Trainer meets His Goal PT9 Blacken


Trainer meets His Goal PT9 BlackenLisa awakened Thursday morning, after having spent most of the night sleeping atop of her new black lover, Jeray. His huge black body had been her bed for the night, and his massive love tool still was lodged deep in her vagina. She noted that Jeray still slept peacefully, and she took a moment to admire his physical beauty. His rock hard torso was sculpted perfectly, with his thickly muscled pecs and wonderfully defined abs. Lisa felt her legs resting atop of his black granite thighs. And, most of all, she felt his warm and pulsing black cock still residing deep within her now seriously stretched white pussy.Jeray’s left arm with its bulging bicep rested atop of Lisa’s back, with his hand covering her right buttock. She felt as though her small body was enveloped by Jeray’s large frame. He really was a massive guy in all ways, and Lisa considered that even with his cock flaccid, it was stretching her much more that Matt would fully erect.As Lisa lifted herself gently off of Jeray, she tried not to awaken him. She moved ever so slowly, feeling his very thick black baby maker withdrawing from her married pussy, and his arm slipping from her back. In a way, Lisa wished she didn’t have to head into work. She would gladly spend the entire day with Jeray, making out with him, submitting her body to whatever he wanted from her.He had been so gentle with her, so attentive to pleasing her. At first, her mind was spinning, thinking that in a few short days she had transformed from a loving wife to an unfaithful adulteress at Marc’s hands, and now he was sharing her with Jeray, and she felt like a tramp and a slut.But, after the first hour of their lovemaking, Lisa found that her body couldn’t have enough of Jeray’s, and Lisa wondered if there was something wrong with her. On the one hand, she knew that if her family ever found out about what she had done, they would disown her, and yet, at that moment, she didn’t care. Her body had been so awakened by the extraordinary sex of the past several days that she didn’t care what anyone thought of her – at least not at the moment, she didn’t.She felt conflicted as she lifted her body upward. At once, she felt her loins awash with desire for the incredibly built and remarkably hung black stud below her whose cock, even soft, was providing her pussy with such pleasure as she lifted herself off of him.Her movements served to excite Jeray’s cock, and it pulsed to life, pushing hard against the walls of her vagina, even as it was being withdrawn from her. He stirred, turned his head, but he did not awaken. And Lisa’s pussy came alive as it sensed new life in her black lover’s cock. She so wanted to pleasure herself yet again, to use his magnificent black body to quench the fire that his cock has started once again in her loins. But, she knew she had to go.Ever so slowly, Lisa made her way to the guest shower. She passed the master bedroom where Terri and Marc had spent the night. She felt a twinge of jealously, thinking that her lover had essentially swapped her for the younger woman. As she passed the bedroom door, she heard Terri’s moans, and Lisa’s anger rose with the sense that Marc was only using her for her body. She wondered if his and Terri’s pictures would join the others on the website.With that thought in mind, Lisa made a detour to the room Marc used as his office. As she entered, she noted that the computer was on with the screen saver illuminating the darkened office. She moved the mouse, and was taken back by what she saw. She was watching a live feed, apparently to Marc’s porn website. The picture was of Marc and Terri making love in the master bedroom. He was atop the beautiful Terri, whose moans could be heard over the nearly muted computer speaker. Lisa watched with a mixture of jealously and anger and even lust as she observed her black lover of the past several nights.The two lovers made a very handsome pair. Everything about Terri’s body was perfect, from her gorgeous face to the perfectly rounded breasts, one of which Marc was at that moment sucking as Terri’s moans and breathing rose, to her long and shapely legs. And, the contrast of her skin with that of Marc’s was dramatic and at the same time very erotic for Lisa to see.And while Lisa felt some real jealousy that Marc was with Terri, she also felt anger that he could so easily cast her aside for the night. What’s more, Lisa felt real fear now, because just as she was watching a live feed to Marc’s site she knew that Terri probably had absolutely no idea that the pictures were being sent to the site.In fact, the pictures of the entire night had probably been sent and were being bought by viewers who chose to join his site. Now, real terror filled Lisa because she knew in the depth of her stomach that her own love making with Jeray that night had