Tracy Plus 2 Ch 1: The Dance

Tracy Plus 2 Ch 1: The DanceThere she was again, sitting in the same place on the bleachers. Watching across the gym floor while watching everyone have a good time while occupying nothing but the seat she was on. And why not? She had warmed that same place on those bleachers through every dance she ever went to at Susan B. Anthony, but it did get lonely warming that spot with a little larger ass than she’d like to admit to. It wasn’t enormously large by any means, but a size 12 underwear (she only wore briefs, she didn’t feel she deserved anything else) didn’t exactly get you noticed by the high school guys that liked twig bitches. She didn’t even have a large breast size at 34b, which solidified her invisibility. And again, there she was; and as usual, there she sat. Completely invisible to everyone. Even her 2 best friends had escaped to make it to the dance floor for what was going to be their last high school dance. Again she reiterated to herself again that that was even more proof that she wasn’t worthy of anyone. It was the same ongoing battle that had persisted for her entire life.She thought back as she was a young girl and how the other girls in her middle school classes would tease her for being “fat” or “chubby.” It’s something even the guy she liked the most spit back at her when she finally got the strength to leave him a message in his locker. She was sure that she was safe because he was always so nice to her. Apparently she totally misjudged his character and now that she thought about it, Drew Barrymore pretty much had it dead on when they showed flashbacks of her in school in “Never Been Kissed.” “School really is like that for the losers like me,” she thought. Finally, after several minutes of feeling low and worthless, she got up and walked out of the gymnasium to head to the bathroom, where no one could see her and no one could judge her –at least less likely from there. But in the same token, she could continue to judge herself in her own mind. However, at least it was just her instead of what seemed like hundreds of others.Tracy was hoping to be able to duck into the girl’s locker room bathroom so she could be alone to wallow in self pity but unfortunately the door was locked. Her heart sunk again in desperation, meaning that she’d have to go in and risk the chances of running into someone seriously undesirable (at this point, that would have been pretty much anybody.) Walking across the hallway, she passed the back stairway and turned into the back bathroom entrance. Both the boys and girls bathrooms were housed in different directions off of the main entrance; the boys straight ahead and the girls to the left. Tracy paused. There was no way she was going to be able to handle anyone that she could run into in there; but then again, there was the chance it would be less likely there than back in the gymnasium with all of the other k**s so she took a deep breath and slowly entered the bathroom.She entered through closed door in front of her, quietly, hoping that she could draw as little attention to herself as possible. Thankfully she found that the door must have had a new hydraulic hinge and made little noise as she pushed her way in. A small wave of relief ran over her as it meant she could easily close the door without it slamming if she held the handle long enough and eased it shut. Seeing that the sinks and mirrors were completely devoid of the usual “make-up” girls also so made her feel even more at ease.Once the door was closed, she attempted to find a way into one of the three smaller stalls, only to find that her luck had run out. Looking under each one, she saw a girl with jeans around her ankles and lace panties hovering around her calves while she was on the phone, talking loud nonsense to someone on the other end. She’s guessing it was someone out near the dance floor because she could hear the music as the girl was talking loudly (and then she wondered why she didn’t just bring the girl she was talking to into the bathroom with her.) The second had a girl with rainbow knee socks on and a leather miniskirt around her ankles and resting over combat-like boots and the last stall had a pair of dark jeans around the girl’s ankles and a pair of red and what appeared to be black zebra striped panties, possibly boy shorts, pushed farther down in them than the first girl’s jeans. Deflated, Tracy realized that that meant she was going to have to go into the empty handicapped stall, which hadn’t had the handle fixed like the hinge on the door (“as of yet” she thought, however she also knew that even if it was due to be replaced that it didn’t help her in any way right now. She just simply had to deal with the fact that she wasn’t going to be able to completely lock herself away, the door being left open a crack.) Thankfully her bladder wasn’t going to open her up to any embarrassment right away. She took a seat on the toilet, knowing that it would be almost impossible for her to fall in and totally embarrass her for the rest of the entire school year, not just the rest of the night.Tracy started to wonder what she had done to have her friends abandon her like they had. Normally they came and went every so often; however they had been gone an abnormally long time. Had she made them mad? Offended them? Or had they just forgotten she was there? It probably didn’t really matter anyway because it was probably just best for her to be alone at this point. She’d be really rotten company right now.Tracy began to cry softly as one of the toilets flushed and a door opened. Someone stopped at the