Transition to Vikki, part 10


Transition to Vikki, part 10Transition to Vikki, part tenVikki has her first party night, the weekend continues.This has been rewritten from the original script. Typo’s and grammar have been corrected. Story gaps and mistakes put right. Some parts have been added to, others either cut and even some removed. Nothing in the main plot has been affected by these changesChapter lengths have been cut to ensure a more even format. Reading this story,it is better if you keep to this new version, it makes things so much simpler, instead of changing between the old and new.As I’ve seen from other people’s stories, a disclaimer to ensure copyright. “This story, its plot, characters and content is my own creation and my property. No individual person, group, body or association has my permission to use, copy or edit this story in entirety or part, under any circumstances”.A push on the button and all lights went out, making the girls gasp with surprise at the sudden darkness. The room was specifically designed to ensure no light penetration under any circumstances. Furniture, fittings, fabrics and paints all chosen so nothing could be seen. Not even waving a hand in front of your face made an impression. I let them stand in total darkness for a slow ten count, then pushed the button. Lights came back on and I looked round from stunned face to face for their reactions. Brandi spoke first,“WOW !!!………………….I don’t know about you girls, but being in total darkness was making me horny. The things we could do anonymously !, that’s GOT to be an idea for a party some time !”.Looking round I could see the same thought on the faces of other girls, especially Gina !. I watched a smile get wider as she pictured what could be done in total darkness.“That’s fucking…..AWESOME…..Brandi !!. Maybe we can have part of tomorrow night in darkness Vikki. It sounds sooooooo deliciously dirty. Can we do that, please…please !!”.I reminded her, “As “Lady of the house” Gina, tomorrow evening’s entertainment is entirely yours to plan. What YOU decide to provide, …………………………that’s what we’ll do”. She thought for a moment about this, then clapped her hands and smiled.“That’s arranged everyone, save some energy for naughty fun in the dark tomorrow night !”. Whoops and cries of approval made it plain they all liked that idea. We strolled slowly back down to the kitchen, on the way girls were still talking about their favourite bits of the house. Saying they wanted to go round again over the weekend and look at “such and such” in more detail. In the kitchen I saw it was three o’clock, so I asked about any requests for the evening meal. Being in a good mood they were happy to leave it to me, a case of “my kitchen, my rules”. Making my decision, I let them know,“OK. Dinner will be at six, you have time to enjoy a slow stroll round the enclosed gardens. Or you could go and explore the house more closely. Either way, work up a good appetite. Especially you Gina !, there’s something I need you need to see behind the house. Follow the paths round the separate gardens, eventually you’ll come to a large wood and glass building against the high walls. It’s obvious, you can’t miss it. Look around inside and tell me what you think we can do with it”.Intrigued, they wandered outside to start the tour. Gina asked what I was going to do, giving a weak smile I sighed,“No offence darling, but today has been the busiest I’ve had for several years. I could use a little quiet and a sit down with a good coffee. Go, explore your Victorian gardens. Remember what I asked, let me know what you think of that building when you return”.She came round the kitchen island and leant down to kiss me. Catching her perfume along with the scent from her hair, I breathed it all in and surrendered to her soft touch. Eyes flashed mischievously, then she pulled away. Stroking my chin lightly with her fingers Gina smiled and ran off to catch the rest. Feeling utterly spent I made myself a strong Douwe Egberts and went into the snug. Flopping onto the largest sofa I flicked on the TV and bounced channels to find something interesting. Settling on a history documentary, I sat back and unwound with my coffee. When they returned some three quarters of an hour later they found me, still engrossed in the programme. I heard their raised voices long before seeing anybody. At first, shouts from outside, then louder squeals followed by running feet getting closer all the time. Looking round the corner from the snug, I watched as they scrambled inside. They appeared thoroughly wet from the rain which was now falling. Also it was clear they were not happy at having to run back indoors and end their walk in the gardens. Joining me in the snug they flopped onto the sofas and available seats. Louise summed up their sour mood,“Bugger !, we got round your gardens and ponds right to the far end. Then on the way back we found the building you mentioned to Gina, so we stopped for a look around inside. We’d only been in there a few minutes and it starts pissing down !. Not wanting to be caught in a downpour we legged it straight back here. What now, I’m wet through”. Showing me her wet top for emphasis, I heard a few others grumbling along the same vein. Gina looked on the verge of tears, quivering lips the clear sign her perfect day being potentially ruined. Not wanting to see my darling cry I quickly took charge,“Girls !!. Go upstairs, get out of those wet clothes. You’ve got two hours before dinner, so relax. Have a long hot bath or shower to warm up, then wander around the house or have a nap. Your suites have control pads by the bed to let you operate things remotely in the bedroom and bathroom. Turn things on, set water temperatures and levels, music, lighting, curtains etc. Plenty of thick robes and heated towels in every bathroom. Take things easy for a while, come back here at six and I’ll fix dinner. After we’ve eaten I can get the evening’s fun ready. How does a grotto, large hot tub, plasma screen TV’s, hidden lighting and full bar sound ?”.That got their attention, but I shooed them all away before answering questions. Off they trooped, I called as they went,“Use the house phone by your bed, call the master suite or kitchen when you’re ready for dinner. I’ll know then to start cooking. Just push the button and we’ll answer”.After they left Gina wanted to know about this grotto, where was it ?. Smiling I pulled her close, breathed in her heavenly perfume again then brought her down for a long kiss. She felt sooooooo good in my arms and her scent was driving me crazy !. Moving my lips along her jawline and neck, then around to her ear I breathed in her perfume once more and whispered,“Where’s the only place you haven’t seen yet that could hide a cave and hot tub ?”.Nibbling on her neck was meant to be distracting, but clearly it was not distracting enough. She melted in my arms, her body feeling so good I couldn’t bear to let go. Gina responded to my kisses, she gave a gentle sigh of satisfaction then suddenly went stiff, exclaiming,“You devious little swine Vikki !. It’s hidden in plain sight. That’s where this last door goes, your grotto is underneath the patio. Can I take a peek now ?”.A nod of my head and she ran round to the door, gripped the handle, took a deep breath and pushed it open. I waited in the snug to hear her reaction. After a long pause I heard a loud squeal of delight and Gina ran back in, eyes flashing as she smiled. Launching herself at me she slammed into my chest. Her momentum pushed us both back, landing on the sofa with me underneath. She laughed happily as I was smothered by her large breasts when she wriggled around on my body. Gina raised herself up on her hands, smiled down at me and purred,“It’s beautiful in there Vikki, like walking into a secret chamber. I just LOVE the way the walls have been made to look like a proper cave, and all those little cave lights !!. We are going to have SOOOOOOOOO much fun in there tonight. We can all sit in the tub and watch while you fuck Jane. Afterwards, I have a feeling you’ll be the centre of attention. The girls have ALL been saying how they want to see you in action. If you’re lucky, you might get fucked by two of us together !!”. Imagining what will happen later, I couldn’t wait for the night to begin. Thinking a relaxing soak and lie down would be nice, I suggested we go upstairs. Gina smiled eagerly and held her hand out. Taking it with a tired smile, we walked back to the lift and rode up to our master suite in silence. Exiting the lift we heard giggles and squeals echo down both corridors. In our suite I showed Gina her large walk-in wardrobe and dresser for make up before we did anything else.Opening the doors to our private balcony let a cool breeze flow around the room. Heavy bed curtains moving lazily in the air. Lying in the centre of the bed against the stacked wall of pillows I spread my arms, and closed my eyes. All I heard were birds chirping outside and rustling of trees in the wind. For the first time in many months I felt truly happy that things were finally falling into place for me. Breathing rhythmically let me relax and slowly drift away. The bed moved as Gina joined me, settling into my side she rested her head against my shoulder. Stroking me with her fingers Gina sighed and spoke softly,“You look really happy Vikki. Happier than you’ve been since we got together. Is it me, ……………………………………..or because you’re back home ?”.The tone of her question touched a nerve and I looked round. She was smiling, but it appeared a little forced. As though she was afraid to hear an answer she didn’t want. Smiling back, I stroked her arm slowly and kissed her while I gathered my thoughts. I needed to bury these demons of hers once and for all, or she would never feel completely at ease here.“Gina, darling !, listen very carefully and believe me when I say it. Yes, of course I’m happy to be home, this is where I grew up. But it’s only a small part of it”.I could see her smile was still there, but the corners had drooped slightly. Also, the usual glint was missing from her eyes.