Topless Beach Bunny


A lady friend invited me to a beach house located in a secluded area. She has an athletic body, long blonde hair, luscious breasts, and a tight waistline, plus a few years older. When we get there she throws on a black bikini and some dark sunglasses and heads out while I change into a swim suit. I’m hesitant to approach her because she appears to be topless, but she notices me and asks me to join her. I am a muscular male with strong legs, so in good shape but I tell her I will join her but I probably won’t get nude. She says that’s fine with a sinister grin. After a few minutes of me lying next to her beach chair, she asks me if I would rub some lotion on her shoulders. As I rub on the lotion, she asks me to rub more all over her body so she could recline more and continue to get some sun. I apply lotion to her chest, stomach, lower abdominal area, and her thighs, gently rubbing it in as my hands get close to her skimpy bikini bottoms, fingers breaking the plain of the string just above her clit.

She smiles as she notices my bulge, and grabs me by my suit as I go to lie back down, causing me to move towards her. She pulls my suit down enough for my semi-hard cock to flop out, totally exposing it to her. I’m slightly embarrassed but allow her to grab my cock, pulling me closer and gently sliding it into her mouth as she squeezes my asscheek. Athena sucks and strokes it as I lightly moan standing there until she stops and tells me to finish what I started when I was rubbing lotion on and helps my suit back up.

I caress her thigh as I maneuver around to kneeling between her legs and slide off her bottoms. I slowly kiss her thigh, working up to her hips, up her abdominal area to suck on a nipple then the other and back down to her other knee until working back and kissing around her pussy and clit. Finally, I start to kiss and lick her clit, teasing it lightly as she moans a little, as well as; starting to pleasure her pussy with my tongue. I use some illegal bahis lotion to massage her clitoris with my thumb and index finger, continuing to lick her pussy, eventually working some fingers in and out as her moaning gets louder. She reaches into a cooler next to her and pulls out a canister of whipped cream and sprays down a line from just above her clit up to her breasts forming a t- of whipped cream, adding some to just under her chin to her bottom lip as I work my way up her body, licking all the way as I suck down the cream. I spend extra time at each nipple, circling each several times with my tongue before continuing up her neck to her lips, sucking on her bottom one until kissing her deeply and sensuously while she starts to pull off my suit.

Pulling y suit off, I straddle her body and spray some whipped cream on my cock as she pulls it into her mouth, expressing the taste by vocalizing “mmm!” and continuing to stroke it as she sucks it and I play with my nipples. She starts grabbing my ass with one hand then slides it between my legs to play with my balls, occasionally teasing my anus with her fingers, but still sucking and stroking my cock as I start to moan. Athena pulls me closer with the hand between my legs, causing me to grab her head as she sucks it slightly deeper, as she uses her other hand to massage and pleasure her pussy. She is sucking me harder now as we orgasm together with me cumming all over her upper chest.

I run into the house as she situates herself lying face down on a blanket in the sand. I come out with an orange Popsicle from the freezer and start running it down her back while licking it up and kissing her back up and down, up and down. She giggles and jumps so slightly when the cold popsicle initially touches her skin as I now start running it down her right leg to her feet, licking and kissing again as I work back up then down and up her left leg. The Popsicle is getting messy as I stop at her ass cheeks, rubbing illegal bahis siteleri it all over, then licking and kissing her butt cheeks with some occasional biting, you can’t just lick the Popsicle, until rubbing the Popsicle between her cheeks causing the juice to run down into and around her pussy. This causes me to spend some extra time licking her pussy as she starts to moan. Straddling her body, I rub my cock between her ass cheeks until applying what is left of the Popsicle all around my cock, maneuvering towards her face. She props herself up on her forearms as I kneel in front of her, inserting my sticky, orange flavored cock in her mouth, pumping slightly forward and back as she sucks it using plenty of tongue.

We decide to head into the water to continue and clean off some of the Popsicle. As the water gets above waist deep, I bring her onto my shoulders, legs over my shoulders, and I start pleasuring her pussy with my tongue as she essentially just sits there moaning and enjoying it. I let her down so she can wrap her legs around my waist as I kiss her lips, then her neck while slowly slipping my hard cock into her pussy, eliciting a moan. Slowly, I fuck her as the waves bounce us around slightly as I start making my way back to the beach. I gently place her on the shore where the waves can still hit us, as I pounce on her, slowly working my cock inside as the waves are bumping us, gradually fucking her harder and harder until having her come up to doggy position. Pounding her pussy from behind, I grab her hair, gently pulling her head back along with one arm to continue my pleasurable assault. I let go of her arm and start massaging her anus as I slow down, letting go of her hair as I insert my thumb into her ass and she gradually works her body down so she is resting on her forearms, letting out some occasional moans. I pull out, allowing her to lie flat in the sand, waves still bumping us as I gradually slip my cock into her ass with canlı bahis siteleri a moan, leaning forward to grab one of her hands but have enough weight on my hand to support myself, digging my other hand far enough in the sand to grab one of her breasts as I work my cock in and out of her ass until we start getting a little too deep in the wet sand.

We work our way back up to the blanket where she climbs on top of me, ass facing me as she grabs my cock, quickly inserting it into her pussy and riding it until leaning back onto me, causing me to work my cock in and out myself. However, I get to caress her breasts and start rubbing her clit, causing her to start moaning until I feel some extra wetness on my cock as she cums aloud. Slowly she flips over so she is facing me, once again working my cock into her pussy as she gradually starts to ride it, getting progressively faster and harder, her sexy abs glistening with sweat as I see them working, until she slows enough to have me flip her over on her back.

I penetrate her pussy deep inside as I lean forward on her legs, stretching them back, and slowly work my cock in and out trying to get as deep as I can as she moans with pleasure. As she tells me how good it feels, I start moving a little faster until pounding it harder and harder only slowing as she starts to cum and I can feel that moisture as I slowly pull out, some seeping out as I start to enter her ass. With her facial expression I can tell how it feels as I grab her ankles to stretch her legs back, allowing her to massage her pussy and clitoris, moaning louder with pleasure. Her legs are stretched back pretty far causing her hips to raise slightly, giving me better access to her ass as I pump my cock hard inside. I suggest she holds her legs back, now slowly pumping her ass as I massage her clit, and fingering her wet pussy as she yells, “yes, yes!,” continually before I tell her I’m going to cum. Sliding out my cock, she starts to orgasm as I squirt cum all over her clit and pussy, simultaneously moaning with pleasure until I drop between her legs. She then grabs her sunglasses and sits back in the beach chair, smiling as she starts to read a book and I just lie there on the blanket.

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