Toy Store-ies 2: A Walk to Remember


More adventures in adult toy sales

The characters, situations and actions in this story are merely figments of an unusual imagination. So unusual, in fact, that the author doesn’t actually exist.

NC<18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story. This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved. * A couple of weeks later Cindy and I were standing at the counter when I heard the door open and Cindy’s hand flew over to my wrist and squeezed — hard. My first thought was that we were going to be robbed or something since she didn’t say anything. I kept my head down and reached for my cell phone, figuring I could dial 911 and then set it back down before I looked up so the operator could hear what was going on even if I couldn’t talk to them. Before I could unlock it, though, I heard Cindy hiss, “It’s THEM!” I looked up to see who she was talking about and dropped the phone. It was the man with the voice and his red-headed wife! It had warmed up some since their last visit and both were wearing jeans and polo shirts. Without the coats it was easy to see they were in better shape than some of the kids my age. He had a broad chest and shoulders, a flat stomach and a tight ass. She had what looked like either large C- or small D-cups set high on her chest, and her ass and legs looked pretty good in the jeans she was wearing. I wonder what’s going to happen this time, I thought. Anything? Just as they did at the beginning of their last visit, they slowly wandered around the store talking quietly together. I don’t know if Cindy thought about going over to them or not. I know I thought about it, but decided not to, ‘cuz I didn’t want to intrude on their time together. I also didn’t want to wreck the mood in case he was in the mood to tell us another “bedtime” story. They browsed for a while, looking at all the various toys and things, then brought some things up to the counter. They set down two of the newer products we’d recently gotten in. Both were vibrating butt plugs, but rather than the normal ones where the batteries and controls in a separate controller, these ones had the batteries and had push-button controls built into the bottom of the plug itself. These particular butt plugs have built-in push-button controls and ten separate vibration variations. From the side they looked a little like anchors. One had a cone-shaped probe that was a little more than three inches tall and a little more than an inch across. The other one had a rounded tip, a narrow “waist”, then it swelled out again until it was about an inch and a half across. The bases were the same size — a little over three inches long and a little over an inch wide. OK, I thought. Is this his & hers? Working up smaller to bigger? Not going to ask. But DAMN! I want to so bad! We managed to make it through casino şirketleri the transaction without any indication that anything had happened during their last visit, though I SO wanted to say something in hopes of bringing on another story, but no, we all pretty much acted as if nothing had happened on their last visit to the store.

I was kind of disappointed at how quickly the sale had gone — especially after what happened last time – but I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything to say or do to spark any conversation.

I was getting ready to put the two toys in a bag for them when he reached his hand in his pocket and took out four batteries, handed them to me and casually said, “Oh, could you put these batteries in those? And we won’t need the bag. She’ll be wearing them home.”

It took me a second or two to realize what he had said since I was busy getting the battery compartments open. Then it hit me. My first thought was that I’d done that or heard that at shoe stores, or maybe when someone bought new shoes or a jacket when they were out and hadn’t thought it was going to be that cold, but butt plugs!?

I looked blankly at him.

He turned to his wife and said, “Tell the young ladies what we’re going to do, hon.”

She looked at him, then at us with her eyes wide open and her mouth opening and closing, without a sound coming out.

“Oh, that’s right!” he said with a little chuckle and that same sly grin from that last time. “She has no idea what nefarious plans I have for her today. Can we use your fitting room for a few minutes?”

“Ummm. What are you going to do?” I finally blurted out.

He said, “I’m going to take this fine little MILF in that fitting room and skin those jeans down over that fine ass and thighs. Once her jeans are far enough down, I’m going to do the same thing with her damp little panties. Then, well, I’m going to ‘break her down shotgun style’ as we say and have her put her hands on the edge of that little bench in there.

Once she’s settled in position, I’m going to turn the little one of those butt plugs on and slowly slide it into her cunt to get it lubed up. Once it’s all slippery, I’m going to pull it out and slide it right up her tight little ass. Then I’m going to do the same with the bigger one, but I’m going to leave it buzzing away in her pussy. Then I’m going to pull her panties and jeans back up, and we’re going to walk out of here. There any problems with that?

“Uh, yeah, uh, no, um, go ahead,” I stammered.

They disappeared into the fitting room and I heard her moan for several minutes. When they came out, he said, “I will take the receipt, though, so no one can say she shoplifted those — though how she could have gotten them shoved up herself in those tight-ass jeans without you knowing about it I’m not sure. Hey, you girls wouldn’t know off the top of your head if those will set casino firmaları off the security sensors at the super store up the road do you?”

