The Woman who forced Me to Ejaculate Inside of Her

The Woman who forced Me to Ejaculate Inside of HerI may have recounted the story of the BBW who forced me to cum inside her as a comment on another story. But I was re-reading my diary from 1997 when I had this experience and I can now add details which are now refreshed after having read my entry from Sunday, February 8, 1997. I was a sophomore in college at the time.To be sure, I’ve had some awesome pussies that I’ve had to be careful with in regards to not cumming when it came to thin females too. But I still think that there’s something different and magical about the BBW’s vagina. I had met this BBW, Christine, and we got sexual pretty quick. I was fine in missionary. I mean it felt great but I was in no danger of cumming early. But we switched into spoon, and the first time I plunged balls deep inside of her in this position, it was like something was waiting for the tip of my cock at the end (base) of her pussy. It squeezed my glans, wouldn’t let go and coaxed an orgasm out of kütahya escort me right then and there. I moaned, “Uhhhhhhh, I gotta pull out,” but Christine was having none of that. She reached around and pressed her one hand against my ass to keep me locked against her rear and her other hand on her bush to prevent me from withdrawing my penis. Up until this pint I never had any difficulty pulling out, but she had me blasting away inside her. At this point I could see why because she started moaning with each spasm my cock made and when I finally stopped and said, ‘Well, I sure came,” she said “fuck yeah, me too!”The next day, Sunday, Feb. 9th, was fraught with anxiety. I had never ejaculated inside prior to this date and I spent the following day counting (with dread) each of the spasms of semen my cock heaved inside this BBW’s hungry pussy. What felt like ecstasy the night before was replaced with the lurking fear that I got her pregnant. By my count, I came up with 7 escort kütahya spurts. More than enough sperm to impregnate an ovulating female who might not have been so diligent taking the pill. Finally at 7 p.m., I called Christine and started talking about last night. I casually asked her if she came before I started cumming. She said, “No, it was your cock spasming inside of me that got me off.” “Do you remember off-hand how many spasms you felt?” I asked, to see if my count of 7 was accurate. “I sure do because I couldn’t believe it! You kept cumming and cumming. You spurted 10 times!” “You sure it wasn’t more like 7?” I asked. “Nope, it was 10, you’ve been leaking out of me all day.” Now she got a little suspicious and asked, “You’re not afraid I’m pregnant, are you?” “Well, the thought had crossed my mind,” I said as subtly as I could manage. “Don’t worry about it. You’re not the first guy who’s cum inside me without a condom. I’m very good about taking the pill.” kütahya escort bayan She then offered to take a pregnancy test in a week or so just to make me comfortable. On Monday, February 17th, I brought a pregnancy test to her apartment. She took it and sure enough, no pregnancy. I think she had a mind toward hooking up again and the pregnancy test was somewhat of a ruse to get me over there. But I was so relieved that she wasn’t pregnant, I said, “I’m so happy you’re not pregnant, I want to kiss your vagina.” Christine laughed and said, “The girl [referring to her pussy] was hoping she was going to get to do more than just pee on a stick.” At this, Christine flipped up her one-piece, wide dress to reveal a hairier pussy than she had the week before. I started licking, still smelling stray urine from when she took the pregnancy test, but her pussy was nonetheless tasty. Cunnilingus quickly turned into 69. I concentrated hard on cumming from her blowjob (which was very good) because I figured she may be ovulating this week … two minutes later I announced, “You may want to take my cock out of your mouth because you got me there; I’m gonna cum.” Christine didn’t move and allowed me to nut violently down her throat, swallowing every spurt.

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