The Waves


The tightening of your arm around my shoulder brought me out of the light slumber I’d fallen into but a few moments before. I glanced up at you; my eyes half-closed in the urge to drop off to sleep. You simply smiled and pulled my head against your chest. I cuddled against you a tiny bit, and sighed when your fingers began to run lazy patterns through my coppery hair. I was a kitten, safe in the paws of a gentle mother.

In front of us, the waves crashed noisily against the earthen barrier that held them back. Everywhere I looked, I saw brilliant, clear blue. The ocean had a calming, soothing effect on me, though I couldn’t explain why. Perhaps it wasn’t the ocean at all–it was more than likely you that was relaxing me so.

Your fingertips nudged haltingly at my neck, and I pulled my hair around my shoulder to expose the skin beneath. The smooth pads of your fingertips melded with the soft warmth of my neck, and I felt myself subconsciously leaning back into your hands. Every little hair and nerve that resided at the back of my neck was now reaching desperately for your touch, and you willingly obliged all of them. The caress of fingertips gradually became the tickle of warm breath; your lips sought the paths your fingers blazed. I pressed myself tighter against you, smiling as your free arm sought to keep me in place.

Your lips moved to the top curve of my ear, traveling slowly down to the lobe. Your voice sent a shiver of appreciation down my spine when you spoke.

“You’re so beautiful tonight.”

I glanced up into your eyes, emerald green meeting a soft golden brown for the millionth time. In only a year, I’d memorized those eyes…the depth in them…the unspoken need for me that often brightened them. You grinned shyly, that innocent smile that always made me forget my name.

I reached up to trace the curve of your soft lips with a gentle finger. I felt you kiss the tip of my finger as I drew it away, and it brought a tiny smile to my face. You were teasing me, in a sense; trying to get me to ask the unneeded question. Knowing this, I simply remained quiet. You couldn’t last too much longer, that much I knew beyond a doubt.

Just as I’d suspected, you couldn’t hold still for more than a minute. Your head craned down above mine, your lips slightly parted in anticipation of a kiss. Smiling, very like the cat that swallowed the canary.

I reached up to trace your lips again, rather than the expected kiss. The pleading look on your face made me chuckle to myself, yet giving in. I leaned up and barely brushed my lips against yours. I wasn’t about to get away so easily though; your lips found mine again and pressed sharply against them.

We stayed locked in that kiss for several moments, and when you pulled away, both of us fought to breathe.

A slight breeze came up unnoticed, and it now illegal bahis played with the rich strands of your hair, blowing several of them into your eyes. Reaching up, I ran my fingers along your jaw line. Lovingly brushing the hair away; you gently pressed your face into the caress of my hand.

Abruptly your lips were on mine again, breaking away for a moment, then returning; breaking away and returning again. The tenseness of your face and the way you had your eyes closed made me take note of the fact that you were more than willing to express your love in a more physical sense. I wondered if this time, you would actually go through with it. The last few times we’d been together like this, we ended up too shy to continue.

My hands cupped your face, and you finally opened your eyes to look at me. “Should we try it again?” I asked softly. If you weren’t ready, I didn’t want to get myself excited for no reason at all. Nights like that were nothing but miserable.

You swallowed nervously and nodded a little, your eyes seeking any hesitation on my part. When you found there was none, a small smile came to your face. “This time I won’t back out. I promise.”

I didn’t bother to answer you; my actions would speak for me. My hands found the top button of the simple white button-down shirt you wore; my fingers began to work at it. I hadn’t known I was shaking until I had difficulty with the button. Your pleading gaze didn’t help me any. Still I managed to undo the first button, and quickly moved on to the second. Five buttons were the only things keeping me from you, and I wasn’t about to let them keep me back.

As I worked at your shirt, I noticed that you were attempting to achieve the same goal on me. The straps of my black string bikini top were already hanging along my shoulders, and you were seeking the similar ties at my sides. I reluctantly pulled away from you a moment, only to kneel in front of you. We both faced each other on our knees, making the task of removing our clothing easier; though the task could hardly be called easy, what with our trembling fingers.

Your breath came faster as I reached the last button. I noticed you’d stopped working on me at the feeling of my hands on you. You were savoring every feeling, every touch of my fingertips against bare flesh. Without knowing it, I was deliberately touching those fingertips against you. With a slight flourish, I undid the final button to your shirt, carefully easing it off your shoulders and down to the soft meadow ground below us.

You let out a shuddering sigh when my eyes traveled up your body. I smiled and gently took you in my arms for a moment. The trembling I felt coming from you was likely a mixture of desire and fear. I had to make sure that the fear was gone before I took any further steps.

