It has been a long day at work and Trudi tidies up her desk, shuts down her computer, picks up her bags, and stretches, turning to look out of her 15th floor window to see the city lights spreading out before her.

She stands watching the traffic, not looking forward to the slow journey home, knowing that she has now left it so late its going to take her twice as long to get home. Shrugging her shoulders in resignation, she turns around and walks from her office, switching off the light and looking out of the window once more, then shutting the office door behind her.

She wanders across the hallway and hits the button for the elevator, straightening out her tight cut pinstripe skirt and pulling down the back of her matching jacket, her long wool coat slung over one arm. Looking down, she smiles satisfactorily at the low cut deep purple blouse, her braless cleavage pale and creamy, nestling well. The ping of the bell snaps her back to life and the doors slide silently and slowly open. She steps inside and hits the button to take her down to the lobby and out into the open.

She feels her stomach give a small lurch and her shoulder length deep red hair swing, as the elevator sets off on its downward journey and watches the numbers start falling. She gets into this elevator every day of her life but it always has the same effect.. As the elevator hits the 10th floor she feels it slowing and hears the ping to indicate that it is stopping.

The doors slide open once more and a man gets in. She looks up and smiles at him out of politeness, noticing his dark hair and full lips; perhaps a little too full for her liking. He’s a striking man but with a nose just that little too big and eyes just a little too dark. She looks away realising that she has been staring a little too long, at the same time knowing that he is doing the same to her, his dark penetrating eyes appraising her, taking in her dark curly hair and her deep green eyes.

The numbers on the display move down, through 8 and 7 towards 6. Suddenly there is a jolt and the lift stops, almost throwing them both off their feet. As Trudi puts her hand out to steady herself against the side of the elevator, she looks at her companion and frowns, reaching for the internal telephone to alert someone that there is a problem, while he moves across the elevator and starts hitting the buttons in a futile attempt to get it moving again.

Trudi finally gets through to someone and is told that there has been a power failure for 3 blocks but that it is being worked on, to sit tight and power will be back shortly. She puts the telephone back in its box and shuts the small door.

“You may as well forget that — there is a power outage and we are here until it comes back,” she tells her companion.

He looks up with a worried frown

“Oh great, just the end to a perfect day,” he says and moves back across the elevator to the other side.

She smiles at him. “Well my day hasn’t been perfect either and I didn’t want to drive home in this traffic, but this is ridiculous!”

He laughs softly. “I hear you on that one, my name is Richard by the way”

She looks at him and smiles again. “Trudi — pleased to meet you Richard”,

He smiles at her, the smile transforming his face,

“Pleased to meet you too, Trudi, nice name by the way.”

“Thank you” she replies and they fall into another uneasy silence.

Lost in their own thoughts, they both sigh at the same time and then are suddenly hit with the giggles. They look at each other and smile, he breaks the ice and starts talking first, asking where she works and how long she has been with the company. She tells him she is in accounts and has been for the last 6 years, but she has not seen him around.

He replies that he has only joined the company in the last 8 months and that he works in the legal department. He says he is enjoying it and likes working for the company.

At that moment the elevator plunges into darkness. Trudi swears under her breath and scrabbles her way across the elevator to pick up the phone again. The voice once again tells her to hang tight and that it should all be ok soon. She tells him that she is not about to go anywhere but will they please pull their fingers out of their butts and do something. She slams the phone back into the hole and apologises to her now invisible companion for her behaviour.

Richard laughs and tells her “that’s ok but I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of you!”

Trudi laughs and replies, “Oh don’t worry, my bark is far worse than my bite”.

They both laugh and she sighs deeply “I could do with not being in here never mind in the dark. My apartment looks as though a whirlwind has been through it, but I never wanted to clean it anyway.”

“Well, when you have finished yours if you want some more practice, bahis firmaları you can always come and do mine!” They both laugh again and the conversation continues through home, family and all the other small talk that helps two strangers learn about each other.

