Trained to be Daddy’s girl 4


Trained to be Daddy’s girl 4I tried to pretend I was happy sharing Daddy with his little whore but I couldn’t hide my sadness, or jealousy whenever he decided it was her turn to receive his load. He frowned as he saw tears drip down my cheeks as I watched him smile as he pulled out of her pussy after using us both in bed. He sent her off and led me into the bathroom as he showered.”What’s the matter baby?” He soothed as he held me as I towelled him dry.”I get jealous Daddy” I said looking up at him. His steel blue eyes softened as he looked into my gear filled eyes.”It’s you I love” he said “It’s you I married, you I’ve decided to be by my side everywhere I go” he added.He hugged me and I kissed his sexy mouth.”I know Daddy” I whined,” I just thought I’d have you to myself, not have to watch you enjoy sex with other girls” I said.”Ok, let’s work on that” he said. I knew that was the end of this conversation. “Shower and get in the red bodystocking and heels baby” he said and I climbed under the hot water. I’d smoothed and oiled that day and had my head shaved so it was a quick shower and into bed waiting for him.We cuddled and went to sleep and he woke me early with a throbbing cock pushing into my bottom and I sucked and then lay back as he raised my legs over my head as he slipped into me and fucked me hard.I douched and came out of the shower to see my maids outfit and white stockings and panties laid out ready to slip on. I did and went into the living room where Daddy was already on the phone dealing with work. I made breakfast and started my chores as he smiled watching me as I stretched to dust the tall mirror and stand on my tiptoes and shown my panties off.“We need to nip back to the UK for a couple of days” he smiled as I swept the marble floor ready to mop.”Yes Daddy” I said obediently.I swapped into the pink outfit I am dressed to fly in and walked in the warm sunshine to the car his friend picked us up in for the journey to the airport.As they chatted I cuddled into Daddy on the back seat and he stroked my head and kissed me.”How’s married life buddy” the man asked Daddy””Fantastic” he smiled. “You have got yourself a very sexy looking lady there man” he laughed and day kissed me on my lips as I stroked his face. He hadn’t shaved and I loved his rough look.”I sure have” he said. I noticed them give each other a strange look in the mirror. I quickly looked at Daddy but he just smiled at me.The trip was the usual muttering and staring by certain people as we walked through the airport. Daddy had packed my pink suitcase with outfits he wanted me to wear at home and I stood smiling at the security guard as he asked me to raise my hands and stand in the machine which screens for metal items.He beckoned me out and as I walked to join Daddy stopped me and ran a scanner over me. He then patted me down. I looked nervously at Daddy who was picking his stuff off the conveyor belt and just grinned.I was then told to stand at the counter and asked which suitcase was mine. I pointed to the pink one and the guard shook his head and tutted.It was then swabbed and taken to the side where I was ordered to open it. A lady guard came over to check the contents.Daddy was chuckling at my predicament as I blushed as the female and two male guards stood and opened my case.The female slipped blue rubber gloves on and started to lift the contents. All I had in was stilettos, basques, panties and stockings.She looked at me “Yours?”:she barked.Y,yes” I said nervously”You are lady boy?” One of the men said”I’m , im a , I don’t know” I stuttered. “I’m a gay boy who’s boyfriend, I mean husband likes me to dress in these clothes” I said. I was fire red and didn’t like the look of disgust the men and the woman had on their faces.”You are married, who to?” He demanded. His tone was quite threatening.I looked over to Daddy who smiled and walked slowly over as they beckoned him”Problem?” halkalı escort He said to the female”Your husband only has ladies underwear in her case” she said sarcastically”Really!” Smiled Daddy “And I only have men’s clothing in mine.” He laughed. The woman stated talking is Spanish and the men started to get annoyed.”She is my wife” Daddy said. “We have just got married, I like her in these clothes and she likes wearing them. There is no law against that and she is over 18 and can do and wear what she likes. She is not wearing anything that would offend here in public, so what is your problem” he said calmlyThey spoke to each other then slammed the case shut and pushed it toward me. A crowd had gathered to watch and the guards jerked their heads to dismiss me.As I zipped my case up the woman said something under her breath to me in Spanish which I assumed was a nasty remark.That was the only trouble we had, we strolled through security at Manchester and jumped into a waiting car Daddy had arranged and went home.Daddy put out my outfit while I showered. It was a red basque, stockings and panties with black heels.I made us a drink as he chatted on the phone.I noticed he was using my old iPhone.”I hope you weren’t put off by the Spanish security” he smiled as he kissed me.”Just a little nervous Daddy” I said.He laughed and said” I really thought you were going to be taken away and strip searched, the big guy and the butch bull girl had their eyes all over you” He laughed. If their boss hadn’t dismissed us, I think you would have been wearing a basque for her. He grinned as he pulled me close and ran his hands all over my bottom and waist.