“There’s a greater reason why I feel happy my darling, YOU !!!!!!. Apart from me, this house has been empty for years. But YOU !, the place lit up like a supernova when you arrived this morning. It’s as though the house itself was waiting,……….waiting for someone special to walk in and breathe life into it again”.I could see I was getting through, her eyes were starting to get moist. I needed to choose my next words carefully, so she finally understood her true place.“I think I know why you’re scared. Now I’m home you thought I’d compare you to my mother. Compare you to what I had before it all fell apart for me. You’re worried about making changes in case they upset my parents’ memories. Darling !, NOTHING could be further from the truth. There ARE changes coming to this house, and what’s more, YOU will be in charge !”.Gina looked stunned, she was trembling gently. I wasn’t sure if it was shock at my comments or excitement about the fact I could so calmly mention our future together. Either way I could see her smile was returning. I just had to stifle the remaining doubts clouding her mind.“Gina, I know you’ve been badly treated in the past, those days are gone forever. Anna created a beautiful home and I love that you feel so safe there. I want you to feel exactly the same here, that’s why I mentioned changes. It’s your turn to create a home for us all, here !!. I will talk in more detail to everybody later at dinner, but you deserve to know now. I have some plans for this house and you will be in control. Don’t forget Gina, one day in the future we’re getting married. On that day, ALL of this becomes legally yours as well”.A quick jolt from Gina told me my comments hit the mark. I finished quickly, wanting to settle her mind about what was ahead for us both.“I want you to manage the changes, inside and out. Now that YOU are the lady of the house, it’s appropriate to put YOUR mark on the building. To create your own style, you might say. Then, when you see those designs completed it will finally sink into that delightfully cute head of yours. You’ll wake up one morning and realise, “I’M HOME, I BELONG HERE !”. I don’t want it to take that long though for you to accept one simple fact. Stop thinking “Am I worthy of this house ?”, just reverse the question”.I could see she was hanging on every word now, wanting final clarity about her status. I simply kissed her moist eyes and told her as softly as I could,“The only question you should ask yourself is this, “Is this house worthy of me ?”. I’ll tell you now, the answer is an emphatic YES !!!. This is YOUR home now, it belongs to YOU. Stop looking at what my parents did, start looking at what YOU want to add. Do you understand now ?”.Gentle sobbing and shaking made me think I’d gone too far. I was about to apologise but Gina stopped me. Sniffling her way throughout, she managed to let me know,“It’s difficult for me, such a big house holds a lifetime of memories. I was afraid I’d be intruding on your parents’ legacy if I made changes, but you WANT me to !!. Put my mark on the place, as you said. I’m just worried anything I suggest will look out of place, but I’m willing to try if you want me to”.Another sniffle from Gina and she settled into my side once more. I kissed her hair and stroked her body in silence. All I could do now was show her physically that everything was safe and she could rest. Listening to her breathe as I caressed her I realised Gina had dropped off and was asleep. A smile crept over my face, it would seem my attempt to reassure her had borne fruit. Following her lead I closed my eyes, and, listening to Gina I drifted off myself.Loud rustling from outside woke me from an all too brief nap . I opened one eye and watched the bed curtains wave in the breeze flowing through the room. A deep sigh and soft giggle from my left announced Gina was awake and watching me. Her sensual fingers were lightly walking their way up my chest to my neck. Humming as she stroked me Gina leant over and whispered,“I understand what you did for me earlier darling. You were right, I did feel worried about this massive house of ours. See !!, I can say that now. I’ll be happy to make changes so we can start our lives here. Let me start with some small ones first, to get my confidence. Now, getting back to this evening. What do you want to do before dinner ?”.I thought a nice luxurious soak in our bath would be a good start. Her eyes lit up as she smiled, rolled over to the side of the bed and stood. I saw Gina looking for the control panel. I was thinking ahead, running sexual combinations for tonight rough my mind and missed her question,“Vikki !, which one do I turn on, ?”. Shuffling across the bed and slapping her backside, I showed her the control pad. Working them out, Gina started running the bath. While it filled we silently undressed each other to build our excitement !. By the time we were naked our gurl clits were up and ready for play. Taking Gina’s hand we walked in and saw the bath over half full already, thick steam roiling and rising to the ceiling and wall vent. Gina gasped, putting a hand over her mouth when she saw it. Another of my mother’s pet projects, it was massive, with a high back at each end to lie in luxury. Definitely something built for bathing with company !. Standing in the centre of the room, it was hand made from gleaming beaten copper, had a white enamelled roll top and perched on four enormous feet on its own raised platform. Turning off the taps, I threw in a scented bath bomb and swirled it around with my hand. Stepping in at one high backed end I watched Gina get in at the other, both of us settling into the hot water with deep sighs. We said nothing for a few minutes, just sat back at our own end and let the bath bomb work its magic. Watching Gina I saw her smile broaden,“This is really nice, plenty of room for two to lie back and let go. I think this will become a regular pleasure when we’re home. Do you mind if I join you ?, it’s nice to bathe with company but I’m lonely over here !”.Gina took a deep breath and I watched her submerge. Her hair floating as she moved towards me. Feeling hands on my thighs I spread them and saw her turn around. With a splash Gina surfaced and leant back against me with a happy laugh. Water flew everywhere, hair whipping around us both then settling like a black cloak. Giving a soft purr she sank into my body,“THIS feels sooo much better Vikki, I feel myself relaxing already. Can we just lie here for a while, before we wash each other ?”. Sweeping hair from her left ear I kissed my way along her shapely neck and nibbled a lobe,“That’s my plan darling. Lie back, close your eyes and relax. We have a busy weekend, so let’s enjoy the quiet while we can. There are hopefully more surprises for you. But I think they can wait until tomorrow or Sunday, but the weather has to be better”.Gina looked like she wanted to ask about my last comment, but instead gave a sigh and laid back against me. I started massaging her shoulders and neck, she moaned in appreciation but didn’t move. We lay there gently massaging each other, Gina lying against me at my end, then we’d swap round at the other. Not a word was spoken, but we kissed in the rising steam. Lying against Gina I felt her girl clit poking insistently into my lower back. I knew she felt mine when our roles were reversed. Our desire for each other was plain in the wet skin contact we felt. We did nothing to relieve each other, both happy to leave it for the evening’s fun. Finally, Gina asked the time. Looking across to the wall controls I told her. We washed each other then got out, ready to dry off and dress for the evening ahead. In our huge bedroom with a towel wrapped round my head, I sat naked at the end of the bed and observed Gina walk about humming as she dried herself. It appeared my earlier boost had a bigger effect than I first thought. Watching as she leisurely dried off made me feel something had subtly changed in her. I felt Gina was finally happy with her status here and she was actually eager to find what the future held. On a more personal level, I realised it had been many years since a beautiful woman graced these rooms. The last one was my mother, the fact that I now have one of my own brought a smile. At last the circle is complete, no more lonely nights being afraid of the darkness. My days now have a purpose, to love the woman pacing around with every fibre of my being. The momentary silence must have given Gina some signal. Turning my way, she caught me watching her and smiled in return,“You’re always looking at me Vikki. Do I fascinate you THAT much ?”.Shaking my head I kept watching her,“Not at all darling. It’s hard for me to accept that all this has happened so quickly. For years, you understand, I’ve been truly alone. No family or friends, the only company I had were the girls I encountered briefly on holidays, or those who tried to play gold digger !. It made me cynical, so I put up defences to keep everybody out. Then against all odds, my life turned on the most random of decisions. I clicked a button, joined a chatroom conversation and found YOU !!!!!. A stunning, beautiful, full of life woman and you chose ME to be your soulmate. I know it sounds silly, but I have my own demons about being alone. If I’m looking to see where you are, it’s just to reassure myself that you are real, not some illusion or genie who’ll vanish in a puff of smoke. Does that make sense to you ?!”.Giving another smile Gina used the towel to dry her back, this made her body move MOST appealingly. She caught my raised eyebrows, threw her head back and laughed. The sound was unexpected, pleasant and certainly the first time it had been heard in this room for years. Opening the towel she walked to me and wrapped it around us both. Leaning over me she kissed the tip of my nose and then breathed in my ear,“Is THIS real enough for you Vikki ?. I’m here, flesh and blood and both are hot for YOU !. I know precisely how you feel darling, I’ve felt the same things, but we’re together now. Let’s enjoy the istanbul escort next few days. We have our whole lives to reassure each other we’re both real. I can’t wait until the fun starts later. The thought of you with Jane in the tub, then back here in OUR bed gets me so hot. Have you made up your mind yet how you want Jane ?”