Time passes and Trudi thinks how glad she is she went to the bathroom before she left the office. After 2 hours there is still no sign of rescue and it is getting colder. She wraps her coat around her and huddles into the corner of the elevator, sitting on the floor.

Richards’ voice breaks the silence that they have again fallen into,

“Are you ok?” he says

She moves slightly. “Yes I’m fine, just a little cold,” she replies.

“I know I thought it was my imagination but it is getting colder. Maybe you should contact the maintenance guys again” he says.

She reaches up and pulls the phone down. The voice on the other end apologises for the delay and tells her it looks as though it will be at least another 3 hours before the power is back.

She pulls the phone away from her ear and looks at it incredulously in the dark. “Another 3 damn hours?” she screams at it. “Well get us OUT of here, get the damn fire department or something!”

The voice at the other end patiently tells her that the fire department are all out and will get to this building as soon as they can but in the meantime they need to stay calm.

Trudi slams the phone back into the hole in the wall. “Calm? Calm? When I get out of here I am going to give him calm right in the…. nebbermind!”

A low rumble of laughter reaches her ears and she realises how silly she must sound and starts laughing, “Oh shush” she says, smiling in the darkness.

Richard apologises “I’m sorry but you do sound ridiculous” he says laughing. “It’s going to be very cold in here before they get to us,” he observes, and she nods unseen in the darkness.

“I’m already cold, I don’t know if I can stand another 3 hours of this,” says Trudi.

“Well you can always come and sit over here, they do say that combined body heat works. No strings, just warmth,” replies Richard.

Trudi gets up and moves across the elevator, sliding down the wall with a sigh. He smiles and tells her he is not that bad company surely?

She laughs softly, telling him no he isn’t, and that it is not the company, it’s the surroundings that are pissing her off.

He sympathises and tentatively rubs her arm, she does not object and thinks how nice he smells, telling him not to stop there, she needs life rubbing into her other arm too. He puts his arm around her and rubs her arms vigorously, making her laugh and tell him to stop shaking her to death, which makes him laugh and rub her arms even faster, telling her at least she will be warm!

He eventually slows down and tells her his arms are aching, letting them lightly rest on her shoulders. She leans backwards and he puts his arms around her as she snuggles into him pulling the warmth in from his body once more, and feeling his breath on the top of her head, small whisps of it escaping down her collar, making her shiver but not with cold.

He moves his position and Trudi sits up straight “I’m sorry I was getting a bit too comfortable there, I didn’t mean to squash you.”

“No it’s ok, my butt is going numb!” They both laugh and Trudi offers to rub life back into it saying that its only fair as he rubbed life back into her arms. Richard laughingly tells her not to offer as he may just take her up on it. She moves and says she doesn’t mind in the least, thinking that it will give her an excuse to have a closer feel at what is becoming a more interesting body by the second.

Richard’s low rumble interrupts her thoughts as he tells her that he is fine really but thanks for the offer. Trudi replies that she will do it anytime he wants, and she feels his knees on either side of her waist. She stands up and takes her coat off. Sitting back down, she wraps it around both of them, thankful that she spent the money on the big, long wool coat.

Warmth envelopes them both and she feels his arms as they wrap back around her shoulders as she settles back against his chest once more, feeling it rise and fall. Trudi gets lost in the sound of their breathing and soon feels her eyelids getting heavy. Snuggling back into him she falls into a comfortable light sleep, waking sometime later to feel his chest moving rhythmically in sleep. She moves slightly, snuggling into him more, but trying not to disturb him, as she feels his arms come around her a bit tighter, pulling her into him and she falls asleep again.

She wakes to feel fingers moving over her arms, as if trying to move her gently without waking her. She stirs and sits up, asking how long they have been there. He replies that it is little over an hour since they fell asleep. kaçak iddaa She stretches her back and groans as she feels how stiff it is. Suddenly feeling strong, warm hands on her, she bends forward and lets him rub her back, first hard then soft, squeezing her muscles back into shape, into submission as she moans softly, wriggling herself back towards him.