to be somewhere available on the site as well.Lisa clicked on the link to live feeds, and quickly scanned the pictures available. Sure enough, there was the image of a sleeping Jeray, totally naked and stunningly handsome. Her eyes focused immediately on his huge jet black love shaft that lay across his left leg.Lisa clicked on the image and it filled the screen. She clicked the start session link, and to her complete horror, there she was completely naked and on her knees, lovingly servicing Jeray’s magnificent black cock as his black hands gently held the back of her head, her sandy colored hair contrasting with his jet black skin.She fast forwarded, watching in horror and terror as she saw their bodies clearly, even in the low light of the bedroom. Clicking the action back to normal speed, she heard herself screaming at what must have been her first orgasm while riding the incredibly hot black stallion with the huge ebony shaft. Her mind revisited the pleasure she got from Jeray as she rode him and he arched his body forcing his thick black baby maker deeper into her womb while using both hands in squeezing her breasts.Lisa’s stomach was in turmoil and she felt the lump in her throat. What would anyone who knew her think or say if they got access to this. Marc had lied. The site must also have had nightly feeds of their love making, paid for handsomely by people who watched that stuff. But, just as she felt the anger well within her, what could she do but obey Marc’s wishes. He could ruin her life with these pictures. She would beg him to remove them, or to somehow obscure her face.Now, a terrified Lisa reset the computer to its feed of Terri and Marc, and she went to clean up so she could leave for work. But now, Lisa was a nervous wreck to say the least. She would talk with Marc about it when she got back from work that evening. This would be her last night with him before Matt arrived home.She couldn’t have her pictures out there, he would have to help her here. She was so conflicted over this, because it truly did seem as though he loved her up until now. He had been so kind, so loving, so gentle with her.When they had made love together, he really seemed caring and sensitive, and she had come to really love the feel of his ripped body, his really thick, long and deliciously black cock. Now, it seemed almost as though he liked her best of his current crop of women. But Lisa worried, maybe now Terri might be on the verge of replacing her.Further, it was almost like Marc felt like he owned her, and he could share her with other guys when he felt like it. Lisa’s body still craved Marc’s, there was no doubt. But, she was afraid what the price of making love with him would be for her. Her gold ankle bracelet with the large gold M on it was feeling more like a ball and chain.And now, the day before Matt returned, Lisa was getting anxious about seeing her husband. They had had a couple of awkward conversations since the infamous Sunday conversation when she was riding Marc’s cock and he forced her to take the call from Matt. Lisa sensed that Matt knew something was up, but then again she thought it might be her imagination. In any case, she had that added worry in addition to the web cam pics to think about.Matt had not slept with Kate for four days now. He was sick over what was happening in his life, feeling like a puppet at the hands of Marc the black puppet master. For her part, Kate knew something was wrong, but did not push Matt. She knew it involved Lisa, but he adamantly refused to talk about it. So for the majority of this business trip, Kate and Matt worked and ate together, but slept in their own rooms.It was nearly eleven on Thursday night, the day before she and Matt were to fly out of Heathrow in the early afternoon, getting back into Boston in the early evening on Friday. Kate had called Matt and was hysterical. He had a hard time understanding what she was saying, but told her he would go right to her room.Arriving at Kate’s room, Matt knocked and the door swung open, revealing his beautiful lover in a lace nightie and nothing else. Matt felt sick as he took in her beauty, and knew that it had been his downfall.But here she was crying and hysterical. “Matt, he’s left me. Rob has fucking left me! I’ve called him three times this week, and he hasn’t taken any of my calls, and he hasn’t called back. And just now, I read this email from him, and he said that when I get home, I’ll find that he’s moved out completely. He said he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore, that he’s found someone else. He said that it’s not me, it’s just that he’s found someone else and doesn’t want to be married anymore. Then he said he was sorry, but he just couldn’t pretend to love me anymore.” Kate’s crying and sobbing escalated when she finished.Matt embraced her, held her. He didn’t know what else to do. He was