sink, washed her hands and perhaps did a make-up check before she headed out. “Of course it couldn’t be the bitch on the phone,” she thought as the girl’s loud voice continued. To add to the pleasure, the phone was now on speaker. Things were just getting better. However, on the positive side, she hoped the girl would stay as long as she could because it meant Tracy could cry as much as she wanted without getting caught and had to deal with the aftermath of what would happen. Thankfully Tracy always cried softly and was barely detectable but she sniffled a lot as her nose ran continually and that made it apparent to anyone just what was going on. Another toilet flushed and she could see under the stall that that the girl in the rainbow socks had opened the door and left without washing. She cringed at the thought of her not washing, but was glad to know that she was down to just the one screaming girl in the first stall and was very glad and surprised to know that no one else had come in. It was a very busy dance out there and there were a lot of skanks – er – other girls out there that would need the bathroom. Perhaps they were up front using the one off of the concession stand near the main entrance. That also made her realize that this could offer her very much more privacy.Finally, after several more minutes, Tracy heard “I have to let you go! I told you I was coming to the bathroom niğde escort and I just can’t pee with you on the phone! I’ll be out in a few minutes!” “Thank GOD!” Tracy thought. Now maybe I just might be able to have some time to myself so I can think and just be alone. “It would be amazing!””I’ll talk to you in a minute, ok! Just leave me alone!” And with that, thankfully, she hung up the phone. Soon the sound of an early trickle, which increased to a steady stream and a sound of relief coming from that first stall. Tracy recognized the sigh of relief because she had had it many times. Sometimes inside and sometimes outside, as the need was required. Suddenly, however, Tracy realized that her crotch was starting to feel rather warm. Was she getting excited listening to this girl as she peed? “Oh my god! What the hell? Why is this happening?!?” But then she thought back to other previous times she had been in a stall peeing and hearing other women pee as well. Things had been warm and wet before, but she never thought anything of it because she thought it was just the relief of her using the toilet and how good it felt. It now came to her that it wasn’t that at all. Listening to another girl pee seriously turned her on! Tracy’s hand began rubbing her crotch, where a serious increase in heat was growing. She ran the tips of her fingers across her pussy and dug the tips of them over the area over her clit was located, eventually stopping to rub firmly over it. She couldn’t believe what this was doing to her. After being out of touch with reality for about a minute, she was brought back to reality when the toilet flushed. She sighed and took her hand away from her crotch. Eager to know who she was dealing with, she peeked through the slightly open door of the handicap stall and waited. And then she waited longer. No one came out. “What the hell could be going on?? She thought. “I wonder if she’s ok…” Tracy thought she should check on her. Opening the door just enough to see across to the stall, she could tell that whoever was in there had her legs straight out and shook as if she was straining them. Tracy thought for a second. She almost instantly knew what was happening because she knew what happened when she…got off…masturbated…yes! That’s it! But oh my god! Was she really lucky enough for this? She immediately moved back into her stall and watched and listened. She could hear heavy panting and slight screeches. The girl was almost near climax and Tracy wanted to be too.Before she could get more than one button of her button-fly pants done, the girl came hard and held onto a heavy pant while maintaining the high screech she had been doing. Tracy saw her legs at full extension while shaking in orgasm and then watched the obvious indication that she was spent as her legs relaxed and her body seemed to double over, trying to recover from a harrowing orgasm. Tracy was totally soaked now, knowing that this anonymous girl had just had an enormous cum, obviously thinking that the bathroom was totally empty. Tracy paused in concern that she could be caught, but did find solace in the fact that she was on the other side of the bathroom and was very unlikely to be noticed. Tracy then saw the girl’s legs bend back up into a seated position and heard her tear off some toilet paper, just as if she was wiping up. The girl stood up, the toilet flushed again and she wiggled as if she was pulling up her pants. Then Tracy heard the bolt on the door open and a panic and excitement swept over her while she waited to see who it was. When she did, she was floored.Out came a blonde haired beautiful junior named Chastity. She didn’t know her last name but she knew that her actions with guys didn’t at all correlate to her name; she was most definitely not chaste. Nonetheless Tracy found her to be beautiful in many ways. She had very pale skin and fairly light blonde hair that went to her mid-back. She was thin, something Tracy envied because she was not and never had been (she compared herself mentally, reliving each true detail that made up her physical build – a larger build, a complexion that had a browner skin tone, yes her build but still only stopped at her small 34B tits), while Chastity held herself at about 5’1″ and 110. She was one of