His hands move over her back and waist, getting softer with every movement, exploring her back as she sits up slowly and moves back against him once more, his hands moving over her shoulders and down her arms.

Her hands start to move over his thighs, in time with his fingers over her shoulders. He becomes bolder and moves down her front, gently sliding over her breasts. She shivers slightly and lays her head back against his chest, her breath leaving her in short moans as his fingers play backwards and forwards over her nipples, feeling them harden under the silk of her blouse, her own fingers trailing small circles over his thighs as she feels him start to harden in the small of her back.

He bends his head and kisses her lightly on the top of her head and she tips her head back and he kisses her forehead. She turns slightly and stretches up, his lips come down to meet her and she feels them softly exploring, almost frightened to touch her in case she pulls away. Trudi does the exact opposite and Richard feels her tongue slide into his mouth, exploring him, entwining with his own, tasting him and becoming bolder and more passionate with every second.

He pulls her around to him, his fingers unbuttoning her blouse as hers unbutton his shirt, her long fingernails scraping across his skin. He pulls away from her as he slides her blouse open and over her shoulders, exposing her bra-less breasts and feeling her shudder in the cold air. He bends his head as she arches up to meet him, taking a hard nipple into his mouth and suckles on it gently, listening to her breathing as it shortens and turns into small whimpers.

He moves from one breast to the other leaving them wet; the cold air on them making them harder still, almost painful, as her hands move into his hair, playing with it, pushing him into her.

He pulls away at last and moves down her body, his hands unzipping her skirt and sliding inside, feeling the top of her thong and her suspender belt, as her own hands move down and undo his pants, sliding her own fingers in, her thumb finding the head of his dick and gently rubbing it, covering it in its own wetness. He moves once more and takes her in his arms, gently moving her back and laying her on her coat, then sliding his hands down to push her skirt over her full hips, pulling it off over her long legs and her high black heels. She lies there as his hands move back up her body to her waist, his fingers hooking into the top of her thong and sliding it down over her hips and shoes to drop with her skirt and blouse. His own clothes shortly lay beside them and he moves to cover, his body on hers, feeling her hard nipples against his chest.

“It’s a pity I can’t see you,” he says, “so I’ll just have to go by feel.” She hears the low rumble of his laughter again.

“Me too,” she says, the laughter in her voice giving her away.

He kisses her, passion taking over, kissing her hard, feeling her respond to him, her body moving against him. She responds and opens her arms to take him, pulling him towards her, her nails in his back, gently, leaving no marks, as she moves her hands down his body to his butt. He pulls away from kissing her, and she tells him breathlessly to fuck her, she needs him, wants him, and opens her legs to take him.

He moves slightly and slides into her effortlessly, a deep sigh of satisfaction as she feels him filling her, deeply, stretching the sides of her out with his size. She wraps her legs around him and he moves, just slightly, making sure that every single nerve feels him. Her hips move up and she breathes almost a sigh of relief as he hits rock bottom.

He moves onto his hands locking his elbows and starts driving into her, drilling her, feeling her hips rise with his movements. He moans with every stroke and tells her how good she feels, how wet she is, telling her to tell him what it feels like. She moans loudly and tells him that she loves feeling him fuck her, loves feeling him deep in her cunt, how wet he makes her, every word in time with his thrusts.

She feels her orgasm starting as the thought of fucking this total stranger drives her on, and she cums, moaning loudly, telling him to fuck her harder and harder. He pounds into her over and over, the cold air in the elevator finally forgotten, as the heat of lust takes them both. She cums again, deeply and hard, finally slumping back, knowing that there is still more where that came from and knowing that he still needs to be satisfied.

She kaçak bahis wriggles out from under him and stands. They have both finally got used to the darkness and their night vision shows her standing there in high black heels, stockings and her suspenders, lust personified.