in a state halkalı escort of shock himself. Kate and he had started flirting playfully four months ago, nothing serious. Then, somehow it got to be serious flirting. Then, they went for drinks while on one of their trips to London, and they ended up in her bed. They’d been fucking almost every day since. All the while, Kate left Matt with the impression that Rob would go completely crazy if he ever found out about them, so she always insisted that they play very discreetly.And now, here was Kate, hysterical because her husband had apparently informed her via email that it was over, and he had moved out. Matt was just stunned. But now, a ray of hope entered his life. As he held his former lover, even though he had not told her yet that he too did not want her anymore, he thought that in a way, Marc’s plan to bribe him had just lost a huge bit of leverage. If Marc wanted to inform Kate’s husband, so what! The guy could not care less now. In fact he’d probably be happy that his soon to be ex wife had found someone else also.”Kate, try to calm down. When this all settles down, you’ll be okay. I’ve had my own problems with Lisa this week, and I guess you can tell that I’m not myself. But this will all work out for you, Kate. Just be tough, Katie.” Matt kissed her forehead and hugged her, and he felt a huge weight lifting from his shoulders, the more he thought about this.He had fucked Kate for three months, maybe four. He had been unfaithful first, but now he knew that Lisa had also been fucking around as well, and definitely with more than one guy. Now, they were both even in that sense.He started to think that he could have a heart to heart with Lisa, try to work things out. He wasn’t sure if she even wanted to, but he desperately hoped she would. He loved her, he now realized. And, he would do anything he had to do to keep her or to win her back. The pictures of her fucking Jeray were etched in his mind, and his heart ached. But, now he had hope.As he held Kate, Matt wondered if Lisa’s new sexual experiences had awakened within her desires that she could not control. Maybe she would not want him anymore. Maybe, she preferred black guys now. After all, Matt thought that Lisa had been taken by Marc and Jeray, two different men, but both black. Although he didn’t know Jeray, he knew he was black, and the pictures of Jeray’s manhood made it clear to Matt that he was no competition in that department.Lisa knocked gently on the door to Marc’s room and entered. “Sorry, just have to get my clothes.” She headed toward the closet while neither Terri nor Marc paid her any attention. He was in the process of fucking Terri in the mission position, and she was making sounds like she couldn’t have enough of the black stud plunging her with his foot long ebony shaft.Lisa knew first hand that Marc had an amazing way of making love. And, she felt both a touch of excitement for Terri for what she knew Terri was feeling, and she felt a tinge of jealousy and anger, knowing that even though she had had Jeray who was wonderful last night, Marc had cast her aside for fresh pussy.Quickly, almost like she couldn’t get out of there fast enough, Lisa grabbed her outfit for the day, her underwear, pantyhose, and heals. She felt her face redden and her neck heat up with embarrassment as the man who had “taken” her, the man who had given her the golden anklet with his initial on it, was now fucking another woman, and he failed to even take time to recognize her. Granted, Lisa had just spent an incredible night with Jeray.”Babe, I apologize. I totally forgot to shut off the live cams in the guestroom while you and Jeray were in there last night. But, I can tell you that your escapades brought in just over twenty-five thousand for the night. Not bad, Lisa. You could make some serious money if you wanted to, with someone like Jeray or me. On the other hand, if you were with a white guy, you’d be lucky to make a few thousand bucks. There’s something about a ripped and hung black guy with a beautiful white babe that brings in the cash. And you Lisa, are a really beautiful white woman.As far as shutting that video down, is there really a point? I mean, lots of people have already seen it. It’s out there. People have copied it into their personal collections. So, shutting it down won’t do a thing, except lose me some serious cash. Besides Lisa, do you really think your upper class white friends would even go to a site like mine? I doubt it! And if they did, they wouldn’t recognize you, trust me. Even if they did, they would be convinced it was a look alike, not the real Lisa.Lisa felt the anger surging up her neck. The heat spread to her face. She had been at work all day thinking about what Marc would say, hoping that this would be easy. Now, that she was back at his place and that tramp Terri was gone, Marc was still not showing her any respect. “Well, you