.An emphatic nod and grin let her know I’d decided,“Most certainly !. I know her pussy’s off limits tonight, so I’ll take her offer and give her ass a good hard fuck. Afterwards ?, I think I’ll just go with the flow and observe for a while. Although, I REALLY do want to play with Brandi. When I saw her first at her club I felt like I’d been gut punched !. It was something visceral, I had the immediate reaction I needed to fuck her. The image of those legs around my waist as I pound her ass pussy jumped into my mind !. After Brandi, I’ll see. I owe Kitty a good butt fuck, and she did bring her actual school uniform to please me !!!”.She stared at me for a few seconds and then an evil smile crept across her face.“You’ll LOOOVE fucking Jane !. I know the feeling myself in her arse, she’s sooo tight and moans like a whore as you thrust slowly. As for Brandi, let her fuck you tonight. She knows how to use her gurl clit and I guarantee you’ll love the feeling when she fucks you !. ALL the others are eager to try you out as well, obviously !. If not tonight there’s always tomorrow or the next time !. You’ve not seen one of our parties, just pace yourself and do what makes you comfortable. YOU won’t have any problem this weekend. If you’re in the mood tonight, I might even arrange a “spit roast” for you. Some hot, hard, gurl clit and LOTS of cum for both your mouth AND pussy !!. Are you nervous or excited ?”.I thought for a minute,“If I said I was EAGER, does that make me a slut ?. I love when you take me, so fucking the others as well should be spectacular !”.Gina looked in my eyes for any apprehension. Not sensing I was lying she kissed my eyes quickly then moaned softly as she kissed me properly, sucking on my lower lip. Moving around under the towel I could feel her clit growing fat against my thigh,“I know I said wait until later Vikki, but I want to make up for leaving you out when we played in your car this morning. Would you fuck me before we go down for dinner honey !!. One quick fuck, pleeeeeeeeeease !”.Lowering her eyes submissively, Gina dropped her towel and crawled naked into the centre of our bed. No words were required, I shook off my towel and followed until we were millimetres apart. Our body heat and glowing skin were giving me goosebumps and made my heart ache. A simple smile and I closed the last, small distance to kiss her. Gina sighed and grabbed my face with both hands. Staring into my eyes she ground her lips against mine and pulled me down on top her body. We moaned when our skin touched, the tingle from our long bath only serving to heighten any sensations. Her hardened pierced nipples digging into my upper chest as I sucked on her lips. Our tongues once more engaging in their favourite dance.I knew Gina was happy for me to take control this time, how we made love entirely up to me. I might take things slow and sensual, build the passion until we explode and cum together. Or give Gina a frantic fuck, both of us “down and dirty” as we roll around the bed, clawing and sweating over each other. Either way I knew we’d need a shower afterwards !. Deciding to be gentle tonight, I would take the quick route now. My mind made up I stroked Gina’s neck with one hand and moved my mouth to her ear. Giving the lobe a suck I whispered,“I need you as well. Time for gentleness when we’re in bed tonight. Right now I need to FUCK you, hot and dirty. I want to bury myself deep inside your pussy and hear you scream !”.Gina groaned at my words and shivered. Facing me she grinned wolfishly and whined,“DO IT !, FUCK me PLEEEEAAAASE !. I have a burning pussy that needs to be filled,……………………………………………………………………………..FUUUCCKK MEEEEEEEE !!”.Taking her by the arm I flipped her onto her front with an ease that both shocked and surprised her. Before she could react I pounced on her, pinning her to the thick duvet beneath us. Sweeping her hair away I licked along her shoulder and neck until I reached the ear. Sucking in her breath Gina moaned in her throat then tilted her head back so I could reach further around to rain kisses to her neck. Moving up her back I made sure she was in no doubt about my arousal. As if guided by instinct my steel hard clit aligned perfectly in her crease. Once in position between those gorgeous pillows I ground my pelvis down onto Gina. Feeling my weight and what was edging nearer to its target had her panting in anticipation. Turning to look back at me she was breathing heavily, a sure sign Gina was winding up for a monumental fuck. By now her body was operating solely on autopilot. Lust had won over her reason and I knew this fuck we would not forget for some time. I felt a small delicate hand try to wriggle its way between our bodies and position my gurl cock at her pussy entrance. All the while Gina was mumbling to herself in a trance, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”I kissed my way up her shoulder blade to where her shoulder joined the neck. Licking there for a few seconds I opened my mouth and slowly bit down, not to draw blood or break skin. Just gentle pressure to get her attention. Gina’s head shot back at the feel of my teeth on her skin. Crying out, she stopped moving immediately though still panting heavily. I felt Gina slowly spread her long legs and raise her hips. Aligning herself perfectly for me to mount and fuck doggy style. I heard her muffled cry when the tip of my throbbing clit slid across her pussy entrance. Gina fell forward, shoulders pressed to the duvet, softly crying with her need to be taken. I felt her hands reach back and pull both cheeks wide apart. Looking down, my helmet settled of its own accord against her entrance, making Gina gasp again. Gazing between our legs, her gurl cock was swinging below like some obscene flesh club. Pointing straight down, throbbing with a life of its own and dripping precum onto the bed. Moving myself into the ideal position brought an anguished sob from Gina as she knew what was coming. Fluid was freely leaking from my glans by this time. I smeared it around her entrance as lubrication, which drew another gasp of pleasure from Gina. She began panting, anticipating my penetration. Taking my weapon in one hand, I slid it up and down her crease once more before gently touching the entrance to her pussy. Gina mumbled into the bed, loud enough for me to hear,“No messing Vikki, pleeease fuck me. I need it sooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuu………. !!!!!!”.Before she finished the sentence, I sliced down into her completely in one agonisingly slow, deliberate thrust. This was enough for Gina, her head came up sharply and she emitted a scream of both pleasure and relief I’m sure the others could hear in their suites. When I bottomed out, I stopped and took a firm hold of both hips. I desperately needed to pause and savour the moment before I began fucking her. No matter how many times I’d already taken Gina, her pussy always felt like my clit was entering her for the first time. Once more steeling myself for the task at hand, I gave the universe silent thanks in finding my partner and lover. Slow breathing let me control the situation and enjoy the feelings being deep inside her. The tightness of her pussy sheath, its depth and warmth. A simple squeeze of her pussy muscles and I’d feel it ripple along my length in sympathy as she milked me without even moving !. Buttocks acting like soft pillows, which would in turn be used as shock absorbers when I drive into her with growing desire. The flare of those hips into her narrow waist. As always, her skin silky smooth, I never tired of stroking her body. She wanted to move about, make those little stabs back and forth to start proceedings. A tender slap to a buttock told her I was in control for the moment. Moving my knees further apart to get decent balance, I took hold of both her hands and brought them up behind her back. Holding them like reins meant Gina was forced to arch her back. This allowed even deeper penetration, making her moan in response to each thrust. With her like this I moved my hips slowly back and forth. Withdrawing all the way to the glans, then smoothly driving back in until my groin kissed her cheeks. A few minutes of this gentle torture and she was loudly wailing in time with my thrusting. Gina had started her own countdown to an anal orgasm. Her girl clit swung lazily back and forth under us like a pendulum, slapping back against my sac when I drove into her buttocks. Her cries timed to match when her weapon made contact with me. This exquisite pleasure was distracting. I had to focus my mind elsewhere, or I might shoot everything into her in the next minute and ruin prolonging our pleasure !. Concentrating my mind instead on trivial things, I was able to extend our coupling. Thoughts ranged from the weekend’s meals, the weather, my war games, working on Gina’s portrait. All of them, and more !, flicked through my mind. I kept moving gently back and forth to stave off a premature end to our fuck. Gina’s moans rose and fell in time with my actions. Her head rolled around as I fucked her, that amazing hair of hers flying in all directions whenever I slammed particularly hard into her pelvis. If I doubted the others heard us before, now I was sure they knew precisely what was going on in the master suite. I hoped they were enjoying it, and even jealous !!. As I increased the tempo and severity of my thrusts, so Gina’s cries increased in volume to keep pace. She began shouting in time,“FUCK !,……………………………FUCK !,…………………………FUCK !,…………………………DEEPER !!,…………………………….SLAM IT IN !!,………………………FUCK ME !!!,……………………………….FUCK ME !!!,……………………………………………………………FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!”