those “twig-bitches” she always referred to, approximating that through her olive green tank top more than covered her tits which were approximately a solid A or small B cup; she was nearly flat-chested. In spite of everything that just happened and although Tracy had never really had had same sex thoughts (in real life), thought she really wanted to jump her and just do things to her that she had never thought of before. She was suddenly shocked by her thoughts of lust.Tracy’s fantasy quickly ended there. Her hand, which had opened all of the buttons on the front of her jeans, allowed her to more carefully work on removing her pants if she wanted to. Once Chastity left the bathroom, it thankfully left her all alone.Tracy wasted no time at all plunging her hand deep inside her pants and through her thick pubic hair; finding that hard nub that was her clit. There was nothing to say about the size of her clit because it really stood out on its own. It wasn’t gigantic but it was completely admirable in its own right. It always suited her well enough to get the satisfaction she needed when she spent hours teasing herself to almost orgasm and then backing off for hours (she learned later that that was called “edging”) at a time until she knew she just couldn’t wait any longer. She had watched both straight as well as lesbian porn, although the latter was less often but and although she didn’t expect it, this experience would change that significantly. She was imagining Chastity in that toilet stall, rubbing herself. She was wondering if her pussy was shaved, trimmed or entirely untouched. Maybe there was a landing strip or something different? It really didn’t matter. She was building one hell of a cum, getting so close to finishing, “so close to finishing,” she thought as her body spoke to her); and that’s just exactly when she heard the door open and it wasn’t just one set of feet. There were 2.”Tracy?” the voice called out. “Tracy? Are you in there?” It was Tori, her best friend since middle school. Her voice was distinct and certainly a little inquisitive. Tracy hurried to get her hands out of her pants (and she was very glad that she kept them on) when Tori recognized her dark blue jeans and her distinctive bright orange Converse sneakers. “Tracy, I know you’re in there and you’re not sitting down and doing your business.” Tori and the other girl with her, Angela, opened the unlocked door and looked at Tracy who was furiously hurrying to button up her pants.”Tracy? What are you doing?” Tori inquired.”I just went to the bathroom and now I’m trying to button up but I’m having a terrible time.” Tracy said with a voice as cool and soothing as she could.”Why are you sweating escort niğde so hard? And you’re shaking plenty – wait!” Tori said, interrupting herself abruptly. “I know what you were doing! You were playing with your puss!””What?!? I was not! Like I said, I had just finished peeing and I was trying to close my buttons but only had one done when you barged in here!” Tracy said defiantly.”I know better. You look like what I look like when I’m about to get off from fingering myself! We’ve talked about sex a lot of times and you’ve never admitted that you masturbated. Why did you hide it? I was certainly not afraid to admit it. Why weren’t you comfortable to tell me? I would have been more than cool with it.”Tracy, certainly nervous, suddenly realized that her bladder was somewhat full as her nerves began to make her bladder spasm, pushing down on the pee that had started to build in it. Somehow this made her turned on even more.Angela, the third girl that recently joined their group and had tagged along to the dance with them, just stood there taking it all in. She was an 18 year old junior, only because she was held back a year when she transferred in from another school out of state in 6th grade. She had certainly gotten screwed because the school they’re in now wouldn’t accept the standards from the state she came in from because they didn’t meet the new state’s standards, even though it was just 15 minutes from her previous school. Tracy and Tori were completely oblivious to her standing there with them now that Tori was interrogating Tracy about what really was going on in that stall. Angela’s hair was short and dirty blond and was cut to fit her face which was somewhat round and her blue eyes stood out magnificently. She was a little round and heavy, holding a little pudge in the front of her belly. Her pubic hair was almost an invisible blonde. It was so light that it didn’t need much of or even any trimming. Not at all thinking about the current situation, Angela did something that all of them had done before; taking a pee while they were all in the same bathroom.Tori continued to pick at Tracy. Tracy was blushing deep red which covered up her flushed face from rubbing her pussy furiously. Ignoring everything, Angela pushed down her pants and pulled up her long shirt so it didn’t get wet. It was at that moment that Tracy completely stopped listening to Tori. She had a new focus and it was making her entire pussy throb with lust. Looking up at Tracy’s face and realizing that her attention was no longer focused on defending herself, she turned to see what had distracted her. Suddenly, both of the girls had their eyes locked Angela’s pussy, which was somewhat plump and lippy. Angela didn’t at all pay attention to the other two girls as she lifted up the front of her long shirt so it didn’t drop in between her legs and hovered over the seat and looked down at her pussy as her stream began to build into the toilet, only looking up when