know what Marc, I think I’ll just get my things and go. I can’t keep this up, knowing that you’re using videos of me to make money. This was a huge mistake. And I know that you can put the screws to me, ruin my marriage and estrange me from family and friends, but if you do, there are some steps that I too can take. And since I will have nothing to lose, you can bet that I will.”Lisa moved toward the bedroom she had shared with Marc since Saturday so she could collect her clothing. He smiled at her as she walked by him, clearly pissed off.For her part, she could feel her head pounding. She felt betrayed, angry, scared. She was terrified of what Matt would say, feeling certain that Marc would share lurid sex pictures of her frolicking with Jeray and with Marc as well. But, she knew she had to leave now. This had all become too bizarre for her.First she allowed herself to be seduced by Marc, and then Kristen had been taken by Jamaal and Nick, and god knows who else. Lisa felt her body sweating with anxiety and fear of what she had done and what a mess she had made of her life. She closed her bag, and turned to leave and was stunned to see Marc in the doorway to the master bedroom.Her mouth dropped as her eyes took in Marc’s incredibly formed naked body. His magnificent black cock was flaccid and hung fully nine inches from his crotch. Its length was one thing, but its thickness was something else as well. His ball sack hung low and his thick balls could be seen on either side of his veined black baby maker. Lisa felt a stirring in her abdomen, her stomach, and she felt almost breathless.That beautiful cock had explored places inside of her body where no other had ever been, and the pleasure she had had as she submitted her white body to that ebony shaft was unforgettable. Sinceshe had joined Marc at his place five days earlier, she had come to long for the pleasure he had provided her as they lay naked in his bed, exploring one another’s bodies each evening. Right now, her eyes seemed to be hypnotized by his massive manhood and she stared at it for more than several moments while she stood motionless, holding her bag.Almost reluctantly, she pulled her eyes up his beautifully toned and crafted mocha body, not missing the thin, tight waist, the incredible abs, the muscled chest, his thick neck, and finally his remarkably handsome face. She was almost shaking with desire for him as he stood there. She knew she had to leave, she wanted to leave. She was angry with him and with how he had seduced her and changed her life.But Lisa wondered as she stood there if this black stud, standing in front of her totally naked and smiling at her could read her mind. Did he know that she still desired him and his body immensely?”Lisa, your memory is either very short, or you just don’t get what we talked about earlier in the week. I gave you the chance to leave without any repercussions. I didn’t want you to leave, but I sensed that maybe you were not sure you could do this whole affair thing and eventually let Matty know that he had to share you or not have you at all.So, I gave you the chance to cut your losses and leave. In fact, I told you on two different occasions that you could leave, and there would be no problem at all. And both times Lisa, you decided to stay. You stayed even after I told you that if you did, you would have to do what I wanted you to do. I told you that I would give you time to break it to Matt, that I would let you do it when you felt you could. I also told you that I would introduce you to stuff that you had never done before, like the partner swap that we did last night.By the way, it’s pretty clear from the video that you loved fucking Jeray last night. I mean, you were totally all over the guy, in fact you slept on top of that stud with his fat black cock still lodged in your married white pussy. It wasn’t a problem for you to spread your legs for a ripped black stud, to take his fat black cock deeper than any you have ever had.No, you didn’t seem to mind that at all Lisa. In fact, if you look at the video of you and Jeray, it’s pretty obvious that you were absolutely all over the guy, as much as he was all over you. You were way more responsive than the average white wife is. And that kind of tells me something about you Lisa. All of a sudden, you’ve discovered that sex with real men, real black men is way, way better than you are used to with Matty boy. It’s just an obvious fact, Lisa.And speaking of your responsiveness Lisa, that is one thing that you are way ahead of any woman I have been with. You are so freakin horny and responsive that sex with you this week has been amazing. Don’t get me wrong, Lisa. I am definitely into you and your taksim escort beautiful white body. But your responsiveness is over the top compared with most women. I mean, you obviously can’t get enough of me, or of Jeray last night, for