Turning a good girl bad


Turning a good girl badI’d been watching the fat assed waitress swing back and forth for the past hour. At 2 am on a wet New Hampshire night there isn’t much else to do but hit the late night diners, find some action, or at least, just pick out the desperate ones. This bitch was definitely filed under desperate; you could tell from the care she’d lavished on her red red mouth. I could imagine her spending an hour in front of a mirror in her lonely apartment painting that signal, getting the definition just right, the dark line around her lips, the gloss. It said feminine, it said wet, it said available and yes, it said desperate. Why, I didn’t know. Sure she had a big ass, but she looked savvy enough to know plenty of men liked that. Besides she had tits to match, and a wide butt and double d titted slut is never going to be short of company. Yet I got the impression this girl was. Pretty, but with sad eyes – stoner’s eyes to be honest. Maybe that was the issue, she’d never met a guy that could thrill her as much as a pipe. “Coffee?” I was startled out of my musings by the girl herself, standing in front of me with a hot jug,a nd hot jugs. “Sure, top me up,” I glanced at her nametag, “Chloe. Thanks”. She bent to do so and I enjoyed the cleavage. I got the impression she enjoyed me enjoying her. “Quiet in here isn’t it?” “She looked up, appraising me with those tired sad eyes. “it always is midweek. Besides, it’s two in the morning – what do you expect?” “I didn’t expect a pretty thing like you, ” I shot back. And yes, she did like that.”I’m not on the menu, but I can get you something that is” she responded, with less of a smile than I wanted. “You’re not even on the desert menu?””Oh you couldn’t afford me if I was, ” she said, with a little more humour. I reached into my jacket, pulled out a wad. Midweek, so not at it’s best, but I still put an inch of green on the table. “I think I could. Wouldn’t you say?””Big shot eh? So what are you doing in a dive like this?” she challenged. “Looking for girls like you. That’s my business.” The levity vanished from her eyes, changed to something like horror, but not quite. And she was gone.But not for long. As I drank the last of my coffee and stood I saw her watching from the counter, and I walked over, a twenty in hand. “Sorry if I offended you – this is for the service”. The way she made it vanish told me money talked with this one. “When you said you were looking for girls like me, what did you mean?” Jackpot, I thought. “Girls who aren’t happy with a waitress wage and tips. Are you happy with it? “No. But that doesn’t mean I’d do anything.” I smiled, “Honey, I’m not suggesting just anything. Take a drive with me, and I’ll show you.” She glanced around at the short order cook. “I finish in half an hour.” I nodded. “Fine. I’ll be in the lot. The Lincoln.”Sure enough in 30 minutes there she was, hustling across the lot in her short waitresing skirt, with a jacket pulled over her head against the rain. I pushed the passenger door open, and watched as she slid in. Her skirt rode up high enough to show me a flash of pale skin above stockings. I was going to enjoy this. “Throw your jacket in the back, let me see you.” I let canlı bahis me eyes run over her body – taking plenty of time on her tits. her nipples hardened under my gaze, pushing through her bra and thin white cotton top. ” All natural?” “Of course.” She stretched her legs out, lay back in the seat, “Where are we heading?” I slid the Lincoln into drive, “Down to the freight terminal. Ever been there at night?” She looked at me, puzzled. “No, why would I? What is there?” I smiled. “It’s this fair city’s red light district k** – hookers and johns. You didn’t know that?” She blushed. “My god, thats’ what you want me for.” She turned her face to the window. I could see her in the rain streaked reflection. Her voice was angry, but her eyes were wide and lips parted. “You’ve never thought of it?” “Still staring away from me she snapped back “No, of course I haven’t. I’m not like that” “None of the girls are ‘like that’ when they begin you know. You look at me and think I push women into being whores, but ti ain’t so. You know what they call a man who drives a woman into prostitution?” She turned her head, glared at me in silence. “No? Give up? They call him a landlord”. Despite herself she laughed, “yeah I can believe that…. How much would I earn? I mean, how much do they earn? ” she stammered out, blushing. “they earn a few hundred a night, generally. You, with those tits, youd do three four hundred” Her blush darkened and she looked down. I reached across and squeezed one fat tittie, the nipple stubby and hard against my palm. She said nothing, just threw her head back. “Take your blouse off, now”. With a deep breath she reached in front, unbuttoned her blouse, shrugged it off. Her light blue bra glowed in the yellow street lamps, pale globes of flesh spilling over. “I don’t know why I’m doing this” she purred. “Because I’m telling you to, cunt”. “That’s a horrible word,” she hissed, but her hands slid over her breasts. “it’s what you are isn’t it? isn’t it, cunt? I said isn’t it?” “Christ,” the fat bitch breathed, “yes. Yes it is. Why are you doing this to me? You sound like you hate me” “Don’t ask questions cunt. Take your skirt off. Show me where the fun happens.”The chubby little bitch reached down behind her, unzipped her skirt, lifted her big butt of the seat and shuffled the skirt down, slid it over her shoes and then tossed it behind her. Lay back as if riding along in a limo in her underwear was perfectly natural, stroking her huge tits, gazing out of the window. She looked across at me, eyes settling on the bulge in my pants, hard and growing.”Everything’s right except for those shoes. You look like you should be teaching history. What size do you take?””Four, sometimes three and a half. I’m on my feet all shift I need to..””Shut up. And wait”I pulled over, stopped, walk around to the truck. A minute later I slipped back behind the wheel, tossed her a paid of silver stripper heels, “Those are a four””You have a shoe store in your trunk?””Something like that. Put them on”The fat cunt bent double, strapped the slutty shoes over her nylons. I could see red nail polish dark through the stretched fabric. She looked just about ready, smelled good too. “You bahis siteleri knwo I can smell your cunt from here, don’t you? Try not to piss yourself you wet