homework. And for five years he was almost a son to canlı bahis me. I watched him grow up – his voice break (goodness, did I pull his leg about that!!) – the down grow on his upper lip.

He became a handsome young man and was now a baritone in the senior choir. He was studying music at school, which is how I came to know the headmaster and his wife rather well. We also met at official functions in the town where school and church come together from time to time. I was rather innocent still about sexual matters. Margaret changed all that.

I asked if Margaret was the headmaster’s wife. Sue said she was.

She was a well-built handsome woman of around forty. Very attractive and very forthright and self-assured. I was taken in by her straight away. She had chubby cheeks, a generous mouth with an infectious laugh and a gleam in her eye! She seduced me, Sarah. I was a willing victim, though. She made me feel so special. When she kissed with those full lips, my legs turned to putty. I couldn’t explain why… the thought of sex with her hadn’t crossed my mind. But when it did happen, my whole life changed.

She came round to the Vicarage with some music for Andrew, and stayed for a coffee. It was summer, and the sun was shining. Margaret was wearing a light cotton muslin dress and straw hat. Sitting together on the settee chatting, she suddenly turned to me and gave me a straight appraising look.

‘Susanna – you’re looking a bit peeky today. Are you feeling alright?’

I assured I was, though I was feeling somewhat stressed with mother not being well and having to do some running round for her. I told her I hadn’t slept too well, either, so perhaps that was it.

‘You need relaxing,’ she said. ‘How long is it since you were kissed?’ I was taken aback by the question itself and by the abruptness of it. Before I could muster up a suitable reply, she went on ‘I mean really kissed – not just a peck on the cheek. Like this!’

And she leaned across, took my face in the palms of both hands, and kissed me full on the lips. Once I’d got over the surprise, I realised what a lovely feeling it was. I closed my eyes, letting her lips press against mine, lightly chewing them for what seemed ages, though it was probably only a minute or two.

‘There!’ she broke off. ‘That tastes nice.’

‘Probably the mint toothpaste,’ I joked as I regained my breath.

‘So, how long has it been?’ she asked again

‘My memory doesn’t go so far back,’ I laughed. ‘But that was really nice.’

‘And you are so attractive, Susanna. Beautiful even!’

Needing no further encouragement, she kissed me again, this time stroking my face lightly with the pads of her fingers, then my neck and ear lobes. She started to murmur lightly against my lips, humming, sending a light vibration through my face. The sensation was lovely. Her lips brushed my eyelids, then moved over my ears and neck. I was lying back in the corner of the settee by this time, letting Margaret stroke my neck and shoulders until her fingers slipped into the top of my bra to caress the upper part of my breast.

It was so relaxing. I didn’t even try to prevent her hand from exploring the swell of my breast. I was almost willing her to touch my nipple, actually. And she did. The feel of it sent a jolt coursing though my belly. I was relishing being pampered. It was a new experience for me.

With eyes closed, I let her unfasten my blouse without making any attempt to stop her. Both breasts were soon released from the bra cups, nipples tingling with arousal, stiffening quickly with the attention they were getting. Margaret stroked and caressed, kissed and tongued both breasts and nipples with supreme intimacy. My mind was in a whirl – a whirl of sensual delight. But it was when I felt her hand slide under the hem of my skirt, her long nails trailing softly along the skin of my upper thigh, that I realised she wanted to go further – to feel my most secret of places.

And do you know – in spite of my mouth turning dry, I actually wanted her to! Her fingers were so very gentle and light against my skin. I knew that my vagina was leaking rather copiously. And I was glad. I wanted her to know that she had aroused my passion. In fact, I couldn’t remember a time when I wanted so much to be played with. It was as though I was a schoolgirl again.

Anyway, I was just lying back enjoying the attention, deft fingers pushing my knickers to one side, dabbling in my wet vulva, searching its vestibule, fondling the labia. A tentative finger slipped into my vagina for a moment to collect some honey, before transferring to the little button at the apex of my gash. Gosh! I jumped a mile when it touched my clit. I was murmuring and moaning with delight. This was so very lovely!

I hardly noticed Margaret unfasten my waist band and draw my skirt over my legs, followed by my knickers. I was totally lost in a sea of sensuality. I wanted to surrender myself to this demanding woman. It was a totally new and exciting experience for me when she knelt between my legs and blew ever so lightly bahis siteleri on my vulva, sending waves of intense fervor into the pit of my stomach. But it was when her lips gripped onto my clit that I went over the top. I had never in my life felt anything so thrilling. My whole body was ablaze with desire.