that matter.So Lisa, be serious. Do you really think you’re going to leave all of this because you’re pissed about some videos on a website that no one you know will ever visit? If you walked out of here, I guarantee you that you’d regret it even before you get back to that perfect place you’ve called home for the past five years. Lisa’ it’s pretty clear to me that you have loved every moment we’ve been together.Besides Lisa, that expensive gold anklet that you let me put on your pretty white leg really does mean you’re mine to use as I want to. And right now, I want you on your knees, cuz I am going to have you suck this fat black cock that you’re having such a hard time keeping your eyes off of.”Marc stood up straight from leaning against the door jamb. His broad shoulders squared and his muscled chest expanded, and he moved a few steps closer to Lisa. He stood about two feet in front of her, naked with his massive ebony shaft starting to stir.Lisa felt a touch of fear because she knew he was right about a lot of what he had said. She still held her bag, but said nothing. Her eyes however scanned her lover’s body, taking in its black beauty, and of course its awakening veined penis with the very thick mushroom tip.Marc stopped in front of her, and placing the palms of his hands softly on her shoulders, he looked into her eyes and then down at his now erect ebony shaft. Lisa’s eyes met his, and followed his down to his beautiful cock. She was shaking now, knowing how much she wanted to leave, knowing that she was afraid this would never end, and knowing that she desperately wanted to suck her lover’s cock just one more time.”Suck me.” That was all he said, and he gently pushed down on her shoulders. Lisa allowed her body to be pushed down. She felt her bag meet the floor, and she let the handle go, taking instead her lover’s cock in her hand. She closed her eyes as she felt her knees on the floor, and opening her mouth wide, she took her lover once again into her mouth, hesitantly at first, then hungrily.Using both hands, Lisa pumped and pumped Marc’s rock hard shaft as she tongued it and sucked it lustfully. While she did, she felt an incredible wave of desire for Marc spread through her body, and she felt her vagina flood with her love juices, yearning for this huge black satisfier to plunge into her yet again.She felt Marc’s hands gently caressing her head, and she heard is groans of satisfaction as she greedily sucked her lover. She knew she was doing a good job because Marc’s cock had swollen to a huge size, filling her entire mouth. It was really amazingly hard she thought. Now, she was overtaken with the desire to satisfy him in a way she had not done before. She wanted this encounter to be most memorable for him. In her mind, no matter what happened, she wanted to be the best white wife lover he had ever taken, the one he would always remember.Things were definitely headed in that direction. Marc’s body was arching as his cock pumped in and out of this beautiful white wife whom he had claimed for his own not even a week ago. He was moaning with pleasure as Lisa used her mouth and one hand to stroke and suck him. Her free hand was caressing his muscled thighs, his wonderfully round black ass, and skimming across his sharply defined abs.She loved the feel of him, and just touching his beautifully muscled and defined body made it so her own body could not wait for his cock to pleasure her deep within her white pussy which was now dripping her warm love juices, in anticipation of welcoming his thick black penis.She could feel her hardened nipples rubbing against her blouse, she could feel the heat of desire for Marc welling up through her torso from her loins that were now tingling with desire for this beautiful black man to take her and use her again. And she was loving feeling how hard and how thick she had been able to make his cock, a sign to her that she was truly satisfying him.Lisa could sense that Marc was about to shoot his warm gooey cum into her mouth and onto her face and hair. She marveled at how much cum he could spurt from his black shaft. When Matt came, he shot a good sized load, but with Marc, it seemed to keep on coming and coming. If she were not on the pill, she would be pregnant in one session with Marc, she was sure. His body was tightening and tensing as his now massive and granite hard ebony shaft was preparing to shoot its prize.Lisa was proud of her work, and now all thoughts of leaving prematurely were gone from her mind. They could work out the website issues some other time. For now, all she wanted was to lose her clothes, and spread her creamy white legs for her mocha lover so he could slide his thick black love pipe deep into her love canal. She was truly addicted to this guy, she knew it now.Squeezing Marc’s hard cock now with both hands, Lisa stroked her hands back and forth