She moves to the corner of the elevator and places her hands on the rails and her legs parted. “Come here,” she demands. He stands and walks over to her, his dick standing proud and ready. He moves in to kiss her, taking her nipples between his fingers and making her moan.

She takes her weight on her arms, glad for her time spent in the gym, raising one leg to give him better access, her cunt open and ready for him, as he guides his dick into her. She lowers herself onto him, moaning deeply as he feels her heat envelop him, her arms moving as she slides up and down him, his hands on her legs as his hips move up in time with her cunt moving down. No effort is needed on his part, she is doing all the work. His balls are aching with need, the need to unload into this beautiful deep cunt, as she bears down on him over and over, his knees threatening to give way as he bends his head forward and runs his tongue up her spine. She moans leaving her loudly with every movement.

His hands free, he moves his fingers into her pussy, finding her clit immediately and scraping his finger across it gently. She screams and pulls up, he slides out of her suddenly, they both feel the loss, and she begs him to fill her again, now.

Her entire cunt is soaked with her cum and juices, she needs to feel all of him inside her and begs him in a low throaty, lustful growl to fuck her.

He moves his dick back to her cunt, “No, not there, fill my ass, fuck my ass.”

He smiles and kisses her, moving his dick to her ass, slick with her own cum, and puts the head against her tight hole. Pushing firmly but gently, he slides into her, taking it slowly, wanting her to feel every single inch as it slides into her, a deep lust filled moan leaving her throat, as she pushes down against him.

“Oh God yes, fill me, fuck my ass baby, cum in my ass, please cum in my ass,” she moans.

Driven on by her begging he moves deep inside her, their combined moans leaving them as they move together, getting faster as need overtakes everything else. He feels his balls tighten as his need to cum overtakes him. He throws his head back and almost howls to the ceiling as he cums, over and over again, great, white, hot spurts into her butt, his fingers still rubbing her clit as she works her butt up and down on him hard, working towards her own massive orgasm, cumming as his fingers drive deep into her cunt, feeling herself tighten around his fingers and his dick, moaning and calling his name.

She lifts her heels and wraps herself around him, he carries her back to the floor where he pulls himself out of her gently, as he lays her back on her coat, lowering himself down to her as she curls into him, breathless and panting, low whimpers leaving her throat. He pulls her coat over her and holds her close, kissing her hair and face, listening to her breathing slow down and come back to somewhere near normal.

She looks at him and watches his face as he looks at her, he does not notice her watching.and she studies him, he’s not perfect and she may never see him again but this was worth every second.

A sudden whine fills the elevator and the lights blast into existence making them both shut their eyes quickly to shield them. After a few moments they open them again and look at each other — realisation dawning and they both move swiftly to dress and dress each other.

Trudi does her blouse up and moves over to the phone in the wall. She picks the receiver up and the voice at the other end tells her that the power is back on and they will be out of there in the next 10 minutes or so. She thanks the voice and puts the receiver back on its hook with a click.

Richard looks at her and smiles. “Good news?”

She smiles back. “Yes I suppose so, we should be out of here in about 10 minutes.” Her voice is almost regretful.

“Would you object if I walked you to your car?” Richard asks.

She smiles “no that would be very nice.”

The elevator gives a sudden jolt and starts moving down. Trudi slides her coat on and picks up her bag as Richard adjusts his jacket. The elevator pings and the doors slide open and they both breathe deeply and move out into the lobby. The security man smiles and nods at them both, apologising and asking them if they are both ok?

Trudi and Richard look at each other and smile. “Yes we are fine. Thank you for your concern,” Richard answers for them both. They turn towards the door and walk out towards the parking lot.

Meanwhile, down in maintenance, the owner of the disembodied voice slumps back in his chair and breathes deeply, looking at the loudspeaker and shaking his head slowly, a wry grin spreading across his face.

Under his breath the words, “People really should learn how to hang up a phone,” are heard.

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