. It grew increasingly difficult to keep my position in the saddle as I made love to her. Gina was slamming back to meet me as I rode her. At the same time she constantly wriggled her hands, trying to break my grip. This combined motion had slowly inched us over to the edge of the bed. Combine this with the sensations of her pussy gripping and releasing my clit as it slammed into her, and my concentration broke for a split second. I lost my grip of a hand and fell off Gina to land on the bed in a heap. She gave a cry of anguish, spinning round to look for me. Seeing her kneeling in front of me with a look of total despair, I reacted and leapt towards her. Seeing me come at her, Gina sobbed in relief and scrambled back against the wall of pillows. Before I reached her, her legs had spread wide and knees been brought up to her shoulders. Again, both hands pulled her buttocks open and with a look she begged me to take her.Once more I lined up and with a satisfied hiss from Gina I slid quickly back inside her. Looking into each other’s eyes I started as before. Only this time she wrapped her hands behind my neck, touched her forehead to mine, brought her legs round and crossed heels in the small of my back. I could see the urgency in her expression, so I started my countdown and began accelerating to unload in her. Recognising my intention, Gina started growling and tightened her grip around my body. She wanted to make sure there’d be no possible escape when I came. Her pussy was gripping and releasing me again, all the time I sped faster and slammed harder. Our bodies now colliding together and shocking the breath from each other with the impact. Both covered with a thin sheen of sweat, I rode Gina to my inevitable climax. She watched my face for the moment I came and when I did, she was ready.With a last full thrust I drove down hard into Gina and cried out loud with my head thrown back in ecstasy. Gina performed one last move raising her hips off the bed, forcing my clit to slip an extra couple of centimetres deeper into her bowels. Feeling the extra penetration, Gina screamed once more and I felt cum travel along my cock as she squeezed down with her muscles. This final act of hers turned my orgasm into a mental nuclear meltdown. My vision narrowed then started to grey out at the edges as I found it harder to draw breath in the grip from her thighs. I could hear us both screaming, but also my frantic heartbeat pounding in my ears. Nerve impulses fired back and forth, sending my body into spasm and I felt as though electrocuted. Instead of a series of spurts, because of Gina’s pussy action milking my cock, it felt as though everything came out in one stream. It seemed to go on and I wondered when it would stop. It did inevitably, allowing me to regain some sense of control. Aches and pain signals now decided to register simultaneously, any orders from my brain to move my limbs not being obeyed. I lay on Gina feeling like I’d just finished an assault course. Looking at her, she lay amid the strewn pillows with eyes closed and a smile of utmost satisfaction on her face. All about us lay the wreckage of the encounter. Pillows flung about, duvet scrunched up and stained. A scent of sweat and cum heavy in the air, more evidence of our latest mating. I watched her closely, wanting to see her eyes the moment she recognises me. An odd thought struck me as I waited, so I took the silence to weigh its consequences. In all my sexual encounters, and, being the self destructive playboy I was previously, there were more than enough !!!. I couldn’t for the life of me remember another lover who’s first reaction I was so keen to see afterwards. All of them before I met Gina had been purely for the physical act and pleasure. I’d deliberately shut myself off from all emotional contact. I took this revelation as more proof of my love for Gina. With her the act itself, no matter how glorious was no longer sufficient. An emotional factor had become equally as important for me. It dawned on me that my waiting was to see if she felt the same way. That an emotional bond between us meant just as much as physical sex. Feeling better about myself after this brainwave, I kept watch over my love. It was maybe a minute before she noticed me staring at her. Her eyes focused on my face and she grinned. I had no need to be worried, the love she had for me shone brightly. Her smile broadened and then she laughed out loud. A hearty laugh that confirmed she felt the same.“THAT was precisely what I needed Vikki. MY GOD,…………………………………….what a fantastic fuck !!!!!!!!. I feel like I’ll be leaking cum for days, I never thought you’d stop !”.I wanted to tell her I felt exactly the same, but was still in shock from the intensity and my new insight. Just then the phone rang. Gina looked round to find it, but I scrambled across and grabbed the receiver first. It was Brandi, she gave a short laugh and asked,“Are you both feeling better now ?. I’m at the far end of the corridor with Louise and WE heard you two from here. Whatever you did to Gina, I want some of that myself. I thought you might like to know, we’ll be heading down for dinner in about thirty minutes. Does that give you two time to get cleaned up and meet downstairs ?”.Letting her know thirty minutes would be fine I put the phone back. I heard Gina giggle as she scrambled to the side of the bed and stood up.“I take it someone heard us ?. Let’s have a shower and go down for dinner. For some strange reason, I feel VERY hungry right now !”. Holding out a hand to me, we tottered back into the bathroom and repeated the whole routine. Only this time, I made sure Gina got the release she missed out on. Under the hot water and spray, both of us scrubbed pink and clean, I knelt before her. For ten minutes I licked, pleasured and swallowed her swollen clit again and again as she face fucked me. Hands wrapped behind her to pull even deeper when I could. When Gina finally came she held my head tight in both hands, gave a huge sigh of relief and then creamed my throat. I exaggerated sounds of my swallowing so she could hear me, then got back to my feet to kiss her and pass the last ball of cum between us. Satisfied, we dried once more. Naked in our bedroom Gina wanted to know about later on, were we going to wear anything ?. Not wanting to over complicate things, I settled for some red crotchless tights and matching high hipped panties. Slipping on a pair of low heels I put a thick towel robe over it all. Smiling at Gina,“This will do darling, I feel in a naughty mood tonight. We’ll eat, then I can make sure all we need is there and the bar’s well stocked. Everything ready to play by the time they get back with their party gear on !!”.Putting on black lace panties and tan stockings, Gina grabbed a robe too. Walking barefoot she joined me, linked arms and we strolled out to the lift. As the door started to close we heard Brandi and Louise call for us to wait. They ran the last few metres and got in as I held the door for them. Like us they were wearing thick towel robes. We rode down and walked into the kitchen to see Jane and Suzanne already at the table drinking coffee. We joined them and waited for the rest to arrive. When everyone had, they wanted to know what I planned for the meal.“Individual omelettes, so make your choices ladies. They won’t take long”. Calling out their orders they watched while I made each one. With the last one done, we chatted and drank as we ate. Pleasant conversation spread around the table to pass time, and heighten anticipations for the evening ahead. I mentioned I would be making changes to the house, now there was going to be a new family living here. They were pleased when told I’d be wanting their suggestions tomorrow. Before they got too carried away, Jane reminded them about tonight’s fun and games. We loaded the dishwashers then I told them,“Entertainment starts in thirty minutes, be back here dressed for a hot tub and fun”. They left the kitchen pushing and squealing, when we were alone I asked Gina, “Darling, can you grab some good porn DVD’s from the shelves in the cinema please, we’ll play them in the grotto. While you do that, I’ll sort out drinks and get the tub ready”. She gave a sly grin and left, returning minutes later with a handful of DVD’s. Meanwhile I’d put more wine bottles in the cooler, topped up the spirits bottles and ice buckets. With the tub full nicely from earlier this afternoon, I looked at what Gina chose. Not surprisingly she’d picked a German gang bang DVD, along with some Natalie Mars and Lena Kelly films. Her choices definitely pushed my buttons, they were loaded in the multi disc system then programmed to play in loop on both screens through the evening. By now the tub was at the right level and temperature so I turned it off, steam rising from the hot water. I set the light levels around the bed, bar and hot tub then brought Gina in to show what I’d done. She screamed when she saw it all then kissed me passionately,“Remember darling, you’ll see me with other gurls tonight. As much as I enjoy it, and god knows I do !, I’d RATHER do it with you. So NO getting jealous, OK ?. We are going to have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun !!”. I had time to hide three smaller bottles under the bar before we heard voices from the kitchen. Anna, Jane and Valerie were waiting by the grotto door, the others impatiently pacing behind them. Taking off my heels and robe I gestured with my arm,“Come inside. Everything’s ready ladies, let’s have some fun !!”.I watched as they quickly took their robes off, threw them onto the sofa and ran into the grotto. Squeals, applause and cries let me know what they thought. Following them in, Gina was sat back in the hot tub, water just covering her breasts and a large glass of wine in her hand. Sitting in the haze she smiled and waved,“Hurry up and get in, it’s GLOOOOORIOUS in here !!”