holding him as tightly as she could, anticipating the shiny black mushroom’s impending explosion. Feeling Marc’s body tighten, his cock swell and become absolutely rigid, Lisa decided to try something she had not done to her lover before. She continued to hold his massive black shaft with both hands, noting the stark contrast between her soft white hands and his jet black cock.Up until that moment, Lisa had avoided having her teeth make contact with her lover’s cock. Instead, she made her lips and tongue do the work of servicing him. She was afraid that her teeth might cut or hurt it. But now, she deliberately bit down on his huge love rod, and dragged her teeth back and forth just hard enough to add another sensation to her rigid lover. When her teeth ran across Marc’s thick black mushroom, she could feel his body jerk and twitch with the feel of the new sensation.For his part, Marc had never had a woman bite down onto his cock. The feeling was just too much for even him to handle. Her teeth dragged across his shaft in a way that caused his orgasm to overtake him.Marc’s hands tightened around Lisa’s head, and it happened. His thick, warm, gooey cum exploded into her mouth. He pushed his cock hard into her throat and he held his cock deep inside Lisa’s throat, causing her eyes to tear. Lisa could feel the courses of cum squirting into her esophagus, warmly flowing down to her stomach.After holding himself inside of Lisa for thirty seconds or so, Marc withdrew his massive black member, which was still pulsing small amounts of cum as his orgasm began to subside. Taking himself with his right hand, Marc squeezed what cum was left in his foot long cock, and rubbed it all over Lisa’s face, smearing his love juices all over his lover’s pretty white face.Lifting his beautiful white lover to her feet, he wrapped his thickly muscled arms around her, and the lovers embraced in a passionate kiss, with Lisa’s hands running up and down Marc’s naked back, his ass, his upper thighs. She loved his feel, and his kiss was serving to hear up her loins, flooding them with her love juices. As he kissed her, Marc’s face was being smeared with his own cum that he had streaked all over Lisa’s face.Lisa lifted her arms as Marc pulled her blouse up and over her head and off of her body. Instantly he pulled her bra off as she pushed her skirt and panties down. Now, her shapely creamy white body stood naked, except for her heels, in front of her black lover.”Does this mean you’re going to stay, babe?” Marc smiled, and Lisa felt his still hard cock pushing against her abdomen.”Are you going to make it worth my while, mister?” Lisa responded, also smiling.”You know I will, babe. Tell me, how are you going to explain it to Matty when he realizes your pussy is kind of stretched out and can’t grasp his little white dick the way it used to? And, after almost a week of making love with me, how are you going to adjust to fucking your husband again? Face it babe, every time he slides into you, you’re going to be thinking of hot much hotter it is between you and me.”Marc was still smiling, but Lisa already knew that what he was saying was true. Sex with him was so totally satisfying, she wasn’t sure she could ever really adjust to the routine kind of sex she had had with Matt for the past couple of years. She knew this was only a week old, that there was some thrill associated with the affair, and some thrill associated with the taboo of screwing a ripped black stud.But, at the same time, Lisa could not ever remember having craved the feel of Matt’s body and especially his cock the way she was consumed with thinking about the feel of her black lover and the way his massive ebony baby maker made her feel when it was working its magic deep within her.”Marc, I told you already, he’s not small. I mean, he’s not as big as you are, but before we started dating in college, he had a reputation among the ladies on campus for having a really nice cock. Granted, he doesn’t carry the monster you do, but it’s nice. And, yes you are right, I will be thinking about you every time we do it. I love Matt, but this week with you has been so incredible Marc. Now, if you can just ease my nerves and get rid of those videos.” Lisa said this, and looked into her black lover’s handsome face. He really could easily have been a male model. He was so striking in his appearance.”Lisa, we can talk about that. But, maybe Matt will do the same thing as Kristen’s husband has done. You didn’t see the video we got with Kristen, her husband and Jamaal did you?””What are you talking about? şişli escort What video?” Lisa, asked as Marc put his arm around her, cupping her ass cheek and moving her toward his bedroom with him.”Her husband got home like three days ago from his business trip. I’m not sure exactly what happened, or how it happened, but Kristen basically told her husband that she had had