Thursday, at Eight


They are old friends, but they haven’t met up for a couple of years. She is petite and lithe, her taught little body belying her love of dance.

Her auburn hair is just short of her shoulders and she has brown eyes. Her nose is a little too sharp and when she speaks, her voice is slightly shrill. It registers with him and he remembers without guilt how annoying he used to find it.

Her body is perfect though – her olive green silk bra cupping her pert, proud breasts. Beneath the scooped neckline, her soft cotton top laces up, and her underwear is visible between the laces.

The low red light in the city centre bar where they meet falls across her smooth skin, and accentuates the shadows between her breasts. Her waist is tiny, but her arse is sweet and round, her frayed jeans tight.

He is much taller, well built and rough round the edges, even in the well fitted suit. They are both professionals, in fields different enough that their low opinion of the other’s jobs affects their view of each other and adds to the undercurrent of tension beneath their friendly conversation.

She reveals that she is still unattached. He lets his eyes run heavily over her body, and knows he is not the only man to have done so, even in the short time since they sat down with their drinks. He is amazed, and tells her so.

She feels a warmth between her legs and the beginning of a blush in her cheeks. She brushes the compliment away, but her fingers stroking her hair and her eyes, seeking out his, let him know she enjoyed receiving it. She remembers an evening years ago not long after they first met.

She’d come in from her dance class, still in her leggings and shiny black leotard. They’d watched TV together as she let the perspiration from her class cool on her skin. Her legs rested on his, close enough for her to provoke his arousal and let the sexual tension between the two of them build.

She could feel his eyes all over her body. A few quick moves from him could have her naked and beneath him, her hips thrusting up unashamedly to take him inside her. She had certainly thought about it, and was nearly sure he’d been thinking the same too.

She savoured the feeling, shifting her position slightly so he could feel the firm curve of her arse press against the side of his thigh.

He takes a gulp of his beer. His manner is warm on the outside but on the inside, he is almost maddened by her awkwardness about relationships. What is about her? Does she like being pursued but not caught? Or is something stopping her from letting go?

He also remembers the night when they flirted in her room. He remembers her showing off her lean body for him, stretching in front of him to loosen her muscles after her dance class. He remembers the jolt in his dick, so hard it was almost painful, as she stretched her legs across his lap.

He could see her nipples clearly, pushing up against the Lycra of her leotard, and he lost himself in the fantasy of sucking each hard in turn, feeling them swell in his mouth. He has long ago decided that he won’t have her, but why hasn’t she gone with someone else?

He feels his cock starting to throb as he thinks, for the first time in years, about what it would feel like to fuck her.

She is demure and keeps strict control of herself in front of him. Yes, she is still attracted to him but the feeling is seedy to her in a way she can’t explain.

She has sex in tastefully decorated bedrooms, with the lights off. But she imagines him pinning her desperate body across the bonnet of a car in a darkened side street or pushing her against a wall, his cock skewering her from behind.

Looking at herself in the mirror of the Ladies toilets, she can’t stop her hand lifting aside her green silk panties and probing the hot, wet flesh beyond, toying with the image of the two of them wrapped around each other, him deep inside her.

She stamps on the thought hard. Even the difference in their size is a problem for her. Might he not just be too big for her? illegal bahis No, she has enjoyed herself tonight, and she is looking forward to seeing him again. She will put that to him when she returns to the table.

But on the way across the bar, seeking him out amongst the other customers, she realises she isn’t ready for the night to end yet. They both have to be in work tomorrow, but her apartment building is just a hundred yards up the street from the bar.

She makes the invitation, suddenly afraid he’ll say no, but he accepts immediately, and the warm wetness between her legs starts to grow again, beyond her control.

She notices how well his suit fits him, and lets him help her on with her coat, pushing her slim shoulders back and feeling his breath on her skin, as he gently pulls the coat together over her breasts.

The ride up to the eighth floor in the lift lasts a few seconds, but feels like hours. She stands, back to one wall, her hands splayed against the cool metal panel, her breasts rising and falling beneath her clothes with each one of her short breaths.

He is close to her – the lift is so small that he must be – and when he adjusts his stance a little, she gasps, so strongly does she need him to touch her. But he does not, and they walk down the hall to her apartment.

She turns on soft lights, leaving the spectacular view of the street lit city out of her balcony door uninterrupted. He asks her, in his polite but direct way, if he can use her bathroom. While he is out, she pours drinks for them both, and an extra measure of neat Bombay Sapphire for her.