she was satisfied that she was safe.Angela’s stream was fairly forceful as she lifted her head in relief, only to be caught off guard by her two friends that had a death stare at her mounted above the toilet seat, but failing to realize just where their eyes were.”What?” Angela said with true confusion.”Well, it’s…your…” Tori stammered.”My what??” Angela was confused and her stream began to slow, eventually to a dribble. “Well, I think Tori means…” Tracy began. She drifted off, but to come back, with a little dignity. “It’s just that when you guys came in here, I was rather “enjoying” myself you could say. Tori was interrogating me because I got caught “sticky fingered.'” Tracy giggled in the middle of what she was saying and her face became less flushed “and was asking all sorts of questions about why she didn’t know that I did it after all of the times she talked about it with me.””Jesus!! Will you just tell me what’s got you two all screwed up?” Angela reached for some toilet paper as she pushed out two small, final remaining dribbles of pee.”The thing is is that she doesn’t know what got me all hot.” Tracy, being uncommonly bold, then told them both the story about Chastity and just how she got all worked up and it started with the sound of her peeing. And then she was able to point out that Tori apparently had more than just a little interest herself in what she was describing when she looked down at Angela’s crotch, which was wide open, leaving what was in between them open for a free show. Her face had a complex and conflicted look on it, yet her eyes most certainly had an interest in what just happened.Angela completely forgot about wiping and dropped her shirt so it rested in her lap, covering all parts of her crotch. Tracy was certainly disheartened but it seemed that Tori was the one that had had her birthday taken away. Her jeans, which were appropriately fit and complimented her somewhat rotund body, now had her hand warmly caressing the outer area of the V that formed at the top of the legs, almost as if she was in a trance. She had turned her eyes away from Angela but was close enough to Tracy that when she turned her head, her face was pointing straight into Tracy’s 34Bs. Tracy could watch the changes and perplexed confusion in her face while she stayed still specifically for Tori. She couldn’t understand why she was so confident and excited with all that was going on. Angela was nearly silent and was leaning forward with her hands on her knees and, while watching the other two girls, let out another short stream. Tori was no longer buried up against Tracy’s chest and unexpectedly let out a schoolgirl laugh that broke up the stillness of what had happened over about 2 minutes but had felt like an eternity.”It looks like you’re just as interested in this as I am, Tor” Tracy commented. “However, Angela, you don’t seem so sure.” Tracy laughed. She was truly amused.”I’m not sure I really get it,” Angela said “but I can’t see how it’s exactly exciting. I mean, it’s just pee. We all do it and just because you saw my pussy openly actually doing it, how does that change things? Haven’t you ever watched yourself do it in the shower?”The shower? Tracy had never thought of that. She had been taught that you just “pee in the potty” like all big girls do it and that’s it. Other than when her mother use to take her cousin and her camping for a week in the summer, she hadn’t gone anywhere else. Her mind wandered for just a moment while she thought back. As she reflected, it wasn’t about using the toilet, but peeing outside with her cousin from about the time they were 6 or 7 in the edge of the woods. Her mom didn’t believe in any luxuries and was a “roughing it” kind of lady. She always insisted that Shannon, her cousin, and her always go together and face each other just to make sure they were able to watch out for anything that could be behind each other. Her mom taught her the importance of the buddy system because they were young. The edge of niğde escort bayan the woods was just off the side of the camper so they were well in view of her mom just in case after they got old enough to go by themselves. Although it grossed Tracy out, she stood watch behind her cousin with a shovel in those cases too.Her mind rapidly flipped back to the moment. “The shower? I guess I’ve never thought of it before.” “I’ve done it a lot of times” Tori said, “but I’ve never thought about it being a turn on before. I mean it’s only my body and I’ve watched myself piss a lot of times.” This was the first time the language got a little more harsh and sexual. “I have to say that it is starting to make me think of it differently now.” Tori was now openly running her hand on her crotch, not being afraid to show her arousal. This, in turn, increased Tracy’s already increased libido and she also touched herself. “Ok, this is getting a little weird for me. I think it’s time for me to head home. You too, um, weirdos, just do what you’re going to do. I’m gonna just walk my way home and maybe get through the park. It’s shorter for me; it’s nice out and well lit. As long as I stay away from the “forbidden tunnel” I think I’ll be safe. You two be safe going home too.”They all bid each other good night. As the bathroom door closed, Tracy and Tori both thought about just exactly what was going to happen next. “Do you think we should, um, actually pee in front of each other?” Tori began. “I mean it turns both of us on, obviously. And there’s just the two of us. Most everyone will be leaving soon. But will you go first?” She asked Tracy.”I guess. It’s not like I’m embarrassed