sex with Jamaal and that she did not want to give it up. You have to know yourself that giving up what you and I have had for the week would be tough, I mean I think you’ve really grown to love the visits you get from my friend down here, don’t you?Anyway, somehow, she convinced him to be part of a threesome with Jamaal and her. That took place here this morning, and there’s a hot video of them together. The husband basically sat by at first and watched as Jamaal and Kristen went at it. I have to tell you Lisa, no brother I know would ever, ever let a white guy fuck his lady while he stood by watching it. You’ve got to excuse me, but white guys are pussies when it comes to letting a hung black guy seduce and possess their women.You’ll see for yourself later. It’s really the strangest thing I’ve seen a husband do. But, he kind of just sat there jerking himself, then he basically went to work and licked Kristen’s pussy clean of Jamaal’s jizz, giving her an orgasm while he did it. Then, he took Jamaal’s cock and…..well, I think I’ll let you see for yourself. But right now babe, I want you to spread those beautiful legs of yours. I mean, we only have one night til hubby gets home.””Marc, you can’t leave it there. This is too much for me to process. I can’t believe Kristen’s husband just watched her fuck Jamaal and then joined in……you’ve got to finish.” Lisa was at once puzzled and disturbed that Kristen’s life seemed to be turned upside down in only a matter of days. And did her husband really go along with this?Lisa lay flat on Marc’s bed, hoping that he was going to say more about Kristen and Jamaal and her husband, but Marc answered her request by laying his beautiful black body atop of hers and kissing her passionately, without saying another word. Lisa’s thoughts immediately switched to sex with Marc as she felt his growing shaft grinding into her abdomen. Without thinking another thought about Kristen, Lisa’s soft white skin was in contrast with her lover’s ebony color. Her hands travelled up and down his back, feeling him, squeezing him.Within only moments, Lisa felt the now familiar thick black mushroom as it parted her labia and pushed into her dripping pussy. Once again, she marveled at how thick her lover was, at how his cock stretched her and made the walls of her vagina tingle as he entered her. As Marc pushed all the way into Lisa, she held him lovingly, relishing the pleasure he was giving her.Now on his elbows, her ebony lover looked deep into Lisa’s eyes as he effortlessly stroked in and out and caused her to moan deeply as yet again his black shaft reinforced in her mind how incredible it was to make love with this black Adonis. She pulled his face into hers and kissed him frantically as she felt her orgasm building. Somewhere in the back of her mind were thoughts of guilt. Somewhere there were thoughts of Kristen and her husband submitting to a life change that was momentous.Marc and Lisa made love non stop for five hours. It was eleven at night when Lisa’s cell rang. She and her lover had been dozing together when the phone rang. When she saw it was Matt, she took the call, standing beautifully naked in front of her black Adonis.”Matt, what are you doing up, it’s got to be like four in the morning in London. Can’t you sleep? “”Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, hon. Can’t wait til tonight. Are you asleep?”No, not yet. I’ll probably go to sleep now. I miss you too. I want you inside me hon. Can’t wait.” She felt guilty as she looked at Marc, naked on the bed, smiling up at her.They talked for a few minutes, and she told Matt she’d see him at the airport.Lisa returned to her lover’s bed. “Don’t say anything, Marc. I do love him, and I feel wicked guilty for what I’ve done this week. It’s like I’m torn. I guess you know that I’ve loved my time with you, but Matt’s my husband, and I feel awful that I’ve been this weak. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but I do feel guilty.”Marc smiled at Lisa. “Babe, I know you feel guilty. I’m glad we did this, and I hope we keep doing it. Something tells me that we will. Who knows, maybe Matt will be like Kristen’s husband. But, actually I kind of doubt it. Kristen’s husband is unique, I think.”Speaking of that, can I see that video? I can’t believe she’s totally changed. And her husband, that’s another whole thing in itself.Marc turned on the flatscreen in his bedroom and called up the video from the computer, directing it to the TV.Lisa sat with her mouth agape as she watched Jamaal and Kristen and Kristen’s husband all entered the hot tub naked. Jamaal’s huge cock hung in stark contrast with Kristen’s husband’s, which looked tiny actually.Kristen made out with Jamaal in the hot tub as her husband watched. The three of them climbed out and went to the bedroom where the video continued. Finally, there it was. Kristen was being fucked by