Theme Park Ride

Big Tits

God what a day it had been!! Driving screaming kids back and forth from the theme park was NOT what I wanted to be doing today. I wonder if they behave like this at home. Jumping all over and throwing things. I realize they are here to have fun but surely they can behave long enough for the bus ride to and from. Then again maybe I was asking too much.

None of them even seem to notice there is someone driving the bus. The parents don’t even notice. Could they bother to say hi now and again? I notice them. The women get on in their short shorts and tight tops. I watch those nice tits jiggle as they climb the steps to my kingdom. The ride back is even better. Their shirts are all wet and clingy from the river ride. Today was no different. The first day after school lets out. There is still a little chill in the air so the wet tops are clinging to nice hard nipples. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep my eyes on the road. Do they have any idea what I can see in my mirror?

There was one in particular that caught my eye today. I watched her as she was waiting in line to get on my bus. She was wearing a tight halter-top and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were straining against the fabric as the cool breeze brought them to attention. I am a terrible judge of age but then when they are adult what difference did age make? This one was definitely adult. She took a seat right in my line of vision and I enjoyed her all the way to the gate. I watcher her ass swing as she got off. I hoped I would be seeing her again but with all the traffic today the chances were slim.

I made what seemed like millions of trips back and forth over the course of the day. The park was closing and the last of the “guests” were filing out. I hadn’t seen my beauty all day so I gave up hope until I pulled up for the last pick up. There weren’t too many people left and she was standing by herself. A few young boys filed on and sat in the back. She got on and sat right behind me. I could almost see down her top she was so close. She looked worn out.

“Have a nice day, miss?” I asked güvenilir bahis trying to make conversation.

“Huh? Oh yeah,” she said as she found where the question had come from.

“You didn’t spend the whole day alone, did you?” I inquired carefully.

“I was supposed to meet some friends here but they never showed. I figured I had paid I might as well enjoy the park” she responded.

“What a shame to stand up such a nice looking girl like yourself,” I was going for broke here. I had nothing to lose. I looked her over from head to toe. She had long beautiful legs, which she crossed, in her seat.

Her eyes met mine in the mirror as she said, “you think?”

“No doubt,” I answered giving her my best charming smile. I had to drop my eyes back to the road because we were coming to my first stop. The boys all filed off leaving us alone. I looked back in the mirror and caught her eye again. “Just you and me now,” I said hoping it sounded nonchalant.

“Looks that way” she replied with a husky tinge in her voice I hadn’t noticed before.

“Where to miss?” I asked doing my best Clarke Gable impression.

“Somewhere nice and quiet,” she told me. “That park was so noisy. It gave me a headache.” She rubbed her temples for emphasis.

“That’s too bad. I could rub it away I’m sure,” I said as I pulled the bus away from the stop and pointed it towards a nice secluded spot I knew of. I drove on in silence watching her in the mirror. She was putting on quite a show for me as I drove. Her legs, which were once crossed, were dangling over the edge of the seat. She was running one finger alone the top of her halter while the other one was tracing small circles on her thigh. I couldn’t get to my spot fast enough. I pulled in and parked the bus turning to look her straight in the eye. “Is this quiet enough for you?” I asked.

“MMM looks perfect,” she mewed as I got out of my seat and sat next to her. She took my hand and put it on her nice firm tit while my other one pulled her close for a deep, wet kiss. I tweaked her already hard nipple between my fingers and türkçe bahis thumb feeling her moan into my mouth. I let my fingers wander inside her halter and slowly ease it down exposing two of the most exquisite breasts I had ever seen. I sighed loudly as I bent down to bury my face in heaven. Her nipples seem to automatically reach up to my mouth so I sucked them each between my lips in turn. Her fingers entwined in my hair applying pressure to the back of my head. I sucked her nipples harder and she began to squirm on the seat.

Her leg was rubbing against mine and I could hold out no longer. I let her breast slide from my mouth amid whimpering from her as I stood and unleashed my throbbing cock. Now I am no hung like a horse stud but at just over 8 inches I think I have enough to keep the ladies happy. She seemed pleased, as she wasted no time in wrapping her long, cool fingers around my swollen member and started stroking. I almost shot down her throat as she took me in her eager mouth and let her tongue glide along the sensitive tip on its way to her throat. Her moans massaged my cock as she let it slid in and out of her talented mouth. I was really getting into it as she let me slid completely out and looked at me lustfully over the head of my raging hard on.

“I don’t want you to cum in my mouth,” she said seductively.

“I won’t baby. I promise,” I assured her hoping she would soon be taking me inside again.

“I know you won’t,” she said as she pushed me against the seat across the aisle and stood up. It wasn’t until she started to undo her shorts that I realized what she had in mind. I stood to help her out of them but she pushed me back down and said, “SIT!” rather forcefully. I knew then that I was at her mercy and we were going to do EXACTLY what she wanted. I was so horny at this point I would have done anything she had in mind but what she did next just blew my mind. She kicked her shorts up into my face giving me a good look at her smooth shaven pouting lips. She hadn’t bothered with underwear so I could see and smell the wet spot on her shorts. She walked güvenilir bahis siteleri across the aisle and turned her back towards me. Then without warning she sat down abruptly. Her cunt was so wet that my shaft slid right in. I cried out in pleasure at the velvety feeling. She was so tight. She started grinding her hips against mine. My cock slid around, in and out, of that sweet hole. I have seen girls in strip clubs give guys lap dances something like this but they always have their panties on. This is what it would be like without panties. Her tight young cunt wrapped around my cock like a vise. I thought for sure I was going to shoot any minute. She moved ever so slowly, rubbing her clit against my balls as she leaned forward for better penetration. I almost cried out loud when she stood up just as abruptly as she had sat down.

“Want some more?” she asked. What kind of fool question was that? Of course I did and told her so.

“Then EAT ME!” she barked throwing one leg over my shoulder and pulling my face into that sweet, dripping love tunnel. I didn’t need a second invitation. I buried my face deep within her snatch and licked her for all I was worth. Soon she was groaning and grinding against my tongue. I was treated to the sweetest juice ever as she flooded my face. She dropped her leg and I sat them grinning like the Cheshire Cat with her cum dripping from my chin. She licked my face then kissed me deeply as she swung one leg over my lap and sat down allowing me to sink into the hilt once again. She rode me even harder and faster than the first time, looking deep into my eyes. I pulled away from her gaze only to suck her excited nipples into my mouth once again. I could feel the familiar boiling in my balls and couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I’m ready baby,” I told her through gritted teeth.

“Then fill me up!” she growled back just as her cunt muscles contracted around my cock squeezing out her own orgasm. I threw my head back and pumped my hot spunk deep inside her cunt while she milked me for every drop.

When our bodies had calmed down she climbed off me reaching for her shorts. Before I could say a word she slid them on, kissed me and got off the bus. I don’t know who she was or where she came from but I hope she plans to spend another day enjoying “rides” at the theme park.

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