“Not everyone is against us” he said “Since I published your vid on the internet and shared it with your friends, There has been lots of positive reaction” he said.We kissed and he placed me into position on the arms of the chair and kissed and licked at my pussy and slipped inside me.”I don’t want you to be a jealous wife” he said as I cleaned him up with my tongue.”I want you to relax and enjoy what we do” he said, “Do you understand?”I knew I was going to have to get used to sharing so nodded as I looked up at him. I was his, obedient, submissive. I had tried to get my own way and now he was telling me it was going to be his way.The pink plug was placed in my pussy and I tidied the room and went to put the suitcases away and place my outfits in the wardrobes.Daddy put drinks out and we sat and watched a porn movie that he was distributing.The door bell rang and he left me to watch the film as he answered the door.I was hard and dripping as the sissy in the film was used by a leather Daddy and strapped into a Fucking Stool and whipped as he begged.Daddy came into the main room from the hall. He was smiling lovingly at me.”Look at you all turned on by another man!”he teased. “Leather and whips for you young gurl” he smiled”Oh and remember when I said not all people were disgusted by our vid?” He said.He motioned for me to stand and I did as he stood to one side and said “Come in, please” My head swam as my stepfather entered the room. He looked me up and down. Daddy instructed me to pose for him. He likes me to stand with one leg in front of the other, ankles crossed when I’m in public with my hands behind my back.Gary, my Mums husband looked at me admiringly.”As I said on the phone John, if she had dressed like this at home she would have been in my bed more than her mother” he said.They laughed and Daddy beckoned me over. I strut towards them swaying my hips as trained and Daddy told me to take my step fathers coat.I was nervous and my mouth dry as I trembled and took his rain coat.”You look very sexy” said Gary as I stood in front of him.Daddy nodded and I walked over to the coat rack in the hall and hung up Gary’s coat.”What taksim escort do you say?” Teased Daddy.”Thank you Sir” I said and gave a little courtesy. Daddy had instructed me that all men must be addressed as Sir and greeted with a courtesy to show my submission.Gary grinned and looked at my panties.“Look, lets take this party to the bedroom” said Daddy and instructed me to lead Gary by the hand into the bedroom.”Isn’t she fucking sexy?” Said Daddy.”She certainly is” said Gary. I always wanted to try it on with him, I mean her, when she lived at home” he said softly”But was worried she might tell her mum” he added.”Well, you can be confident she won’t do that now” laughed Daddy. “Help Gary out of his clothes baby” he saidI shook with fear as I lifted his t shirt over his head. He was quite fit, something I had never noticed before.Daddy helped him with his belt and zipper and I took his pants off and socks.He had little white briefs on that had a wet spot where his cock had leaked.I thought I was in a nightmare as Daddy took him in his arms and they kissed and stroked each other. Daddy slipped down Gary’s briefs as he kissed his way down his body and licked the bead of pre cum from his cock. It was massive. I stared as it seemed to grow even bigger as Daddy pulled me into the two of them. “Stroke it baby and suck him” he ordered.I gently stroked it and knew I would struggle to get my mouth around it, and that it would be stretching my hole more than it had ever been before.Daddy stroked me and kissed my neck as Gary kissed me passionately.Weirdly I enjoyed it. This was as good as being in a threesome with my own father, although not biologically related, I had known him most of my life, my mothers husband!Daddy and Gary climbed onto the bed and I slipped between them, kissing one then the other, wanking both of them at the same time and being fondled and stroked, passed around like a toy. My plug came out easily as Daddy and Gary both took turns sucking me, rimming me and then me returning the favour.Daddy lay back and I sucked him as Gary gripped my hips and started to rub his cock against the hole of my pussy. I gasped as he slowly forced it into me , Daddy encouraging me to take it and relax. He was so excited at the three of us fucking that I relaxed and let myself go. I sucked Daddy and begged them both use me all night. My acting like a whore really turned Daddy on, Gary filled me with cum after a few minutes he was so excited and Daddy fingered it from my pussy and I sucked it off his fingers and all three of us shared it as we kissed each other passionately. Gary was soon hard again after i licked and sucked him clean and he bent me over again and fucked me hard, then Daddy picked up his phone and filmed us.I groaned with excitement as he told me he would share it with my mum. I felt like a filthy whore and