Trip to the clothing store


Trip to the clothing storeIt was summer brake in the mid 70s and mom said I needed new clothes for school. We went to the department store and mom picked out some pants and shirts to try on. I went to the dressing room and found and empty cubicle. I went in and took off my clothes and tried on a shirt. It didn’t fit well so I took it off and put on the pants she picked out for me. They were a bit loose and I had to hold them up. I went out to show her. She said I’d grow into them and gave me some more to try on. I was in the dressing room when a man said my mom wanted me to try on some underwear. I put the pants down and pulled off my underwear. The man said to stand on the bench and he’d help me. I didn’t think any thing about it and stood up on the bench. He said to take off my shirt so he could see how things looked. He handed me a pair of underwear and I put them on. He rubbed bahis firmaları the fabric smooth and asked how it felt. I said it was ok, but they were tight around my legs. He slid his fingers between the underwear and my leg and pushed them around. He said they were tight and said to take them off. He said to stay there he’d be right back. I was standing in front of a mirror and got bored. I started making faces and laughed, then I started pulling on my dick and watched myself in the mirror. When he came back he just stood there for a minute looking at me. He said the underwear may not fit right with my dick standing out. I said I was sorry about it. He said no problem, he’ll take care of it. He came over and said to relax and lift my arms up. He put one hand behind me,and the other on my dick. He rubbed it a couple of times,then wet his fingers and ran them up and down my dick kaçak iddaa again. It felt good as he stroked it. Finally it went down and he said to try on the underwear. They felt good, and he ran his fingers around the leg holes. He said they should be fine. I put on the pants and shirt. I went out to show mom how they fit. She said their fine. She said to wait here,she wanted to go to the women’s department. I was heading back to the dressing room when the man said he’d help me change. Not thinking about it I said ok. We went in the cubicle and I was going to take everything off, the man said he’d help me. I said ok. He unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it off and put it on a hanger. He rubbed my back and said I had soft skin, I said I use bath oil.He rubbed my chest and stomach some, then he tickled my nipples. I giggled, as he did it.He leaned down and licked my left nipple and kaçak bahis asked how it felt. I said it felt funny, he licked the other one and unsnapped the pants and pulled them off. He said to take off the underwear and he’d put them in a bag. He hung the pants on a hanger and I pulled the underwear. I was standing in front of him naked. He asked if I had any brothers and sisters, I said no. To bad he said, then rubbed my butt. I was nervous because no one did it before. He helped me dress and handed me the clothes. I went out and waited for my mom. When she came back she paid for the clothes and we went home. A week before school started mom said I needed to get uniforms for school instead of regular clothes. We went back to the store. I seen the sells man that helped us before, and went over to him. He smiled and asked how he could help us. Mom said I needed to get fitted for a school uniform. He said no problem, he just needs to get my measurements. Mom said to stay there, she wanted to see a few things while I was being fitted. The man said to come in the dressing room and he can get started.

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