.They swarmed the tub laughing as they climbed in, settling back in the water and steam. avcılar escort A collection of splashes, sighs and moans echoed round the cave. Taking care of drinks before doing my own JD and coke, I climbed in and sat next to Gina. Using the DVD control I got the films going on both screens, volume low for now !. Looking round, I checked out the girls. Kitty had her school uniform on, well some of it !!!. Black stockings, short pleated grey skirt, white shirt, black tie and nothing else. The shirt was already soaked through, plastered to her pert young breasts. Already her nipples prominent, just begging for attention. Louise and Valerie wore bikinis, the rest including Anna and Brandi were naked already !. For a time we sat, chatted, watched Natalie fuck herself with anal beads on screen, and drank. Alcohol soon made the girls more vocal with their comments, of course !. Jane asked for a refill, so I got her one. On my return, she’d moved next to Gina in my old seat and sat there with an innocent expression. The others were watching to see what I’d do. Sensing it was time to start the fun I gave Jane her glass then got back in. Removing my panties underwater, I placed my now solid cock down between my closed thighs. Taking a firm hold of Jane I grabbed her by the waist, lifted her up with ease and sat her down on my lap. Placing her astride me, I spread my legs, which opened hers even further. She gave a brief yelp then squealed loudly, jerking her hips when my length flew up under the water to slap her defenceless pussy lips. Leaning back into my chest she closed her eyes and sighed as I used my free fingers on her young teen pussy. Two fingers lightly strumming her clit, Jane was rotating her pelvis in response. Everyone watched me pleasure her, my other hand stroking wet skin to caress her small breasts and tweak their bullet nipples. Rolling one between two fingers I had her moaning softly, then switched to work on the other. At the same time I kissed up and down her neck to give pleasure from several directions. Jane started feeling up and down the length of my weapon between her thighs. Using her fingertips I felt her gently inspect every part of it, building herself a mental image before she got to see it up close.Looking round in the dim lighting, Gina and Valerie were busy kissing and caressing on my left. Across the tub, Kitty was frantically chasing tongues with Anna. Both small hands beneath the water, splashing rhythmically as she stroked Anna’s growing length. I could already see its swollen tip break the surface whenever Kitty was on the up stroke. Brandi was further to the right and busy licking Louise’s delightfully large breasts as she sat astride her. Her white bikini top had already been removed and now floated abandoned on the surface. She had one hand round Brandi’s neck, pulling her closer. Her other was under water, wrapped around Brandi’s clit as it grew rapidly in her hand. Judith meanwhile was pressed between Denise and Carol. They were both sucking a breast and one hand between Judith’s spread legs. She lay with her head back and mouth open, eyes closed as both older gurls teased her pussy. I could see Judith equally busy, hands between Denise’s and Carol’s thighs. Both making small slow up and down movements as she stroked the upright clits on either side. Looking round for Suzanne I at first missed her, she had moved across to sit the other side of Jane. The first we noticed was when she appeared in front of us. In a flash I was at eye level with her impressive clit at full mast. In length and thickness her swinging weapon was very much like my darling Gina’s. I estimated around twenty five centimetres long and maybe three fingers thick. The helmet a deep red and dripping pre-cum into the tub. I intended to savour this encounter and ensure it would be pleasurable for us both. Holding it with two fingers, Suzanne slowly waved it around in our faces as you would try to hypnotise a cobra. Glancing up, I saw the expectant look on her face. Biting her lower lip with anticipation she offered it to me. Knowing what she wanted, I opened my mouth and slid out my tongue. She smiled, aimed it at me then placed the glans onto my outstretched tongue. Closing my lips around the unfamiliar helmet I started to gently suck, at the same time licking around the smooth surface. Just like before with Gina, I could smell Suzanne clearly now. A mixture of her body wash, combined with the scent of her arousal and leaking pre-cum. I heard a sigh and watched her close her eyes, hips gently pumping back and forth in reaction to what I was doing. Running my tongue lightly over the smooth skin of her glans, I was so fixated on giving a good first impression I missed seeing I had company. Jane had crouched down to my level. Using the tip of her tongue only, she flicked up and down the skin of Suzanne’s weapon not already in my mouth. Simultaneously stroking her finger nails over the low hanging sac. Suzanne moaned as we pleasured her together. Other sighs, cries and moans were getting louder as we all started to enjoy ourselves in the hot water. Looking about for inspiration, we used the sights and sounds from other groups to excite the current target of our attentions. Reaching out for a remote, I turned up the volume from both screens, adding more atmosphere. Instantly, cries and echoes started reverberating around the dark grotto. I felt small fingers run through my hair and slowly drive me further down the swollen clit in my mouth. Not minding at all, but wanting to see who’s responsible I glanced around. Jane was the culprit, one hand firmly on the back of my head, the other on Suzanne’s hip, directing events. She watched me, with a slight smirk, as she kept up her pressure. Trying as she was to impale me on the delicious weapon, working its inevitable way to my tonsils and then beyond. Suzanne stood with eyes wide as she watched Jane inch more of it slowly into my mouth. I knew what she wanted me to do, what they BOTH wanted me to do. They wanted me to deep throat Suzanne in front of everybody. If Jane was trying to make a not very subtle point about being in control, she’d badly misjudged me. If she was “throwing me in at the deep end” so to speak, I was more than happy to keep going and show them I can play along. Her continuing pressure had now forced the helmet of Suzanne’s clit to the back of my mouth. With her excitement she was freely leaking lubricant and it washed across my flicking tongue, over my taste buds then down my throat. I heard a muffled cry of,“Oooohhhh my goddddd !!”,from Suzanne when she realised for the first time where she was. I looked up into her eyes and swallowed once, then we kept our gaze on each other as her helmet slowly began to make its way further down. Jane kept her slow pressure on the back of my head and Suzanne sobbed when she saw my lips touching her groin. The three of us realised I’d swallowed her entire clit to the base without complaint. In the background I heard sharp intakes of breath and muttered comments from other gurls. Apparently we were no longer in our own little bubble. What the three of us were doing had become a spectator sport, all had stopped to watch the new girl (ME !!!) in action !. I distinctly heard Brandi and Anna, above overlapping compliments from the rest. Brandi couldn’t wait,“That’s unreal !. SOOOOO fucking hot Gina, you taught Vikki well. I can’t wait for my turn”.Anna was more blunt,“I’ll go last, Vikki will be nice and loose by then, she’ll have less problems with my bigger clit”.I heard Gina, a definite note of pride in her voice,“I told you !, Vikki’s turning into a cock sucking natural !”.Hearing them comment or calmly talk about me in the third person made me shudder. Not only that but my own gurl clit was iron stiff beneath the water. I was sorely in need of relief, but knew I’d have to wait until Suzanne had taken her pleasure. The subtle movement was transferred to Suzanne’s clit down my throat and she gasped again. Jane removed her hand now her job was done, so I took control. Sliding back along her length, I pulled back until only the tip stayed in my mouth. Quickly I lashed her helmet from all directions, slipping the tip of my tongue into her piss hole for good measure. Suzanne shivered, moaned then gripped my head tight. I got ready for what I knew was coming and relaxed my throat. Sure enough, she pulled me straight back down to the base in one quick move. “Ooohhh GODDD !! Gina, I see what you mean. Taking it sooo deep and so fast too. I’m going to really enjoy thiiiiiiiiissss !!”.Another quick flick from my tongue in her piss slit on the following up stroke and Suzanne shivered again. Both of us moaned and I slid my tongue out quickly to run across the surface of her sac when it next collided with my chin. Another gasp from Suzanne and a muffled choking from me. I placed both hands on her hips to steady myself while she face fucked me. Repeating this over and again for maybe ten minutes, she drove her clit down my open gullet with little room for pause. Now and again she’d drive in at full speed and hold it there. When I tapped her thigh she’d withdraw and allow me a brief pause to draw in a deep, much needed breath. On she went, relentless and without hesitation, Tip – base – tip – base – tip – base. Metronomic fucking of my throat allowed me to settle into the routine and I was even beginning to enjoy it. Suzanne moaning louder and my choking noises when she went right to the root ensured we were the centre of attention. Drawing in deep breaths whenever my airway cleared, saliva was hanging in thick strands from her clit and my chin as she pounded away. I had restricted vision, but sensed the rest were watching this and were keen to see the climax. Suzanne couldn’t go on forever and sure enough I felt her climax was imminent. I could clearly hear her,“Got to cum Vikki, nearly there !, neaarrrlllyyyyy theeeeerrree !!!”