The Younger Model Ch. 03


“Nick?” Angela asked on the phone.

“Yeah?” Nick answered.

“Everything ok?” Angela asked.

‘Well honey, I had my tongue in our eighteen year old neighbour’s mouth a few hours ago,’ Nick thought. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Nick lied.

“I’m being called off site, so I won’t be back tonight. I’m really sorry,” Angela sighed.

“Seriously? Again?” Nick groaned.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you when I get back,” Angela promised.

Nick perked up at that.

“I think I can live with that,” Nick replied.

“Also, Elena from next door rang. She thanked me for the food and you for bringing it over. You forgot your keys there. She said call over whenever,” Angela added.

Nick’s blood turned to ice.

“Ok,” he replied shortly. He couldn’t explain his reluctance to his wife without going into everything.

“I’ve got to go. Talk later.” Angela said and hung up.

“Fuck,” Nick groaned.

He left the house and walked to the Matthews’ house. His stomach was in knots, yet despite that, he could feel his member stir as he remembered Elena’s soft lips on his.

He cursed and chided himself again.

“Get the keys, get out,” Nick reassured himself.

He knocked on the door.

The door opened and she stood before him.

She hadn’t changed her appearance. Though he could tell she had applied more perfume which wafted in his nostrils.

“Mr Davis! I didn’t expect to see you again today?” Elena smiled slyly.

“Angela said you called. I left my keys here.” Nick answered curtly.

“Oh yeah. Come in,” Elena said and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Nick stepped in and watched perabet Elena’s ass sway as she walked. He caught himself and scowled. Though he imagined what her bare ass would look like walking away.

Elena came back with her hands in her back pockets, pushing her chest forward.

“Mr Davis? Do you think I’m attractive?” Elena asked.

Nick groaned.

“What does that have to do with my keys?” Nick snapped.

“Well…” Elena paused and nodded down.

Nick noticed his cock was pointing at her.

“Shit,” Nick said and went to open the door.

Elena crossed the distance and pushed the door shut again.

“Mr Davis. Let me help you deal with that.” Elena offered sweetly.

“No. Give me my keys,” Nick snapped.

“Mr Davis. I can give your keys, but if someone saw you leaving a house where a teenage girl is all alone with an erection like that, what would they say?” Elena asked innocently.

Nick froze. He realised exactly what would happen. The neighbours would talk. Mr Matthews would kill him. Angela would kill him.

He couldn’t see a way out.

He snapped out of his reverie as Elena kissed his neck and started undoing his belt.

“I can’t -” Nick began in a strangled tone.

“Shhh,” Elena soothed Nick as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper, freeing his cock.

“Mr Davis, I’m just going to help you relax so you can go home. I don’t want a boyfriend or anything before I go to college. I just want to give a neighbour a ‘helping hand’,” Elena reassured him as her right hand slipped under his boxers and gripped his cock.

Nick gasped as her smooth perabet giriş hand wrapped around his rigid, throbbing member.

“Well I think considering your ‘gift’ I may have to use both ‘helping hands’,” Elena chuckled as she pulled down his pants and placed her left hand on him. She leaned up and kissed Nick.

Their lips opened as one and tongues met as Elena began working Nick’s shaft exquisitely.

Nick deepened the kiss, forgetting Angela and the ring on his finger. He was losing himself in the mouth and grip of this lustful teenager. Elena could feel Nick giving himself more, his hands wandered to her lower back and ass.

‘Good, this next part may work then,’ Elena thought.

Elena broke the kiss.

“Mr Davis, are you close?” Elena asked, breathless from their kissing.

A flash of annoyance flickered across his face.

“No, why?” Nick answered, his manner was less married husband and more impatient lover.

“Well I think I have a way to make sure you relax,” Elena said coyly, and slowly knelt on the ground.

Nick felt his conscience stir as much as his cock.

Elena noticed this and leaned forward. Without breaking eye contact, she kissed the head of his cock reverently.

Nick felt a tingle all down his cock at that and his conscience faded out.

Elena ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, sending shivers up his spine.

“Mmmm Mr Davis, this looks delicious,” Elena smirked. “What a treat,” she added as she took his cock head in her mouth.

Nick felt his cock head become warm and wet from Elena’s mouth. She looked up at him with those impossibly innocent perabet güvenilir mi blue eyes and slowly took more of his cock in, inch by inch.

She started blowing him shallowly, taking more of his length each time. Nick knew that this was the best blowjob he had ever experienced. He could feel her lips had sealed around his cock. Her cheeks caved in, making the most incredible sensations for his cock as it entered her mouth.

Elena looked up at Nick, he was lost in the feeling of her attention to his cock. She could feel her pussy tingle.

Nick, without thinking, placed his left hand on the back of Elena’s head. He used it to gently guide her, taking more of his cock, more slowly. He was savouring every second of this.

Elena then took his entire cock in her mouth, Nick could feel his cock entering her throat, it was an incredible feeling Angela had never provided him.

She employed every trick she knew, much to Nick’s appreciation. He was close.

“Elena I’m about to cum,” Nick gasped.

Elena withdrew until the tip of his cock was just sitting on her outstretched tongue. Nick came, shooting thick streams of cum into Elena’s mouth and onto her tongue.

He slumped against the door as Elena swallowed and grinned at him before standing up.

She pulled up his pants, rezipping, buttoning and belting his jeans.

She took his set of keys from her pocket and handed him them.

Nick was surprised, and stepped away as Elena opened the door.

“Thanks Mr Davis, I’ll see you later.” Elena said sunnily and shut the door as he left.

Elena giggled and looked in the mirror.

Her hair was tousled from Nick’s ‘guidance’ and her face flush from oral.

She stuck out her tongue and there was a drop of Nick’s cum still on it.

She took her new set of keys from her pocket.

‘These should be useful,’ Elena thought wickedly.

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