The Weekend



This is the small tale of one hedonistic weekend that changed my life forever. I was the young wife of a junior officer in the Air Force stationed in an out-of-the way base in Michigan. While not a pilot, my husband was in change of the Air Traffic Control functions on this busy bomber base. I had spent my time being the perfect junior officer’s wife… always above reproach in deportment and dress, attending social events and volunteering at the local hospital. We’d been married for a couple of years but still had no children. Our life was satisfying but still somewhat routine and boring by the summer of these events.

Three months ago, my husband had been sent on temporary duty to another base for some training and “career broadening” experience. This left me home alone with very little to do. Oh, the other junior officer wives kept in touch but there just weren’t that many social events at which an unaccompanied woman was convenient. The fact that I was pretty with a good body didn’t help. Men, even married men, had always flirted with me and few women were comfortable inviting me over.

Out of sheer desperation one Thursday, I decided to attend one of the squadron’s evening softball games. I sat up in the stands amid the enlisted members of the squadron and their families, soon striking up a conversation with the wife of one of the noncommissioned officers I knew through my husband. He passed me a beer from the cooler at his feet and I could see his eyes roam over my breasts barely covered in the halter-top. His wife, Jo, didn’t seem to mind his attention and we were soon chatting away like old school chums.
When the game drew to a close and the crowd dispersed to their cars, she invited me to join them at their house for a post-game get-together. With nothing else to do, I decided to see “how the other half lived” and followed them to their quarters.

My first thought about their quarters was its size; even though they had three kids, their house was smaller than ours – a three bedroom with the two girls sharing a room. Their furniture was obviously worn but the entire house was clean and neat. The kids had been sent off to get ready for bed while the adults gathered in the basement “recreation room”. Like all the quarters at the base, the basement was unfinished with exposed joists above, a bare concrete floor below, and the usual washer and dryer, plus furnace. They had draped off the underside of the stairs to create storage and home built shelves lined one wall, holding a variety of items like puzzles, games, and toys as well as books, tools, and other things. An old carpet covered the floor at the other end of the room, along with a mismatched collection of old chairs and a broken down sofa. A small stereo provided the background music and a hideous orange swag light provided the illumination. Jo saw my expression and laughed. “I know it isn’t much, but it’s comfortable!”

The other people there were all enlisted folks from the squadron or the neighborhood and I didn’t know any of them. I spent the evening getting to know Jo and her husband, Will. They’d married in high school and their first child had been born shortly after graduation. He’d been in the service for eight years and this was their fourth duty station. As I listened to her talk, I thought about my husband’s remarks about this NCO. “Will’s a sharp one, knows his stuff. The Old Man (my husband always thought of the commanding officer that way) says Will’s one to watch. If Will says something is fact, then you can bet on it.” It was obvious that my husband respected and trusted this NCO. There had also been some casual remarks about the wife. “Rumor has it all’s not well in that marriage. Seems she threatened him with divorce over this assignment and there’s some scuttlebutt about her having an affair at their last base.” Watching the two together, I didn’t see any indication that there were any problems.

Eventually the gathering started to break up and folks headed off to their homes. I thanked Jo for a lovely time when Will told me to give him my keys. He wasn’t going to let me drive home since I had been drinking. I then realized that he had not had anything alcoholic to drink all evening, so I consented to let him drive me there. “How will you get back?” I asked. He told me he planned to walk since it was only a few blocks. I halfway expected him to make a pass at me when he escorted me up to the door of my house, but he merely unlocked the front door and handed me the keys. He told me I was welcome back any time and that they had enjoyed my company. He then strode off into the night.

Late the next morning I was washing my breakfast dishes when the telephone rang. It was Jo inviting me over. Why not, I thought, so I told her I would be over in a bit. After grabbing a quick shower and dressing in shorts and a halter, I decided that I would not go over empty handed. I grabbed two bottles of Kahlua liqueur and some chips, then drove back over to their house.