the handsome and ripped young Jamaal as her husband watched from the foot of the bed. Kristen was moaning, screaming in pleasure.The video showed a beautifully trim and defined Jamaal lying atop of his pretty white married lover, plunging his cock in and out of her, his ass cheeks squeezing together with each plunge. Kristen’s white legs were hooked abound Jamaal’s black legs above her. Lisa thought Kristen’s husband looked pathetic just standing there by the bed. Physically, his build was much smaller than Jamaal’s. He was really very good looking, and his body was very nicely toned, but he was just much smaller, standing at only about five ten, contrasted with the much taller and broader Jamaal.What’s more, while he watched his beautiful wife get fucked by the twenty one year old stallion, he was stroking his cock, which had sprouted to about six inches, and not very thick either. Most remarkable to Lisa was how he licked his wife’s pussy after Jamaal had fucked her without a rubber. It was obvious that Jamaal had emptied a huge load in the pretty white wife. Kristen’s husband had cum spread all around his lips and cheeks. And then incredibly, he moved from his wife to Jamaal, taking the young stud’s twelve inch long and very thick black manhood in both hands.For his part, Jamaal lay back on the bed and watched with Kristen as her husband began licking and sucking Jamaal’s cock , cleaning it of Kristen’s love juices and Jamaal’s. He sucked and sucked as Jamaal’s thick black manhood stiffened again as it filled the mouth of his lover’s husband. Lisa watched a shocked Jamaal look at his lover Kristen with a puzzled look on his face, as he was apparently stunned that her husband was sucking and licking him.When Kristen’s husband had sucked Jamaal’s cock clean, he continued to stroke it as he now sucked first one of Jamaal’s thick black testicles and then the other. His tongue then set about licking Jamaal’s large ball sack, cleaning it of any love making residue. He then moved again to Jamaal’s cock, continuing to suck and stroke the black stud until finally, Jamaal’s mid section arched upward, his hands reached out and covered Kristen’s husband’s head, pulling it onto his rock hard black cock.Lisa’s eyes widened in amazement as Jamaal was now actually face fucking Kristen’s husband whose mouth was swallowing the massive black cock and whose hands were stroking it up and down. Finally, it was clear that Jamaal had cum yet again, this time into the mouth of his lover’s husband. For several long moments his black hands held the man’s head onto the black cock that it had just brought to orgasm. Jamaal’s eyes were closed, his muscles all taut as his body savored cumming into the mouth of his white lover’s husband. He had never been sucked by a man before, but if felt awesome. Lisa felt her loins surge with lust as she took in the picture of the ripped black stud with his muscles all flexed at the peak of his orgasm. Jamaal was indeed a beautiful man to look at.Kristen seemed stunned as well when her husband moved up the bed now, and climbed on top of his beautiful wife with her magnificent figure, her beautiful blond hair and her remarkably round and firm breasts, kissing her passionately, clearly sharing her lover’s cum, now dripping from her husband’s mouth.He looked to Jamaal and asked his permission to fuck Kristen. At first the black stud was surprised, then he smiled and looked at Kristen and nodded his permission. Kristen lay back as her husband immediately plunged his much smaller white cock into her and fucked her as hard as he could while his mouth continued to transmit into her Jamaal’s seed.Lisa realized now that Kristen’s husband had completely submitted himself to the dominance of Jamaal as his wife’ lover. She was stunned. As she stared in disbelief, she noticed the gold anklet on Kristen’s right ankle, with the large gold letter J attached to it.She also recalled in horror that Kristen had told her only last week that she and her husband were now totally off birth control as they wanted her to get pregnant and start a family. Lisa’s stomach was sick with anxiety for her friend. She knew Jamaal would not care in the least about any c***d born to Kristen and him. Jamaal was basically still a boy, a boy with an amazing body and a huge black cock that he would get serviced whenever he could.”So babe, do you think we’ll see Matty boy sucking my nuts anytime soon? Remember what I said about my experience with white husbands. When it comes to their wives being taken by a black guy, they back off. ” Marc smiled as he teased Lisa with the question.”I can’t believe it, Marc. I can’t believe it. And she let him do it. That’s incredible. But, to answer your question, Matt would never do that, ever.””We’ll see, we’ll see.” Marc smiled at his lover and said nothing more.

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