I wondered why he’d ask that about the store about a half mile up the road. Then it dawned on me. I heard Cindy gasp as it occurred to her at about the same time. Now it was our turn to stare with wide-open eyes and move our mouths with no sounds coming out. He was going to make her walk into and around that store with those two things buzzing in her pussy and ass!?

I also wondered how he had made them fit. The bases must have been twisted slightly to allow them to fit side by side at an angle. How the heck is she going to sit down in their car with those things in? And is sitting down going to change the settings?

They walked out holding hands and to our surprise they didn’t stop at the car. Oh, crap. He’s going to make her walk all the way there, too!!

We watched as they walked across our parking lot and as far as we could see them. Every once in a while he would release her hand, reach either behind her or in front of her to change the settings, then re-grasp her hand. Besides holding hands, they were walking very closely together and leaning in to kiss and talk to each other as they walked.

We lost sight of them and tried to concentrate on work. We had a few customers come in and got distracted from watching for them to come back to their car.

Suddenly I heard “Fuck!!” from Cindy. Shocked since I thought there might be customers in the store, I looked over at her, then followed her gaze out the window.

Now I have to tell you I know what it looks like before people get their “sea legs” on a cruise ship and I’ve heard the phrase “walking on rubbery legs” before, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

She was still walking — or at least trying to. He now had his arm around her, partially supporting her since as she walked, her knees would occasionally buckle. Cindy and I scanned the store and to our surprise (and pleasure) the store was empty. No customers. Yay!!

They walked into our parking lot and up to their car. He leaned her up against the side of it and I could see her twitching and hunching her shoulders. Oooh. She’s getting close!!, I thought.

He opened her door for her and reached for her to guide her into her seat and I again wondered what was going to happen when she tried to sit down. I guessed I’d have to wait on that, though, because as he drew her toward him, she knocked his hand off the door.

Uh oh, I thought. Turns out she didn’t appreciate him having done that to her after all! Hope we don’t have to call the police.

Yeah. Umm. About that. I was wrong.

She knocked his hand off the corner of the door alright. But then she slammed the door, grabbed him by the front of his shirt and dragged him to her. She leaned back against the side of the car and dragged him güvenilir casino even closer.

She then lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist and dragged him into her like she was trying to absorb him. She rocked her shoulders and back a little as she scooted up to get the position she wanted, then reached up, wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him into a kiss. You know the movie with the line about the ten best kisses in history? Not sure if this would make that list, because I think that list was about “romantic” perfect kisses.

There was “romance” in this kiss, but only a little. If there was a list of “most passionate” kisses of all time, this one would have been at the top.

It seemed like she was trying to devour him!! Even from inside the store we could see her working her tongue, her head was switching from side to side and the whole time she was grinding her entire crotch against his.

Screw calling the police, I thought. We’re going to have to call the damn fire department!! I think either they’re going to combust or light that car on fire.

She continued to grind against him and kiss him until saw her bury her face in his neck and clench him like she was afraid she was going to explode.

She gradually relaxed and got her feet back on the ground. They cuddled together for a bit and kissed — tenderly now – while she rested against the car.

Eventually he opened the door and she carefully climbed in and sat down. He leaned in and kissed once more, then closed the door.

Then, instead of going around and getting in the car to drive home, he walked into the store.

He stopped just inside the door caught my eyes and said, “Oh, just so you know, they don’t set off any alarms at the super store.” As he said that, he kind of flicked his eyes to the side of the store. Why would he do that? I thought. It looked like he was trying to signal me about something. But I know there’s no one in the store except Cindy and me.

He turned and started to leave, then turned back and met Cindy’s eyes and said, “Oh, and in the jeans she’s wearing? It turns out she figured out a way to change the vibration by getting the crotch seam to push the buttons when she squatted down.”

It occurred to me what he had been signaling about and I started to slowly back away from the counter.

“She even figured out that by squatting to one side or the other she could change the settings on one or the other separately. What a sexy little minx! Well, have a great weekend!” And out he walked.

As I continued to back away I saw Cindy scan from the door to her left just like she had done before. As she did, her arm came up like she was going to push me off balance again. When she didn’t immediately feel my shoulder, she started moving her hand around, trying to find it.

I waited until she turned to where she expected me to be, and when she realized I wasn’t there, her head snapped around to where I really was.

“TAG!” I shouted, “You’re it, bitch!” And I slammed the fitting room door, *snicked* the deadbolt home, and yeah, I kicked my shoes off and dropped my jeans.

Wait!! How did he know??

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