Will was at work when I arrived and the kids were playing out in the park across illegal bahis the street. As she had the evening before, Jo gave me a quick hug and a kiss as I walked inside. That level of informality and casual contact was not something I was used to, but she was so open and friendly about it, it didn’t bother me. She saw what I had brought with me and soon we were enjoying Kahlua and milk over ice. Jo resumed telling me the story of her life, including her big affair with her boss back in Georgia. She admitted they’d almost gotten a divorce over it, but things had sort of settled down after that. She’d asked if I’d heard any of the other stories about them. Jo told me that they had gotten into some pretty wild parties, with lots of drinking and some sex games. I told her that I had not heard a word and Jo said that was good because it was something that could ruin Will’s career.

By the time Will drove up, Jo and I had finished one bottle of Kahlua and were feeling very mellow. The kids had asked (begged, really) if they could spend the night and some other child’s house and Jo had consented. Even the little boy was going so there would be no kids underfoot that evening. Will said “Hi” as he passed through the room and we soon heard the sound of the shower upstairs. He soon came back down attired in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that suited his trim body. He grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and then joined us in the sitting area. “What’s up?” he asked.

After explaining that the kids were out for the night, Jo suggested we fix a platter of cheese, salami, and crackers and move down to the playroom where it was cooler. Once down there, we sat around talking and nibbling on the snacks. Watching him, I could see the play of his muscles under his shirt and was soon fantasizing what he’d look like without the shirt… or much else. My reverie was interrupted when Jo suggested we play a game, and Will said “How about twister?”

I am sure everyone has played twister at some time. It’s a game of coordination and balance as you try to remain upright while touching hands and feet to colored circles on the mat. At the same time, your opponent is also trying to do the same while blocking you from reaching your colors. If that isn’t hard enough, add in the consumption of lots of alcohol and it’s a recipe for hilarity. My first match was against Jo and we soon found ourselves tangled together as we tried to reach our circles. Will sat watching us laughing as we tried to move around or under one another. I actually ended up with Jo’s breasts mashed against my face at one point while she had one arm pressing firmly between my legs. She moved the arm farther back and knocked us both down. Will challenged Jo next and she found herself stretched under his body with her head next to his bare thigh. She winked at me and then bit the inside of his thigh. His yelp of surprise was followed by his collapse atop her, driving them both to the mat. “No biting!” he muttered as I took Jo’s place.

I will admit that I enjoyed pressing against his hard body as we played. I even freely admit that I went out of my way to reach circles that increased the contact whenever possible. I knew my halter was gaping in the position I was in and I also knew that he was enjoying the show quite a bit; the bulge in his shorts left no doubt about that! Wickedly, I reached down for a circle by passing between his spread legs, making sure I “accidentally” brushed his erection. He moved to avoid the contact and fell over laughing. We moved back to the snacks and drinks (Will fixed us each a very stiff Kahlua and milk and got himself another beer).

Blame it on the drinks or my husband’s absence or my one randiness, but when Jo suggested we play cards, I suggested strip poker. For some reason, I really wanted to show my body to this young man even though no man other than my husband had ever seen me naked before. I don’t know much about cards but I knew my hand was a poor one when I looked at it. My card choices were made on the deliberate attempt to lose the hand and I did. Jo won it with three sixes. Will pulled off his shirt and my breath caught. While he was no muscled hunk, his trim body was well defined and very fit. Feeling his eyes on me, I reached behind my back and untied the halter, pulling it off over my head. Will frankly appraised my chest and then whistled. “Those are beautiful!” My coral nipples were hard and erect as I sat before his gaze. Trembling a little, I shuffled the cards and dealt the next hand. Will won the hand with two pair, fives and kings. Jo pulled off her tube top, revealing her own smaller breasts. Although she’d had three kids, he breasts did not sag very much but inwardly I was very proud of my much larger and firmer boobs! I unzipped my shorts and slid them down my legs, revealing the white bikini undies I wore. Will shuffled this time, his eyes rarely leaving my body, and then dealt the hand. I won with a lousy pair of Queens, making both Jo and Will remove their shorts. Surprisingly, Will wore a pair of skimpy black Jockeys, almost like a speedo, and illegal bahis siteleri Jo wore a pair of plain cotton briefs. Jo shuffled for what would soon be a very revealing hand. All too soon, the hand ended with Will the winner. Both Jo and I slowly pulled off our last garments, adding them to the pile. Will asked us each to stand and make a slow 360 degree turn so he could enjoy his victory. Blushing, I did as he asked, secretly enjoying the exposure. I had trimmed my pubic hair that morning in the shower so I knew he could see my lower lips clearly. Could he see how aroused I was? I watched as he observed his wife’s slow turn as well. Her body was in good shape for a mother of three; her wild pubic thatch was a testament to her natural blonde status. “Fair is fair!” Will announced as he slid his briefs off, revealing his lean torso completely along with his generous equipment. Even flaccid, he was larger than my husband.