wanted her to see me with her husband. I cum as Gary rammed deep inside me and Daddy zoomed in as it spurt out of my cage.Gary arched his back again as his second orgasm surged through him. We lay on the bed kissing and I’m sucked them both off then on Daddy’s command took Gary into the wet room and showered with him. We kissed and he told me he missed me. It felt strange but was so horny being with my Mothers husband and having him fuck me like he did her.After he had gone home Daddy stroked and soothed me, telling me how much he loved me, how perfect we were together and how much he had planned for us.I put on a fresh black fishnet body stocking and my black seven inch heels and paraded around making drinks for us and turning Daddy on.”Come here baby” he said as he set up his laptop.The screen opened to show a sexy looking guy, an American who said how happy he was to speak to Daddy again and how pleased he was to here an out his recent marriage.Daddy stood me up. I crossed my legs and put my arms behind şişli escort my back as Daddy pointed the camera at me.”Fuuuuuckk” whistled the guy as Daddy burst out laughing.”What did I tell you?” Said Daddy “Isn’t she perfect?” He added.”She’s more gorgeous than you described” said the guy. He was big and muscular. His shirt struggled to stay on him as his biceps bulged in the sleeves and his chest strained the buttons. I got a feeling in my clit. I wanted him.”Wait till you see her in the flesh” said Daddy.”I cannot wait for that “ he said, “all the vids you sent me of her performing with you have really got me excited.” He grinned “Wait till you see the latest one” teased Daddy. “We have just fucked her mothers hubby” he laughed.”Sexy fucking whore” said the guy. Daddy agreed and sent me to make drinks as they chatted in private.I was so turned on. Daddy could fuck his whores and I would join in, it was fine, I was getting fucked too so I would stop being jealous. I wanted Gary again . His big cock had stretched my pussy and it felt fantastic. My pink plug almost slipped out it was so open after my fucking.I took Daddy a beer whence shouted to me and He sat me on his knee and kissed me as he said his goodbyes to the American. “Are you happy you married me baby?” He said as we kissed.”Oh yes Daddy” I gushed.”Well it’s America next” he smiled. “We fly out tomorrow so we need to get some sleep, and that will be hard lay at the side of my sexy little gurl” he said kissing me.”Here, let’s choose some new outfits for you” he said and logged onto a website.”We” means what he is to choose for me and I dripped as he chose outfit after outfit in black and red leather, thigh high seven inch boots in both colours.”Did you like Eddie?” He asked.”Yes Daddy” I smiled. “He seems very nice” I added.”He owns a studio where we film all our bondage shoots” said Daddy. He stars in a lot of our films” he said.We slipped into bed, kissing and stroking each other.Daddy put on the T.V and I watched as Eddie and four other leather clad muscle men passed around a skinny gurl in leather basque and thigh boots. They slapped her and dragged her by a leash attached to a thick leather collar. She sobbed as Eddie roughly lifted her up and fastened her wrists, then her ankles onto a wooden cross so she was spread eagled with her bottom pushed out by a red leather pad in front of her clit.Eddie stroked her gently and kissed her. Daddy’s cock dripped as we watched the helpless girl scream and strain against her straps as the men took turns in whipping her and then stroking the vivid red welts on her bottom and back of her thighs.As she sobbed and begged them to stop Eddie put a big red ball gag in her mouth and roughly fastened it and her punishment continued until she passed out.The film closed with Eddie releasing her limp body and laying her on the floor as the men wanked over her, dripping and shooting cum on her face.I looked in fear at Daddy.”Gary has already placed his order for this one” he smiled. “He wants to fly out and watch the filming of this one” he chuckled. “And Eddie is really looking forward to playing with you baby” he said softly.”I wonder if he could talk your mummy into coming along too?” He laughed.I held onto him hoping he was joking but his throbbing cock told me otherwise.”I love you baby” he said as he rolled me onto my side and lifted my leg up.”I love you Daddy” I said beginning to cry”Good gurl” he said softly. “You won’t let me down with Eddie will you?” He asked.”No Daddy” I said obediently. I was terrified. But my clit dripped at the thought of Eddie and his friends using me. I cum as Daddy’s cock throbbed in me. The following day we skipped through security without any problems. The American Homeland Security had seen stranger things than a shaven headed gurl in pink and simply looked at my passport, stood me in the retinal machine and wished me good day.Eddie was in the car which picked us up and I sat in the back between him and Daddy. His thighs were like tree trunks and his arms as big.”My little gurl cannot wait to star alongside you buddy” laughed DaddyEddie stroked my leg and kissed me.”Perfect” he said “Let’s go make you a star” he grinned and we headed to his “Dungeons”TBC

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