about anything right now. I’m so horny I could fuck a doorknob if I wanted to.” They both laughed.Tracy was never one to be concerned about being shy about using a public toilet. She had no problems sitting directly on the seat and, because her pants were already unbuttoned, she walked over to it, pushed her pants to her knees and sat down.”Can you push them down further? Like to your ankles? I really want you to be able to spread your legs so I can see everything.”Tracy accommodated her request and immediately spread her legs wide. “Pardon my hairy bush,” Tracy said, “it’s really dark and heavy, I know, but I’ve had no one to really worry about shaving for so I haven’t even had as much as a trim. It’s as if I’m a Neanderthal that hasn’t discovered razors yet!” She laughed hard and Tori did as well and suddenly a short shot of piss pushed out of her pussy.”I guess I was so tied up in the sexual idea of things and being so horny that I never realized just how much my bladder was full except right after you caught me rubbing myself! I never went before you guys came in because I was only supposed to be here long enough to feel sorry for myself. Now only if I can get my swollen bladder to actually let go.”About a minute passed and a slow dribble ran over her pussy and then her asshole. Deciding she needed to give a better show, she reached down and pulled her lips open. After about 15 seconds, her bladder relaxed and a steady stream emerged, running down the porcelain in front of her and ran down into the water, leaving it moderately yellow. Her stream slowed and stopped and with direct intention, she pulled up her white cotton briefs. The remaining pee in her heavy hair around her pussy had harbored extra wetness that soaked into them, which she knew would leave a stain. “I’ll have to remember to trim that down,” she said, “just to make sure things stay clean enough. However, not wiping makes things even more exciting. Her clit was throbbing now, not only because she was incredibly turned on, but also because of the brazen act she had just committed in front of her best friend, someone that she had ever thought of in this way but is very glad that she did now. “Now it’s your turn” she said with an extra naughty grin. Tori wasted no time unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. She took off her sandals, which confused Tracy at first, but that didn’t stop her from watching her satin, hot pink bikini cut panties come into view. There were elastic ruffles around the edges and a small pink bow in the middle, just below her belly button. But then she totally shocked Tracy when she took off everything from the waist down. She handed them to Tracy. “Watch this,” she said, “I have an idea.”Tracy was more than excited and her pussy was leaking juices she didn’t know she had before. She watched intently as Tori squatted on the bathroom floor.”What are you doing??” Tracy exclaimed in a loud whisper. “You wanted to know what it was like to pee in the shower. It’s kinda like this, like you did when you went camping, except I usually lean against the back of the tub. Just watch.” “But you’ll get it all over the floor!””Not as long as I keep my aim so that it runs down the floor into the overflow drain. Now just watch!”Tracy took her scolding wisely and shut up. She observed that Tori’s cunt hair was much more trimmed and sculpted than hers. It was a light brown color and she kept it in what Tracy considered a bikini trim. Her hair was much less dense. Tori was more confident in wearing a one-piece suit in the summer she assumed. Almost instantaneously, Tori’s hot piss stream came out in a steady, but not forceful stream as hit the floor. She had planned this right, probably from all of the practice she’d had in the shower. The pool that had started to build at the bottom of her very wet cunt ran straight toward the drain. The light yellow stream ran directly into the overflow drain. Tracy was impressed.”That took a lot of skill – and a lot of guts!” Tracy exclaimed.”Well I felt I needed to show off a bit for you and didn’t want to get my pants all wet.” She smirked and then they both giggled as Tori put her pants back on.”You know it’s not like I can’t hear you in there.” A sudden tingle and shudder came over the two girls. Someone had come in and they never heard her.”It’s ok, though. Don’t be scared. However, I think I have a way we can settle this without anyone getting in trouble.” The voice was fairly kind and gentle, but firm. They didn’t quite recognize it. ”Blackmail?” Tracy thought. Who would have the utter gall to blackmail two young girls? In a panic, the two girls packed up Tori’s brown bag purse and headed out of the door.”I can see you through the cracks of the door, Tracy Greenfield and Victoria Southerland.” The both froze with terror. “Meet me back here after school on Monday. There’s a girl’s soccer game that afternoon and we’ll have this bathroom all to ourselves. No one will be back here because the locker rooms are up front and no one will interrupt us during the game. Be here or I blow the whistle. Understand me?”The girls stared at each other and mouthed the word “Monday” to each other. “Do you hear me?” the voice said again.”Y-yes.” Tori stammered.”I guess – I mean ok. We’ll be here, ma’am.” Tori agreed”Now go home and get some rest, you too. You have a long afternoon coming up on Monday.”The girls took this as their cue to leave, their heads filled with terror. Oddly enough, though, Tracy immediately felt her fear of being caught turn into feelings of excitement.

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