The warm liquid tingles in her throat, and the feeling spreads through her body and along her limbs. She toys with exactly how much contact she will allow. Should she let him kiss her on the cheek when he leaves? Her lips? What about if he were to hold her too? She shivers at the thought. She sits in one of the tall metal chairs beside her dining table, wondering whether, after he’s left, she might try her new vibrator for the first time.

She starts when he enters the room, spilling her drink on her jeans. He apologises and steps toward her to help. Her eyes meet his and unconsciously, she pushes her hips forward just an inch and sighs .

His fingertips stroke her bare upper arm, and all she can think of is her gaping wet cunt beneath the silk ribbon of her panties, needing to be filled by him. Her eyes flutter shut at his touch, and she pushes her chest upwards towards him, her shoulders back against the cold metal of the dining chair. He kisses her once, unbearably softly, barely brushing her lips. She can feels her pink nipples swelling under her bra, aroused by the slightly rough silk. She opens her eyes.

“Trust me.” he says. She nods. She has thought about this for years, she realises.

She feels his fingers circle her wrists, holding her arms around the chair – and then she moans as he pulls her wrists together, behind the chair. He ties her gently, but firmly so that her shoulders are pulled back against the cold metal frame.

She pushed hard with her strong legs, arching her back and lifting her backside off the chair. Her top rides up over her flat belly, showing her flawless creamy skin. He yanks her belt undone and drags her trousers down, revealing her lean thighs.

He is telling her all of the lewd things that he is going to do to her, how hard he is going to fuck her and how many times she is going to come. She moans helplessly, physically needing everything he says.

He disappears behind her, leaving her tied to the chair and wondering what to expect. When he returns, he is holding her new vibrator, nine inches of flesh coloured rubber. He turns it on and it begins to pulse as though alive.

He smears lube all over her smooth inner thigh, rolling the vibrator in it so that its buzz passes through her and shakes her core with need. She shouts no, and writhes against the scarf that he has used to tie her wrists, but her pussy is on fire and coated with her illegal bahis siteleri sticky juices. She knows that he can see the wet soaking her green silk panties and the seat cushion.

He is telling her that she she needs her tight little pussy fucking with the dildo to get her ready for him. She closes her eyes, rubbing her body wantonly up and down in the chair as she feels his fingers lift aside her panties.

The massive, pulsing vibrator touches her flesh, parting her lips and then slowly, inexorably, he slides it inside her. Instinctively she jacks her body up, away from it, but she can’t lift herself completely clear, and the vibrator bumps against her clit before slipping inside her again.

He watches, unable to look anywhere else, at the grotesque sight of her pussy lips taking the vibrator inside her. She moans as each millimetre slips inside her, her breasts rising and falling quickly.

The sex toy feels huge to her, filling her completely. She jerks upwards again, not knowing whether she wants to escape or feel the vibrator slide into her again. She feels a tremor in the walls of her pussy, and disbelievingly shakes her head.

With her toned, dancer’s body, she has the strength and poise she needs to fuck herself silly on the slick, greasy dildo. Out of control, her hips thrust forwards again, before her pussy swallows the dildo almost to its base. She cries out, a long, shuddering gasp. She opens her eyes, watching him.

His dick is hard, and he moves his hand from the dildo to his own belt buckle. A sharp tug, and it is undone. He lifts his dark swollen cock from his boxers and, closing his hand around it, starts to bring himself off at the sight and sounds of the beautiful young woman in front of him.

He brings himself closer to her, so he can see the tiny beads of perspiration starting to form on her perfect skin. Sharply, he lifts her cotton top up over her head, so he can see her slim shoulders writhe against the back of the chair, and the olive green silk straps of her bra, bracing her jutting breasts.

His cock is close to her now and the next time she lifts her body over the dildo, the bare flesh between her tits rises just enough to feel the touch of his hot cock. Bracing himself against the back of the chair, he matches his movements to hers, letting his dick rub up against the valley between her tits. The warmth of her skin and the rough contact of her bra against him make his cock throb with a life of its own, the ache and the pressure in his balls growing and growing.

She is appalled by the sight of his cock and her face shows it. But she needs the dildo inside her now, and nothing can stop the rhythm in her hips, driving herself down on the buzzing rubber. She has never made a sound during sex before, but now she moans and gasps with each aching penetration of her burning hot cunt.