For the next several minutes, my vulva was treated to a feast of sensual agitation by those hot lips and that tongue. Her humming lips vibrated against my clit giving indescribable sensations of lust and desire rippling though me. My muscles were trembling and shaking with passion, building up to a peak of sexual frustration through my whole being. This was all new to me. My back was arched, pushing against that wonderful mouth giving me such an emotional roller-coaster ride. I was crying out I think. Wanting release – but at the same time, not wanting this marvelous sensation ever to stop. Until, when I felt I could withstand no more of the intense ecstatic agony washing over me, Margaret pushed a finger into my bum.

God! That was just as absolutely incredible as it was unexpected! As soon as it entered the little brown bud, I hit the roof, Sarah! My whole body was racked with lurching, jerking spasms. I had never had an orgasm like that in my life. My body had never behaved like that. I didn’t know such sensations were possible. I was completely transmogrified. Utterly spaced out by it! Out of this world! Unbelievable!

When I returned to sanity, regaining my composure, Margaret was holding me in her arms, with a smile on her face.

‘There darling,’ she said. ‘That’s what you’ve been missing recently.’

‘Recently?’ I repeated, still out of breath. ‘Always! Always! God, Margaret. I never knew such out-of-this-world emotions were possible. Thank you! Thank you for releasing me!’

I realised now that the dull ache I had felt all these months, the vague feeling of unease in the pit of my stomach was nothing to do with my insides. It was the demand for sex. I hadn’t been getting any and my body was telling me I needed it!

Well, she didn’t insist on my returning the favor there and then, but I was fascinated by my new found sexuality and asked if I could see her body. So she stripped off and stood before me, stark naked. Her breasts were large and heavy, with large saucer-like areolas covering the bottom quarter of the hanging breasts, and chunky brown nipples.

I immediately latched my lips onto them for several minutes, before transferring my attention to her chubby groin. She was not very hairy – her sparse curls were light brown, covering the whole area of the vulva. I asked her to change places so that she was lying back in the settee and I could get between her legs for a proper look.

I then had my very first close-up of a woman’s genitals. I was astonished by them. Such a collection of soft, fleshy lumps and bumps. All very squashy! Her inner labia were long, hanging down from the grip of the hairy, plump outer lips. They were heavily wrinkled, the ridges a dark brown color. Much bigger than my own. As Margaret opened her thighs wider, the outer lips were drawn apart, displaying the whole beauty of her vulva. I was captivated by the pool of starchy-looking liquid that had collected in the entrance to her half-dilated vagina. I tasted it with my tongue. My first taste of woman. Delectable and sweet!

The tip of my tongue traced the tops of her inner labia from the clitoris, round the base of the contracting vagina back to the top where they attached to the pale clit partly protected by its hood. The opening of her vagina was surrounded by a succession of fleshy petals. My tongue explored every little lump and crevice.

I wasn’t very good at cunnilingus, I’m afraid, never having done it before, but she helped me out by rubbing her own clit with her stiffened fingers. Her orgasm was pretty wild. I was transformed, Sarah.

Well, we tidied ourselves up, got dressed, and promised to repeat the experience again as often as we could without arousing suspicion. So we started a very satisfying and happy love affair. And no-one ever found out.

‘She must have been a good teacher, Sue’ I said. ‘You give me the most wonderful and powerful orgasms! There’s no one I know of, to touch you.’ Susanna gave me an appreciative smile. She went on with her story.

Andrew had his sixteenth birthday party at the Vicarage. His parents, he said were not really interested in their children – he had a sister – preferring to argue with each other most of the time. Andrew is a Gemini, with some of the traits associated with that sign. He liked to know what was going on – was something of a gossip. He was fun to be with and to listen to. A real chatterbox. I was glad that he was ignorant about my affair with Margaret, which had been going on for almost three years by this time. He was also witty with a sense of mischief, but a bit unreliable and a bit of a butterfly.