.Three deep !, hard !, thrusts and she allowed me to pull back so her helmet remained between my sealed lips. Again we watched each other, my tongue once more flicking across the spongy surface of her tip. I saw her eyes widen, she took a deep breath then exploded in my mouth !. Two rapid bursts shot straight to the back of my tongue and pooled there. I could finally taste her, thick, warm, syrup like and ohhh sooooooo good !!. I swallowed the first blasts as a reward for myself, which made her gasp to see it. The remainder of her cum I let collect in my mouth. When she stopped, I swirled my tongue around the sensitive skin to clean and collect any stray drops. Releasing her helmet I opened my mouth to show her what I had, a final moan from Suzanne and I turned to show Gina. She sat, eyes sparkling and cheeks flushed. Her chest rising rapidly with her own excitement.I knew that expression only too well, it was her “Gimme, I want some !!!!” look. Putting my hand behind her neck I pulled Gina to me then kissed her. I let the entire load from Suzanne dribble into her mouth when we kissed. She groaned in pleasure and pulled me even tighter to her, not willing to spill a drop. Her tongue worked around inside my cheeks to collect all she could. Letting go I told her,“Pass it on Gina, let everybody have a taste”.She swirled it around then turned to kiss Valerie and passed it on. We watched the cum snowball make its way from Valerie to Anna, then Kitty, Denise, Louise, Judith, Carol, Brandi, Suzanne and back to Jane. Kissing me to complete the circle, she slipped the last dribble back in my mouth then smiled.“I don’t know about you Vikki, but I think it’s high time you fill me with this fantastic clit, then some of YOUR cum !”. She got out of the tub dripping water on the floor, then climbed on the lounger bed. Shuffling backward she lay propped against the pillows, legs in white seamed stockings wide open and one hand rubbing her outer lips. She sighed gently and closed her eyes,“How do you want to take me Vikki ?. Are you going to fuck MY throat in revenge and cum there, or do you want to give my tight, …………………teen, …………………shitter a good pounding ?”. I watched as she rubbed her clit lazily with her fingertips, without knowing I was licking my lips in time with her sweeping fingers. Gina giggled to my left as she watched my reaction to Jane’s wanton display. Her breasts pushed against my arm as she leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear,“Go on Vikki. Bugger the little tease !. Make her scream and give her an ass full of cum. I’ll suck it out when you’ve finished, you can see the rest are waiting for a show. Watching films is one thing, they want to see you perform in person”.I looked at the others, they were still stroking each other as before, but watching me. Anna and Brandi smiled reassuringly, eyes flashing with excitement. Brandi was supportive as I climbed out of the tub.“Forget we’re here Vikki. It’s just you, a hot s*******n year old and no limits. Do what you know you want to, and what Jane needs. We’ll watch quietly from over here. Don’t forget though honey,…………………………………I’M NEXT !!”.Kitty on the other hand was more crude !!.“C’mon Vikki, fuck the shit out of her !, I want to hear her scream. You owe my chute a damned hard reaming too, I want you up MY shit box later”.Jane watched as I walked around to her bed, then on further to the bar where I picked up two of the bottles I hid earlier. She frowned at my actions, which turned quickly to understanding then excitement as I poured the thick liquid over my arms, body and legs. Rubbing in the warm oil, I made myself slippery and shiny before joining her on the bed. She was about to make some comment, but an oil covered finger on her lips stopped her before she could speak. With eyes wide she watched me drip warm oil down each arm, across her breasts and torso. Followed by a steady line of oil down each leg. In total silence (and lets be realistic here, a great deal of pleasure !!), I rubbed the oil over her smooth skin and stocking clad legs. Teasing her slowly by working the oil into every crevice, until she was shiny and slippery like myself. The only place untouched was the treasure between her legs, but I had other plans there.Bringing out the second bottle I poured a little onto my finger, then offered it for her to taste. She came closer, sniffed and flicked her tongue to taste what I had. A flash of recognition, then she spread her legs wide and implored me to pour it over her pussy. Giving a smile I dripped it liberally over her skin and put the bottle on the side of the bed. Everyone watched enthralled as the substance slowly made its way down her bare mons, then between her young virgin lips. Kitty scooped some up with a finger and slipped it in her mouth. With a moan she sucked it dry and ran her tongue around her lips. Seeing the expressions on their faces Jane laughed,“Vikki’s giving me a honey pussy !. I think she wants to eat me before feeding me cock !. Go on, eat my schoolgirl pussy before you give me your meat !”.Pulling her knees even further apart she presented her juicy pussy to me, honey dripping between her lips and down to her plug stuffed anus. Wanting to give her one more treat before I ate her I shuffled right up to her shoulder and showed her my stiff weapon. Jane licked her lips and stretched out a small hand to take hold. Until now she’d only felt it with her fingertips to make a mental image. Now, it was literally in her face, ready for action and needing attention. Before she could touch it, I produced the bottle of honey and poured it over my stiff clit. She squealed with excitement and before I was finished, her dainty fingers were spreading the honey all over its hot surface and the full sac beneath. Humming happily to herself as she worked, Jane covered its whole surface before she was satisfied and stopped. Licking each finger clean carefully, she ran her tongue up underside of my cock. Paying careful attention to the sensitive area just under the glans, she giggled as she worked me over. We both groaned as she teased me, so I placed the bottle to one side. Taking hold of her legs, we manoeuvred into a sixty nine position so I could feast on her. Jane purred as I moved into place and got my first close look at her pussy,“Ooooooooohhhh yessssssssssssss !!!!. I’m going to enjoy this Vikki, take your time down there. I like to be eaten, ……………………………………….slowly !!!”.Facing the others I proceeded to kiss and lick all around her stocking tops and inner thighs, her firm buttocks, then her honey covered anus. Jane was treating my cock like an ice lollipop. Trying to suck or lick the honey off completely as she hoovered her way around my cock skin. In short order both our faces were covered in oil and honey, but we neither asked nor gave quarter as we devoured our targets. I paused briefly to look at her spread before me. I’d seen and and eaten plenty of pussies up to now, but I certainly had to admit one thing. The teen pussy spread before me was one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen. Pouting outer lips, slick with honey and giving off the heady scent of her arousal. I could just make out within the slit that her inner lips had started to fill with blood and were peeping out. Her clitoris was still hidden but I knew it would soon appear. At last I started on her pussy, giving a loooooooooong slow lick from clit to anus with the flat of the tongue. Jane moaned around the meat in her mouth and raised her hips asking for more. Only too happy to oblige I carefully opened her outer lips to see the treasures hidden inside. As I did Jane cried out, knowing what was coming. As before, ………a long slow lick along both inner lips warmed us both up for the main course.Taking my tongue I ran the tip around the entrance of her yet unfilled vagina, tasting her own pussy juice mixed with honey and oil. Deliberately not plunging inside like some b**st, I kept my strokes slow and gentle. Every single one planned to build her towards a massive orgasm and get her ready for me to take her anally. Though Jane was not yet eighteen, she certainly knew her way around giving head. As I was leisurely pleasuring her pussy, she’d been carefully taking me deeper. By now I could feel the back of her mouth and wanted to see if she would, or could, swallow the rest. I needn’t have worried, she tilted her head back and I slowly slipped down her gullet like a snake swallows a meal. It felt unreal having one so young do this to me, instantly my mind went back to Penny performing the same act years ago.Determined more than ever now to make her cum, I pinned her thighs under my arms and opened her outer lips fully. Jane’s clitoris appeared, swollen and eager for attention. Gently blowing on it made her scream around her mouthful of cock. Before she could get used to that sensation I wrapped my lips around it and started to gently suck. As I did she moaned louder and her juices flowed freely onto my face. I built up pressure sucking her and my tempo over the next few minutes. Jane was jerking her hips, writhing around, trying to force my face deeper onto her as I worked. Giving her the coup de grace, I swirled my tongue around her clitoris as I sucked. The fingers of one hand slid down to her anus, slowly twisting the butt plug and pulling it out. This final assault pushed her over the edge and she had her first orgasm induced by me. She removed my cock from her mouth and followed it with a shrill cry,“Ohh FUUCCKKK !!!, don’t stop…. don’t stop ….. DON’T STOP YOU BIIIITTTCHHHHH !!”,…………………………………and then she was in sexual free fall on her way back down to earth. Shaking and grunting through her orgasm, she tried to throw me off but I held on until she stopped moving. Giving her pussy lips one final slow loving lick I turned round to look at her.From behind we heard a round of applause and whistles as the others showed their appreciation for the show. Jane stretched out her arms to me, so I crawled over to her where we kissed and cleaned each other. She played with my cock then spoke,“That is one talented tongue you have Vikki, are you always this considerate ?. If so, I think şirinevler escort YOU might be the one I choose tomorrow night. I have to find out if you’re as sensitive when you put THIS delicious thing in me !. I take it you want to put this gurl cock up my tight, …………..young, ……shit chute ?. You want to shoot your cum deep in my teen bowels after a hard butt fuck ?. Ass fuck me,………… bugger me