She feels a shudder deep inside her – and then she comes, each moaned cry matching the thrust of her hips as she screws herself down on the vibrator, her hot wet lips engulfing the shaft until the muscles in her thighs and bum feel exhausted and weak.

His own self control goes completely at the sight of her writhing and twisting beneath him and, his arms tensed against the back of the chair, he lets go, watching his swollen cock pump hard, lacing her lithe body with gouts of semen from shoulder to belly.

She moans and coos, riding out the last waves of her orgasm. She would be happy to stop there, and a flash of annoyance registers on her face as he pulls the vibrator out of her and drops it on the floor. She feels his hands slip around her legs behind her knees, and then run smoothly over her firm skin to her tight backside. Her skin is covered with a light sheen of sweat and she feels his eyes run over her, from her lean thighs, to her flat belly, to her pert breasts, her nipples pink and swollen inside her bra.

His hands cup her buttocks beneath her expensive silk knickers and squeeze, lifting her hips off the chair so that he can canlı bahis siteleri slide his own legs beneath her. Her breaths shorten, as he watches him bring his hard cock closer to her, her clit tingling in anticipation.

She catches his lips with hers, pressing her open mouth against him and sliding her tongue in, seeking out his, asking him for more. She feels him squeeze her arse harder, lifting her body higher. His hands run though her hair, slipping down to her shoulder, where he pushes the silk strap of her bra, with its pretty pink embroidered flowers, up and over her shoulder.

She watches, as the silk cup stretches, before being dragged downwards. She feels the delicious tension in the strap, pulling her arm against her flank.

The material of her bra snags on her sensitive, erect nipple and she catches her breath. He pushes at her the strap a little more and her nipple slips out, pink and tingling.

He cups her breast, lowering his lips to her smooth skin, and she gives a shuddering gasp as he sucks hard on her. Out of sight, she feels him push his hips hard towards her, his hot dick bumping against her smooth thighs. Unconsciously, she lifts her arse, pushing down with her thighs to bring him closer. She feels the hot, sticky wetness begin to grow again in her cunt. His hand is inside her knickers, kneading her smooth arse. Without meaning to, she jerks her thighs open.

He can feel the heat washing from her, and he is torn between wanting to kiss and caress her, feeling their tongues tumbling over each other, and the need to have her engulf his cock with her lithe body. Her nipple brushes against his chest and she gives the tiniest sigh at the contact.

This pushes him closer to the edge. He pulls himself in harder against her, the walls of her thighs guiding him towards her waiting pussy. The tip of his cock bounces against her warm, tense belly, then against the soft red hair at its base, then against her pert clit. She sighs again, twisting her hips against him.

The swollen head of his cock is caught by her slick, wet walls. She groans and pushes herself against him, her head thrown back and her tits pushed skywards. Too soon for her, he pulls back, leaving a terrible void inside her that she needs filled. Her hips writhe against him as she seeks out his dick, rubbing her engorged clit along the underside of his dick until it slips inside her again. She gasps.

This time, he wants to let her feel his full length, how much he wants her, He feels the tight circle of her pussy gripping his cock beneath the head, her wet yielding walls deeper in. Using both his arms, he pulls strongly against the back of the chair, enjoying the sucking noise as she draws him in, and the sight of her slim body bucking upwards before him. He stops just long enough to let her think she has all of him inside her, then smoothly slides the last two inches of his dick into her, until his balls are against her skin.

She yells, her shoulders working up the back of her chair and her eyes locked on his. They start to move their bodies together, her pussy squeezing him tight, the friction pushing them both towards an unimaginable climax. She crosses her legs behind his body, jerking herself further on to him with each of his thrusts, Finally her clit rubs once, twice, three times against the rough top of his dick and her whole body shudders with the release of her orgasm. Simultaneously, his aching cock spouts hot clots of semen into her, pumping her so full the liquid oozes out of her around his cock.

He slips out of her and unties the scarf from her wrists. She looks up at him. She has no words to tell him what she actually wants, so she says:

“Would you like to come and look at my bedroom?”

He nods and smiles, letting her get up. She walks through to the bedroom and he follows, watching her tight bum shimmy in her knickers as she walks. In the room, she looks over her slim shoulder to make sure he’s watching, and then climbs up on to the bed.

She is kneeling up, facing away from him. She runs her hands over her own slender body from her knees up to her breasts, then suddenly bends over, her backside high, her head down and her arms stretched out in front of her.

“Well, what do you think?” she asks.

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