Tropical Storm Watch


Thunder rolled like a line of marching soldiers’ boots stomping on dry, hard earth, punctuated by brilliant blue-white flashes of lightning that arced across the sky in all directions. The thunder storm and torrents of rain pouring from the sky were the result of a dying tropical storm swinging west along the Florida peninsula, the hot, moist air being churned before the low pressure front and spawning thunderstorms across the state. As the rain pounded down upon the roof and pattered on the slated roof of the enclosed patio, she whispered into his chest…

“They’re playing our song…”

He smiled. His memory was thrown back in time to the same moment as hers.

“It rained and thundered like this the first time we made love.”

The room they were in that first afternoon had been dark, thick blackout curtains blocking the haze of sunlight that fought for existence against the rolling lines of storm clouds. It was also cool and quiet, an almost perfect juxtaposition from that growing outside. They had kissed, touched, caressed slowly, savoring the sensation of each other’s bodies and how they reacted. As clothing fell to the floor, he lay her back upon the cool mattress, one knee straddling each side of her leg, one knee pressing up against the join between her thighs, jeans button undone, shirtless, grinding his body against hers as they kissed.

All things shrank down to the level of his lips, the feel of hers against his, her tongue moving against his own. All things shrank down to the level of his chest brushing against her breasts and erect nipples as their bodies moved against each other. All things shrank down to the feel of his knees pressing against her naked sex, the heat radiating from her core maltepe escort through his clothing. Outside this world of sensation, the winds outside picked up and clouds boiled across the sky, dark grey, angry purple, almost black. A few brave rain drops exploded against the curtained window with heavy voluptuous force.

He had kissed his way down her body, pausing to suckle her nipples, to bite the tender flesh of her breasts, to tickle her belly button with his tongue. Lower, slower, until her thighs parted wide and hey body blossomed open before him, hot, wet, enflamed, pulsing. The first stroke of his along the length of her slit caused her back to arch, hips thrust forward, throwing herself to the whims of his oral ministrations. He moved his tongue slowly, up and down from her opening to the top of her slit, then flicking fast across the hard nub of her clitoris, then engulfing her engorged citrus and labia within his full lips, suckling on her with consistent pulses.

She had been imagining this momebt for some time, her mind playing over again their talks, teases, word play, kissing, cuddling, and petting that had come on occasions before. Now, though, she was bared before him, offered fully and willingly, for the consumation of what all before had built. Her first orgasm, when it hit, left her breathless, head tossed back into the pillows. She made little sound but her body betrayed the level of her excitement and pleasure as her skin flushed, her nipples throbbed, and her sex flooded with juices of her excitement. He continued his licking, not allowing her to come completely down from her orgasm before driving her up towards the next peak. She continued to writhe across the sheets mamak escort as wave after wave of spasms rippled through her, sweat beading up on her skin, moisture oozing from her body in increasing quantities as each orgasm flooded the secretions of the one before.

When he stopped his oral assault on her, he had kissed his way back up her body, licking, nipping, biting her tenderest of places. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers where they kissed, tongues moving with force, tasting herself on his tongue and lips.

She was breathless, panting into each kiss, arms sliding down his body to his jeans, pushing them down, across his hips. Her hand slipped inside his pants and grasped his throbbing erection, sighing in delight at the feel of it hot and hard in her hand. She stroked him with one hand as the other worked with his to push his pants and underwear down further, to bare him to her. A broken kiss, shared body movements, and his body pressed naked against hers.

Her legs spread wide, drawing up so that her calves slip along the outside of his legs, over his thighs, arching her pelvis and making herself accessible to him. She held him in her hand as he pressed forward, slipping between her slick labia and sliding completely to his root within her. Both of them groaned at the feel of their merging. Outside, the first peal of thunder crashed as the storm broke full above them.

They moved against one another, her hips thrusting up to meet his as he drew back and sank into her. The rhythm began slowly but increased with her breathing and flush of her skin. As with his mouth and tongue, his cock gently coaxed orgasm after orgasm from her body. Her excitement made ankara escort his cock slick, dripped down his balls and between her cheeks, wetting the bed below. It seemed that with each orgasm she had, a heavier crash of thunder shook the windows and echoed across through the world outside.

Their lovemaking continued through the height of the storm, varying in intensity, but matching the turbulence of the storm raging about them. She became lost in sensation, lost in him, as his body did things to hers that she had dared never imagine before. She came, and came, and came without shame, fear, self-consciousness, or reservation. Each new climax set free a part of her mind, each climax sinking her deeper into the flood of chemicals being produced by her body.

As the storm reached its peak, thunder rolling almost constantly, their bodies yielded together as they came together, his cock buried deep within her, filled her with jet after jet of hot semen. Her nails raked across his back as she felt each splash within her and her body convulsed uncontrollably in her final orgasm.

They had lain each other, sealed with sweat and the fluids of their sex, both struggling to catch a breath. He looked at her with adoring eyes and grinned like a happy fool, leaning down to kiss her again and again.

“Listen,” he whispered after breaking the kiss. “They are playing our song.” As on queue, a heavy blast of thunder shook the sky as the storms fury washed past them.

She smiled up at him, “Our song…”

Out of his memory, he slipped back into the present moment, away from the memory of their first love making, his girl lying naked against him. They kissed before he whispered to her, “It would be a shame if we didn’t dance to our song…” He moved so that his body was held above hers, her eyes gazing at him rapturously, kissing her against, before pressing forward and sinking into her warm wetness.

Outside, thunder crashed as the storm played the tune for their love making…

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