One afternoon, he came by as I was busy making some cakes for the bring and buy stall at church. I wasn’t expecting him. Turning to talk to him, bahis şirketleri I spilt some flour from my hands onto the front of his trousers. Without thinking, I laughed an apology, tried to brush it off with the back of my hand, succeeding only in adding more to it. So, I quickly wiped my hands on the towel, picked up a cloth and started to dust the flour from off his pants. He pushed his hips forward to help me get at it. But it was quite evident that my hand had aroused that part of him tucked in there. Well, a sixteen year old boy is easily aroused.

‘Hey! What’s all this?’ I laughed. But, for some reason I’ll never understand, I continued wiping his trousers, but rather more slowly – and sensuously. My eyes never left the bulge growing inside there. The cloth fell from my hand as I deliberately rubbed the area covering his stiffening penis.

I don’t think either of us was embarrassed by it. After all, we had been close friends now for over five years and there was little we couldn’t say to each other. He used me as his confidante when talking about the girls he fancied and the kisses he’d stolen behind the gym. Asking me all about love – how to tell you were smitten by it. Things like that. We talked quite a lot about sex. But here we were, standing together, with my hand now feeling his stiff cock quite deliberately.

I looked up at him. Our eyes met. Neither of us spoke as our faces came slowly together to join in a kiss. Not just a friendly kiss, either. It was a sexy kiss. I never thought a young lad like that would know how to kiss in that way.

It was then that I realised I was wanting to touch him and had wanted to touch him for quite some time. We were very close. The next thing I knew, he had taken my hand in his and placed it over his bare cock. My mouth dried up! What should I do? He had obviously unzipped his pants during our embrace, to release his stiff cock. Now he wanted me to hold it.

We broke off to take breath, but he didn’t give me time to consider the situation, telling me that he had wanted me to do that for a long time.

‘You are so kind and beautiful, Susanna. I have really been in love with you for years. I never dared to tell you though, until now.’

I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to say. I looked down between our bodies to gaze on his manhood. It was, of course, straining at the leash with my hand wrapped loosely round it! It was so handsome. Having only ever seen one penis before – that of my husband – I had assumed that they were all alike. But Andrew’s was slender and long – and very pale. It bewitched me. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from it.

After fondling it for a few moments, without thinking, I slid to my knees in front of him, unfastening the waist of the trousers, allowing them to fall round his ankles, so that I could inspect the penis more closely. To touch it – to feel it’s texture and test the hardness of it. It pointed straight up, pressing against his belly. My husband’s cock stuck out at a forty-five degree angle, but this was completely upright. Like a rod of iron. I leaned forward to plant a kiss on it, noticing the bead of liquid that had formed at the eye of the head. Snaking out my tongue, I licked it off. I had never tasted sperm before – or what I took to be sperm. You see how naive I was!

Andrew took hold of me under my elbows, lifting me up to face him. As we fell into another passionate kiss, he turned me round so that I was backed up against the kitchen table. Without breaking the kiss, his fingers fumbled at my blouse. I reached behind to unfasten the bra allowing my breasts to hang loose. His hands were all over them, squeezing and rubbing before he took away his right hand, lowering it to lift the hem of my skirt.

A groping hand dragged the gusset of my knickers to one side. It all happened so quickly. He was searching for my pussy, wanting to force an entrance into my dark mystery. And I wanted it! I grabbed the cock to guide it to my opening. I felt it drive straight into my vagina. By mere fluke I thought. Straight in. Gosh! I gulped hard! There was nothing to prevent it reaching the depths of my warm pouch. Andrew ploughed in and out like a wild thing, grunting and panting. Every thrust pushed the wind out of me, grunting to his rhythm. We were both panting like mad.

I just wasn’t thinking of anything other than that wonderful feeling of hard cock sliding in and out of the soft, wet channel that nature had provided for it. It was mine! Phenomenal! And the most sublime sensation it gave in me as my body welcomed the act – adored it. So unexpected. So sudden. So fucking fantastic. It was so long since I had relished that ultimate feeling, that the pleasure seemed double what I remembered of it. I was glorying in the act of fornication – almost an act of worship between two bodies reaching out for each other.

Of course, at that tender age, ejaculation is eager and quick. And this was no exception. As our lips continued to grind together viciously, his buttocks thudding against my groin, I felt him explode inside me. I counted them as if it was important to know how many there were. Five – six – seven – then a pause. There was no orgasm for me though. Just bewilderment – an overwhelming feeling, an acknowledgment that I’d been willingly violated.

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