until I get a nice creampie ?”Every part, each inflection was met with a stroke of her fingers along my cock. I could only nod and smile at her enticements as I turned her on her side to face the girls watching from the tub. Putting pillows behind her head I took the honey bottle once more. Another squeal from Jane as she realised I was going to lubricate her with it then arse fuck her. Other moans from the hot tub let us know the girls are watching the action themselves. In the background Natalie was busy again on screen, now being fucked on a large white sofa by some hung coloured guy. The look of pleasure on her face as he drilled into her was priceless and one I hoped to see on Jane !. A passing fantasy was I’d like to do that to Natalie myself one day, but !!!, like I said, just a fantasy !!!. The other screen showed some tall blonde girl being DP’d by two enormous cocks, her cries as they both slammed into her was encouraging all of us to get busy. Getting back to Jane I remembered how Gina prepared me the first time. Patiently I got her lubed up, ready to be taken. When satisfied I shuffled closer and got in position. Facing the girls and on her side I lifted her leg over my waist then brought my helmet into contact with her anus. Jane gasped and then gave increasingly louder moans as I slid bit by bit into her warm depths. Eyes closed and biting my lower lip, I worked my way into her rectum. God, she was tight !. One thrust in, pause and withdraw, before thrusting slightly deeper than the last. It took minutes, but I eventually made contact with her buttocks and my groin. She threw her head back and gave a cry of pleasure, knowing she’d succeeded in taking all of me. Both of us panting as we got used to the feelings being generated.The others had not been idle, Valerie was riding Gina cowgirl style, throwing herself down with abandon to get all of it inside. Both gasping as the breath got knocked out of them. Suzanne had Kitty pinned face down over the side of the tub. Skirt raised and holding her tie like a leash, she was power fucking her doggy style. Louise was eagerly bouncing up and down on Brandi reverse cowgirl style, so they could both watch us fuck. Anna was standing to one side, half of her massive clit stuffed between Louise’s lips and trying to force in even more. Denise and Carol had moved round the tub and had Judith bent over as they gave her a vicious spit roasting !. Smells and sounds of sex, flesh slapping together were passing round the room and beginning to echo off the walls, not all of it from the TV’s. Gripping Jane by her hip I began to slowly drive in and out of her backside. I’d whisper in her ear, telling her how hot and tight she was. How I was going to paint her bowels with my cum. How this was just the first of many times we’d fuck. She’d moan petulantly when I pull out, then sigh or gurgle with pleasure as I gently drive in. As I got faster the other couples kept time, fucking along with us. It became a competition, to have our partner make the loudest, or lewdest moan. Pretty soon it degenerated into a straight race for who could make their partner cum first.I wasn’t playing that game, I wanted to show them something new. As my driving got harder Jane would cry at each thrust. Moving my hand up her body I cupped her slippery breasts, nipples protruding like small acorns, then pulled her so we were in full body contact. All the while I kept driving into her hot, smooth bowels. Making her whimper in pain, pleasure or both. I whispered something and she nodded in understanding.She hooked both hands backwards around my neck and linked her fingers. At the same time I got to my knees and slid my hands under her cheeks, lifting her clean off the bed. Our only points of contact now were her hands round my neck, me holding her buttocks and the driving piece of flesh piercing her anus with impunity. I heard intakes of breath, moans or mutters.“Oohhhh, so fucking nasssssty !”,…………………………………….”Holy hell, I want some of that myself !”,……………………..”Delicious !, just delicious !!”,We heard their moans as they fucked, but I wanted to give Jane her reward. Telling her to hold tight, I started slamming into her burning chute faster and faster. Little friction meant my clit easily lanced in and out, Jane screaming with each thrust. The burning sensation in her anus must be taking her to new heights, but she held on and even begged for more !. Rocking my hips back and forth she was finely balanced, entirely under my control and at my mercy. The others could see my sac as it slapped Jane’s pussy with every upward thrust. People were crying and screaming with their own imminent orgasms but I concentrated solely on Jane. Feeling the familiar tingle in my groin I knew this was it so I gave a final, deep, thrust into her her. Holding as deep as possible, I unleashed the flood we had both been waiting for. She felt the first blast and shouted,“SHIIIITT !!, YES YES YESSSSS !!!, shoot it, spit that hot cum up my shit box. Ohhh fuck, I can feel every twitch. More, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuucckkkkkk, pleeeaaassee !”.I moaned, cumming up her back passage, gasping after each spurt, Jane groaned at each one. I heard muttering from the others and noticed they were transfixed. Brandi’s expression appeared to be one of jealousy !. Finally I lowered Jane and placed her on the bed. She lay with a satisfied smile, humming happily. I heard water splashing, the bed move and Gina’s voice,“You were FANTASTIC !!, darling. We couldn’t take our eyes off you. If you’ll excuse me I promised to clean Jane, I want to taste it mingled with the honey !!”.Giving me a wink she swooped on the prone body of Jane and lifted a leg over her shoulder. Loud sucking and slurping let everyone know Gina was busy. In the tub I watched Denise then Carol empty their loads over Judith’s face as she knelt in the water between them. Suzanne looked to be sucking her own cum out of Kitty. Kneeling in the tub, head busy between Kitty’s spread legs. Anna, Valerie and Louise were calmly drinking wine, watching TV porn and our floor shows. Feeling thirsty I walked to the bar for a good stiff (no pun intended !) drink. Taking a seat in the tub I allowed myself to warm up and sipped my three fingers worth of JD with coke and ice. Brandi slid around to join me and stroked my arm as she enquired,“Sooooo Vikki, who’s next ?”.Giving her a quick peck on the lips I took a sip then told her,“You of course !, shall we fuck in here or on the bed ?”.Pretending to think about it Brandi pursed her lips in concentration, then grinned. Emptying her own glass she got out to refill it, then came back. Her free hand stroked through my short hair as she replied.“Let’s fuck here, we’ll give the gurls a good close view. Plus we can stay warm and wet, sooo much better if we’re nice and slippery don’t you think ?”.Knowing precisely what she meant, I necked my JD in one long gulp. Brandi raised an eyebrow in surprise then swallowed her own to match. Closing in for a deep tongue wrestling kiss she whispered,“My my Vikki, drinking so fast !. Someone’s going to be hammered at that rate”.The comment made me laugh which drew a louder reaction when she seemed confused. Stroking a breast, I kissed along her neck while reaching for her rapidly swelling gurl clit with my other hand. Wrapping my fingers around the base I told her,“I intend to get WELL hammered. Not from drink, but from something much much better !. I want THIS gorgeous piece of meat to do the hammering, time for me to get some action. The others can sit nice and close, get a ring side seat !”.Understanding, Brandi kissed me again. Her tongue wrestling with mine. As we moved in the water, her weapon hardened and grew thicker in my grasp. My fingers were only just able to touch around the base, the importance was not lost. My ass pussy began to twitch, eager to discover how it would feel when she slid in. Wanting to get filled, I clambered onto the seat around the tub and got on my knees with legs spread. Looking behind I watched as Brandi approached, stroking herself in preparation. Judith appeared, face still decorated with cum and a bottle in her hand. Passing it to Brandi she scooped up some cum on her chin with her finger and offered it to me.Opening my mouth I let her slip the loaded digit inside, then closed my lips. I could smell more than one source, she must have sc****d up cum from both gurls. Warm and thick, one slightly sweeter than the other. I let them combine and slide down my throat, Judith smiled when she saw it and repeated the action. At the other end Brandi took advantage of this distraction by pouring the bottle down my crease. It ran over my entrance, then to my sac and hardening clit. Judith offered me fingers with cum on them so I opened wide just like before. This time I got the definite taste of honey along with cum. I knew now I was receiving my own lubing up, just like I’d done for Jane. Concentrating on the feelings behind me I felt one, two, three…….. then four fingers slide into my widened pussy and stretch themselves out. Giving a cry at this treatment I almost missed the sudden contact of something larger knocking at my entrance.Bracing myself against the seat for what was coming, I felt the deliciously slow drive as Brandi penetrated me. In one smooth glorious action she rode in, no hesitation or time for me to draw breath. Before I knew it I felt her lower stomach at my backside and immediately knew she was fully inside. Brandi moaned, then urged me to relax. With her fully inside me, I was stretched open wider than with Gina. It burned painfully for a few seconds the first time. Her second stroke was hopefully going to be more bearable !. Following Gina’s advice I let go all tension as Brandi withdrew. Her next stroke launched me into the seat and knocked the breath out of me with a loud,“Ooooooofff !”,then she repeated the stroke. Letting my head drop I endured Brandi’s frantic assault. For ten minutes she beat up my pussy without pause or slowing. My anus burned with the feel and thickness of her clit