little pig. And we’re nearly here now…”I slowed to a crawl as we drove along the industrial road – on every corner whore stood, asses and tits thrust out int he tradition fashion. Mostly black, skinny, crackwhores. A few older white women, maybe a few hobbywhores – one or two dressed slutty but expensively, much like my little chubby angel sitting next to me. “What do you think?””They must be frozen… They’re almost naked… I can’t imagien any woman would dress like that, and do this, unless they were desperate. Starving, or need money for d**gs I guess””Well you’re nto starving, or a d**gie, are you, ” I said to the entranced girl, “but you’re going to do it. For me.”She said nothing, but her eyes were locked on the whores, and her hand had strayed between her thighs. I wonder if she even realised she was masturbating.A japanese sedan had pulled over and I could see a young white girl stepping in to it. I followed as the black driver pulled away and turned into an empty parking lot. Killing the lights we sat fifty yards away. My passenger was looking at the couple in the car, her breath coming faster. “Tell me,” I said, “What the girl in that car is””She’s a whore, a prostitute…””And what is she doing, ” I asked, as the young blonde’s head vanished down from view.”She’s sucking his cock. The black guy… she’s sucking his cock for money,” Chloe was not hiding her lust now, she had her panties pulled aside and was finger fucking herself with three fingers.”Good girl. Do you want to be like her?””Yes. I admire her. I’m jealous of her. All those cocks.”Chloe glanced across at me as she masturbated, “All those cocks. SO many. So many men. How did you know this is what I wanted?”I leaned towards her and spat in her face. “Because I know a whore when I see one.She came.I got out of the car, reached in back, walked around to her side. She was still shaking, my spit glistened on her face. “Get out” I said, “And put this on”. I handed her her jacket.She complied, standing there in the cold, wearing panties, stockings, her upthrust bra and short leather jacket pulled over the top. her fat ass wobbled as she shivered in the cold. “It turned you on seeing that whore didn’t it? So go take a close look. Go stand next to his window, and watch”She shook her head and setpped away from me. I reached out, took a handful of her hair and twisted. “You do what I say, when I say it. You do what I say, when I say it. Do you understand?” She whimpered.”I said do you understand?””Yes.”I let go of her, nodded towards the little black car. She walked across, butt swaying. She stood next to the darkened window. I felt my cock throb as the glass slid down. She had her back to me but the movement of her hands made clear she was playing with her huge tits, rubbing and mauling herself as the old back guy watched. He must have been in ecstacy, a little skank deepthroating his dick while some fatassed bitch was clawing her huge tits for a free show. After a minute of this, the door opened, and Chloe dropped to her knees, put her güvenilir bahis head inside.I couldnt’ see what she was doing, but I didn’t need to, in order to know. I watched her butt jiggle and shake, sometimes the black guy slapped her fat asscheeks. In five minutes it was over. She stood, he drove off. She walked back to me.Her face was wet and shiny. In her hand was a 20. She handed it to me without a word, dropped to her knees and puked.I shoved her into the car. “Adrenalin. Mixed with lust. Feels like you’re in a car wreck, doesn’t it?”She looked at me, face streaked dark with mascara. “I don’t know why I did that. Why I’m doing any of this. I’m not like this, I don’t need to do it. You’ve done something to me, d**gged me… That guy, he was old. An old man. And I sucked his cock like I loved him. I buried my face in his balls. The other girl laughed at me, she called me a whore. SHE called ME a whore… And he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it.”I handed her some tissues. “Clean yourself up. You have more work to do.” She started to shake her head, but looked at me and stopped. “Must I?” I nodded, and she wiped the smeared make up away, flipped down the sunshade mirror, and started to apply more. Inwardly, I ticked a box.Five minutes later I was looking at her on the corner. She didnt’ look out of place among the other prostitutes. A little plumper than most, but dressed better, the way that jacket exposed her rump was just perfect. Id instructed her i her price list. 30 for a covered bj, 40 without a rubber, 50 cum in face. 50 titfuck. 80 to fuck with a rubber, 150 without. she hated anal so I’d agreed she could charge 150 with, for assfucking. She had no trouble with the figures, laughing that she was a waitress, she could handle numbers. In under two hours I’d turned this cunt from a good girl to prostitute, and it hadn’t even been hard. I watched as she thrust her tits out for every guy that drove past, watched as she leaned into their cars. Saw her step into the car for the first time, followed, and watched the buick bounce on its springs, could even hear her yelling. I watcher her with most of the guys, saw her become more confident, more sassy as the night went on, saw the other girls, suspicious of her at first, eventually giving her her space. Saw a few dealers offering her something, pleased to see her reject them.As dawn neared I drove to the kerb, beckoned her in. She threw herself back on the seat with a sigh. “You asshole, ” she murmured, “They all wanted my butt. You knew they would.” I laughed. “Did you start to enjoy it?””Yes. And you knew that too I guess?”I was still smiling. “Hand it over.”She held out the cash – more than a thousand dollars. “Not bad, new girls always earn more their first few weeks. Guys like fresh cunt. And asshole.” I handed back 400 dollars and she glared at me. “Cunt, I am generous. These other skanks don’t make that.”She snapped back at me “So that’s all you want from me, money?””No, it isn’t”. I’ll drive you home, and you’re going to shower this filth off. And then I’m going to tie you down, and take my pleasure from you.””And what if I say no?””Then I’ll do it anyway, and you’ll hurt more.”She softened. “You don’t have to hurt me. I’ll do what you want. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything at all.”She twisted in her seat, and let her face fall to my lap, unzipping me. “I’ll do anything you want me to, always.”

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