Will walked across the room and fixed us each another drink. I watched his tight ass as he walked over and felt my whole body throb with desire. I turned to Jo. “Last night you said something that confused me. You mentioned wild parties and sex games. What did you mean?”

“Well, sometimes we get other couples together much like tonight. We have several adult party games than tend to get a bit wild, like Pass Out and Xaveria Hollander’s Happy Hooker game. ” She chuckled a moment. “We found the original questions in Pass Out a bit of a bore, so we substituted “Truth or Dare” questions instead. Let me tell you, that can get very crazy very fast!”

Will rejoined us and then added, “We found that some people have trouble asking questions or thinking up dares so we created a deck of Truth questions and Dare Cards, then added a spinner divided into spaces marked with Truth or Dare. The Dare cards all involve specific ‘partners’ such as the person to your left or right so that limits any possible jealousy sneaking into the game. Seating is usually boy-girl-boy-girl so that also stops anything from getting too strange for most people.”

Puzzled, I asked what he meant. “Well,” he explained, “suppose the card told you to kiss the person to your right and that person was the same gender… some folks would have a problem with that.”

“With just a kiss? I mean, Jo kissed me hello and that was no big deal.”

Jo snickered, “Most of the cards are a bit more involved than just a simple peck on the lips.”

“Hmmm, why don’t we just play a bit so I see what you mean?” I suggested, thinking how much fun it might be to get a bit involved with Will.

“If you’re sure. We have some ground rules, though. Number one is that what happens during the game stays here. No confessions later since it could ruin people’s career. Number two is that, when using a Truth question, you must answer the honest truth, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it makes you. And number three is that you must perform all dares to the utmost of your ability, no matter what. And finally, this is just a game and there should be no reprisals or repercussions afterward. Agreed?”

I took a sip of my drink and nodded my head.

While I watched the interplay of his muscles, Will took down a box from an upper shelf and walked back over to the group. We all sat around on the floor now, the two decks of cards flanking the spinner. I reached out and flicked the spinner into motion and it landed on a blue T. I picked up the top card and read “How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

“I was 19 and it was my wedding night.”

“Good for you!” Jo said, as she reached for the spinner. It stopped on a red D and she picked up a Dare card. “Kiss the person on your right for two minutes.” She leaned over and gave Will an enthusiastic kiss.

Will spun and landed on a T. “In terms of oral sex, do you a) dislike it, b) like giving it, c) like receiving it, or d) like both giving and receiving it.” Will laughed. “Like isn’t a strong enough word. I love both giving and receiving.”

I spun and landed on a T. “When was the last time you masturbated?” I blushed. “Oh, my, these do get personal!” After a moment’s hesitation, I admitted, “Last night after I got into bed.”

Jo also got a T on her next spin and her card asked her favorite sexual position. She thought a moment and said she preferred to be on top.

Will drew a dare this time and it dared him to French kiss the navel of the person on his left – me – for two minutes. He leaned over and began to slowly and very sensually lick and caress my belly button. It shot sparks all through me. He was mere inches from my groin and I desperately wanted that tongue somewhere else! He stopped and I was shaking as I reached for the spinner.

Dare. “For two minutes, kiss the person on your left while you each caress one another’s chest.” Oh, dear. While I have never been with anyone other than my husband, I had at least fantasized about another man, but never another woman. Jo looked as hesitant as I felt. Remembering what he’d said about the normal seating, this had probably never canlı bahis siteleri come up before. Then I remembered the rules and that you had to at least try.