when it ripped into me. I soon grew to miss its presence and actively thrust backwards to feel it fully penetrate me. Her fingers gripped me in a vice and pulled me to and fro like some toy. I was panting openly now, the others could see me take it like a slut and hear me getting fucked in the hot tub. Water splashed around as we thrashed like some demented sea creatures. Somebody turned down the TV volume, which only made my cries stand out even more as they echoed off the walls.A tap to one cheek got my attention, looking up I found Carol in front of me. She’d slapped her erect clit across my face and was now waiting for some attention herself. I looked her weapon over as I was thrown back and forth by Brandi. Covered in honey , it dripped slowly off the sides and was pointing straight at my mouth. Knowing what she wanted I opened wide without thinking, she slid in and proceeded to thrust right to the back of my mouth. Just having time to breath in, she completed her move by pushing on, down my gullet. This drove me right back onto Brandi in reaction, both of them gasped together in surprise. Finding myself in a spit roast, I surrendered to the moment. For ages it seemed they used me like some toy. Driving in together, changing the angle or tempo to heighten our pleasure. They drove on, relentless, mutual cries echoing off the cavern walls to mix with those from the screens. Water splashing over the side and pooling on the floor as we threw ourselves about. My pussy by now was stinging, at times raw, at others desperate for more attention. Rectum and throat both anticipating the next thrusts and wondering when I’d be rewarded with some creamy dessert !. It felt an eternity before they came but eventually they did. Brandi came first, driving far into my rectum she held me tight and groaned for all to hear. I felt her twitch, swell, then a regular pulsing as she filled me with cum. Falling forward onto my back she gasped,“SOOOOO good Vikki, can you feel me ?, cumming in your pussy !”.Giggling as she withdrew, I felt my pussy gape open. A slow trickle as her cum, the honey, or both started to drip out and downwards. I had little time to mull over this, Carol drove deep a couple more times to get maximum penetration, then she moaned as well. Holding my head tight, her clit far past my tongue, she started to pulse as her cum shot in thick bursts directly down my gullet to my stomach. She was way past where I could taste, or even swallow. I just had to kneel there immobile as she used me for her pleasure, then withdrew. NOW I could taste her, it would seem Carol was the one who tasted sweeter of the pair that painted Judith. As the last dribbles were swallowed she backed away. Sensing a body behind I tried to look round, but a slap to my buttocks and a sharp,“NO !!!”made me stop, it was my darling Gina, she laughed,“MY turn darling, let me clean your pussy. Can’t let all that LOOOVELY cum go to waste can we ?”. Keeping my gaze forward I felt hands spread my cheeks, then a tongue lick up the length of my clit. It rolled over my sac and swept up my crease, before finishing with a flourish at my gaping pussy. Lips sealed around it and her tongue got to work, sweeping inside as far as she could reach. We all heard the lewd slurping sounds as Gina sucked and collected all the cum within reach. When she was satisfied, she stood up and I felt her helmet touch my entrance. Far more ready to be fucked I wriggled my hips and nudged myself back at her. A gasp and she slapped my cheek again.“NO !!!, I said !. Wait, you greedy minx”.Her helmet didn’t move but I felt it, and my pussy, get soaked in something warm and slippery. Not knowing, or caring, if it was oil or honey, I readied myself for Gina to take me. I felt her slip rapidly in with her gurl clit. It was a shock to feel how easily she entered me and how little sensation I got. Brandi must have definitely opened me up, usually I can feel every single inch and ridge of Gina’s clit. But not this time. Bottoming out, Gina took hold like Brandi had and began to fuck. For five minutes straight she slammed my body as I got well and truly hammered. There is nothing polite to say about how Gina took me, it was simply a solid intense buggering. SLAM – SLAM – SLAM – SLAM !!!, now I knew how the others felt when I’d driven into them at full force. I was not there to be given pleasure, this was entirely for her benefit and sexual gratification. I was little more than a flesh fuck toy. I glanced over to the large screen to watch as a coloured girl got double penetrated in her ass at the same time. Her screams of encouragement echoed round the grotto, until another guy stuffed his massive cock down her throat, stifling her cries. Gina had crouched over me and was panting in my ear, the familiar sign she was going to come. Arching my back I pushed back towards her and waited. It didn’t take long !, Gina gasped in my ear, pulsed inside me and then she panted in rapid succession as her cum fired into my pussy. Only staying long enough to dump her load in me, she kissed my ear and then withdrew.By now my throat and pussy were both sore. Deciding to rest again I clambered out for another drink. I felt cum dribble down the back of my thigh as I poured the JD, then got back in beside Gina. Sitting down I took a sip and lay back to relax. She leant against me and asked,“Have you enjoyed yourself, do you want to do anything more we end the fun ?”I smiled and took another sip before replying,“I’ve had a great time darling, LOVED every minute of it. But I have one more thing before I call it a night. Kitty dressed up just for me, soooo I’m going to sodomize a schoolgirl before bed !. Like to watch ?”.A squeal from the gloom said Kitty heard me, some frantic splashing and she was before us on all fours in the water. Legs wide and skirt raised, ready for some anal fun. I could see from her expression how eager she was. Not wanting to waste time I got down behind her, Gina stroked my length to get it hard, then moved it into place. Kitty needed no urging, not wanting any foreplay she looked over her shoulder and smiled,“I’m already wet Vikki, just bugger me good hard !!. I’ve been waiting for your gurl clit all day and I’m going to enjoy this !.”Taking her at her word I positioned my hardened clit at her anus. Kitty gasped and bit her lower lip. One thrust and I drilled all of it in her rectum until our skin met. Kitty moaned and looked at me again,“That was nice, now **** my shitter !!. Don’t be gentle, I won’t break. I want it hard and nasty !, then fill me with cum. I’ll suck you clean afterwards too.”Taking her at her word I pulled back and then slammed in, knocking her forward with a scream. Her head shot back and I could see the lust in her expression. Both hands on her hips allowed me to keep a good grip so I dragged her back onto me. For five straight minutes I ****d her ass. She screamed, moaned, cried and panted. All the while, the most disgusting language came from her. Commenting how she loved the force I used. Begging me to slap her arse as I bugger her. Wanting me to duck her under the water as I **** her arse !. Wishing that her strait laced, church going, parents could be here to watch what we were all doing to their sweet “darling” daughter. Her comments drove me on and in a final frenzy I pulled her back onto me and unleashed my final load of the night, right into the depths of her abused teen chute. Feeling it, Kitty started purring as I pumped her full of cum. Letting go of her, I sat back and looked round for the others’ reactions. Some had stunned expressions, Judith looked jealous. Someone laughed, looking round I saw it was Anna. Raising her wine glass to myself and Gina she said,“No doubt about it Gina, Vikki’s definitely one of us !!”. Sensing that my floor show was over I spent the final half hour watching more of the German gang bang film. I was visibly amazed when some blonde babe took two enormous black guys in her arse at the same time. Feeling my own ass pussy twitch I wriggled on the bench in response. Gina saw this and leaned in to whisper,“I saw that Vikki, do you want to try that some time ?”.Giving her a slow nod while I kept watching the blonde’s arse stretch to an obscene size with their black cocks in it, she replied,“Maybe another day. You’ll need to practice for that sort of game darling. I’ll tell you this though. It feels fucking FANTASTIC !!”.I said nothing and watched as they both rode her and creamed her backside. Their mixed cum ran out of her gaping ass and onto her pussy lips. This is where another blonde with short cropped hair hoovered it all up, licking her lips appreciatively after she’d finished. All of the girls had by now done what they wanted for tonight, so the evening wound down. We sat and chatted while we watched the rest of our DVD’s, before clambering out and putting robes on to return to our suites. I told everybody to leave the clean up until the morning, it can wait until after breakfast. Kissing the girls goodnight as they left, everyone headed to the lift. Before they disappeared I had time to call out breakfast would at 8 o’clock. I switched everything off and drained the tub, before taking Gina’s hand and returning to the kitchen. We were the last to use the lift and ascended to the top floor in silence. In the bedroom we both undressed and then had a quick shower to clean off before some sleep. Finally, we climbed under the duvet and turned the lights off. In seconds, her face stitched into the top cover appeared from the gloom, making Gina gasp again. Turning on her side, she pulled me close to spoon her from behind and spoke softly,“Well Vikki, how did you enjoy your first girl party ?”.My reply was instantaneous,“I loved it darling, can’t wait for a repeat performance tomorrow !. I’ve got a few things planned for everyone else as well. But right now, I just want to sleep. Like this, right here, with you”.She wriggled her backside against me and gently laughed. After that, I didn’t remember anything, I’d already dropped off.

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