Two Sexy Sisters And Their Rakhi Brother


Two Sexy Sisters And Their Rakhi BrotherverwijderdverwijderdTanya just could not believe what she was looking at. Her sister was being fucked by Rahul bhaiya while shamelessly moaning words like “fuck me hard bhhaiya”.Radhika was so loud that Tanya wondered if neighbours could hear.She felt angry. How could Radhika cheat her husband and more importantly how could she fuck her rakhi brother or sworn brother.She saw Rahul bhaiya grabbing Radhika’s boobs very hard and munching it in his hands while stroking deep inside her pussy and licking and biting her wildly and madly.. while calling her bitch and slut.. Tanya’s virgin pussy started melting just like her anger.Rahul bhaiya was fucking her in doggie pose. Pumping hard and slapping her butt, pulling her hair and doing her like a slut. he was kissing and nibbling on her back. licking all over and gently biting. Radhika cried, “oh fuck, dont bite you bastard”Smell of cum filled Tanya’s nostrils. She saw Rahul bhaiya pulling Radhika’s nipple hard.Later that night, Tanya was inside her room when Radhika called her for dinner.Both Tanya and Radhika started eating but Tanya was having difficulty meeting Radhika’s eyes and just continued to eat.Radhika broke silence and asked, ” why were you watching us?”Tanya was confused and bit scared and just mumbled, “what?”Radhika said, “I know you came early from college and you were watching me and Rahul bhaiya.”She was embarrassed but she realised that it was her sister who had committed sin. Still she was talking shamelessly about it and questioning Tanya about it as if Tanya had done something wrong.Tanya burst with anger, “how could you sleep with your rakhi-brother and cheat your husbnd and you feel no shame?”Radhika showed no expression and just had a deep breath as if she was thinking about how to respond.But Tanya continued, You knew Rahul bhaiya since your college days. Thats when you started tying rakhi to him. So when did all this nonsense started. What changed you both into a bursa escort dog and a bitch.I am ashamed that even I have tied rakhi to him.“Tell me when did it all start?” Tanya shouted. She was shivering with anger and tears rolled from her eyes.Radhika said, it started when I became his girlfriend in college days.Tanya’s eyes stretched so wide that Radhika felt her eyeballs will pop out.She requested Tanya to be calm and listen carefully.“Rahul was never my brother. He proposed me in college and I accepted it. We loved each other. But we could not find a place to make love. I also used to be scared if someone sees us at public places or hotels and says it to our parents, they would kill me. So Rahul suggested that we become brother-sister. This way he could visit us in our house. I could take him to bedroom for combined studiesand mom or dad will never doubt.And then many times we had fun.”Tanya was numb. She was blank. She did not know how to react.Radhika asked her to finish dinner.Tanya asked, “does he consider me his sister at least?”Radhika said “no.You used to call him bhaiya whenever he came to house. So when mom asked me to tie rakhi to him on rakshabandhan, you just followed naturally..”Tanya’s had enough shocking things to be seen or heard in a day. She felt she will have a heart attack.She walked to her room. She could not sleep and kept thinking about Rahul bhaiya. He never considered her a sister. She wondered what he thought about her really..Next morning Tanya was not talking to her sister. However Radhika was acting normal. She cooked while singing her favourite songs as usual. However she did ask tanya about what time she will return from college.Tanya left without replying.Tanya could not focus on lecture and decided to come home early. She did not know whether she was curious or horny but she wanted to see her sister being fucked. However she did not know if Rahul bhaiya or Rahul will come today. She reached home and just like previous day opened the door bursa escort bayan with her key but very slowly. She walked inside without making any noise. She reached her sister’s bedroom from where she could hear moaning and gasping. When she went close to the door, she was surprised to see Radhika’s hands tied to bed.She was standing on floor while her hands were tied in one corner of bed. Her long legs were wide spread and ass sticking out in air. Rahul was spanking her butt with his shoes. Radhika made funn sounds and shaked her butt due to pain with every strike. Her buttocks were so red that they seemed to be bleeding. She noticed Rahul’s cock was hard and shaking every time he moved to hit Radhika. Now he dropped the shoe and started pushing his cock in her asshole. Radhika moaned “ahhhh”. And Rahul started fucking her anus hard. He was rubbing Radhika’s pussy with one hand and had grabbed her boobs with another.Tanya was not sure if she wanted to leave or continue watching but she realized that she was playing with herself, rubbing below the zip of her jeans slowly. She was excited, breathing hard. She was wet and horny.Rahul untied her hands and threw Radhika on the bed. He jumped on her and started fucking her mouth..making her choke and cough. Radhika was really enjoying the rough treatment.Tanya ran to her bedroom and immediately got naked. She rubbed her pussy,thohght about was she had just seen and fingered herself. Gasped and moaned and finally releived herself.After a while, Radhika came to her room and said,”again early from college? come let’s have lunch.”Radhika was having a naughty smile on her face. Tanya noticed that radhika was wearing a transparent gown and had no undergarments on.Tanya was very hungry as she had not eaten properly since the moment she had seen them fucking the day before.She reached dining table and started eating like a super hungry k**. After a few large bites, she felt better and slowed down.She asked Radhika, “why were you shouting escort bursa bhaiya while fucking if you never considered each other brother and sister?”Before Radhika could speak, she heard Rahul bhaiya” I love hearing bhaiya from her, it’s kinky.Tanya felt uneasy. She thought Rahul bhaiya had left.And then Rahul said,” actually I cant eat if I am sweating. So I needed a shower before lunch.But your sister doesn’t mind being sweaty and smelling of cum”Rahul winked shamelessly at Tanya while saying so.It was obvious that he too knew that Tanya had seen them fucking.Tanya got up and started walking towards her room. But rahul held her from behind.She struggled but he was too strong for her. Tanya closed her eyes and her heart was racing.Thats when Radhika rubbed some icecream on Tanya’s face and both Rahul and radhika licked her face. Rahul moved on to suck her earlobes. His warm breath, she could feel on her neck. Her boobs being fondled by Rahul. She didn not even notice when buttons of her shirt were opened and Radhika was sucking her lips.But suddenly she got free from his hands and ran towards her room. For a minute Radhika got scared. She did not want Tanya to reveal her secret to her husband or her parents.She asked Rahul to leave for the moment. And she went to talk to Tanya. Only after radhika knocked hard a few timess, Tanya opened the door.Before Radhika could say anything, Tanya fired another question. “I understand that you needed to fuck him when he was your boyfriend in college but why now? Why are you cheating Jijaji.”Radhika was tired of her questions. She just cried ” because your jijaji does not love me. After marriage, I had stopped seeing Rahul but you jijaji never loved me. He always leaves on his office tours and doesn’t spend time with me even if he is here.What can I do? I have needs.”Tanya could not see her sister crying. She went ahead and hugged her. Radhika smelled of cum. She ignored it and tried to console Radhika.I will never tell anyone. You do not worry. You both can do whatever you want.Said Tanya.Radhika asked, what can I do for you my princess for this favour.Tanya said I do not need anything except your happiness, but ask Rahul to stay away from me.

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