I scooted over next to Jo and very hesitantly put my arm around her and drew her closer. I closed my eyes and started to kiss her. Very slowly, I reached up to touch her breast. As I gently traced her nipple, I felt her hand touch my own, which were still erect from Will’s assault on my navel. It felt good. Her lips were soft and so were her breasts, but as the kiss and the caresses went on, I could feel myself becoming aroused. The pressure of her lips against mine increased and so did the teasing of my nipple. Her tongue slipped into my mouth just as Will called time. Wow, was all I could think as we moved back apart. I took a heavy drink of my Kahlua as she reached the spinner.

Truth. “On a scale of one to ten, how much did you enjoy the last Dare in which you participated?” Jo turned bright red all the way down to the tops of her breasts as she quietly said “9”. Seems it had the same effect on her.

Will drew another D. “Without using your hands and without contacting any of the principle erogenous zones, arouse the person on your right.”

Will turned to Jo and began kissing his way up the inside of her thigh. Upon nearing the juncture, he lifted her leg and then when across under the buttock to her hip and the up along her side. She was squirming as I called time. There was no doubt she was aroused nor was there any doubt in my mind that I was also very turned on by watching them.

I drew a T. “Does the idea of anal sex turn you off or turn you on?” I thought about it. My husband was very conventional in his lovemaking, and we had never tried anything the slightest bit outrageous. He would caress my butt, but that was all. “I’ve never tried it, so I don’t know how I would feel about it. Provided it didn’t hurt, who knows?”

Jo drew another Dare. “Kiss and caress the chest of the person to your right for three minutes.” Jo leaned over and began to lick and caress my breasts as my eyes fastened on Will’s face. He was rapt in his attention to her activities; his cock was thickening as he grew more aroused. I decided to be a bit wicked and shift my legs, parting them enough that he could see my pussy. His eyes widened. Her mouth felt so good on my nipples, her teeth nipping as she sucked. I was actually getting close to an orgasm when Will said time.

Jo chuckled as she commented, “Looks like someone enjoyed the show” and then laughed at Will’s evident embarrassment. Will spun a landed on T. “What is your favorite precursor for sex?” “Giving a full body massage.”

I immediately imagined his strong hands on my body and shivered. My spin came up Dare. “For three minutes, sit astride the lap of the person on your right while you kiss passionately.” I straddled Will’s legs and we began to kiss. He was as good a kisser as I had ever experienced. His strong hands were on my back and I tangled my hands in his sandy hair. What I did not expect was his rising cock to start pressing against my labia as if seeking entrance. Just a Jo announced time, I was about ready to grant admittance.

Jo landed on another D. “For four minutes, passionately kiss the person on your left while exploring each other’s genitals with your hands.” I was so hot at this point I no longer cared she was another woman. He lips touched mine and her hand very slowly began to trace my lower lips. I plunged my fingers into hers, seeking her clit. As soon as I made contact, she also rushed to mine. We mutually masturbated one another as we kissed and moaned in our rising passion. Once again, Will called time as I neared my peak. For a moment, we were both ignoring him but then he called time louder and we parted.

Will was obviously very aroused. His erection must have been at least ten inches long and perhaps two inches wide. I had never seen such a big one in my life (an easy statement since the only one I had ever seen before was my husband’s and he’s no where near as endowed.) He drew a Dare. “Using lotions, massage the back, buns, and legs of the person on your left.”

He had me lie on my stomach and then spread warm lotion across my back and buns. Seating himself across my thighs, he began to massage the lotion into my shoulders and upper back. With each stroke, his large cock would slide upwards between the cheeks of my ass. God, it felt good! As he worked his way down my back, his cock would travel lower and at one point actually brushed my anus. It was like a giant spark shot through my whole body. Involuntarily I pushed back to press against the head of his cock and could actually feel the anal ring relaxing as the pressure of his glans opened me. But his next stroke of his hands moved him farther away. Now his hands were spreading more lotion on my buns themselves. His hands would slip between my cheeks as they massaged my ass and I would thrill as his fingers would brush my very sensitive anus. He shift around and began to massage my feet, kneeling between my knees and bending one leg up to work. He massaged each toe and then the arch of my foot and then down the calf and behind my knee. Working his way slowly up the thigh, including the inner thigh occasionally brushing the lips of my pussy. All to soon, he was finished.

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