I gently eased you flat onto your illegal bahis siteleri back, smiling down at you reassuringly. Kneeling over you, I lowered my head to kiss you softly, then pulled back to rest a hand in the center of your chest. Your eyes closed briefly, and I slowly ran a single finger up to the center of your throat; then back down, running all the way to the waistline of your jeans. You moaned softly, reaching out for me; I leaned forward to kiss you yet again. Your arms suddenly closed around me, pulling me down against you from my kneeling position.

“I’m…not afraid,” you whispered pleadingly. “Not this time.”

I ran my fingers along your chest, making sure to cover every single inch of you as I smiled. “Good…there’s nothing to be afraid of, after all.”

Your only reply was to reach up and slowly remove my bikini top. Your uncertainty in that one movement was endearing. I loved you for that alone, if nothing else. You set the material aside, then nervously looked at the flesh of my newly exposed breasts. Hesitantly your hand reached up to rest on my bosom. With a chuckle, I took your hand in my own and guided your fingers to rest directly on the tip of my left breast. Then I began to move it in slow, gentle circles. I felt you tense beneath me, and a soft moan stemmed from you; you were enjoying yourself. That much was evident.

I released your hand, shivering as you continued the gentle rubbing motions across my entire breast. You didn’t need any more instruction; your free hand moved to my other breast and mirrored the movement exactly. My own hands were at your sides, drawing my fingers painstakingly up and down your body. I gasped as you suddenly pulled me up onto your body, and then rolled me over so that I was now lying on my back. Apparently, you were a fast learner–which was good.

To my further surprise and pleasure, you lowered your head to the hardening buds of my breasts. Your tongue deliberately drew slow circles around them, teasing unmercifully; it was my turn to moan softly. The look in your face, at that sound, was like watching a little boy open his first package on Christmas morning; incredibly happy and proud.

Sensing that you were doing the right thing, you pressed your lips gently around the buds, earning a small gasp. I was starting to lose my own control at watching you; seeing your passion and desire was more than enough to set my inner fire raging.

Your breathing grew increasingly frantic as my caresses moved lower and lower, until finally I arrived at the waistband of your jeans. I felt you press down against my wandering palm, and gently brushed a finger along your fly. Your hands, which had been holding my head up, abruptly tightened their grip and you trembled violently in my arms.

Smiling at you, I carefully unbuttoned your fly, and grasped canlı bahis siteleri the zipper between my fingers. In a single fluid movement, I pulled it down, easing your painfully hard erection from the material that contained it.

You were moaning in earnest now, and pressing your hips down pleadingly against my hand. My own breathing picked up speed as I watched you. The look of complete and utter passion was on your face. I was so glad that I was the one able to show you such pleasure, to teach you this new mode of expression. I was happier still that I could enjoy it with you. I helped you shed your jeans, and then lay back to allow you to remove the denim cutoffs I wore.

You fumbled a bit with the buttons of my shorts, your hands shaking too much to even make sense of the functions of a button. I reached down to do the work myself, relieving you for the time. Your hands automatically began to ease the waistband of my shorts down as the last button came free.

I wiggled around a little to free myself of the suddenly cumbersome garment. Your eyes traveled to my exposed pussy and thighs; and once again, you broke into violent trembles. I felt you rise for a moment as you knelt between my legs, and I moaned softly in spite of myself. We were finally going to join together.

Your cock was nearly steel-hard as you nudged the head gently against the lips of my pussy. Frantic moaning echoed from your throat–the idea of making love to me was overpowering you. It was overpowering me too, but I didn’t care at that point. I pressed myself against the head of your cock, gasping in unbridled desire as you slid deeply inside me. The walls of my pussy grasped you tightly as you moved back and forth within me; we both began to pant for breath.

Your mouth bore down on mine, and we found ourselves breathing into each other to stay conscious. Your eyes closed tightly in the feeling of the moment, and my eyes could no longer stay open. I was no longer seeing what was going on, rather thinking and feeling every single motion you made.

I heard you whisper my name into the air as your body tensed. Your thrusts grew longer and quicker between my legs. Your hands caressed my inner thighs, causing me to squirm and thrust up against you, meeting your movements.

Suddenly you moaned deeply, grasping onto me as you called out my name. I knew you were about to explode within me. The walls of my pussy clasped tightly around you again, pulling you deep inside for your final thrust. Your body fell exhaustedly against mine as we climaxed in unison; panting to refill our lungs with much-needed air.

We rolled onto our sides, and your arms automatically enfolded me. I nuzzled my head up against your bare chest, my lips touching briefly to the base of your throat. I heard your soft whispers in my ear, and pulled myself closer as you spoke. “I’ve never felt that way about anyone…God, I love you…”

“And I love you.” Those were the final words spoken that night before we fell asleep, entwined within each other and dreaming of the future that surely awaited us.

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